Pope Francesco and Il Volo – the audience in Vatican City, Rome

Pope Francesco and Il Volo“Il volo” in udienza privata da Papa Francesco

by Abele Gallo – On Feb 17, 2014 on Resa Reppublica.It

Translation by Athena Angelopoulos
Note: although the article mentioned a private audience, Il Volo greeted the Pope in the public general audience.

Another success for the trio of young Italian tenors “Il Volo”, consisting of Gianluca Ginoble from Abruzzo and two Sicilians, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, the first from Naro, the second from Marsala, although this time we do not talk about the usual discographical boom which the three of them have become accustomed to since 2010 to date. Continue reading

Il Volo em diário – Feb 12, 2014

Il Volo and Papa Francesco - daily Feb 12, 2014Eu queria ver a cara do pastor da minha Igreja Medodista se soubesse que uma de suas ovelhas (uma das malhadas) anda seguindo o Papa Francisco no twitter…

Pois é, Il Volo, vocês estão desencaminhando uma protestante nem tão convicta. Bom, aqui não é o espaço para falar das minhas convicções  (ou não) religiosas.

Talvez, eu possa comentar um pouco, com a fragilidade de quem está longe, sobre o que presenciei neste dia.

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Piero Barone and the Pope

For us, among the best moments of the meeting with Pope Francis shown on these beautiful photos by Fotografia Felici, is the expression of Piero Barone captured in an amazing sequence. The emotion on his face and the happiness in his eyes are incredible, just lovely and deep. An open window to his soul. Thank you, Piero!

Il Volo meets Pope Francesco! – Vatican City Feb 12, 2014


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Today, February 12, 2014 our boys met Pope Francis in the Vatican City, Rome. They had the typical greeting with him, called ”baciamano”, and they gave him as a gift their CD and DVD. Here we have the pictures. Credits … Continue reading