Il Volo interview to Metro News

Il Volo interview to Metro ItaliaOn March 3rd, 2015 Metro News published a nice interview with Il Volo.

They talked about their friendship and career and about the most impressive moments they experienced. They also mentioned the videoclip Grande Amore and the roles they played on the film. (soon a summary translation)

video by Metro Italia

Translation by Sara Severi

Il Volo released an interview to the newspaper Metro News.
The music video of Grande Amore is collecting a lot of clicks on YouTube!

Ignazio is the first to talk “I think our brotherly friendship helped us to move forward because isn’t easy being away from home for so long. But we also have our relationships at home, our friendships, actually just a few. We have more acquaintances than true friendships. True friendships are few.”

Piero talks about the greatest satisfaction that they had after the concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York “an old lady with her daughter and her little granddaughter met us and said – guys, you have won three generations! – and this is exactly what we would do here in Italy, bringing lyric pop, that is a combination of classical music and pop this music, not only to adult people, but also to our peers right in their iPods.”

Then comes Gianluca and he says “since this is the first time that three young men sing this kind of music, as we have done previously abroad, we wondered – why didn’t go back to Italy and didn’t try it in the best way: going to Sanremo and bringing a song as Grande Amore?”
“We love to make music video, we can meet new persons, we can joke around… well, also because we like acting!” admits Ignazio. Continue reading