Il Volo links and news for Feb 9, 2014

Radio BocconiSanremo is buzzing! All the eyes are turning to there since yesterday and number of sources of information increase by hundreds. It is time to select and be moderated on publish and share.

Too much information is synonymous of misinformation. In this sense we all have to choose what to publish. Often the urge to publish, the will to be the first to post a picture, a link makes us forget to do a simple check: this information is new or we are repeating the same information from another source? this source is reliable and better than the last? this text, photo, video has good quality? this information will add something relevant to the event that we’re covering?

So I recommend: let’s chose carefully what publish, mainly on sites, instagram or facebook. Twitter can accept more ‘spam’ because it is easy to filter. We here will be very selective, not all the links, the focus is the information, the link is the way to know more, to check.

But… let’s go!

* photo of Radio Bocconi direct from the Sanremo press  room

18:00 – Il Volo answered the questions of the “contest” Grande Amore: #grandeamore contest.

15:35 – Oggi published an article about Federico Zaccone, the stylist of Il Volo, Chiara Galiazzo and Moreno. He is in Sanremo with the artists and talked about his work. – Sanremo, lo stylist Federico Zaccone: “I miei look per Chiara Galiazzo, Il Volo e Moreno”. – on Oggi (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian)

15:00 – l Volo a Sanremo 2015: Marsala tifa e vota per il nostro Ignazio Boschetto! Ecco il testo del brano “Grande amore” – on Marsala Viva a great article talking about Il Volo, about their career, the new album and their participation in Sanremo 2015. (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian)

14:00 – Tv Sorrisi is publishing daily videos with the artists of Sanremo 2015. Il Volo today: Il Volo, il video diario di Sanremo 2015: 9 febbraio.

12:00 – Riccardo Bocchini, the architect responsible for the transformation of the Teatro Ariston presents his work: Teatro Ariston – SANREMO 2015: via Riccardo Bocchini #sanremo2015 #ilvolograndeamore amazing animation!

11:15 – Sanremo Today will be our daily playlist of videos published about the most prestigious Italian Festival. Don’t miss the first: 2015 feb 8 – Sanremo Today (on youtube) and our second still under construction here: 2015 feb 9 – Sanremo Today

11:00 – Our report about the press conference –

9:40 – Sanremo press conference streaming: Sanremo 2015 Diretta Conferenza stampa. (only during the conference)

9:00 – A message from Il Volo: “Share our facebook page“. Of course and as always 🙂 We will be close to you guys! Un grandissimo in bocca al lupo oggi e sempre.

Giovanni Nigro8:00 – Guess who is in Sanremo? Our friend and partner Giovanni Nigro from the FC Campobello di Licata. We are on the red carpet!

7:15 – Today at 12:30 (ITA) will take place the press conference to Sanremo 2015 as it was announced on the first press conference last month: Sanremo 2015 press conference. The press conference will be transmited in streaming on the site of Sanremo 2015.

7:00 – Soon we will have Dario Piccolo Live from Sanremo through Radio Itaca: Radio Itaca.