Il Volo in August: holiday time before a great restart! / è tempo di vacanze prima di una grande ripartenza! / é tempo de férias antes de um grande reinício!

Come abbiamo visto negli ultimi anni, agosto significa vacanze per Il Volo! E, se escludiamo qualche impegno, l’agosto 2018 non è stato granchè diverso. Date un’occhiata a questi video ed al riassunto scritto di quest’ultimo mese dei nostri amati ragazzi! – Leggi in Italiano.

As we have seen over the last years, August means holidays to Il Volo! And besides a few commitments, August 2018 wasn’t much different. Have a look at these videos and written recap of this last month of our beloved guys! – Read in English.

Como vimos nos últimos anos, Agosto significa férias para o Il Volo! E, a par de alguns compromissos, Agosto de 2018 não foi diferente. Deem uma olhada nestes vídeos e em nosso resumo deste último mês de nossos amados rapazes! – Leia em Português.

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English and Portuguese translation: Il Volo, latin pop & Grammys / Traduzione in inglese e portoghese: Il Volo, il pop latino e i Grammy / Tradução em Inglês e Português: Il Volo, pop latino & Grammy

How many interviews to Il Volo have we read or listened to or watched so far, during their almost 9 years of career? Countless!
But sometimes, it happens that a new interview sheds light on the future of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It is the case of this talk between the guys and the famous journalist Andrea Spinelli of
There may be no great news in it – or just some. Still, there is so much to think about, to dream of, to hope for… and to read… in English!

Quante interviste a Il Volo abbiamo letto, sentito o guardato in questi ormai 9 anni della loro carriera? Un numero incalcolabile!
Ma accade, a volte, che una nuova intervista accenda un faro sul futuro di Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca. É il caso di questa chiacchierata tra i ragazzi e Andrea Spinelli, il famoso giornalista di
Magari non troverete grandi notizie al suo interno; forse soltanto una. Ma c’è comunque così tanto materiale a cui pensare, su cui sognare, per cui sperare… e da leggere… in Italiano!

Quantas entrevistas com o Il Volo temos lido, ouvido ou visto durante os seus quase 9 anos de carreira? Incontáveis!
Porém, às vezes, acontece que uma nova entrevista lança uma nova luz sobre o futuro de Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca. Este é o caso desta conversa entre os rapazes e o famoso jornalista Andrea Spinelli do .
Pode não haver grandes novidades na entrevista, ou apenas poucas. Mas ainda assim há muito no que pensar, sonhar, esperar… e ler… em português!

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July 1st, 2016 – Florence: Il Volo tells the world about the tribute to The Three Tenors / 1 luglio 2016 – Firenze: Il Volo racconta al mondo il tributo a I Tre Tenori

conferenza stampa il volo una notte magica june 16 2016

Credits: Night Guide

July 1st, 2016 is probably turning out to be a night to remember for Il Volo and more… Italian, but also Brazilian, press and radios are drawing much attention to the Tribute to The Three Tenors, that is going to take place in Florence, in the gorgeous Piazza Santa Croce.
This post aims to summarize the most important information that announces this concert. – Read in English.

L’1 luglio 2016 si rivelerà probabilmente come una notte da ricordare per Il Volo e non solo… La stampa e le radio Italiane, ma anche brasiliane, stanno concentrando molta attenzione sul Tributo ai Tre Tenori, che avrà luogo a Firenze, nella meravigliosa Piazza Santa Croce.
Questo post ha lo scopo di riassumere le informazioni più importanti che annunciano questo concerto. – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il volo links & news for Feb 2, 2015

links and newsIt is a holiday here – Our Lady of the Navigators, the patron saint of my city, a faith that born here with the Azorean colonization. For those who do not know, Portugal sent 20 Azorean couples to the south and they founded Porto Alegre. Then we received couples from Germany and Italy and Gisele Bundchen was born 🙂 A good mix!

Il Volo is coming home and China did well for them. I never see a bored person so happy as Ignazio on that ‘selfie’ of the airport :)) But let’s go to the news. Tomorrow I begin to work and the news will late 🙂


16:00 – Well remembered by Beverly Olson on facebook: today, one year ago Ignazio Boschetto and Roberto Amadè performed a beautiful concert at the Teatro Impero in Marsala. We followed close all the events around the concert and made great friends as Gino de Vita, Abele Gallo, IsaBand, Isabel Salinas, the Sound & Voices Gospel Choir and many others. All we wrote, translate, photos, videos are here: Concerto Amadè-Boschetto – a nice throwback!

9:50 – Another bad review to Grande Amore, this time by Cosi è – the journalist honor Il Volo for the technical difficulty of the song, although they came from a ‘competition of stereotypes’ and that the song is redundant in the use of the word Love… Sanremo 2015: le canzoni in anteprima – by Wannabefre on Cosi è (Jan 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

8:00 – New video published: Il Volo interview on Mediaset (Modamania/Pret-a-Porter) – during the Emporio Armani Fashion Show last month – L’uomo per l’inverno 2015 Emporio Armani – (in Italian) Our edition soon here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview – Thanks to Cristina Gio for the Tip!

7:20 – The Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane is on a new house: IlVolovers Brasiliane – visit the beautiful, clean and interactive site and leave a comment.

7:00 – It was announced the presence of Biagio Antonacci among the guests to Sanremo 2015. Here an interview with the singer on TG1: Biagio Antonacci Super Ospite #Sanremo2015 – video by rossana biagio (Feb 1st, 2015) Continue reading

Caffè – Michele Torpedine and Il Volo

Michele Torpedine and Il VoloTorpedine, il cercatore di cantanti. “E così alla fine ho preso Il Volo” – by Piero Degli Antoni on Quotidiano.Net

In English:

Torpedine, the seeker of singers. “And so at the end I took Il Volo”

Michele Torpedine is the man who discovered Zucchero, Andrea Bocelli, Pino Daniele, Giorgia, Luca Carboni, among others. His latest “invention” is Il Volo – a trio of young tenors -, a success in America that in a few months has become a phenomenon all over the world.

– Torpedine, how is invented such a phenomenon?
“That night I was on the phone with Toni Renis. It is about twenty years that we talk every day to comment on the news of the day or even the Tv shows. When I saw the boys perform on the Clerici (sometimes together, sometimes separately) I told him that they reminded me the Three Tenors: Ignazio, so robust, it looked like Pavarotti, Gianluca reminded me the Carrera’s elegance and Piero could recall Domingo. We spoke with the families, we have found the right context and we brought them to America. A success.”

– How do you recognize talent?
“It depends on which ear and nose you have. I have been a musician for many years. For example, when I noticed Zucchero, he had already made some television appearances, but he seemed like Michele Pecora and Pupo. I had the intuition, with the voice he had to push him toward the blues.” Continue reading