Il Volo links and news for February 4, 2015

links and newsTime is flying and suddenly I had a thought: ilvoloverly talking, Sanremo will disturb Gianluca‘s birthday. I never will be able to do the same I did for Ignazio on his birthday. Sorry Gian, no Gianluca’s week. It is the price that who have Bday near great events pay… Maybe a card… a virtual rose… a real kiss if I get to materialize me at Sanremo….

But I will cheat a little… Starting the tomorrow links and news today 🙂 After all it is tomorrow in Italy…


21:00 – On Marsala Sport the announcement that Radio Itaca will be reporting Live from Sanremo. They decided to follow Ignazio Boschetto, the talent of Marsala, and Il Volo on the Sanremo 2015 adventure. According to Dario Piccollo, who was leading the project, they will be transmitting everyday direct of the Press Room of the festival. News, anticipations, rumors, analysis, previews from backstage, surveys and interventions on “Itaca – Sanremo” from 16:00 to 18:00 and “Anteprima Festival” from 20.00 to 21.00. – NON SOLO SPORT – Radio Itaca sbarca a Sanremo! – on Marsala Sport (Feb 4 2015 in Italian)

18:00 – Amazing project of Roberto Amadè– he created all the arrangements of the music for choir and participated with great international singers, artists and dancers. ARTmob! “ART mob” is a wonderful welcome show performed by incredible singers and fantastic dancers. First time performed in the magic corniche of Terminal 3 – in the Dubai International Airport (dxb) – Don’t mis!!! – the first ARTmob in Dubai, international airport- Must See! (video by Saltimbanco Italiano)

17:00 – Ignazio Boschetto is leading the poll of Telesud Trapani. “Ignazio Boschetto is literally tearing all. The tenor of Il Volo has collected 800 votes on and other 200 on facebook; merit of his rise in the scenery of the Italian music but probably also by the value added from the website that manages the image of three young men.” We can vote until February 9. – Il Volo prende il volo! – on Telesud (Feb 4, 2015 in Italian) – Vote here: SONDAGGIO “10 BEST 2014” or here: Ignazio Boschetto, Tenore de Il Volo. (facebook)

16:30 – The Quisisona Band (Francesco Boccia) will be hosts of the Dopofestival, a popular after-show where artists, critics and people related discuss about the show. The Dopofestival of Sanremo will be lead by the comedian Saverio Raimondo.

16:00 – Il Volo announced: It is possible to pre order the EP Sanremo grande amore on Itunes- Sanremo grande amore.


15:30 (note: post scheduled yesterday to be published today 10:00  and … lost. Internet sometimes %ˆ&%&%ˆ&**&) – trying to recover…

13:00 – Gianluca tweeted: “Soon extremely interesting news! Few days!” – we can’t wait!!!

– 1:00 – Sounds Blog (Blogo) published an interesting report about controversial songs in Sanremo. They presented the songs and add videos. Nice to know more about the unconventional songs that appear on the most prestigious musical event of Italy. Like this one: Ho mangiato la mia ragazza (I ate my girlfriend), literally… a song of a cannibal love or, perhaps about a jealous guy 🙂 Do someone think something? – Sanremo 2015, le 10 canzoni più controverse presentate al Festival – by Fabio Morasca on Sounds Blog (Feb 4, 2015 in Italian)

– 1:45 – Il Sussidiario published about the “bets” to Sanremo 2015 (the same Snai numbers), but also brought some collateral events around the Ariston. The singers, guests and hostess are beautiful, well dressed on the stage, but who takes care for their look? Near the Ariston on the Hotel Royal di Sanremo will be the Style Area, directed by Marco Lanfranchi, who with Valentina Rulli and a staff of 40 professionals will do the job. The Area will be another stage for the artists and a place for parties and interviews. Wow! –

Il volo links & news for Feb 2, 2015

links and newsIt is a holiday here – Our Lady of the Navigators, the patron saint of my city, a faith that born here with the Azorean colonization. For those who do not know, Portugal sent 20 Azorean couples to the south and they founded Porto Alegre. Then we received couples from Germany and Italy and Gisele Bundchen was born 🙂 A good mix!

Il Volo is coming home and China did well for them. I never see a bored person so happy as Ignazio on that ‘selfie’ of the airport :)) But let’s go to the news. Tomorrow I begin to work and the news will late 🙂


16:00 – Well remembered by Beverly Olson on facebook: today, one year ago Ignazio Boschetto and Roberto Amadè performed a beautiful concert at the Teatro Impero in Marsala. We followed close all the events around the concert and made great friends as Gino de Vita, Abele Gallo, IsaBand, Isabel Salinas, the Sound & Voices Gospel Choir and many others. All we wrote, translate, photos, videos are here: Concerto Amadè-Boschetto – a nice throwback!

9:50 – Another bad review to Grande Amore, this time by Cosi è – the journalist honor Il Volo for the technical difficulty of the song, although they came from a ‘competition of stereotypes’ and that the song is redundant in the use of the word Love… Sanremo 2015: le canzoni in anteprima – by Wannabefre on Cosi è (Jan 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

8:00 – New video published: Il Volo interview on Mediaset (Modamania/Pret-a-Porter) – during the Emporio Armani Fashion Show last month – L’uomo per l’inverno 2015 Emporio Armani – (in Italian) Our edition soon here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview – Thanks to Cristina Gio for the Tip!

7:20 – The Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane is on a new house: IlVolovers Brasiliane – visit the beautiful, clean and interactive site and leave a comment.

7:00 – It was announced the presence of Biagio Antonacci among the guests to Sanremo 2015. Here an interview with the singer on TG1: Biagio Antonacci Super Ospite #Sanremo2015 – video by rossana biagio (Feb 1st, 2015) Continue reading

Roberto Amadè – with Bravery

Roberto AmadèTo talk about Il Volo have effects on many fields. It not rare to see fans exchanging informations about Italian places and Italian food, and it is not rare too we talk about good music, sharing our tastes and the artists of our countries. To be near Il Volo also allow us to be near other amazing artists and to know more about their talent and work. So, while Il Volo is probably flying to Abu Dhabi, let’s know a little more about Roberto Amadè.

Roberto Amadè is the talent that Ignazio Boschetto brought to us this year. I always heard about Sanremo but not really were involved and then I just found Roberto this year, through the concert Amadè-Boschetto.

He was born on April 3, 1982 in Vercelli (Piemonte), near the art as a son of a bass player and professor of theater at La Scala in Milan. His career really began when Roberto won the Premio Bindi in 2010 and then the “Area Sanremo” that sent him to the stage of the Teatro Ariston on the 61° festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo in 2011. Roberto composed the song “Come Pioggia” presented on the festival and won the third position.

Roberto Amadè - Let's Feel BetterRoberto Amadè is a complete artist: singer, composer, plays several instruments. Graduated in painting at the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti in Turin, he recently presented his works at Palazzo Ottolenghi in Asti (Piemonte), an exhibition of his paintings, photography and installations. Now, he is working in his new album “Bravery” in collaboration with Paolo Guercio and composed of unreleased songs. The single “Let’s Feel Better”, with a nice project behind, was released and can show a little bit of what is coming.

And now, enjoy the beautiful Come Pioggia:

video by Roberto Amadè

See also:

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* photos of the Roberto Amadè page on facebook

Let’s Feel Better – with Roberto Amadè

Roberto AmadèWe are glad to accompanied the release of the single “Let’s Feel Better” by Roberto Amadè. This beautiful song is part of the new album “Bravery”, which will be out on December 2014.

Roberto Amadè and Isabel Salinas directed an amazing video clip, a challenge that begins in May, 2014 when Roberto asked for videos of all over the world. United to save the future seems to be the theme, but you also can think of peace, friendship, love, happiness, solidarity … Many people attend and, among them, many #ilvolovers that met Roberto through Ignazio Boschetto back in February with the Amadè-Boschetto concert. They send videos showing their thoughts on expressions like “save the music”, “save the art”, “save our souls”, “save life”!

On his words:

“My friends, I can finally publish my project “Let’s Feel Better”.
His message is very important. For me, for you, for the Nature in which we live.
I’ve written this Single to commemorate the history of human being.
In this serious moment of the world we should all be united.
In the same pain we are all brothers. Art is the thread that binds us together… from Africa to Europe …from South America to Israel…Iceland.
Never forget dignity, innocence and respect.
Under the same sky we all see different stars.
But if we don’t unite in a Revolution we can’t live in the world we want.”

Enjoy this beautiful project and amazing song and do not miss the #ilvolovers 🙂 Among them our friends Joanie Greenspan and Wendy Campbell.

Bravo, Roberto! Really, there are many important words and many things to save, but the most important is CHANGE. We are our future!

Read also the interview of Roberto Amadè to Fabio Pellizzari on La Sesia (in Italian) – Trino, tanti cittadini nel video di Amadè – Oct 28, 2014 – Roberto mentioned Ignazio Boschetto and the concert in Marsala on February, 2014 as the seed from which his project was born.

Roberto Amadè and Ignazio Boschetto

Today, Roberto Amadè shared this amazing video, recorded on the Concert Amadè-Boschetto back in February 2014. This event thrilled the Ilvolosphere and left beautiful memories. However, the most beautiful of all is the message written by Roberto to Ignazio:

“A few years ago I met a great artist, a dear friend, an Amazing Singer, extraordinary, special. With him I have known many of you …
many of you will participate in my video “Let’s Feel Better”.
We sang this my song together one day.
I dedicate it to him, Igni, with all my heart.
I dedicate it to all of you.
With immense gratitude.

At the Teatro Impero, Roberto and Ignazio singing “Una Vita Migliore”

video by Roberto Amadè

Il Volo links and news for May 27, 2014

Links and News:: May 27, 2014 – Roberto Amadè in concert – Oue friend Rob will perform Friday, June 13 at the Il Sipario Strappato Muvita in Arenzano – Genova. Tickets on HappyTicket.

:: May 27, 2014 – Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare – on DisMappa (in Italian) – About the concert on June 1st at Arena Di Verona.

Roberto Amadè sings Hallelujah

The amazing Italian artist Roberto Amadè singing the song ”Hallelujah” with Sound & Voices Gospel Choir at Teatro Impero in Marsala during his concert on February 2, 2014 organized by the Cultural and Artistic Center ‘Ignazio Boschetto’. Enjoy!

video by Isabel Salinas

Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio e a Venezuela!

Daily Feb 19, 2014 - Piero said home, SicilyVou começar este relato com a foto do Piero, da sua terra, a Sicília, uma linda terra que ele está nos ensinando a conhecer. O mar sempre me inspira a pensar e a tentar ver as coisas na sua essência. Me incentiva, também, a não prejulgar, a não ter como fixo aquilo que é construção humana, que é histórico e contextual. Como o dia do Il Volo, como os dias da Venezuela.

Continue reading

Il Volo Daily – Feb 19, 2014

Helloooo!! I’m back!! I want to thank my lovely teammates for covering my back yesterday. I still don’t feel well but, as Marirussu said, a good dose of Il Volo every eight hours works miracles for body and soul, so here I am!!

While our world is going through really tough times with people all over fighting to bring back dignity, freedom and welfare to their countries, the #ilvolosphere stays calm, calm but not unaware or insensitive to what’s happening, since we all are here, together, coexisting and praying for better and fair times, for peace and justice.

But let’s talk about more cheerful things, shall we? We don’t need gloomy faces now. What we need are loud voices and strong spirits, nothing more 😀
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O dueto Boschetto – Amadè inflama o Teatro Impero

Tradução da resenha publicada em 3 de fevereiro de 2014 no  Il VomereLa Coppia Boschetto – Amadè infiamma il Teatro Impero – por Abele Gallo.

(Obrigada a Roberto Amadè por compartilhar no Facebook)

Concert Amadè – Boschetto

No palco com Ignazio e Roberto
O dueto Boschetto – Amadè inflama o Teatro Impero

:: traduzido por Mari Russu

Como colaborador do “Il Vomere” e como músico, estou feliz em escrever sobre a maravilhosa experiência que tive a honra de ter na ocasião de um dos mais importantes eventos que Marsala sediou recentemente.

Ignazio Boschetto, um jovem tenor de Marsala e famoso ao redor do mundo como parte do trio  Il Volo, foi o criador de um concerto – evento que ele decidiu organizar em sua cidade para seu amigo Roberto Amadè, um cantor do Piemonte, que foi o terceiro na categoria “Nuove Proposte” em Sanremo em 2011; o concerto teve o apoio da secretaria Patrizia Montalto e da cidade de Marsala, da família Curti, assim como de um grande número de amigos que trabalharam com Ignazio, com Caterina, Nina e Vito Boschetto, para que a cidade pudesse desfrutar um dos mais interessantes shows dos últimos anos. Continue reading