Il Volo on – interview

On Panorama website – on July 10, 2015 was published an interview with Il Volo by Gianni Poglio. They talked about their childhood, success and criticisms but also about their revenge in Italy and about the future, of course.

Il Volo su – intervista

Sul sito web di Panorama – il 10 Luglio 2015 è stata pubblicata un’intervista a Il Volo realizzata da Gianni Poglio. Hanno parlato della loro carriera, del successo e delle critiche, ma anche della loro rivincita in Italia e del futuro, naturalmente.

Clicca sull’immagine e leggi l’intervista completa sul sito di Panorama:Panorama - Il Volo Continue reading

Il Volo preparing for Sanremo 2015

A single post for a 15s video but as Il Volo we are very excited! Just after recording the videoclip of Grande Amore, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero took a time to talk to us.

video of Il Volo – edited by AAIV

Ignazio: Hi, guys! We just arrived from recording the video of
All: Grande Amore!!!
Piero: I don’t tell you nothing. Here, there is a bow tie. Silence!!!
Gianluca: Many beautiful news coming about Sanremo and not only.
All: Pssssss
Gianluca: I recommend to follow us…
Piero: Guys! We love you!
All: Bye!
Ignazio: see you soon!

#ilvolograndeamore << I like this!!! Let’s use #ilvolovers ?

* translation to be revised 🙂

Il Volo links & news for December 29, 2014

Il Volo links & news

:: Our friends of Il Volo Flight Crew published a report about the events in Naro: Il Volo Professional ~~ Ambassador of Naro in the World. (Dec 29, 2014 – in English)

:: Il Volo was mentioned on an article about Ti Lascio Una Canzone that, according to Euromusica, will be the the highlight this year, talking about music and Italy. About Il Volo they report that, after the great success and all awards received abroad, they will be on the stage of the Sanremo Festival performing the unreleased song “Grande amore”. – Link: = “Ti Lascio una canzone”, 2014 super: quanti trionfi europei! (Dec 29, 2014 – in Italian)

:: The last days all news websites are publishing about UNICI – the special about Il Volo which will be aired on Jan 1s, 2015 on RAI 2. Almost all have the same text, recalling Ti Lascio Una Canzone and some of the best moments of their career. This time is TV Zap: Il Volo, tre come noi: da Ti lascio una canzone a Sanremo.