Il Volo links and news for February 19, 2015

Il Volo links & newsThe news do not stop to come. For those who asked: Yes we are not aware of the ‘affair’ Renis- Censi and of the reaction of Il Volo published today on several media. We will write a special article about this.

Meanwhile, let’s go to the news!


:: For those that already did not see, please do not miss this amazing video: Ignazio Boschetto charms Marsala – images by Fabio Ingrassia. If Il Volo will conquer the Italian music scenery, someone else will strike the ‘cuores’.

:: ITALY ARE EARLY EUROVISION FAVOURITES WITH IL VOLO AND GRANDE AMOURE – on Benny Royston website – The bookmakers are pointing Il Volo as a favourite to win Eurovision 2015 since Italia announced that they will sing the “smash hit” Grande amore on May 23rd in Vienna. Comment: I just love to read that ‘smash hit’ !

:: RAI Eurovision Song Contest Italia announced: È ufficiale: sarà «Grande amore» la canzone che @IlVolo porterà in gara il 23 maggio all’ ‪#‎Eurovision‬ Song Contest di Vienna! ‪#‎escita‬ – It’s official: @IlVolo will sing «Grande Amore» in Vienna! @Eurovision ‪#‎Eurovision‬ ‪#‎escita‬

:: Il Volo will make an appearance on the reality show Forte, forte, forte on RAI 1. Friday, Feb 20, 2015. 21:10(ITA).

:: Il Messaggero published a great new: Il Volo will be guests on their TV studio tomorrow from 13 to 14:00 (Ita) – Send your questions and criticisms to which the winners of Sanremo will answer. Just send email to or a tweet with the hashtag ‪#‎chiedialvolo‬. Now! – Sanremo, Il Volo venerdì al Messaggero Tv – Il Messaggero (Feb 18, 2015) (update: on the original article published yesterday said “domani” (tomorrow) and no ‘day’ on the tittle, we thought it was today, but now they changed)