Let’s Feel Better – with Roberto Amadè

Roberto AmadèWe are glad to accompanied the release of the single “Let’s Feel Better” by Roberto Amadè. This beautiful song is part of the new album “Bravery”, which will be out on December 2014.

Roberto Amadè and Isabel Salinas directed an amazing video clip, a challenge that begins in May, 2014 when Roberto asked for videos of all over the world. United to save the future seems to be the theme, but you also can think of peace, friendship, love, happiness, solidarity … Many people attend and, among them, many #ilvolovers that met Roberto through Ignazio Boschetto back in February with the Amadè-Boschetto concert. They send videos showing their thoughts on expressions like “save the music”, “save the art”, “save our souls”, “save life”!

On his words:

“My friends, I can finally publish my project “Let’s Feel Better”.
His message is very important. For me, for you, for the Nature in which we live.
I’ve written this Single to commemorate the history of human being.
In this serious moment of the world we should all be united.
In the same pain we are all brothers. Art is the thread that binds us together… from Africa to Europe …from South America to Israel…Iceland.
Never forget dignity, innocence and respect.
Under the same sky we all see different stars.
But if we don’t unite in a Revolution we can’t live in the world we want.”

Enjoy this beautiful project and amazing song and do not miss the #ilvolovers 🙂 Among them our friends Joanie Greenspan and Wendy Campbell.

Bravo, Roberto! Really, there are many important words and many things to save, but the most important is CHANGE. We are our future!

Read also the interview of Roberto Amadè to Fabio Pellizzari on La Sesia (in Italian) – Trino, tanti cittadini nel video di Amadè – Oct 28, 2014 – Roberto mentioned Ignazio Boschetto and the concert in Marsala on February, 2014 as the seed from which his project was born.