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Il Volo on CalaCNN

photo by Victor Rodriguez

On April 23, 2014,  Il Volo attended an interview conducted by Ismael Cala on CalaCNN. The interview took place in Miami during the Billboard’s week.

They talked about their career from the beginning on Ti Lascio Una Canzone to their nomination to the Billboard Award. The hostess did several questions about their daily life, their preferences and personal plans to the future. Beyond what we already know well, we can highlight:

They mention the work in  the new album, which will be a surprise. They are deciding the songs, the arrangement and other details along with the manager and producers.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca confirm the tour on Latino America this year.

Piero said that is studying opera seriously.

Gianluca confirms that they are working on a project for 2015: a series that will narrate the international success of Il Volo [1]. On the series they will act playing themselves!

Enjoy the video!

video by CNN – Il Volo en Cala

[1] All About Il Volo already announced this here: Il Volo on a Mediaset fiction.

:: Full translation to English by Gaby Dion:

ISMAEL: He says many fans have asked him why if Il Volo has been so many times in Miami, they haven’t been there with him? He says finally the day has come. Now, talking about the reflection of the day, of the US author Isaac Asimov, a phrase in which I believe “luck is just on a prepared mind side”

We have heard and said many times “this person has good luck”, but we do not really know all the hours of work, dedication and effort this person has been through to get his achievement.. to get to his goal, and that is what people calls “luck”. And I ask, do you believe luck gets from nowhere? We create our luck with work and effort? Are you waiting for luck to get to you or you go and look for it?

Now, I want to welcome Piero Barone ( PB: Ciao!! ) Ciao!! I’ve been working on my Italian, but here comes the complicated one, in Spanish it is Ignazio, but in Italian it is Ignazio..
(IB: Something like that)
Something like that says Ignazio (IB: Something like that)
Ignazio Boschetto, welcome Ignazio. (IB: thank you) and Gianluca Ginoble, (GG: here I am) welcome. Continue reading

Il Volo on Il Vomere May 17ed

Il Vomere May 17Article “Il Volo sul tetto del mondo” by Abele Gallo on Il Vomere, edition of May 17, released online today.

Il Volo on the top of the world

by Abele Gallo

Another global recognition for Ignazio Boschetto and partners

On April 24, last year, in Miami,Florida, was held the very important ceremony of the “Billboard Latin Music Award 2014”, which are considered the “Oscars” of Latin music.

The most coveted title in the category “Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group” was won by young boys of our knowledge, Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and our Ignazio Boschetto, simply Il Volo.

The award, a recognition of global significance, is the icing on the pie of a season of grace for the Italian trio, who now has overwhelmed the competition of historical names of Latin music, such as Mana, Jesse & Joy and Los Bukis .

Now our friend Ignazio, along with his fellows on the adventure, is firmly consolidated in the elite of world music, although Italy still seems to snub the boys, who started from Ti Lascio Una Canzone and arrived in the “who’s who” of the global recording scenario.

Considering Clerici’s programme, the boys, returning from the United States, have made a surprise to the hostess and to the audience of Rai 1, appearing on the stage of the talent show with a prize in hand to the dutiful Live performance on the 26th episode.

The next day, when return to Marsala, Ignazio was triumphantly welcomed by a hundred of people, who have wanted to celebrate at his home, a surprise party organized by Mrs. Caterina with the complicity of family and friends.

By the way, on the party, the award was also present, arrived from America with Ignazio and now is on display in the extraordinary artist trophy of Marsala.

:: Original in Italian

Il Volo sul tetto del mondo Continue reading

Premios Billboard All Access Interview: Il Volo

One more Il Volo interview attended during the Latin Billboard Music Awards. The interview conducted by Yarel Ramos for All Access on Mun2 TV.

video by Mun2 TV

:: alternative link: Premios Billboard All-Access interview: Il Volo.

Top Trending Tweet:: original article:
Premios Billboard All Access Interview: Il Volo

English Translation by Gaby:

All Access Interview Mun2 TVYarel Ramos: Guys, it is a pleasure to have you here with us from the rehearsals of the Billboard Awards 2014. Are you emotioned? How do you feel?
PB: We are very emotioned because it is our second year here at the Latin Billboard. Last year we sang a song for Jose Jose (Yarel: That presentation was just great) “El Triste”, and this year we have two nominations and..

Yarel: Let’s hope.. (GG: We hope!!) cross your fingers. So you are finalists in two categories, do you have something prepared of what you would say in case you win?
IB: No, we do not want to think about it because we don’t want to make false illusions, or something like that.. but we hope and we are happy because for us it is too much just being here. Continue reading

Il Volo – interview – Top Trending Mag

Il Volo interview for Top Trending Mag, on April 23, during the Latin Billboard’s week. A nice interview conducted by ingrid Fajardo where Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio talked about their career, the nominations for the awards and a little bit about life 🙂

video by Top Trending

Algunos secretos que no conocías del trío italiano “Il Volo” – (in Spanish) – Thank you Adriana Mendoza for sharing the link!

Translation to English by Gaby: Continue reading

Piero, Gianluca Ignazio de volta à Itália!

Il Volo entrevista em 23 de abrilParece que foi ontem, mas já faz uma semana que os nossos guris voltaram para casa trazendo o Latin Bullboard music Award pelo Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group. O álbum Más Que Amor, a edição em Espanhol de We Are Love lhes trouxe este importante prêmio e fez com que definitivamente os olhos de toda a Itália se voltassem para eles. Foi um período cheio de alegres entrevistas que, se na maior parte do tempo repetiram os fatos sobre suas carreiras já bastante conhecidos, por outro trouxeram algumas interessantes novidades aqui e ali.
Eu, por exemplo, fiquei sabendo que as orelhas do “dumbi..”, digo, do Piero foram para o lugar por força do vento. Vou ter de por isso na biografia dele 🙂 Mas também fiquei sabendo que eles virão para a América Latina em setembro! Festa na Ilvolosfera! Continue reading

Il Volo “Suelta la Sopa” during the #Billboards

Yesterday, April 27, was aired an interview with Il Volo. They were on the show “Suelta La Sopa (Extra)” on Telemundo, hosted by Jorge Bernal and Juan Manuel Cortés and assisted by Carolina Sandoval, Luis Magaña and Karla Gómez. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio talked about their career and interacted with the children contestants in La Voz Kids.

Videos on Telemundo:

:: Il Volo in Suelta la Sopa 1 – with children of La Voz Kids
:: Il Volo on Suelta la Sopa 2 – talking about La Voz Kids
:: Il Volo on Suelta la Sopa 3

* the videos aren’t available in all countries

Alternative video:

by Monse Sandoval

:: Translation of the interview to English by Gaby! >> Il Volo on “Suelta la Sopa”

and more:

Il Volo backstage on Suelta la Sopa 🙂

by All About Il Volo

Small photo gallery

Il Volo press conference on #billboards2014

Press conference after receiving the the Latin Billboard Music Award for the Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group.

video by Las Gringas Blog – Credits to Bilboard – Telemundo

English Translation by Gaby Dion

GG It’s our first Award, truly, we can’t believe it, there are so many sacrifices, 5 years working together, and this is the answer to all sacrifices, really, thanks to all #ilvolovers, our fans who always support us.

PB and above all to our family.. Someone asks if they can sing a bit and PB says they can’t, they are so moved,

IB my voice will be shaking, I can’t even speak, really is a great emotion, a great emotion, I don’t have words,

GG speechless, Continue reading

Il Volo on the Latin Billboard Music Awards 2014

Il Volo and Barbara VitaliQui la versione in Italiano

For those who knows and follows Il Volo since their beginnings, for those who met Il Volo and can not be apart from their music anymore, for those who have helped to create and improve Il Volo’s career, it is not a surprise. The Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group award is a milestone expected in an impeccable track that began with three young boys singing and competing against each other on a talent show back in 2009.

From the second edition of Ti lascio una Canzone to the world conquest, they have walked the right path, humble and talented, they have planted the seeds and kept the faith. Their destiny was plotted on a single convergence since the first time they sang together O’ Sole Mio (exactly 5 years ago) and soon became: I tre tenorini, The Tryo, Il Trio.

In 2010 they signed a contract with Universal Music Group and released their debut album – Il Volo, which quickly peaked the Italian charts, that was certified Gold Record by the Federation of the Italian Music Industry (FIMI).

The year of 2011 was marked by their legendary performance of O’ Sole Mio on the Arena di Verona and then, they came to America, charm all the people on showcases and rocked the country with their performance on American Idol. The seed began to sprout…

Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or GroupIn 2012, they sang with famous artists. They were on a tour of 20 concerts with Barbra Streisand, recorded with Placido Domingo and Eros Ramazzotti for the new album “We Are Love”, released in November that year. Still in 2012, they performed at the Nobel Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway.

In 2013, Il Volo released Más Que Amor, the Spanish version of We Are Love and the pop album that gave them the Latin Billboard now. A year that include the performance of the song “El Triste” at Billboard Latin Music Awards 2013 (they were also nominated) as a tribute to the singer José José and a long tour in North America, Canada and Latino America, with all concerts sold out and a return to the Radio City Music Hall, this time on the stage, as they have ever dreamed.

And now the deserved recognition, one of the many they will receive, thanks to their immense talent. Il Volo: Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group on the Latin Billboard Music Awards 2014. It’s an expected and a well-deserved award, but not just for them, also for all the people behind the curtains. First of all their families, who have had to give up to them in order to share them with all of us. Their manager who has lead them through the right way, and Barbara and the whole crew and musicians who work just as hard as them but remain away of the spotlight. And finally all the #ilvolovers around the world, who despite all, work together and do even the impossible just to see the boys shine over and over again. Because in a way, we are a huge team, we are a huge family. We… Are Love…

with love from
All About Il Volo Team
Mari Russu

The ceremony of the Latin Billboard Music Awards took place on April 24, 2014 at BankUnited Center in Miami, FL. / La cerimonia dei Latin Billboard Music Awards ha avuto luogo il 24 Aprile 2014 al BankUnited Center di Miami, FL.

Official video of Il Volo receiving the award / Video ufficiale de Il Volo mentre riceve il premio – by / da Telemundo: El trío ‘Il Volo’ gana la categoría ‘Latin Pop Albums’ Artista del Año, Dúo o Grupo en los Premios Billboard 2014 (video)

video 🙂 by / di All About Il Volo (alternative / alternativo)

Il Volo: Backstage at the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards / Dietro le quinte ai Billboard Latin Music Awards 2014

by / da Billboard

See also the videos / Guarda anche questi video:

:: Il Volo: 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet – by Billboard
:: Il Volo Latin Billboards 2014 – by Telemundo (translation to English)
:: Il Volo press conference on #billboards2014 – by Las GringasBlog (translation to English)

* Translations by Gaby Dion
** photo of / foto di Premios Billboard

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