Il Volo links and news for Sanremo 2015 – day 1

Sanremo 2015 - red carpetOfficially the first day of Sanremo 2015, although all the emotions over the red carpet yesterday.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca continue experiencing the magic of Sanremo. They will not perform tonight but, for sure, it will be a busy and exciting day.

Our news today will be more on twitter and facebook for technical conditions.

* photo of Punto Sanremo


16:00 – Ignazio Boschetto won the poll of Telesud Trapani – BEST 2014! – with more then 2000 votes. Telesud Trapani wishes all the success to him and Il Volo on Sanremo 2015. – The winner is: Ignazio Boschetto.

!5:50 – Porta a Porta special Sanremo 2015Tv: Sanremo 2015 – Porta a Porta del 09/02/2015 – with Carlo Conti, Arisa and Emma. The advances, contestants, The race of 2015. The Sanremo of yesterday and today in Porta a Porta with many guests and lots of music.

7:00 – Il Vomere (118 n.2, Feb 7, 2015) on newsstands with an article by Abele Gallo about Ignazio Boschetto and Il Volo. Here the cover: Il Vomere.

6:30 – RAI published the video of the press conference of Sanremo 2015 that happened yesterday – Video: Conferenza stampa Sanremo 2015 del 09/02/2015 – on RAI

6:26 – On Euromusica an article about Sanremo highlighting special characteristics of the artists: from what region they are, who came from talent show, who sells more albums, … About Il Volo they said that they sold more than 5 million of copies, winning 5 times platinum disc and 16 gold discs in the world. – Festival di Sanremo 2015, l’avreste mai detto che…. – on Euro Musica (Feb 9, 2015)

6:15 – Corriere della Sera published an amazing interview. The video is here: Il Volo: «Non siamo tre tenori, facciamo pop» – on Corriere TV (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian) – we published the video here: Il Volo interview to Corriere TV

Il Volo links and news for February 5, 2015

Il Volo in ChinaThe wind is blowing news from Il Volo. They announced this and we all can see and feel the changes. A new way on using social networks, new profiles, new record company and lable, the EP released in Italy, new look and style. All for Sanremo? Of course not! Learn and change are life! And for an artist is essential to feel the wind,  turn the ship wheel and correct the course.

We wish we can follow them like an escort ship through the new seas, and support them with what we know to do: research, write, provide a good and reliable source of information. On this we reaffirm our previous statement: All Il Volo is open for articles about Il Volo, about the events around them, articles like this one: Francesco Boccia and Tommy Esposito – with Il Volo on Sanremo 2015, in English or Italian.


17:00 – The scenography by Riccardo Boccini for the Teatro Ariston, a beautiful slide show by RAI – La scenografia del Festival di Sanremo 2015 – on RAI (Feb 5, 2015)

15:20 – On the TG of February 4 on Telesud Trapani a report about the contest The Best of 2014 highlighting the lead of Ignazio Boschetto on the poll – Tg 4 febbraio 2015 – video by Telesub  – (Feb 5, 2015 in Italian)

Grazia - Feb 5, 201514:30 – The edition of Grazia (n. 7) brings an intervew with Il Volo and other constestants of Sanremo 2015. – GRAZIA 07 DEL 2015. (Feb 5, 2015 in Italian)

14:15 – Marsala Oggi published an article by Caterina Passalacqua about the participation of Ignazio Boschetto along with Il Volo on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana. The article highlight the main aspects of his career since Ti Lascio Una Canzone and also about the song Grande amore and the release of the new EP next February 24. – Festival di Sanremo: sul palco dell’Ariston il marsalese Ignazio Boschetto con “Il Volo” – by By Caterina Passalacqua on Marsala Oggi (Feb 5, 2015 in Italian)

14:00 – Yesterday we announced via Francesco Boccia the presence of the Quisisona Band on the Dopofestival and today RAI published again about this beautiful after show program that returns to Sanremo. Many amazing activities conducted by Sabrina Nobile and Saverio Raimondo broadcasted Live from the Casinò in 5 episodes to recount the Festival. The guests will be singers, journalists and experts ready to stimulate discussion on what happened at the Ariston during the evening. There will be interviews and musical improvisations on stage at the #DopoFestival And this hashtag will rock on the social networks from de official accounts of Sanremo on facebook and twitter. The show will begin early (20:00ITA) with the Pre-Festival with a brief review of the day, showing also the entrance of the artists on the Teatro Ariston. To not miss! on www.sanremo.rai.itDopofestival 2015 – on Sanremo RAI (Jan 5, 2014 in Italian)

12:15 – Released the video of the song Galleggiare by Serena Brancale for Sanremo 2015: Serena Brancale – Galleggiare (Sanremo 2015) – video by Warner Music Italy

12:00 – A nice report about Carolina Bubbico published on Prima Pagina News – The article brings a great bio of the artist who will conduct the Orchestra of Sanremo for Il Volo and Serena Brancale. – Sanremo 2015: a 25 anni Carolina Bubbico dirige Il Volo e Serena Brancale

7:00 – Who is the funniest? Who is the most “super”? Who is the “king/queen”of Dubsmash? It is what Super TV asks. I voted on… Il Volo!!! of course – Read and Vote on the comments: Dubsmash pre-Sanremo : chi è il più super? – on Super TV (Jan 5, 2015 in Italian) Link send by Bradamente. Good job girl!


Il Volo links & news for jan 31, 2015

Il Volo links & newsThe first month of the year is ending and time seems to fly. Il Volo for sure is flying, spreading the wings on Sanremo winds and preparing to another level in their career. No more awesome children that sing like adults, but going mature artists facing the joy and the pain of building a career on the musical world.

I sent them yesterday my personal question, not an “All About Il Volo” question. And I hope to be among the 30 selected to be answered. Personally I have thousands of questions to them, as a writer another thousand and as the manager of All About Il Volo another thousand too. Maybe one day I can sit with them for a coffee and received the thousand of answers instantaneously through a simple eye to eye communication 🙂

But… the news!


22:15 – Just discovered one more Amazon store pre ordering Il Volo’s “Sanremo grande amore“: Canada: Sanremo Grande Amore – Notice that is considered an imported item. –  thanks to Vivian Liebgold and Mary Anne Marshall for the info!

22:10 – If you missed the update of our article about the press conference in Beijing: Global Spring Festival press conference – video edition by AAIV

22:00 – Gianluca among the Top Ten on Twitter – video news by Funweek – The Twitter ‘top ten’

22:00- – updating the news!

16:15 – Telesud Trapani launched a poll to the readers: to chose among 10 personalities identified as a highlight (not always positive) in the year of 2014. You can vote one time on the site or on the facebook page. Ignazio Boschetto is there with this review:

English: Ignazio Boschetto, Tenor of Il Volo.
The joy and the freshness of his twenty years are accompanied by an impressive tenor voice. From Marsala to the most important international stages the step was lucky and short; the participation on a regional singing competition and the encounter with the songwriter Franco Fasano led to his TV debut on the Rai program “Ti lascio Una Canzone”. There the meeting with his traveling companions Piero and Gianluca with the birth – in 2009 – of the trio “Il Volo”. Since then, five years of concerts and performances with great artists: from Pooh to Massimo Ranieri, from Anastacia to Barbara Streisand. And very soon will come the seal: Il Volo is in the race for the Sanremo Festival in 2015.

Italiano: Ignazio Boschetto, Tenore de Il Volo.
L’allegria e la freschezza dei suoi vent’anni accompagnano un’imponente voce da tenore. Da Marsala ai più importanti palcoscenici internazionali il passo è stato fortunato e breve; la partecipazione ad un concorso canoro regionale e l’incontro con il cantautore Franco Fasano hanno portato al suo debutto in tv al programma Rai “Ti lascio una canzone”. Qui l’incontro con i suoi compagni di viaggio Piero e Gianluca con la nascita – nel 2009 – del trio “Il Volo”. Da allora,cinque anni di concerti ed esibizioni con grandi artisti: dai Pooh e Massimo Ranieri,da Anastacia a Barbara Streisand. E fra pochissimo arriverà il suggello: Il Volo è in gara per il Festival di Sanremo 2015.

Let’s vote for Ignazio! – – SONDAGGIO “10 BEST 2014” Thanks to Madeline Vitela and Maria Leps for the link!

16:15 – New office! Let’s work Mari Russu!

9:00 – All About Il Volo will be out today. Time to move!

7:30 – Serena Brancale announced the release of her new album Galeggiare during the Sanremo Festival. The Album is produced by Michele Torpedine and Warner Music Italy.

Il Volo Fan Club Canicatt6:30 (9:30 Italy) – Massimo Messina, the president of the Il Volo Fan Club Canicatti announced that the Fan Club and also him are not more on Artefredda. The Fan club  moved to the “Chiosco” (photo). The Fan Club changed the name but all accounts on social networks remain the same.

On the photo Piero Barone, Massimo and friends. We wish all the best to the Fan Club Canicatti on it’s new organization and  headquarters.

6:00 (18:00 Beijing) – published an article by Luca Maggitti about Il Volo. The ‘abruzzese’ writer beggins talking about his citizen fellow, the superstar Gianluca Ginoble, who is in China along with his companions of Il Volo spreading the wings of the trio over Asia once again. On the article, Lucas announced that Il Volo will be in China for four days and will attend a talk show tonight (maybe in minutes) broadcasted to 300 million of viewers. Maggitti states that Il Volo are more famous abroad than in Italy and recall the performances of Il Volo in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan) a success in 2011. China is a huge market for Il Volo that with Sanremo, where they are favourite to win, are preparing to higher level on the charts. Sanremo will be important, but Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio since very young are used to deal with international collaborations and worldwide performances. Magitti recalls the Nobel Prize performance in 2012, the tour with Barbra Streisand, the many awards Il Volo achieved and their amazing presentation on the Christmas Concert where Gianluca, who will be 20years old on the next February 11, received the greetings of the Italian president. – Gianluca Ginoble – IL VOLO ALLA CONQUISTA DELLA CINA, PRIMA DEL FESTIVAL DI SANREMO – by Luca Maggitti on – also published on Messaggero Abruzzo (Jan 31, 2015 in Italian) -m Thanks to Gaby Dion And Rockme Il Volo for the link.