Il Volo nello spazio e nel tempo!

FonoprintForse a qualcuno di voi manca la nostra cronaca “quotidiana/settimanale” su Il Volo. Il movimento intorno a loro è così intenso che un buon modo per recuperare è quello di essere informati.

Dopo il 23 Maggio – la Finale dell’Eurovision 2015 – Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca sono arrivati a Bologna e non hanno mai smesso di lavorare. Stanno registrando per il nuovo album che uscirà a Settembre.

Mentre stanno lavorando, le news continuano ad apparire in rete, come il video promo de La Partita del Cuore; l’aggiunta di una nuova data del tour Italiano: il concerto a Roccaraso e l’annuncio di un’esibizione in un concerto benefico ad Assisi a favore dei profughi dell’Iraq, delle missioni francescane in India e delle mense francescane in Italia.

La zona dove ha sede la Fonoprint è diventata una nuova meta turistica a Bologna. Le fan si sono accampate lì durante tutti i giorni in cui il Volo stava registrando e si sono divertite nei momenti in cui i ragazzi sono usciti e hanno gentilmente salutato chi era presente.

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Il Volo through space and time!

FonoprintMaybe some of you are missing our “daily/weekly” chronicles about Il Volo. The movement around them is so strong that to recover the time is a good way to be informed.

After May 23rd – the Final of Eurovision 2015 – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrived to Bologna and did not stop to work. They were recording for the new album to be released in September.

While they are working, the news continue to appear on the networks, as the promo videos of the Partita del Cuore; the release of a new date on the Italian tour: the concert in Roccaraso and the announcement of a performance on a charity concert in Assisi in benefit of the refugees of Iraq, the Franciscan missions in India and the Franciscan soup kitchens in Italy.

The block where Fonoprint is located became a new tourist spot in Bologna. The fans camped there for all the days Il Volo were recording and enjoyed the moments when they came out to kindly greet everybody.

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Il Volo interview to Rockol

Il Volo interview - RockolMilan, June 3rd, 2015 – Il Volo was interviewed by Rockol and, as on the other interviews published today, they talked about the Tour that is about to begin, about the changes after the victory in Sanremo and the great performance on the Eurovision 2015.

Il Volo intervista a Rockol

Milano, 3 Giugno 2015. Il Volo è stato intervistato da Rockol e, come nelle altre interviste pubblicate oggi, hanno parlato del Tour che sta per iniziare, di quello che è cambiato dopo la vittoria a Sanremo e della grande esibizione all’Eurovision 2015.

Watch the interview / Guarda l’intervista:

Video by / di Rockol

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Il Volo and the Eurovision 2015 – Final articles and reviews

Il Volo - critics awardHow the press, music and Eurovision sites are reacting to the results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Come i siti di news, di musica e sull’Eurovision stanno reagendo ai risultati dell’Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

:: Eurovision 2015: The best, the worst and why Guy Sebastian will win votes – The Sidney Morning Herald (May 23, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Il Volo stravince al televoto: primo premio negato dal voto dei giuratiRockol (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Sweden’s ‘Heroes’ wins Eurovision Song Contest 2015Deutsche Welle (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: May 24 / Eurovision 2015: Italy won televoting / Sweden jury votingOikotimes (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!Eurovision Times (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision 2015, per Il Volo record di punti italiano. Battuta anche Conchita WurstEurofestival News (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Taking Apart Eurovision 2015: Poor Il Volo, and Did Måns Really Deserve to Win?Ellielilyf (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: La Finale: Terzi? Mica male… e col televoto avremmo vinto noi!Eurofestival Italia (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Eurovision Song Contest: Il Volo del marsalese Boschetto sul podioItaca Notizie (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Måns Zelmerlöw è il vincitore Eurovision 2015Tv Sorrisi (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Italia: Il Volo ”Grande Amore” – Eurovision song contest 2015RAI News (video) (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Måns Zelmerlöw: “I am proud, excited, and full of joy”Eurovision Tv (May 24, 2015 in English)

soon updates! / presto aggiornamenti!

Eurovision News – May/Maggio 6, 2015 (En – It)

Esc 2015 logoby Bradamante and Federico Rossini

Qui la versione in Italiano

The wait for the Eurovision Song Contest is filled with many articles and reviews. For example, articles that go deep in some aspects of the Contest, or interviews.

:: The site Eurofestival Italia has interviewed one of the members of the Italian jury for Eurovision: Franco Zanetti, music journalist and producer, former judge at Sanremo and Castrocaro Festivals, talks about Eurovision. – Eurovision 2015 – Intervista a Franco Zanetti, Presidente della giuria italiana – on Eurofestival Italia (May 5, 2015 in Italian)

:: The site Eurofestivalnews has made available to download the most complete guide to the Eurovision Song Contest in Italian. The guide is free. – E’ online la più completa Guida all’Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – on Eurofestival News (May 5, 2015 in Italian)

:: The site Rockol offers to its Italian readers a small guide to the Eurovision Song Contest that contains all the basic information about the competition and the voting. – EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI SULLA 60° EDIZIONE – on Rockol (May 5, 2015 in Italian)

:: The OGAE clubs of Europe are voting their favourites. This time OGAE Greece, OGAE Iceland, OGAE Slovenia and OGAE Ireland as a fifth group have cast their votes. Look at the ranking here: The 2015 OGAE International ESC Poll. Voting  #5 – on OGAE International (May 6, 2015 in English) Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for March 4th, 2015

Il Volo signing session Marcianise

photo by Emanuela Caputo

Good morning! Yesterday was the last signing session of the marathon proposed by Il Volo in the last week. One signing session each day among other appointments is a risk for the health in first place but also for other important things as image and relationship with fans and media.

Fatigue and lack of sleep affect mood and reasoning… We know that from time to time things have to be done, period, but time gained piling commitments can be lost later doubled.
/mamma mode off 🙂


14:00 – Nice report about the Il Volo signing session in Catania by Valéria Giuffrida on Les FemmesI Vincitori di Sanremo spiccano Il Volo su Catania – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were warmly received on the Parco Commerciale Le Zagare and among greetings and jokes they signed the EP Sanrem Grande Amore for hundreds os fans. Highlights to the huge pizza with their effigy. Catania literally took flight!

7:00 – Possible new date of Il Volo concert in Piazza Loggia, Brescia: July 13, 2015, according to Brescia Oggi – Musica grandi firme nella «collezione» primavera-estate.

6:00 – Canicattì, i ragazzi della scuola “Gangitano” intervistano i tenori de “Il Volo” ( Video e Foto ) – see our report: The children of “Gangitano” school interviewed Piero Barone.

5:44 – Eurovision ahead and the music sites are already talking about previsions. Yesterday TV Sorrisi published: Il Volo favoriti all’Eurovision secondo gli scommettitori (Il Volo favourite to Eurovision according to bookmakers) and presented a table with data of several Agencies, with Italy on the first place followed by Finland and Estonia. Rockol published today: Eurovision Song Contest 2015, per i bookmaker favoriti i ‘tenori’ di Il Volo (Eurovision Song Contest 2015, for the bookmakers the favorite is the ‘tenors’ of Il Volo) and presented videos of the 3 first artist in the rank: Il Volo (Italy, Grande Amore), PKN (Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, Finland, Aina mun pitää) and the duo Elina Born & Stig Rästa (Estonia, Goodbye to yesterday). Note: only 19 of the 40 songs of the competition are reveled until now.

More links and news for Il Volo !

Il Volo - Sanremo 2015This time combines the joy to see Il Volo conquering Italy with a sort of personal issues that do not allow me to do what I have planned to do this week. Happens… But with the help of really great people we are most up to date on the news.  What we do not publish maybe will appear on the site after Sanremo.

I want to thank so much my friends Joanie, Martina, Teca, Bradamante, Gaby Dion for the support.


Nek. Nek won the award for the cover song with “Se telefonando” and Il Volo (Ancora) was on the second place. Beyond the trophy Nek received a flower named “cover” created specially for the winner of this contest.

. “Ancora” performed by Il Volo won among the 4 cover songs performed on the group (Lorenzo Fragola, Lara Fabian, Annalisa and Il Volo): Ancora – Il Volo. (video on RAI)

. Optimagazine published about the performance of Il Volo on the second episode of Sanremo 2015 – Il Volo strega di nuovo l’Ariston con Ancora: video della cover a Sanremo – (Feb 12, 2015 in Italian)

. The covers tonight – Sanremo 2015: I big e le cover: Biggio e Mandelli, Nina Zilli, Il Volo, Irene Grandi, Chiara, NesliIl Volo talks about Ancora. – video by Rockol

. Unfortunately Serena Brancale do not pass to the finals on Sanremo 2015 (New Proposals) – but she did a great performance and Galleggiare is a very beautiful song.

#SANREMO2015. IL TRIO LIRICO “IL VOLO” CORRE PER LA VITTORIA, MA LA CANZONE RICORDA ALTRE HIT/ SCOPRI QUALI – on Imperia Post (Feb 12, 2015 in Italian) – They said that Il Volo was the most applauded, even on the press room. But although the vocals, the song remember many other previous songs.

. Brief reviews of the second episode by IlSussidiario – I voti della seconda serata in diretta Live – (Feb 12, 2015 in Italian)

* maybe soon we can update with a brief summary as always.


Il Volo interviews in Sanremo

On Feb 10, 2015! A very busy time for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Il Volo introduce Grande Amore on the race tonight in Sanremo – Rockol

video by RockolVideo

The daily video to TV Sorrisi i Canzoni

Video: Il Volo, il video diario di Sanremo 2015: 10 febbraio – TV Sorrisi

Il Volo links and news for Dec 9, 2014

links and news christmas:: Dec 9, 2014 – (11pm – UTC-8 / PST) – Il Volo arrived in San Francisco, CA – more info as soon as they let us know 🙂

:: Dec 9, 2014 – Le 8 Nuove proposte che andranno a #Sanremo2015 – on Sanremo RAI – The 8 new proposals selected for Sanremo 2015 were announced today. Among them Serena Brancale produced by Michele Torpedine who is the manager of Il Volo.

:: Dec 9, 2014 – Carlo Conti announced the 8 new proposals selected for Sanremo 2015 – Carlo Conti annuncia le 8 Nuove Proposte del Festival di Sanremo 2015 – (video of RAI channel on youtube)

:: Dec 9, 2014 – L’intervista di Rockol a Carlo Conti sul Festival di Sanremo 2015 – on RAI TV – Video: Carlo Conti attended an interview by Rockol about Sanremo 2015. (Italian)

….. to be updated….