Grande Amore Tour Agenda. ENGLISH

by Martina Maggi


ph. All About Il Volo

This summer is about to be very important for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because they will do an entirely Italian tour, after all the success they had abroad. Originally, they had to do 6 dates, that increased and became more than 24 – and maybe they will continue to grow!
With all the dates and the activities of Il Volo, is easy to lost their tracks: in this post we collected all their steps to help you to remember this amazing tour and amazing Summer, in which everybody will scream “GRANDE AMORE!!!!”

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The Tour started with a particular date, in Pompeii, on June 10th. Il Volo went there to record live from the ancient ruins a special concert for Detroit Public Television, like the ones they did before (Il Volo… takes flight, Il Volo We Are Love and Il Volo Buon Natale). The playlist was different from the one sang in the following concerts and the expectation was high, although extremely pleased. They directed the songs to the American audience and started the evening exclaiming: “Welcome to Italy!” The PBS was broadcasted in Detroit on July 6th and will be aired all over America in August. Soon even the rest of the world could buy the DVD and let Il Volo enchanted the families.

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On June 11th was broadcasted on RAI1 the pre-recorded concert “Esserci Sempre, concerto della Polizia di Stato”, in which Il Volo sang along with Lorenzo Fragola and other artists. The evening was hosted by Alessandro Greco.

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Il Volo then performed in Locarno, live from the Piazza Grande, on June 12th. Even if Locarno is in Switzerland, with this date the Italian tour of Il Volo began. Not even the rain stopped the audience from attending the concert and joking around with Il Volo, that performed on the stage in a very emotional state: in Locarno they first met their Italian audience and all the feelings could be seen in the few videos that popped on Internet after that night. That was the concert in which Ignazio performed Unchained Melody alone.

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Il Volo in Naples crowds Piazza Plebiscito, July 4, 2015

PH Antonio Di Laurenzio

On July 4th, Naples was ready to receive Il Volo in Piazza Plebiscito. The concert was a new date, free, announced a few weeks before. The evening was organized by “Il Gioco del Lotto” and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca accepted joyfully to take part in it, even if they would have to go to Detroit on July 6th, to promote their PBS “Live from Pompeii”.
The concert was a challenge between them and the roots of the bel canto; as well as between them and the recent homage that Il Volo decided to do to the late Pino Daniele. It was also a return trip into Naples after the successful date at the Arena Flegrea in 2014 – a return trip as winners, this time, not only after the victory in Sanremo but even after having conquered the hearts of the whole Italy.

Il Volo arrived in Naples on July 3rd, in the afternoon. The reporter Selenia Orzella from Music Box then interviewed them, asking to anticipate something about the concert and about the famous medley of Pino Daniele’s songs – she also asked news about their new album that will be released on September 21st, the very same day of the final concert of the Grande Amore Tour, in Verona. [Our report with the link to the video of the interview and English translation: Il Volo interviewed by MusicBox]

ph. I Malincomici “moments of brotherhood”

For those who had followed Il Volo and the parodies that appeared after Sanremo, the concert in Naples meant the opportunity to scream “it’s a dream come true!” (in Italian: “è un sogno che diventa realtà!”) in the moment in which Il Volo met Gennaro Scarpato, Mirko Ciccariello and Oreste Ciccariello, better known as the I Malincomici, the trio of impersonators that did a parody of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca during the Italian TV program “Made in Sud”. [Do you remember the Guide for Malincomici… al Volo?]
Even the rosiest expectations couldn’t imagine a meeting like that. Il Volo is ambassador of UNICEF in the world, while I Malincomici are working to enter the organization: they met on July 3rd during an event promoted by the organization itself, they were interviewed together by the web site and finally they had dinner.
They were very happy and showed to the people an incredible chemistry between them, proved by Piero’s Periscope video. (We all love Mr. Barone, but in the video there were some “particular” framing… I swear that I saw for a while Capri upside down – so we could declare that Piero’s filming was an interesting experiment of Pop Art; while Gianluca does Periscope videos that make he looks like Kubrik). Continue reading

Napoli – press conference video

Another video of the press conference in Naples where Il Volo and the Comune di Napoli announced the concert on September 12, 2014 at Arena Flegrea.

video edit by All About Il Volo – credits to La Reppublica

Article and original video:

July 18, 2014 – Il Volo dedica il concerto a Salvatore Giordano – by Anna Laura de Rosa on La Reppublica (in Italian)

Translation of the note by Adriana Mendoza (Humildemente Ilvolover)

They conquered the United States with a crossover which spread Opera and other musical genres. Today they return to Naples like stars to present a concert scheduled for September 12 in the Arena Flegrea. The three Tenors of “Il Volo”, born thanks to the television program “Ti lascio a canzone”, will dedicate the event to Salvatore, the boy of Marano killed by the rain of debris that fall from the Umberto Gallery. And we ask the Mayor Magistris to dedicate the gallery to him.

Il Volo in Taormina – 1 – 2

Press Conference Napoli

Press Conference in Napoli

The day really began here when Gianluca said: Going to Naples!

Our team, always in tune, early find the news: Il Volo was going to a press conference introducing the concert in Naples next September 12. The meeting took place at Palazzo San Giacomo (Piazza Municipio) in Naples.

We shared the video of the Pupia TV (Campania) and translate to English and Portuguese. The text needs a good revision, because, as you know, I am not fluent in English talked or wrote, as well as in Italian. But you will be able to understand 🙂 and this is the most important: to share Il Volo to all people.

Latter, the Comune di Napoli shared another video about the press conference:

video by Comune di Napoli

It is a pleasure to see them sharing his work to all those people, taking flight in Italy, literally.

TaorminaAnd, after the busy day in Napoli, Piero Barone advised us:

– A great working day in Naples and now up to Taormina.

And not only Il Volo is going to Taormina. A lot of people, family and friends of Sicily, a lot of Ilvolovers are already in Taormina. All About Il Volo is very well represented there.

And Piero, dear Piero, so kind, gentile, are enchanting Taormina:

video edited by All About Il Volo – credits to Bambar Taormina

Images of Taormina (the first I am not sure, maybe Naples):

* the first Taormina photo on the post is from A. Almeida