Il Volo flies high in Rome / Il Volo vola alto a Roma

Il Volo palasport - RomaJanuary 16th, 2016 – Rome – Palalottomatica in the EUR area. Il Volo flies high in the “Eternal City” night! Read our review here! – Read in English

16 gennaio 2016 – Roma – Palalottomatica nel quartiere dell’EUR. Il Volo vola alto nella notte della “Città Eterna”! Leggi la nostra recensione qui! – Qui in Italiano

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Interview: Il Volo, l’Italia che canta

Il Volo - L'Italia che vaIl Volo, Italy that sings” is the title of this amazing interview released on June 24, 2015 during the concerts of Il Volo in Roma.

The interview was conducted by Daniel Della Seta for the program L’Italia che va of Rai Radio 1.

Intervista: Il Volo, l’Italia che canta

Il Volo, l’Italia che canta” è il titolo di questa meravigliosa intervista rilasciata il 24 Giugno 2015 durante i concerti de Il Volo a Roma.

L’intervista è stata condotta da Daniel Della Seta per il programma L’Italia che va di Rai Radio 1.

Il Volo l’Italia che canta from / da Diessecom on / su Vimeo

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I Cinque Comandamenti de Il Volo / Il Volo’s Five Commandments – video

Il Volo - Auditorium TVRoma, 23 giugno 2015 – Mentre Il Volo si trovava nella Capitale per le tre tappe romane del loro tour estivo, l’originale format Auditorium TV li ha intervistati sottoponendoli ad un’importante domanda: quali sono i Cinque Comandamenti de Il Volo? Ecco la divertente risposta.

Auditorium TV è a cura di Duccio Pasqua, Vanni Trentalance, Valentina Farinaccio e Filippo Trentalance.

I Comandamento: Vivo per lei (la musica)
II Comandamento: Dieci ragazze per tre posson bastare
III Comandamento: And I love her (sempre la musica)
IV Comandamento: Nothing for money
V Comandamento: Mi fido di te

Rome, June 23rd, 2015 – Il Volo was in the Capital of Italy to do their three concerts of Grande Amore Tour. While they were there, the unusual format Auditorium TV interviewed them asking an important question: what are the Five Commandments of Il Volo? Here in the video you could find the funny answer (the English translation is under the video). Continue reading

Grande Amore Tour Agenda. ENGLISH

by Martina Maggi


ph. All About Il Volo

This summer is about to be very important for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because they will do an entirely Italian tour, after all the success they had abroad. Originally, they had to do 6 dates, that increased and became more than 24 – and maybe they will continue to grow!
With all the dates and the activities of Il Volo, is easy to lost their tracks: in this post we collected all their steps to help you to remember this amazing tour and amazing Summer, in which everybody will scream “GRANDE AMORE!!!!”

Have a look on the special albums on All About Il Volo’s Facebook Page:

The Tour started with a particular date, in Pompeii, on June 10th. Il Volo went there to record live from the ancient ruins a special concert for Detroit Public Television, like the ones they did before (Il Volo… takes flight, Il Volo We Are Love and Il Volo Buon Natale). The playlist was different from the one sang in the following concerts and the expectation was high, although extremely pleased. They directed the songs to the American audience and started the evening exclaiming: “Welcome to Italy!” The PBS was broadcasted in Detroit on July 6th and will be aired all over America in August. Soon even the rest of the world could buy the DVD and let Il Volo enchanted the families.

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On June 11th was broadcasted on RAI1 the pre-recorded concert “Esserci Sempre, concerto della Polizia di Stato”, in which Il Volo sang along with Lorenzo Fragola and other artists. The evening was hosted by Alessandro Greco.

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Il Volo then performed in Locarno, live from the Piazza Grande, on June 12th. Even if Locarno is in Switzerland, with this date the Italian tour of Il Volo began. Not even the rain stopped the audience from attending the concert and joking around with Il Volo, that performed on the stage in a very emotional state: in Locarno they first met their Italian audience and all the feelings could be seen in the few videos that popped on Internet after that night. That was the concert in which Ignazio performed Unchained Melody alone.

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Il Volo – concert in Rome / concerto a Roma 24 june/giugno – gallery I


This gallery contains 33 photos.

On June 24, 2015 Il Volo performed the third sold out concert at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. This is our first gallery with exclusive photos. Photos by Suzana Gutierrez.

Il Volo in Rome, June 24th, 2015. Review. Could we combine romanticism and humor? We can indeed, thanks to Il Volo!

The concert of June 24th, 2015 in Rome was characterized by a particular atmosphere: that day was Piero’s birthday, too.
Il Volo cakeThe audience was ready to greet him from the very beginning; that’s why Ignazio stopped a rising “happy birthday to you” song that came from the people in the Auditorium – Il Volo was about to celebrate the birthday later in the evening. And so it was: after performing a few songs, Ignazio and Gianluca came to the stage holding a big cake with strawberries and cream. Even that moment was an opportunity to start jokes and gags: Gianluca put a strawberry in Ignazio’s mouth (he was holding the cake) and soiled his moustaches with cream; soon after Ignazio cleaned the cream from his moustaches and tidied his dirty hands on Gianluca’s suit jacket. Gianluca then cleaned his jacket on Piero’s suit jacket, causing Piero’s complaining. That was a little act-drop that proved once again the love that ties these guys that grew up together as real friends and real artists.

b8In some moments, Il Volo moved the audience thanks to the passion and feelings they felt while performing the songs: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca really put their hearts in the music and transmit to the audience every sensation they feel while singing.During the evening the guys joked a lot with the audience and with each other as well, by doing sketches and gags at the end of the songs or even while they were singing.
For example, Ignazio introduced Unchained Melody by using both romanticism and humor: watch our video, surely it worth it! And while Gianluca and Ignazio were magnificently singing the song, Nature chose to help them and increase the emotion: a flock of seagulls spread the white wings and flew right behind the stage, in the night, making the audience clap for a long time.

The real innovation of this tour were the duets between the guys, because they let the people appreciate a new dimension of their magnificent voices.
When they sang all together and two of them were waited their turn to sing, they greeted fans that came near the stage to get a handshake, a hug, an autograph or to took a selfie. It was amusing seeing how Il Volo was at ease in greeting the fans while singing: Piero did a high five with a kid, Gianluca kneeled down to take the hands of some girls, Ignazio found himself in the middle of a particular scene. A fan came near the stage with a pen and ask Ignazio to autograph a piece of paper – her pen stopped writing and Ignazio threw it down and said her to wait; then he went near the piano to search one (usually they have pens on the piano) but he wasn’t able to find it anywhere. So he asked to the orchestra and one of the musicians gave him a pen: finally he ran to the girl and signed the paper, just in time to took the microphone and started to sing his part!

d9Touching moments were the tribute to Pino Daniele made by Ignazio, that performed a medley of some of his beautiful songs, as well as the one to Frank Sinatra, with the famous My Way. However, on the other hand, there were also moments of pure amusement; like the one in which Il Volo did a very unexpected performance – they are a group that devotes itself to the operatic pop, but the trio performed a piece of a rap song by Clementino with beatbox provided by Ignazio!
Also the solo performances were moments full of emotions. Even if I have had the chance to listen other times their solos in the CDs; their voices are completely different when the guys sings live: they are powerful and clear and sing the songs with an intensity that I can’t remember having heard before. E lucevan le stelle, Anema e core, Memory: there were many standing ovations, but it was to be expected!
Surrender was the last song and gave them the chance for tease jokingly each other.

The evening ended with Grande Amore, and it can be really said that has been love, a very big one.
Thanks, Il Volo, for this wonderful concert!

Il Volo a Roma, 24 giugno 2015. Recensione. È possibile coniugare romanticismo e humor? Con Il Volo si può!

Il concerto de Il Volo del 24 giugno 2015 all’Auditorium di Roma è stato caratterizzato da un’atmosfera particolare: si teneva infatti nel giorno del ventiduesimo compleanno di Piero.

Il Volo cakeIl pubblico era pronto fin dall’inizio a fare gli auguri a Piero, tanto che Ignazio ha dovuto fermare un montante “tanti auguri a te” da parte degli spettatori: si sarebbe festeggiato più tardi. Ed infatti, dopo alcune canzoni, ecco comparire sul palco una torta alla panna con le fragole. Ovviamente ciò ha dato il destro per battute e scherzi: Gianluca ha imboccato Ignazio con una fragolina e  la panna è passata dai baffi di Ignazio alle sue mani e alla giacca di Gianluca, il quale si è poi pulito a sua volta sulla giacca di Piero, con a seguire le giuste rimostranze del suo proprietario! Piccolo siparietto che però ancora una volta ci ha mostrato l’affetto reale che lega questo gruppo di ragazzi cresciuti insieme, artisti e amici veri.

Lo spettacolo è stato caratterizzato da momenti di grande emozione che le canzoni eseguite da Il Volo trasmettevano agli spettatori, con la passione e il sentimento di chi ci mette veramente il cuore, e “disturbato” fra una canzone e l’altra e spesso anche durante, da momenti di ilarità assoluta. b8Come non ricordare, ad esempio, l’introduzione di Ignazio alla canzone Unchained Melody, fra romanticismo e humor: vale la pena di riguardare il video di questo duetto di Gianluca e Ignazio che si trova nella nostra playlist! E durante l’esecuzione assolutamente meravigliosa di questa canzone, la natura ha pensato bene di dare una mano ad aumentare l’emozione: uno stormo di gabbiani si è levato in volo, stagliandosi con le ali bianche sullo sfondo notturno dietro il palco, strappando al pubblico un lungo applauso. Continue reading

Grande Amore Tour #RomaGrandeAmore – 23rd June, 2015


This gallery contains 19 photos.

Grande Amore Tour #RomaGrandeAmore – second gallery of 22nd June, 2015


This gallery contains 42 photos.

THE FIRST GALLERY —> first gallery of 22nd June, 2015 We attended the concert yesterday evening and we want to share with you all the emotions we felt, with these photos and the review – #RomaGrandeAmore – June 22nd, 2015 … Continue reading

Grande Amore Tour #RomaGrandeAmore – first gallery of 22nd June, 2015


This gallery contains 39 photos.

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