Il Volo – L & N – Dec 17, 2014

links and news christmasOn the last days we were thinking on a new structure for the news here and we decided to divide the news at least until Sanremo 2015. So you will find here:

:: Sanremo 2015 – links & news
:: Il Volo – links & news
:: Il Volo on Sanremo 2015 – links & news (L&N)

And we will try new formats as well 🙂 Let’s see. Maybe a more confortable format.

Today, many rumors and news appear on the Ilvolosphere (more precisely on the sanremosphere 🙂 ) All this are on our previous L&N. Many links about the ‘bets’ around Sanremo trying to point winners before listening a single song. Well, … magazines live from this movement and we have to be used to this and improve our filters, of course.

One good new on Il Volo is one more confirmation of the TV special UNICI for jan 1st, 2015. The site Il Velino published today all the Christmas RAI events and UNICI was included.

The FC Team Il Volo Brazil is translating the Il Volo songs lyrics to Portuguese. The results are amazing videos with subtitles, a very nice way to the Portuguese speakers fans meet Il Volo and their music. On this video: Angel – you can find an example and follow their youtube channel as well.

And for us the biggest news is the Christmas special of Radio G Giulianova, conducted by Azzurra Marcozzi, with songs of “Buon Natale – The Christmas Album”. All About Il Volo and the FC Campobello di Licata are participating : we will give 2 CDs Buon Natale for the winners on a “Quizmas” contest. Everybody can participate on Dec 24, 2014.

Update: One more article talking about the performance of Il Volo on the Etihad gala event in Dallas. Austin Speaker on the Airways News explained that Etihad Kicks Off Service to DFW and mentioned the presentation of Il Volo.