Il Volo is flying away: late news – November 27, 2015 / Il Volo sta volando via: notizie a tarda ora del 27 novembre 2015

Il Volo - TLUCWhen all is calm, if you want to know what Il Volo is doing you have to trust Gianluca (we love you, young social man!). And so… what’s in schedule for us? – Read in English.

Quando tutto tace, se vuoi sapere cosa sta combinando Il Volo bisogna affidarsi a Gianluca (ti vogliamo bene, giovane uomo dei social!). Dunque, quali novità ci sono in serbo per noi?  – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo break down criticism at the sound of sales

Il Resto del Carlino - La Città di TeramoTranslated by Bradamante from Il Volo demolisce le critiche a suon di vendite by Paolo Di Vincenzo – published on Il Resto del Carlino – La Città di Teramo (Feb 22, 2015)

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Seven songs, three outstanding vocalists, a great director and arranger, a farsighted manager, a disc that is breaking all the sales records (traditional or not) and also the specious and stupid unfounded critics of the last days.

The title of Il Volo new album is “Sanremo –  grande Amore”, they are the trio of artists worshipped in the United States, in all the Latin America, in the far and near Orient and in Australia that, for a sort of provincialism in reverse, didn’t receive the welcome they deserve from a part of the press (the one supposedly and  presumtuously that calls itself the most respected) just here in Italy.

The disc by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble – that marks the debut of the trio cared by manager Michele Torpedine with the new label Sony – proposes as opening the song winner (with people’s plebiscite) of the Sanremo’s 65 Festival delta Canzone Italiana. ” Grande amore”, by Francesco Boccia and Ciro Esposito. Right after “Ancora”, by Eduardo De Crescenzo, song presented in the Ligurian festival during the third evening dedicated to the covers.

“Vacanze Romane”, brought to success by Matia Bazar, “Canzone per te” by Sergio Endrigo, “Piove” by Domenico Modugno, “Romantica” by Renato Rascel and “L’immensità by Don Backy complete the exquisite work.

“Grande amore” is a classical Sanremo’s song, that combines the melodic research typically Italian with a magniloquent arrangement and that exalts the vocal qualities of the three artists.

If Piero Barone is inclined towards interpretations approaching the classic, Ignazio Boschetto shows his sound’s power with performances like a modern tenor, while Gianluca Ginoble aims for crooner approach, supported also by his physique du rôle. As the three singer often explained: they are three sides of the same musicality, of the same melodic soul.

The arrangements, by Celso Valli (a master of the Italian music, with collaborations from Mina to Baglioni, from Vasco Rossi to Jovanotti, from Eros Ramazzotti to Giorgia and Fiorella Mannoia), tailor a new and internationally flavoured outfit for unforgettable successes on the national scene.

The reinterpretations of masterpieces like Piove, by Modugno,  engaging with the accent on the swing, or Romantica’ by Rascel, interpreted with almost Latin American style, are brilliant. The electric guitar played by Mattia Tedesco in L’immensità, the sax by Stefano Di Battista in Ancora, are some of the little gems that enriches this recorded music product.

The recourse to contemporary musical textures for timeless songs allows to update songs that were considered obsolete only by an idiotic criticism that isn’t able to judge the music for the simple fact of not knowing the elementary basis (the majority of those who write about light music, in Italy, doesn’t know the difference between an oboe and a stadium’s small trumpet.

What is missed by those who look at the world from a partial and, unfortunately, secondary like the Italian point of view,  is that a tricolour artist, to be able to have a chance of success abroad, cannot propose a (often ugly) copy of the rock music to those who invented that genre. Therefore the only chance is to offer a melodic pop, with international appeal.

Outside the Alps nowadays the Italian supremacy  (two centuries after Rossini and Verdi and five centuries after Monteverdi) in the melody is still recognised, how kind of them, and is the only proposal accepted in the other continents with successes barely conceivable by those who think that Rome is the music’s navel of the world. And it is not a coincidence that Il Volo had (and keeps having) exceptional triumphs abroad.

Piero barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble will be on Feb 25 at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Pescara, starting from 17:30 to sign the discs on sale since a few days. To customers/buyers is given a pass that allows to enter the shop and have a short meeting with the artists. So they come back to Abruzzo, at Montepagano of Roseto Gianluca Ginoble’s home, the artists who the last September aroused enthusiasm in more than 2,500 spectators at theatre D’Annunzio in Pescara, with the hope that also in the summer tour 2015 there will be again a date in our region.

Original article in Italian (feb 22, 2015): Il Resto del Carlino – La Città di Teramo

Il Volo demolisce le critiche a suon di vendite

Paolo Di Vincenzo

Sette brani, tre eccezionali vocalist, un grande direttore e arrangiatore, un manager lungimirante, un disco che sta demolendo tutti i record di vendita (tradizionali e non) e anche le pretestuose e stupide critiche infondate degli ultimi giorni.

Si intitola “Sanremo – Grande amore” il nuovo album del Volo, il trio di artisti osannati negli Stati Uniti, in tutto il Sud America, nel lontano e nel vicino Oriente e in Australia e che, per una sorta di provincialismo al contrario, non hanno trovato l’accoglienza che meritano da una parte della stampa (quella presuntamente e presuntuosamente autodefinitasi più autorevole) proprio in Italia. (per leggere di più) Continue reading

Il Volo week – everybody is Ignazio

Lazy weekend

We are saying that ‘everybody is Ignazio’ because this last days all Il Volo were trying to hide pretty well. Neither our social networks lover Gianluca has not show up so much.

But the last weekend began with Gianluca saying that it was a lazy weekend and publishing this lovely photo. It is not needed to say that all #ilvolover are volunteers to be lazy with him…

And the weekend was quiet (at least for us). A time to think of the future for our team. Small team now 🙂 Hazel and me have some decisions to take and, some of them are not easy.

Pietro and Piero

Happy Birthday, Pietro!

And the next news we had came from Piero announcing the birthday of his beloved nonno Pietro, what gave us the opportunity to share nice informations about this amazing poet of Sicily, who is the grandfather of Piero Barone. We are so glad that Pietro share his birthday with All About Il Volo. Because

And we took advantage of the lack of news about Il Volo and finished our birthday articles. We consider our birthday the day of the Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre, because it was on this day that I, Mari Russu, build this site on my mind. And after a year All About Il Volo is a reference in content about Il Volo.

Our inertia was broken when we found the press release of RAI 1 announcing the appearance of Il Volo on the show Porta a Porta of Bruno Vespa. Just when Il Volo announced they are going to Rome on Nov 10 and we all are waiting for news.

False alarm… Soon we received a message of Paolo Di Vincenzo informing that the performance of Il Volo will be aired soon on Porta a Porta. And here we return to the always mentioned gap on the communications of Il Volo. They need a press assessor to take care of their agenda and the communications with media and fans. We trust Paolo Di Vincenzo because he is a great writer and journalist and also because he did an amazing job for Il Volo during the Italian tour but they must have official communication channels. Mr Paolo Di Vincenzo can be a good choice!

In Rome, where we do not know for sure what they did, Il Volo met Alberto Di Chiara – the former soccer player and sports director -, and beautiful photos were shared on the networks.

Piero on the train to Bologna

Piero on the train to Bologna

From Rome, Piero went to Bologna and about Gianluca and Ignazio, I think they come back home. Ignazio, as always, share his thoughts through music: L’Emozione Non Ha Voce.

… Let’s say that I always wanted an Ipod with glasses… seriously!

And the week that began with not so many news brought us one more: Paura D’Amare, the song composed by Ignazio Boschetto and presented on the 57º Edizione del Festival di Castrocaro by Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo – the Duo Sisters -, was recorded and will be released with the CD compilation of the Festival. On Nov 14 in digital format and until the end of November on the stores.

Emma Marrone and Gianluca

Emma Marrone and Gianluca

On Nov 11, Gianluca attended the concert of Emma Marrone at the Palasport Giovanni Paolo II in Pescara. Gianluca shared a picture and wrote: – Brown sei mitica @MarroneEmma xxx #emmamarrone Emma Marrone soon reply!

At the end of the concert, Gianluca posed with the banner of the campaign “Il sogno di Iala”, about which we did an article.

It is Friday again and another week is ending. Let’s see what happen on the Il Volo land. For now, keep voting on Il Volo for “Best International Male Artist Or Group Of The Year”on the Latin Music Italian Award. If it is not the Grammy, on the other hand it is an excellent opportunity to unite the Fan Clubs and to share Il Volo with the fans of other artists.

Il Volo on RAI 1 – Porta a Porta

Il Volo on Porta Porta June 4, 2014Although we do not have confirmation from Il Volo, RAI 1 announced on the press release that the trio will be tonight on the show Porta a Porta at 11:15pm (Rome time). Porta a Porta is conducted by Bruno Vespa who will participate on a “face to face” meeting with  Matteo Salvini, according with the press release. We do not know yet if it will be Live or a recorded transmission of Il Volo.

update: according to the journalist Paolo Di Vincenzo, the participation of Il Volo on Porta a Porta will not be aired tonight. The date will be released soon.

:: Il Volo on Porta a Porta – press release RAI 1 – Nov 10, 2014 (in Italian)
:: Rai1: “Il volo” a Porta a porta – published by Yahoo Notizie (in Italian)

Il Volo – A new Rat Pack

A wonderful review by Paolo Di Vincenzo. Translation of Un nuovo Rat Pack

Il Volo concert in PescaraWhat follows is not an article of music criticism, I could not sign it because I took care of the press office of Il Volo for the concert on Friday, September 5 at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Pescara. And since I am a professional journalist with over 28 years of experience, a musicologist and a musical critic writing music critics to the Associazione Nazionale Critici Musicali since 1990, I have in mind one word: professional ethics that I always try to respect deeply.

So, what follows are the impressions of a person who has some knowledge of music and who has seen a few thousand live concerts, so far.
Paolo Di Vincenzo

Pescara – Less than 60 years on the three, excellent voices, great stage presence, ability to thrill audiences of all ages, from young girls aged 15 to their great-grandmothers of 85, but in general anyone with even a minimal knowledge of the art of notes, repertoire of great titles arranged with wisdom and modernity, exceptional verve on stage with gags and jokes mocking each other. This is the magnificent project of Il Volo which, not surprisingly, breaking theaters around the world. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble (in alphabetical order of surname and in descending order of age, 21 years and 3 months, respectively, 19 and 11 months, 19 and 7 months), the Italian trio that has legions of fans in the United States, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and now, after years of touring abroad, he returned to his homeland.

Friday, September 5, at the monument theater Gabriele D’Annunzio in Pescara is taken the series of Italian concerts organized by Massimo Fregnani. After two sold-out at the Teatro Antico di Taormina (“home” scenario for the Sicilians Barone and Boschetto) it was the turn of Gianluca Ginoble from Montepagano of Roseto, performs at home.

It must be said at once that the idea of ​​the manager Michele Torpedine of putting to sing two tenors and a baritone (Ginoble), with an orchestra (Filarmonia Veneta, beautifully directed by Diego Basso), a great class accordionist like Daniel Falasca and an incisive electric music group, is definitely a winner idea.

Il Volo concert in Pescara Well gauged is the repertoire that ranges from the flagships of Placido Domingo and Pavarotti to “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla, from “Memory” by Barbra Streisand to “We Are Love”, “Smile” and “Can not help falling in love”, from “Mamma” to “Maria” from “Beautiful day” by U2 to “Torna a Surriento”.

The voices are prepared, powerful and precious. If Piero Barone is a tenor with a predilection for the operatic repertoire, Ignazio Boschetto gives a nod to the more pop, Gianluca Ginoble has all the cards in the rules for being a crooner, like Dean Martin and Perry Como (both originating from Abruzzo) and, above all, to get in the footsteps of his idol Frank Sinatra.

And it is precisely the Rat Pack what these beautiful Italian boys suggest when they’re on stage because, as the pack of rats formed by Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., when it comes to singing they shake the theaters but between a song and another they joke, laugh, kindly taunt each other, having fun and entertaining the audience who, at the end of two hours, leave the room with the consciousness of having witnessed a magnificent spectacle made ​​of great music, fun, lightheartedness.
Talented and priceless Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

by Paolo Di Vincenzo, translated to English by Mari Russu, photos of Daniel Woolley

Original in Italian:


Quello che segue non è un articolo di critica musicale, non potrei firmarlo visto che ho curato l’ufficio stampa del Volo per il concerto di venerdì 5 settembre al teatro D’Annunzio di Pescara. Ed essendo io un giornalista professionista con oltre 28 anni di esperienza, un musicologo e un critico musicale iscritto all’Associazione nazionale critici musicali dal 1990 ho bene in mente una parola: deontologia professionale che cerco sempre di rispettare profondamente. Continue reading

Il Volo concert in Pescara – a very special evening

Il Volo concert in Pescara If the stars shone over Taormina, now the rain waited, watching enchanted the great concert of Il Volo to finally cry thrilled over Pescara.

On September 5, 2014 Il Volo attend a magnificent concert in Pescara, the third concert in Italy, the first in the region of Abruzzo, from where Gianluca Ginoble came to be part of the group. This concert has been nurtured by the producer Massimo Fregnani, the manager Michele Torpedine and for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca as well.

Il Volo concert in Pescara The beautiful Teatro D’Annunzio was busy in the last days with the preparation and rehearsals for the concert. The Orchestra Regional Filarmonia Veneta published photos and news on facebook about the rehearsals and the press emphasized the presence of Maestro Diego Basso conducting the 39 musicians in the concert. Also the singers of Il Volo were busy and joyfully anticipating this evening, as Gianluca Ginoble, who was going to sing at home told us.

Il Volo concert in Pescara Several fans early published photos of the venue and of the sound check on all networks. A wonderful concert was being expected and it came true at night. The concert was opened by Daniele Falasca, a beautiful performance of “Scaccia crisi” from his new album “Insieme”, and then Il Volo was ready to entered the stage.  The Teatro D’Annunzio was completely sold out when Il Volo took the stage and the first chords of Un Amore Cosi Grande sounded. And the evening was pure joy and emotion.

Il Volo performed songs of the Italian classic repertoire, international songs and amazing solos that enchanted the audience. The set list included Un amore cosi grande, Granada, Tous les visages des l’amour, We are love, Caruso, Io che non vivo (the audience sang along!), E più ti penso, È la mia vita, Mattinata, Il Canto, Smile, Mamma, Maria, Beautiful Day, Torna a surriento and culminating with O Sole Mio. Il Mondo was out of the performance this time, thanks to the sky that moved began to cry  and because of Ignazio’s strong performance, in which his pants “surrendered”. Moments that will last forever on the hearts of everyone present!

Il Volo concert in Pescara Among the songs presented by the group, the solos, magnificent performances: No puede ser, the famous aria of La tabernera del puerto, by Piero Barone (amazing!), Quando l’amore diventa poesia, Massimo Rainieri on Sanremo 1969 , by Ignazio Boschetto, Can’t help falling in love (with you), Elvis Presley’s hit, a very matured interpretation by Gianluca Ginoble, Memory, outstanding performance of Ignazio Boschetto. Daniele Falasca, accordionist of Abruzzo, gave again a special bright to the performance of Gianluca on Anema e Core, and touched his girlfriend heart as well. Daniele proposed and she said YES!

All the performances solo were received with huge, breathtaking standing ovations. A great success!

Il Volo concert in Pescara Two hours of music and magic as only Il Volo can accomplish.Thank you Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for your talent, for your warm and kind heart, for the blessing of the music.

A wonderful night acclaimed by the press and for all the fans that keep posting photos and videos all over the night. Il Volo is making their dreams come true day by day and we are lucky and privileged witnesses.

* article by Mari Russu with the help of the friends: Margherita, Daniel Woolley.
** the beautiful and exclusive photos are an amazing work of the photographer Daniel Wooley – we strongly recommend a visit on his facebook page – Daniel Woolley Photography for more photos of the concert and to know his amazing work. Thank you Daniel! – share with credits to the photographer
*** References Rete8, Il Tempo, AbruzzoWeb, Paolo Di Vincenzo and Massimo Fregnani

Il Volo wins “Premios Tu Mundo” of Telemundo

:: Il Volo vince il premio Tu Mundo della emittente statunitense TeleMundo – on City Rummors on August 22, 2014 (in Italian)

* published on the news paper La Città thanks to Simone Gambacorta e Alessandro Misson.

Quotidiano La Città

Il Volo on La Città

Il Volo wins Premios Tu Mundo of the US broadcaster Telemundo

New, bright affirmation of Il Volo, the Italian trio of singers made ​​up of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, Premios Tu Mundo, organized by the broadcaster Telemundo (American television network headquartered in Miami, second considering the audience in the United States between the broadcasters in Spanish language).

The event, which came in the third year, identifies worldwide protagonists of sport, music, film and telenovelas. The awards for music went to the trio Il Volo, on the category Favorite Duo or Group, Enrique Iglesias for Pop Artists and then, among others, Prince Royce and Daddy Yankee. The gala took place at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Thursday, August 21 to 20 (in Italy when it was 3 in the morning).

“I am not yet aware of this fantastic news,” says Gianluca Ginoble, the artist of Roseto Degli Abruzzi – of the trio Il Volo, “Of course, because of the time zone, when there was the announcement, all the three of us were sleeping. I am immensely happy. Now, as with all things, the important thing is not to stop, every award should be a spur to new milestones. Now both me and Piero and Ignazio, we can not wait to start working for the new Album.”

In a few days the three artists, followed by the manager Michele Torpedine, will be busy with the recording of the new album to be launched for the first few months of 2015. Meanwhile, Barone, Boschetto and Ginoble continue their preparation for the three Italian concerts scheduled for September 5 at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Pescara, September 12 at Arena Flegrea in Napoli and September 16 at Piazza Castello in Marostica (Vicenza).

Thanks to Paolo Di Vincenzo for this awesome news! New Album on the first months of 2015!

Portuguese: Continue reading

Gianluca Ginoble talks about Il Volo on Rete8

Gianluca Ginoble on Rete 8Released a new interview conducted by Marina Moretti for Rete 8, where Gianluca Ginoble talks about Il Volo and the Italian tour.Thanks to Paolo Di Vincenzo for sharing this interesting interview.

The translation:

If to change means also grow up… Yes, they are changed. But if, instead, means to forget from where you came, don’t matter the glory that they have, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble are simple and complicated boys, like all of the same age. But with an important luggage to take on tour around the world, maybe in duet with Barbra Streisand in front of …….
Beginning on Ti Lascio Una Canzone by Antonella Clerici, today they are Il Volo.

Gianluca Ginoble: Of course, the life had been changed… We are 14 years old… in this 5 years many things happened. We are also the first Italian artist to sign a contract with an American record label, we are the first young artists to sing this musical genre.

Marina Moretti: How do you define your musical genre, your repertoire?
GG: Personally, I do not like opera. Lyric is not opera, it is called pop lyric because it is a mix between the pop and the classical music. Maybe boys with my age do not listen this musical genre, while in United States and elsewhere in the world, in South America, Argentina, Mexico and many more countries, there is only the youth to listen this musical genre. We are working in the new Album, which will have unreleased songs, songs that made history in the music. We are happy and with the desire to really ‘break’ the world.

MM: Always in three?
GG: Of course… Il Volo. When you can… especially on this age, a young age, reach your dreams. It is absolutely the most beautiful thing and I hope to live it for all my life because it makes me happy.

MM: Who approached you to music?
GG: My grandfather and also my parents.

MM: When you are in Montepagano, how is the situation? How do you deal?
GG: Like nothing were changed. I hang out with my friends, we are always together. I try to be always the guy of the country. I can’t wait to sing for the people of Abruzzo. We will be on September 5 at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Pescara.

video by Rete 8

:: alternative link on Rete 8: Pescara – ”Il volo” in concerto il 5 settembre .

:: Read also: “Il Volo” in concerto a Pescara – by Marina Moretti on Rete 8.

Il Volo links and news for Aug 4, 2014

Links and NewsItalian Tour

:: August 4, 2014 – IL MAESTRO DIEGO BASSO DIRIGE “IL VOLO” – in Eventi News 24 (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Marostica, where the Orchestra Regionale Filarmonia Veneta will be conducted by the Maestro Diego Basso. (in Italian)

:: August 4, 2014 – via Paolo Di Vincenzo – IL VOLO: don’t miss the special of Anna Di Giorgio, which will be aired on Rete 8 today – 10pm; Aug 6 – 8:30pm; Aug 7 – 11:30pm.


:: August 4, 2014 – Record en noche inaugural del FICH; reúne IL VOLO a más de 19 mil personas – on La Parada Digital – review of the Il Volo concert in Chihuahua (in Spanish)

:: August, 3 2014 – Reportan récord en la noche inaugural del Festival Internacional Chihuahua – on La Crónica de Chihuahua – review of the Il Volo concert in Chihuahua (in Spanish)

:: August 3, 2014 – SE PRESENTÓ IL VOLO ANTE MÁS DE 20 MIL PERSONAS EN CHIHUAHUA – on Noticias al Dia (in Spanish)

:: August 1, 2014 – MILES DE JUARENSES APLAUDEN A IL VOLO EN LA INAUGURACION DEL 10o. FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL CHIHUAHUA – on Puerta Notícias – review of the Il Volo concert in Juarez (in Spanish)

Il Volo on Q Reporter – L’Aquila TV

Il Volo on a special report by Noemi Cococcia on L’Aquila TV.

alternative video by All About Il Volo

Original video: Q Reporter – Il Volo

Thank you, Paolo Di Vincenzo, for sharing this awesome report!