Ambassador of Naro in the World – Piero Barone

Piero and Il Volo on the Latin Billboards 2014by Carmelo Vella (translated to English) – [ La Sicilia – Agrigento Edition of December 27, 2014 – page 30 [ legge in Italiano ]

The recognition of the Administration to the young tenor Piero Barone (Il Volo)

“Ambassador of Naro in the World”. And this is the title that the council led by Mayor Lillo Cremona is preparing to assign to one of its most illustrious citizens. We are talking about Piero Barone who at age of 22 has already become an international music star, thanks to the band “Il Volo”, to which also belong Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble.

The ceremony of the recognition to Piero will be held tomorrow afternoon at 16:30 in the beautiful baroque church of San Francesco, which is a short walk from the town hall of Naro. It is a sculpture, designed by an artist of Canicattì depicting a hand gripping the world holding it in the air. At the ceremony of the title to Piero, who is in Naro these days, where he spent with his family the holiday season, there will also be the other two members of the band Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, who recently with their performance have “enchanted” the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the Senate President Pietro Grasso, and the president of the Chamber Laura Boldrini, during the Christmas Concert which was held in the parliament. For the occasion, outside the church of San Francesco will be installed a giant screen to give the opportunity to all, even to those who have no place inside the church, for reasons of space, to attend the conferment of the title to Piero Barone. Continue reading

Piero Barone – meeting with the mayor of Naro

Piero Barone and the mayor Lillo Cremona

Piero Barone and the mayor Dr. Lillo Cremona

On September 3, 2014, the mayor Dr. Lillo Cremona received the tenor Piero Barone, of the group Il Volo and a fellow citizen of Naro. The meeting have the aim to start the process that will culminate with the ceremony that will honor Piero Barone with the title of Ambassador of Naro on the World.

A well deserved recognition to the talent of this young artist who is taking the name of the city all over the world, honoring its history, its natural beauty and its people. The ceremony will be scheduled according with the Il Volo agenda and will be a remarkable event on the city, with the presence of authorities and the press, on a proper location and with a ceremonial in agreement with the granting of this important title.

Piero, on the eve of leaving for the sequence of the Italian tour of Il Volo, expressed to be very happy and thrilled with the recognition of his hometown.

Source: Associazione Ideafolle – Maria Dispinseri
Photo: Lillo Cremona

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