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This summer is about to be very important for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because they will do an entirely Italian tour, after all the success they had abroad. Originally, they had to do 6 dates, that increased and became more than 24 – and maybe they will continue to grow!
With all the dates and the activities of Il Volo, is easy to lost their tracks: in this post we collected all their steps to help you to remember this amazing tour and amazing Summer, in which everybody will scream “GRANDE AMORE!!!!”

Have a look on the special albums on All About Il Volo’s Facebook Page:

The Tour started with a particular date, in Pompeii, on June 10th. Il Volo went there to record live from the ancient ruins a special concert for Detroit Public Television, like the ones they did before (Il Volo… takes flight, Il Volo We Are Love and Il Volo Buon Natale). The playlist was different from the one sang in the following concerts and the expectation was high, although extremely pleased. They directed the songs to the American audience and started the evening exclaiming: “Welcome to Italy!” The PBS was broadcasted in Detroit on July 6th and will be aired all over America in August. Soon even the rest of the world could buy the DVD and let Il Volo enchanted the families.

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On June 11th was broadcasted on RAI1 the pre-recorded concert “Esserci Sempre, concerto della Polizia di Stato”, in which Il Volo sang along with Lorenzo Fragola and other artists. The evening was hosted by Alessandro Greco.

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Il Volo then performed in Locarno, live from the Piazza Grande, on June 12th. Even if Locarno is in Switzerland, with this date the Italian tour of Il Volo began. Not even the rain stopped the audience from attending the concert and joking around with Il Volo, that performed on the stage in a very emotional state: in Locarno they first met their Italian audience and all the feelings could be seen in the few videos that popped on Internet after that night. That was the concert in which Ignazio performed Unchained Melody alone.

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Il Volo firmacopie alla Mondadori – Milano

Il Volo signing session Milan

tradotto da Sara Severi

Il 23 Febbraio, Il Volo ha partecipato ad una sessione firmacopie al Mondadori Multicenter di Milano. Nel primo pomeriggio Piazza Duomo era già affollata dalle persone che aspettavano l’arrivo di Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca.

Alle 17:30 i ragazzi hanno iniziato ad incontrare i fans e hanno autografato loro l’album Sanremo Grande Amore, mentre le persone ancora in coda all’esterno aspettavano, parlavano e cantavano le canzoni che molti critici avevano detto che non sarebbero mai state cantate. Ennesimo trionfo per il Volo in Italia e sembra che nel prossimo firmacopie si ripeterà lo stesso successo di Milano.

Il Volo signing session MilanI commenti degli italiani su tutti i network mostrano chiaramente cosa sta accadendo nella Ilvolosfera: un cambiamento che qui su All About Il Volo avevamo riscontrato alcuni anni fa, quando basandoci sui nostri lettori, abbiamo dato priorità alla lingua Italiana ed Inglese nei nostri articoli.

E tutto sta puntando ad essere ancora più Italiano qui. Abbiamo bisogno di una mano!

* foto de Il Volo

:: Il Volo firmacopie a Milano – galleria

playlist di AAIV

:: sulla stampa:

:: Duomo, fan in coda per Il volo – Corriere Milano (23 Febbraio 2015)
:: Milano, tutti in coda in piazza Duomo per Il Volo – Repubblica Milano (23 Febbraio 2015)

Il Volo signing session in Milan – gallery


This gallery contains 6 photos.

Photo gallery of the signing session at Mondadori Multicenter in Milan on Feb 23, 2015. Photos of Il Volo and Ernesto Ginoble: Photos of Corriere Milano: Photos of Jeanne Reis:

Il Volo signing session at Mondadori – Milan

Il Volo signing session MilanOn Feb 23, 2015 Il Volo attended a signing session at Mondadori Multicenter in Milan. Early afternoon the Piazza Duomo already was crowded of people waiting the arrival of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

At 17:30 they received the fans and signed the EP Sanremo Grande Amore, while people outside were waiting, talking and singing the song that many critics said will not be sang… One more triumph of Il Volo in Italy and the next signing sessions seem to repeat the success of Milan.

Il Volo signing session MilanThe Italian comments on all networks clearly show what is happening on the Ilvolosphere: a change that we on All About Il Volo detected some time ago when, based on our readers we gave priority to English and Italian on our articles.

And everything is pointing to more Italian here. We will need help!

* photos of Il Volo

:: Il Volo signing session in Milan – gallery

playlist by AAIV

:: on the press:

:: Duomo, fan in coda per Il volo – Corriere Milano (Feb 23, 2015)
:: Milano, tutti in coda in piazza Duomo per Il Volo – Repubblica Milano (Feb 23, 2015)

Il Volo on Emporio Armani Show – gallery


This gallery contains 14 photos.

Today Il Volo attended the presentation of the Armani’s Autumn-Winter collection 2015-2016, an event part of the Milan Menswear Fashion Week. credits on the photos – Photos of Getty Images shared by Zimbio –

Il Volo on Emporio Armani Show

Il Volo - Emporio Armani Show Just finished the Emporio Armani Show, the presentation of the Armani’s collection fall-winter 2015-2016 Men’s. The event took place in Milan at Giorgio Armani SPA as part of Milan Menswear Fashion Week.

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero were there and attended interviews wearing… Armani. Federico Zaccone was the stylist of Il Volo and did a great job. I liked very much the style of the pants with a line somewhat broader below the knees. The color scheme also was great, although it could be a little different for each of them. Federico also took some photos of the event.

:: interview with Il Volo by Laura Squillaci to RAI News – I tre ‘tenorini’ e Llorente, pazzi per Armani

:: gallery with photos of Il Volo

:: See the photos of the collection: Autumn Winter 2015-2016 Emporio Armani Mens Wear – by Vogue

official video:


short video that shows Il Volo on the audience:

video by Modaonlive

Il Volo links and news for Jan 9, 2015

Il Volo links & newsWell the day starts with the news: they are taking flight! To Milan said Gianluca and we peacefully wait for the news 🙂 (low connection vacancy policy) Il Volo spent the day running among fashion stores, marketing offices and also having a needed haircut. Ignazio was really a boschetto yesterday on the interview… (photos on facebook and soon on our daily weekly album 🙂 ) But lets go to the news:

:: Sanremo shared another beautiful promo, that you can see here: Promo Festival di sanremo 2015 – Museo – “Tutti cantano Sanremo” and also announced a press conference to January 13, 2015 at 12:30 (ITA). The press conference to present the 65° edizione del Festival della canzone italiana will have the participation of Giancarlo Leone, Director of RAI 1 and of Carlo Conti, hostess and Artistic Director. The press conference may be followed by RAI Live stream. (thanks to Gaby Dion for the link)

Federico Zaccone:: According to the post and comments on the page of Domingo Communication on facebook, Federico Zaccone are the new Stylist of Il Volo.

Il Volo daily news or not so news :)

Gianluca in Milan

Gianluca in Milan

We finished the last “where are Il Volo” with the guys home.

Piero peacefully resting and hanging out with close friends, Gianluca showing a little bit of the marvelous photos taken by Elio D’Ascenzo and Ignazio unusually publishing…

Dinner with friends, a visit to his school… – there must be something in your pocket, Igna… Well, lets take this wave 😀

Piero and Mario in Milan

Piero and his friend Mario

Then Gianluca, always Gianluca, gave the tip: Milan! I think everybody is going!

But the Ideafolle ceremony with Piero and plus my so boring work this week lead me to forget.

But like a rabbit that jump from the hat Piero appear in Milan and… Ignazio maybe there too. New suits for the concert in Moscow 🙂

From Milan, next stop in Parma. According to Piero and Ercole Ginoble they were there attending the match Parma x Roma. Piero published a photo with the great Sacchi, the famous soccer player and coach.

And then little videos showed the goals of Roma and a desolated Ignazio watching the game.

Then while one more big gallery of Taormina photos are shared by the photographer Alberto Ferraro, they posted a old photo from June with a message about friendship:

Friendship isn’t a big thing- it’s a million little things.

And today they came back to the highlights. Of course in Bologna. And working!

Quase um diário: de 3 a 11 na vida do Il Volo

All About Il VoloEstes últimos tempos foram tempos de reacomodações. Toda a mudança tem seus desafios e suas crises e num time pequeno a saída de um tende a ter repercussões importantes. E isso leva um tempo para refletir e fazer as mudanças necessárias.  All About Il Volo com certeza não será o mesmo sem Athena e nós agradecemos muito a colaboração dela nestes meses que foram decisivos para a criação do site. Sem ela nada do que construímos teria ficado tão bom.

Um time pequeno pode ter mais facilidade em interagir, porém vai ter mais trabalho para realizar seja o que for e isso vai demandar algumas adaptações. Embora tenhamos nosso momento de “News” e contamos com um bom número de “furos”, nosso site nunca foi mídia ligeira, afinal é um site e não um mural de facebook ou outro tipo de página construída nestes jardins murados que hoje existem, mas que podem desaparecer amanhã. Assim, com mais trabalho a tendência será o foco no conteúdo, na informação completa, na relevância. Continue reading