Il Volo daily – from September 14th

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

September 14th – They arrived on Italy coming back from a successful week in US.

Gianluca was received by the family in Rome.

Piero and Ignazio continued travel to Palermo. They published a photo with Roberta Vinci, that was returning from the US Open.

“Proud to be Italian”, they said. The airport of Palermo also received well the celebrities.

Look this small gallery:

September 15th – Ignazio made two beyond beautiful periscopes: don’t miss!

We have subtitles in English in one of them by now.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were home and appear on some fans photos shared on the networks. The also published some:

September 16th – Il Volo announced a surprise: in less than 24 hours the new site will be online and in less than a month the Official Fan Club will be launched. Great news! The Il Volo website was needing for so many time this reconstruction: clear, complete information. We hope a clean and accessible layout. A website is the public profile, the image of a band! Important!

Il Volo New SiteSeptember 17th – The new website is on! In a first look: WordPress platform (as AAIV, nice choice!), clean, beautiful and with good information about the tour dates, but not an agenda.

I liked the media section with galleries of photos and videos (need to revise, because many photos are in the wrong gallery). Welcome also the “news section”: if this section received on time updates it will be awesome!

Piero on the RoadSeptember 18th – Piero is on the road and published a photo near  Isole del Cantone (Genova). Soon after he published another photo and said:

“It seems yesterday when we were three kids, maybe a bit ‘out of place, that slowly began to get used to the stage, to the public in the front, to the flash of photographers, to moving away from home and the days full of commitments … But time passes and you do not even feel it, and now I’m here, waiting for a special week, full of important dates… From the concert on Monday at the Arena di Verona… Until the release of a new album on which we worked so hard and with heart! And even if the years have passed and our appearance is no more that of children of that time … In the eyes is always the same emotion.”

Il Volo in Treviso

ph Teatro Delle Voci

September 19th – While RAI Gulp was transmitting an recorded appearance of Il Volo, they were already together at the Teatro Delle Voci in Treviso rehearsing for the concert on September 21st.

It will be a special concert where they will present the New Album and RAI will record for a special that will be aired on September 23rd.

September 20th – Verona is taking flight!  Early morning or late yesterday night in Testimoni e Protagonisti on RAI 1 a special about Il Volo with many guests. (soon on AAIV)

The TV show L’Arena di Giletti on La Vita in Diretta (RAI 1) presented an interview with Il Volo. A link and the studios and the Arena di Verona conducted by Massimo Giletti. (soon on the site) All ready for the big event tomorrow. A milestone on the Il Volo career and All About Il Volo will be there.

* photos without reference were published by Il Volo



Il Volo – Gulp Music / RAI Gulp

Today, at 12:15 on RAI Gulp was aired an appearance of Il Volo on the TV show Gulp Music. On the show conducted by Gaia Ranieri were presented the videos of Grande Amore and L’amore si muove and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca answered questions sent by fans. The interview was recorded and not live.

Oggi alle 12.15 su RAI Gulp è stata trasmessa l’ospitata de Il Volo al programma televisivo Gulp Music. Durante lo show condotto da Gaia Ranieri sono stati presentati i video di Grande Amore e L’amore si muove e Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca hanno risposto ad alcune domande poste dai fan sui social network. L’intervista è stata precedentemente registrata e non era in diretta.

video by Il Volo Abruzzo

Il Volo links e notizie del 10 settembre 2015

Ciao a tutti! Quando stamattina la componente italiana della redazione si è svegliata, ha trovato su internet il selfie della buonanotte di Gianluca, che annunciava che Il Volo era atteso a Miami il giorno dopo, 10 settembre.

Nel preciso momento in cui sono giunti nella hall dell’hotel per aspettare il furgone che li avrebbe dovuti portare a destinazione, Ignazio ha filmato un altro Periscope, come aveva promesso ieri. Sta diventando un uomo social e noi ringraziamo vivamente quella app. Grazie a Ignazio, ognuno ha potuto scoprire come stesse Il Volo e dove i ragazzi fossero diretti… il tutto mescolato alla simpatia del trio. Gianluca stava ascoltando una canzone di Tiziano Ferro e Piero era indeciso riguardo alla foto da caricare sul suo profilo Twitter: ne aveva scattata una alle sue valigie (le sue “compagne”), ma Ignazio ha deciso che sarebbe stato meglio fargli un servizio fotografico, ovviamente continuando a filmare. Signore e Signori, questo è Il Volo. Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for September 10, 2015

Hello everyone! When today the Italian part of the editorial staff woke up, found on internet Gianluca’s goodnight selfie, announcing that Il Volo was waited in Miami on September 10th.

In the very moment they were in the hall of the hotel waiting for the van to pick them up, Ignazio filmed another Periscope as he promised yesterday. He is becoming a social man and we want to thank deeply that app. Thanks to Ignazio, everyone was able to know how Il Volo was and where they were about to be… all of that mixed with the funny personalities of the guys. Gianluca was listening to a song by Tiziano Ferro and Piero was thinking of the right photo to upload on his Twitter profile: he took a photo of his luggages (“his companions”), but Ignazio decided to do him a photoshoot, while filming. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Il Volo.

They seems more relaxed and they are really enjoying this experience abroad, and it’s a pleasure to see they have fun with each other: after all the commitments, they deserved a period to “take a break” from the Italian tour, with more privacy.

Here there are some news that popped on web between yesterday evening and today:

:: On September 16, 2015 on the TV Show Executive on TV One Malta at 18:50 will be aired an special with Il Volo. On the program hosted by Marika Caruana Smith also will participate Filippo Bisciglia (Temptation Island). Promo by Mikael Zarb – Brighter Image. You can watch the video on this postIl Volo on TV One Malta / Il Volo su TV One Malta and find the gallery here: Il Volo interview on / intervista su TV One Malta – gallery

:: To follow each step of Il Volo’s little promotional tour, have a look on our post, that collects their visit to Hartford and Atlanta of the last two days. Il Volo – a tour by the PBS Stations in US

:: It was announced by Marcello Villella that on Saturday September 19th RAI GULP will start. It is an Italian television channel aimed to a children/teenager viewership, and is owned and operated by state-owned RAI television network. Marcello Villella is the host of GULPMUSIC, the interactive music magazine of RAI GULP. Stay tuned, because Il Volo will attend one of the episodes.

Il Volo links and news for February 7, 2015

Il Volo Grande AmoreTime to break camp I think, Sanremo is calling! And we have to prepare for a huge amount of information crossing the networks. Time to select what matter, what is good, the better about Il Volo !

And we will publish all good articles written by the press or even fans and fan clubs. The criteria are the quality, originality, veracity, authorship… All in support of Il Volo. All About Il Volo is different of those Fan Clubs who do not publish/share a good article only because they do not like personally the author or agree with the content. It is time to let go all silly competition and methods to “impress” Il Volo.

* photo by Il Volo

I recommend our 2 articles released early today: How to pre-order Sanremo Grande Amore – by Gaby Dion – and Il Volo official accounts and website – by Mari Russu.

23:00 – If there is not another group “Il Volo“, according to Olbia and also to Sassari Notizie, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be in Olbia, Sardegna on February 17, 2015 on the “Su Carrasegare Olbiesu” 18:30. The Olbia Carnival is a traditional event of Sardegna. – Carrasegare Olbiesu, svelato il programma: tante novità, tanto divertimento – on Olbia (Jan 7, 2015 in Italian) – Carrasegare Olbiesu 2015: il calendario degli eventi – on Sassari Notizie (Jan 8, 2015) – (to  research for more information)

15:00 – One more contest for Il Volo – RAI Gulp launch a contest Il Volo x Dear Jack. Click “LIKE” to vote Il Volo and “SHARE”the post to vote Dear Jack. Enter here to vote #ilvolovers – Il Volo vs Dear Jack.

14:30 – Il Volo on TG1 16:20 – A nice report about their performance on China and the participation on Sanremo 2015 – TG 16:20 – on 8:00 – (Feb 7, 2015 in Italian)

12:00 – TG1 about Sanremo 2015: the hostess, the history, the press room,… a look inside the Festival that is about to begin – TG 13:30 – 24:30 (Feb 7, 2015 in Italian)

9:10 – According to Discogs the tracklist of the Il Volo Platinum Collection are:

Lable: EMI – 0602547228581

The Platinum Collection – on Discogs (Feb 7, 2015)

8:00 On Panorama a slide show with all the last Albums of the 20 “big”. Il Volo “Sanremo grande amore“is there! – Sanremo 2015: tutti gli album dei Big e le copertine

Francesca Martinelli and Il Volo7:00 – Francesca Martinelli published on her facebook profile (and on our timeline) a beautiful message to Il Volo: “Tra i big a Sanremo….che onore ragazzi, aver cantato con voi, avervi presentato e semplicemente avervi conosciuti, Gian era davvero piccolo al primo duetto insieme, ora siete Big all’estero e finalmente in Italia, volate sempre più in alto, con umiltà e sacrificio si ottiene ogni cosa. Un grande in bocca al lupo per tutto.” – In English: “Among the “big” in Sanremo… What a honor guys, having sung with you, having presented and simply having known you. Gian was really young at the first duet together, now you are Big abroad and finally in Italy, fly higher and higher, with humility and sacrifice you get everything. A big good luck to all.” (* photo of Francesca Martinelli)

6:50 – A nice video and a great idea for Il Volo – Video d’avanguardia per “Io sono una finestra” (Sanremo 2015) – with a photo shot of Grazia di Michele and Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette).

6:00 – A little gossip sometimes is good, if it is a nice gossip 🙂 – Maria Grazia Sanna writes about some of the 20 “big”: who is single, who is in love, … Il Volo this time escaped. Sanremo 2015: i gossip sui big in gara – on Blog di LifeStyle (Feb 7, 2015)