Il Volo links&news of November 26, 2015 / Il Volo links&notizie del 26 novembre 2015

Il Volo at Latin GRAMMYs

Il Volo at Latin GRAMMYs

Good morning! Or better say Guten Morgen! In the early hours Il Volo was still in Berlin – yesterday they recorded the performance at the Die Helene Fischer Show. Now they are in Italy again. Don’t miss an important appointment!!! ~Read in English.

Buongiorno! O meglio ancora Guten Morgen! Nelle prime ore di stamattina Il Volo si trovava ancora a Berlino poiché ieri è stata registrata la puntata del Die Helene Fischer Show. Ora sono nuovamente in Italia. Non perdetevi un appuntamento importante!! ~Leggi in italiano.

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Grande Amore Tour Agenda. ENGLISH

by Martina Maggi


ph. All About Il Volo

This summer is about to be very important for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because they will do an entirely Italian tour, after all the success they had abroad. Originally, they had to do 6 dates, that increased and became more than 24 – and maybe they will continue to grow!
With all the dates and the activities of Il Volo, is easy to lost their tracks: in this post we collected all their steps to help you to remember this amazing tour and amazing Summer, in which everybody will scream “GRANDE AMORE!!!!”

Have a look on the special albums on All About Il Volo’s Facebook Page:

The Tour started with a particular date, in Pompeii, on June 10th. Il Volo went there to record live from the ancient ruins a special concert for Detroit Public Television, like the ones they did before (Il Volo… takes flight, Il Volo We Are Love and Il Volo Buon Natale). The playlist was different from the one sang in the following concerts and the expectation was high, although extremely pleased. They directed the songs to the American audience and started the evening exclaiming: “Welcome to Italy!” The PBS was broadcasted in Detroit on July 6th and will be aired all over America in August. Soon even the rest of the world could buy the DVD and let Il Volo enchanted the families.

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On June 11th was broadcasted on RAI1 the pre-recorded concert “Esserci Sempre, concerto della Polizia di Stato”, in which Il Volo sang along with Lorenzo Fragola and other artists. The evening was hosted by Alessandro Greco.

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Il Volo then performed in Locarno, live from the Piazza Grande, on June 12th. Even if Locarno is in Switzerland, with this date the Italian tour of Il Volo began. Not even the rain stopped the audience from attending the concert and joking around with Il Volo, that performed on the stage in a very emotional state: in Locarno they first met their Italian audience and all the feelings could be seen in the few videos that popped on Internet after that night. That was the concert in which Ignazio performed Unchained Melody alone.

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“Il Volo live from Pompeii” premiere in Detroit (English/Italian)

CJR02FBUsAASAio_Fotor_Collage_FotorOn July 6 2015 at 9:00 pm at the Detroit Public TV was aired the special concert by il Volo recorded at the arecheological ruins of Pompeii, in Italy. In that exclusive venue they performed some of the most wonderful classics like Volare as well as new songs, like Grande Amore. The show was aired as a Premiere by the Detroit tv and then will be played during the summer in all the PBS stations across the US. The concert is available in CD and DVD and may be purchased on the Detroit tv site, so as to support the tv station. Before heading to Detroit PBS station to record the concert pledges drives, they released an interview with Mlive Entertainment and also at WRCJ-FM radio station.

Detroit PBS 2_FotorIl 6 giugno 2015 alle 21.00 è stato trasmesso dalla Detroit Public Tv un concerto speciale de Il Volo registrato presso le rovine archeologiche di Pompei, in Italia. In quella località esclusiva si sono esibiti in alcune delle più meravigliose canzoni classiche, come Volare, così come in nuove canzoni, come Grande Amore. Il concerto è disponibile in CD e in DVD e può essere acquistato sul sito della TV di Detroit, in modo da sostenere così la stazione tv. Prima di recarsi alla stazione tv Detroit PBS per registrare l’introduzione al concerto, Il Volo ha rilasciato un’intervista al sito Mlive Entertainment e anche alla stazione radio WRCJ-FM.

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Il Volo interview at WRCJ studio with Cecelia Sharpe (En – It)

Il Volo and Cecelia Sharpe at WRCJ studio

from WRCJ’s Facebook page

Detroit, July 6th, 2015 – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca from the Italian pop-opera vocal group Il Volo, visited the WRCJ studio on July 6, 2015 and talked with Cecelia Sharpe about their musical influences and their fourth concert special for PBS.

Il Volo, intervista nello studio della radio WRCJ con Cecelia Sharpe

Detroit, 6 Luglio 2015 – Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca del gruppo vocale italiano di pop lirico Il Volo, hanno fatto visita allo studio della radio WRCJ e hanno parlato con Cecelia Sharpe riguardo le loro influenze musicali e il loro quarto concerto per lo speciale della PBS.

Here’s the audio of the interview / Ecco l’audio dell’intervista (in Inglese):


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Il Volo links & news for June 17, 2015

photo: Il Volo

The Ilvolosphere does not stop! Good afternoon!

:: We are glad to publish also here our wishes of a very very very happy Birthday to Barbara Vitali (Il Volo road manager – here it is the photo of Piero and Barbara) and Mariagrazia Barone, the beautiful and clever sister of Piero. Yesterday the guys shared a video of them singing happy birthday to her. May this new year of life be full of success and happiness to both of them.

:: Il Volo arrived yesterday in Roccaraso to rehearsals for the concert in June 18, 2015. They were received for the fans and Il Centro published about it: Roccaraso, bagno di folla per il trio de “Il Volo” – Il Centro (June 16, 2015 in Italian)

:: According to the Detroit PBS Tv announcement Il Volo will be in the US on July 6th, 2015 to promote the special PBS concert recorded in Pompeii that will be released on the date. They will be on the PBS studios (Detroit – Michigan) and also in a exclusive “Wine & Dine” and “Meet & Greet”. The tickets – $500 pair – were available until last night here: Il Volo – Detroit PBS Tv. (today they are no more available). According to someone, Il Volo will tape some pieces of the show of 6th July – we are waiting for confirms.

:: In the last two days Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were attending photo shooting sessions in Rome and in the Castello of Bracciano – you can see the photo here: Photoshoot today. The photos are so beautiful and so is the landscape. They are just at the beginning of the summer and they can’t wait to perform all around Italy in their #GrandeAmoreTour!

:: Yesterday we published an interview made by our editorial staff to Fabio Ingrassia, the talented artist from Marsala. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can find it here: “The Power of Genius” that comes from Marsala – an interview to Fabio Ingrassia.

:: On Friday 19th June, 2015, will be aired on RAI 1 the special episode of Porta a Porta that Il Volo recorded in New York last April. We have talked about the journey of Il Volo and Bruno Vespa here: Il Volo in New York – a special for Porta a Porta and…

Il Volo through space and time!

FonoprintMaybe some of you are missing our “daily/weekly” chronicles about Il Volo. The movement around them is so strong that to recover the time is a good way to be informed.

After May 23rd – the Final of Eurovision 2015 – Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrived to Bologna and did not stop to work. They were recording for the new album to be released in September.

While they are working, the news continue to appear on the networks, as the promo videos of the Partita del Cuore; the release of a new date on the Italian tour: the concert in Roccaraso and the announcement of a performance on a charity concert in Assisi in benefit of the refugees of Iraq, the Franciscan missions in India and the Franciscan soup kitchens in Italy.

The block where Fonoprint is located became a new tourist spot in Bologna. The fans camped there for all the days Il Volo were recording and enjoyed the moments when they came out to kindly greet everybody.

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Il Volo links & news for June 3rd, 2015

Hell's Kithchen 14We are already on vacations but we took a time to publish here some news about Il Volo.


:: After left Torino, Il Volo passed in Milan (Armani!) and now are already in Verona. Tomorrow they will be on the Wind Music Awards at the Arena di Verona at 20:30. Broadcasted Live by RAI 1.

:: Bruno Vespa announced that the special Porta a Porta with Il Volo will be aired on June 19, 2015. The special was recorded in new York last April.

Hell's Kithchen 14:: Gianluca Ginoble shared it today  Live and the news are published al so by ANSA, so we can publish: Il Volo will be recording in Pompeii for a PBS special next week. – Il Volo, noi a Pompei come i Pink Floyd – ANSA (June 3, 2015 in Italian)

:: Il Volo made a recorded appearance on the Tv Show Hell’s Kitchen on FOX TV. A few moments on the episode “4 chefs compete”. Here the promo video: HELL’S KITCHEN | Il Volo Dines In Hell’s Kitchen from “4 Chefs Compete”.

* photos of Hell’s Kitchen