Il Volo links and news for Dec 8, 2014

Eidos News Anno 8 n. 220 Dec, 2014:: Dec 8, 2014 – The Mayor of Naro, Lillo Cremona, published the following note: The Mayor and the administration of the Comune di Naro along with Toto Nocera and the Associazione Ideafolle are organizing the event of December 28: “Piero Barone ambassador of Naro in the world”.

:: Dec 8, 2014 – Il Volo is flying to San Francisco. (waiting for news)

:: Dec 8, 2014 – Infarto durante il concerto, muore il cantante Mango – on ANSA It – Agenzia Ansa reporting the death of the Italian singer Mango (Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Mango) who passed away yesterday after a heart attack during a concert. The singer was performing one of his hits: “Oro”. Il Volo mourned the loss as follow: “l coro degli angeli si arricchisce di un’altra voce. Ciao Pino Mango. RIP. #RIPMango” (The Angels’ choir is enriched with another voice. Good bye Pino Mango. RIP)

:: Dec 8, 2014 – videos reporting the death of the Italian Singer Mango: Cantante Mango Morto Infarto Sul palco – by Topandtopvideo (youtube) and a video of a fan present at the concert: Mango dies during a concert. But let’s thank for his life and talent watching him performing this beautiful song: Mango – Oro live Videoitalia 1999.

:: Dec 7, 2014 – According with Expo Naro 2014  RAI 2 was on Naro recording testimonials and doing interviews about Piero Barone’s childhood. – Expo Naro status.

:: Dec 7, 2014 – Latin Music Italian Awards 2014: lista completa vincitori #LMIA2014 – on Latin Music It website – Finally the contest ends and the winners of the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014 were published. Il Volo won on the category “Best International Male Artist Or Group Of The Year” with 40.57% of votes (4,173,673 votes). The report announced that the Latin Music Italia is a “young project” of Manuele Feula e El Neka Slow. We will wait for information that can clarify the project and the repercussions of the competition.

:: Dec 6, 2014 – Gianluca tweeted about “News coming soon” and confirmed that these news are about the new album, when a fan asked.

:: Dec 2, 2014 –  Il Volo per un sogno – quello di Iaia – on Eidos News (Magazine, year 8, n 220,  page 37) – The article talks about the event at Il Parco dei Poeti last Sunday (Nov 30). The news is that RAI 2 was there recording for the special about Il Volo (Unici).


Il Volo voting Blitz, Today!

As we have announced all the week on our facebook, twitter, instagram, the voting Blitz is today. Let’s put Il Volo far ahead of the other contestants! And pay attention to the Il Volo Flight Crew girls and boys on twitter: they will share a lot of funny things to improve our performance on voting 🙂

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LMIA 2014

Il Volo – going to Miami

A brief daily to open space to the arrival of Il Volo in Miami. About 3 days ago they were in Bologna recording and confirmed that today they will be in Miami. Il Volo Miami is organizing a reception at the airport and keeping the fans informed. Janis Blank is monitoring the sky seeking the possible flights.

LMIA 2014I love this craziness 🙂 They have a lot of fun with this.

While we wait for news we can vote for Il Volo for the “Best International Male Artist or Group of the Year” on the Latin Music Italian Awards – 2014 ( #LMIA2014 ) – Enter here, find Il Volo and vote.

LMIA 2014 - Oct 12 - 2:30pm (Italy)You can vote several times, so do not save your clicks.

Il Volo is in second place at this moment (2:30pm Italy time), but I am sure the Ilvolovers will change this soon. Keep on voting 🙂

Yesterday, All About Il Volo main office moved for some days. To a windy place close to the Atlantic Ocean. We will be a little late on the news, the connection here is not the same and, after all, there are a lot of ‘family’ things to do 🙂

Now, there’s a storm illuminating the dark sky with lightning bolts. And I remember this: Elton John – I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues – I hope everybody can love like that:

And I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Time on my hands could be time spent with you
Laughing like children, living like lovers
Rolling like thunder under the covers
And I guess that’s why they call it the blues

And let’s wait for news 🙂

update! 4pm (Italy) – According to Janis Blank, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are goin to Rome today and will take flight to Miami tomorrow with a stop in Madrid. Fight Iberia 6123 landing in Miami 3:30pm tomorrow, according to Il Volo Miami.

update! 11pm (Italy) – Gianluca said that they leave at 6am from Rome (the flight take off 7:50am)