Il Volo on – interview

On Panorama website – on July 10, 2015 was published an interview with Il Volo by Gianni Poglio. They talked about their childhood, success and criticisms but also about their revenge in Italy and about the future, of course.

Il Volo su – intervista

Sul sito web di Panorama – il 10 Luglio 2015 è stata pubblicata un’intervista a Il Volo realizzata da Gianni Poglio. Hanno parlato della loro carriera, del successo e delle critiche, ma anche della loro rivincita in Italia e del futuro, naturalmente.

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Il Volo links and news for March 6, 2015

Laura Pausini and Il VoloLet’s start this “links & news” with an old “news”, in fact a throwback. Last year, exactly on March 6th, Il Volo attended a concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York to celebrate with Laura Pausini her 20 years of career.

:: Laura Pausini and Friends – impressions of the concert – by Mari Russu


:: Il Volo is performing on the gala dinner of  the 2015 Worldwide Staff Conference – “Etihad Airways is hosting its 2015 Worldwide Staff Conference on Thursday 5 March and Friday 6 March, with more than 650 members of staff attending the event at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The conference will conclude with a gala dinner and awards ceremony on Friday night, with 27 members of staff from across the business set to be recognised for their performance in the Etihad Excellence Awards.” (from the press release by Etihad Media Center)

In Italiano tradotto da Bradamante: Il Volo si esibisce alla cena di gala della worldwide staff conference 2015 – Ethiad airways ospita la sua worldwide staff conference 2015 giovedì 5 marzo e venerdì 6 marzo, con più di 650 membri dello staff che partecipano all’evento al Palazzo degli Emirati ad Abu Dhabi. La conferenza si concluderà con una cena di gala e una cerimonia di premiazione venerdì sera, con 27 membri dello staff da tutti i settori dell’attività che riceveranno un riconoscimento per le loro prestazioni nel Premio Ethiad Excellence.”
Da una nota di stampa dell’Ethiad. Media Centre.


– watch a little video by Ines M.:

:: Amazing video, for sure one of our next #throwbacks. On August 8, 2008 Piero Barone won the Festival Città di Villarosa organized by Musicart. – IL VOLO GRANDE AMORE PIERO BARONE MUSICART VILLAROSA – video by Giacomo Baglio

:: New video: Eleonora Ventinovezerosei made this compilation of the Instore appearances of Il Volo: Instore Il Volo “Sanremo Grande Amore” ITALIA. Enjoy!

:: Amazing Abu Dhabi (to honor my friend on Instagram), Il Volo are already there and having fun.

:: And the Gold Record to Sanremo Grande Amore: Sanremo Grande Amore is Gold Record. If I had not seen the guys riding camels, I would think they were floating ‘on the clouds’.

:: And the night, yesterday bring me a gift. I was researching, a little upset because RAI Italia did not air Porta a Porta, when Google (yes, Google) bring to my screen the tweet of UNICEF Italia: Il Volo the new ambassadors of UNICEF Italia:
UNICEF Italia tweet

It was my first “print screen” Retweet 🙂 What a joy! Congratulations Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca for this great honor and responsibility!

:: Yesterday, the participation of Il Volo in the episode of Porta a Porta was aired on RAI 1. A great special conducted by Bruno Vespa with amazing guests. While we prepare a special report, you can watch ithe show here: Il Volo, storia di un successo – Porta a Porta del 05/03/2015 – on RAI on Demand.

Ignazio Boschetto charmed New York

Il Vomere n.4 March 16, 2014Ignazio Boschetto in … canta New York by Abele Gallo to Il Vomere on March 16, 2014 – page 11. published online on April 3, 2014 In English:

Ignazio Boschetto charmed New York

He charmed the audience at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York on the occasion of the celebration of Laura Pausini’s 20 years of career.

A “Marsalese” in New York : Ignazio Boschetto singer of the trio “Il Volo” , a friend of “Il Vomere” and famous all over the world, thanks to his voice, charmed the lucky audience at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York on the occasion of the celebration of Laura Pausini’s 20 years of career, who wanted to celebrate the event with a mega concert in one of the temples of the music as is the stage of the Big Apple famous theater, with both Italian and international artists of the highest level. In the duet with the three Italian tenors, Laura Pausini performed a wonderful version of “In assenza di te”, with the audience in ecstasy also for a wonderful unplanned version “acappella” of Jimmy Fontana’s Il Mondo, performed by the four voices that fitted in an unique magic. Ignazio, in great shape, gave that “extra touch” which is not only on the imagination of his fellows, but with a voice and human quality that we can define, without fear of being denied, absolutely objective.

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Il Volo Links and News for Mar 16, 2014

Toto and Il Volo in Russia:: Mar 16, 2014 – Maria, from Il Volo Russia, shared the poster of the concert of Toto Cutugno with Il Volo.

It is confirmed: Il Volo and Toto Cutugno in Russia at Crocus City Hall with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in Moscow on April 1st, 2014 at 8:00PM




:: Il Volo appears on CHI magazine, this week’s edition. A pic of them with Laura Pausini at MSG from the concert in New York on March 6, 2014. Thanks to Morena Pompignoli for the info!
Il Volo on CHI - Mar 2014

:: Mar 15, 2014 – Becoming Il Volo ~~ Audiovisual Style – a nice throwback by Il Volo Flight Crew.

Il Volo on i-Italy – Laura Pausini and friends

Laura Pausini concertAnother review concerning Laura Pausini’s concert on March 6 at Madison Square Garden celebrating 20 years of extraordinary career, published today on i-Italy. This part is about Il Volo performance:

“Following there was a first time performance with the boys from Il Volo. We quickly met them on the morning of the show and they confessed they had never met the superstar and were quite excited to finally perform with her. Despite their young age, tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, and baritone Gianluca Ginoble are incredibly talented and have taken North America and music icons such as Barbra Streisand, with whom they have already performed, by storm. “I recently read they wanted to sing with me and I thought that New York would be the right occasion,” Laura told the audience after their performance which was followed by an a cappella version of Il Mondo, an old Italian song by Jimmy Fontana.”- on i-Italy – read more on  Laura Pausini: Celebrating 20 Years of Extraordinary Career @ MSG

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Um dia depois, um dia para lembrar Mar 7, 2014

Ivete Sangalo and Laura Pausini

Ivete Sangalo and Laura Pausini

#ilvolo #pierobarone #gianlucaginoble #ignazioBoschetto foram, como sempre são, as principais tags da Ilvolosfera ontem. Teve gente, inclusive que passou batido sobre a totalidade do evento e se concentrou apenas no Il Volo.

Não foi o caso da Ilvolosfera brasileira que, também, saudou com alegria a participação de Ivete Sangalo no concerto dos 20 anos de carreira de Laura Pausini. Por isso não resisti em começar este diário com a foto da nossa linda bandeira colorindo o Madison Square Garden. Continue reading

Il Volo daily – Mar 7, 2014

Luara Pausini on twitter

Today it was all about Laura Pausini & Friends concert: Il Volo performance with her, the thanks, the compliments and everything regarding the magical night they lived.

We didn’t have the chance to be there but the reviews of the concert were great, plus we had pics and clips that prove it. The guys sang “In asenzza di te”, a beautiful song – not my favorite and not the best to sing all together, if you ask me – but a beautiful song either way. Plus, they add a bonus-track,: Il Mondo, neither too shabby!

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Il Volo and Laura Pausini – videos

More videos of the Il Volo performance at the Madison Square Garden along with Laura Pausini on March 6, 2014.

video by Roberto Hernandez

video by Tomasito24

Full concert: Laura Pausini Concierto New York Greatest Hits World Tour 2014 on Gissella YouTube channel – Il Volo appears at 1:01:10 (added September 17th, 2016)

Laura Pausini & Friends concert – more videos

One more video: Il Volo performs with Laura Pausini at Madison Square Garden in New York last night.

video by nanktat

and Il Mondo

video by Elizabeth Gonzales

Laura Pausini and Friends – impressions of the concert

Il Volo and Laura Pausini

Il Volo and Laura Pausini

Se non te” was the song that opened the evening at the sold out Madison Square Garden. Laura Pausini very moved sang this new song, part of her new album – The 20 Greatest Hits – released on November 12, 2013 and start the concert that marked her 20-year career. On the stage performed many internationally famous artists, in amazing duets, which had a great applause from the receptive and also very emotional audience.

Biagio Antonacci followed Laura in the first duet, singing together “Viveme” – from the album song “Resta in ascolto” which gave the Grammy to Laura in 2006. “Viveme” was the second song written by Antonacci to Laura Pausini. Continue reading