Il Volo and the Eurovision 2015 – Final articles and reviews

Il Volo - critics awardHow the press, music and Eurovision sites are reacting to the results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

Come i siti di news, di musica e sull’Eurovision stanno reagendo ai risultati dell’Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

:: Eurovision 2015: The best, the worst and why Guy Sebastian will win votes – The Sidney Morning Herald (May 23, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Il Volo stravince al televoto: primo premio negato dal voto dei giuratiRockol (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Sweden’s ‘Heroes’ wins Eurovision Song Contest 2015Deutsche Welle (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: May 24 / Eurovision 2015: Italy won televoting / Sweden jury votingOikotimes (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!Eurovision Times (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: Eurovision 2015, per Il Volo record di punti italiano. Battuta anche Conchita WurstEurofestival News (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Taking Apart Eurovision 2015: Poor Il Volo, and Did Måns Really Deserve to Win?Ellielilyf (May 24, 2015 in English)

:: La Finale: Terzi? Mica male… e col televoto avremmo vinto noi!Eurofestival Italia (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Eurovision Song Contest: Il Volo del marsalese Boschetto sul podioItaca Notizie (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Måns Zelmerlöw è il vincitore Eurovision 2015Tv Sorrisi (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Italia: Il Volo ”Grande Amore” – Eurovision song contest 2015RAI News (video) (May 24, 2015 in Italian)

:: Måns Zelmerlöw: “I am proud, excited, and full of joy”Eurovision Tv (May 24, 2015 in English)

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Il Volo videos and interviews – Sanremo 2015

Il Volo

A list of videos and interviews of  il Volo – February 11th and 12th on Sanremo 2015.

:: Il Volo canta Grande amore – Sanremo 2015. – RAI (Feb 11, 2015)

:: Il confessionale di Il Volo del 11/02/2015 – on RAI (Feb 11, 2015)

:: Il Volo, il video diario di Sanremo 2015: 12 febbraio – TV Sorrisi e Canzoni (Feb 12, 2015)

:: #Sanremo2015. Il Volo: “Vogliamo farci conoscere anche dagli italiani, per dire che siamo anche pop” – See more at: – on RAI News (Feb 12, 2015 in Italian)

:: Il Volo guest on RTL 102.5 – on RTL 102.5 (Feb 12, 2015 in Italian) – alternative video by Th Ilvolovers mx – Il Volo interview on RTL 102.5.

:: Il Volo feat Lorenzo Fragola last night #Dopofestival:

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Il Volo link and news for Jan 24, 2015

Sanremo 2015 links & newsA day to read the reviews about the presentation of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015 and one more time to be a little … relief to see that, although they talk a lot of “more of the same” and “nothing really new” the press also wrote “more of the same” and “nothing new”or more than clichés. A few have the courage to say what they really thought – good or bad -, and you have to deal with people trying to be cool, trying to look inserted into the musical context, but with a lack of originality and overwhelming courage. Do not like it? Say it without subterfuge and with solid arguments. Metaphors must be used with some knowledge of the facts. But it is understandable…, many people have a high resistance to recognize their mistakes later so it is easy to remain behind words of unclear meaning.

Let’s go the news:

16:00 – Gianluca Ginoble mentioned in an article about the Festival dell’Adriatico 2015. they said that through time the festival received many contestants that after became famous, as Gianluca Ginoble, the winner of 2008 on the ‘Young Category’, now protagonist of the fantastic trio Il Volo. – Festival dell’Adriatico 2015, apertura ufficiale iscrizioni – on Picenotime (Jan 24, 2015)

14:00 Radio Festival is a web radio enterely dedicated to the Sanremo Festival. The radio can be listened online on and on smartphones and tablets, thanks to the APP Mobile Radio 105. The radio offers every day, 24 hours 24, born on the stage of the classic festival in the City of Flowers, with the performance of the winners and losers from 1951 to today, the curiosities, the background, and, Live from Sanremo House – the official “hospitality” area of the show most followed by Italians – interviews with Beppe Cuva with all the protagonists of the 2015 edition, the new presenter and artistic director Carlo Conti, who has unveiled on Radio Festival the secrets of the Festival number 65 and all Big and New proposals in the competition.

8:30 – Questo è un Festival da incubo
Canzoni mediocri e uniformi
– by Giuseppe Attardi on La Sicilia – Review about the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015. “A Sanremo nightmare is to be held on February 10 to 14 at the Teatro Ariston. The uniformity prevails. A molasses in the music and lyrics. The ballad melodic reigns in its classic structure: delicate intro, emphatic opening to start the voice and exploit the orchestra. And love, in all its facets…” Il Volo: “And then “Il Volo”, whose tenor voices will peel the hands of the Sanremo audience. Throats unfolded, the three singers are presented with a great love song with a development to Europe (those of The Final Countdown): on the edge of kitsch, between musical and pop romance.”

7:00 – SANREMO 2015, MELODIA E AMORE PROTAGONISTI SUL PALCO DELL’ARISTON – on RAI News – Article about the preview of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015, talking about the predominance of the “Love”as theme of the songs typical of festival. Carlo Conti announced the comedians Alessandro Siani, Angelo Pintus and Luca & Paolo as guests on Sanremo 2015. (Jan 23, 2015)

Il Volo Daily – Dec 22, 2013

:: Versión en español  :: Versão em português ::

Hello there!!! Sunday is over and there are three more days till Christmas!!

Our boys have been partying and celebrating Christmas all weekend and we have the pictures to prove it!! It’s great to see they’re having fun!!

Gianluca GinobleFirst of all we have Mr. Gianluca Ginoble who attended a party where he was with his good friends Rafaella and Isabella. About this he twitted: “There’s gonna be a heartache tonight babe” (This could mean many things, so I leave it to your imagination)

More pictures of Mr. Piero Barone having fun with friends and his cousin appeared today… he’s young, he’s having fun and that’s all.

Today he was in a more calmed reunion and apparently he was starving because he twitted: “Can’t stop eating ahhahaa #christmasSpirit #home #family” and “Si mangiaaaaa!!!!! #gioiaMiu” with 2 pictures, and later a video “Freedom!! #IlMondo #happiness”:

Back to business, today was released an interview made by Fausto Pellegrini for RAI News. You can see it here.

Nothing today from Ignazio Boschetto, hopefully tomorrow… let’s keep our fingers crossed.

And that’s it for today. See you tomorrow and thank you for reading!

:: Versión en español :: Versão em português ::

Interview on RAI News – Spettacolo

Il Volo attended a short interview on RAI News 24 aired today, December 22, 2013. They talked to Fausto Pellegrini about their career and life in the last four years since their participation on Ti lascio una Canzone. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero shared their goal of bringing classical Italian music to everyone.

They also talked about the release of Buon Natale – The Christmas Album. The video can be accessed in this link:

Il Christmas Album de Il Volo

thank you for the link,  Morena Pompignoli !