Il Volo links and news for March 1st, 2015

going to Palermo

going to Palermo by Bartolomeo Saluzzi

February is gone! What a month! Who on the Ilvolosphere do not remember the ‘last-last’ February where we were running after the Pope watermarked photos and the American fans in delight waiting for Il Volo to the concert at the madison Square Garden?

Peaceful times comparing with this February 🙂 But now is March (Mari Russu March madness month) and we enter it following the long wave of Il Volo in Sanremo. and on this we have to thank so much Gaby Dion for the support on facebook and with the links and news!


9:00 – Yesterday Telesud confirmed the appointment at ARS to the recognition of Il Volo as Ambassadors of Sicily – 9:30 at Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo. Giovanni Caccamo the Sicilian singer winner of the new Proposals in Sanremo 2015 will be awarded too. – Palermo, l’Ars conferisce un riconoscimento a Il Volo – on Telesud (Feb 28, 2015) – Thanks to Gaby Dion for the link.

7:50 – and everybody is going to Palermo today: :: March 1st, 2015 – Il Volo – At Centro Commerciale La Torre, Viale Michelangelo, Palermo – 17:30 – to sign Sanremo Grande Amore.

7: 45 – Agrigento Flash also report about the Il Volo signing session yesterday on the Centro Commerciale Le Vigne  in Castrofilippo – In delirio per “Il Volo” – (March 1st, 2015 in Italian)

7:40 – A nice report about the signing session in Milan and in Vittuone with a beautiful photo gallery – DOPO SAN REMO IL VOLO DECOLLA SULLE LIBRERIE E ATTERRA NEI CENTRI COMMERCIALI – on Lecce Night Guide (March 1st, 2015 in Italian)

7:00 – Although on the site says “gossip” it is not a gossip as Piero Barone shared the new on his page: Piero Barone at Byblos Milano on the celebration of the joint venture between the two clubs (Milan and Versilia) and the birthday of the Lorenzo Tonetti, the director of Byblos Milano. (video by La Presse) – Piero Barone a Byblos Milano sulla celebrazione della joint venture tra i due club (Milano e Versilia) e il compleanno di Lorenzo Tonetti, il direttore di Byblos Milano. (video di La Presse) – Twiga party con Briatore al Byblos di Milano. C’è anche Piero Barone de ‘Il Volo’ – La Presse. –  video, alternative link:

6:05 – Sicilia, quasi 10mila fan per Piero Barone e il Volo al Centro Le Vigne a Canicattì – Canicatti web report that almost 10 thousand people were in the Le Vigne Center for Il Volo, in delight – they said. More than 3 hours greeting the fans and receiving the recognition of the Comune di Castrofilippo. On Canicatti Web by Davide Difazio.

6:00 – Many news sites and news papers published about all signing sessions of the EP Sanremo Grande Amore. Il Volo is busy and we too. On the next days we will try to publish here what we have of the “paper press”. We already publish on facebook/twitter/instagram but is good to keep the record here: a public site.

Il Volo first rehearsal at the Ariston in Sanremo – gallery and video


This gallery contains 7 photos.

Yesterday Il Volo made his first rehearsal with the Orchestra of Sanremo at the Teatro Ariston. La Presse / Oggi published beautiful photos and also a nice video report. video by metroitalia Photos by Adriano Conte – La Presse and … Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for Jan 27, 2015

Sanremo 2015, ospiti e cantanti arrivano all'Ariston

by Adriano Conte/LaPresse

Yesterday was an Il Volo busy day for us. Although we are not in Italy and depending on the news published by other media, we publish the main news about Il Volo first than many Itaian sites and newspapers. It is not important on itself but it give us the certainty we are doing a good job here. During the day we update the article including more sources and trying to the incoherences. For those who are still lost on the news:

  • The Il Volo EP, which will be released on February 24, contains 7 songs: Grande amore, Ancora (Eduardo De Crescenzo), L’immensità (Don Backy), Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno), Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar), Romantica (Tony Dallara) e Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo).
  • Il Volo will release another production, an international album, later this year (some sites said at the end of the year) with some unreleased songs and different bonus tracks depending on the country of publication.
  • Il Volo will make an Italian tour through 10 cities including Taormina, Verona and Pompeii, on many prestigious venues. Some sources said that will be in summer. Michele Torpedine said that the dates will be published this week.
  • Il Volo will be in Beijing for the opening of the Chinese New Year. It means they will travel today.

Let’s go to the news!

19:00 – Nice article about Il Volo on Cultura & Culture. The informations are the same of the press conference already published, but is was written in a nice and sensible way. – Il Volo e il Grande Amore per Sanremo e l’Italia – by Silvia Marchetti on Cultura & Culture (jan 27, 2015 in Italian)

Sanremo 2015, ospiti e cantanti arrivano all'Ariston17:00 – Nice video published by AskaNews of the press conference attended by Il Volo in Milan, yesterday. – Il Volo a Sanremo con “Grande amore”: pop lirico parla ai giovani (youtube Jan 27, 2015 in Italian) – They talk about Sanremo and the new EP, as we already publish here: Il Volo great News! Italian tour and more!

16:50 – Il Volo interview on Witty Tv, Jan 26, 2015. Milan – video: In linea diretta con… Il Volo (Jan 27, 2015 in Itaiian)

16:30 – On the archive of Sanremo 2015 on RAI 1 we can find the videos of the first rehearsals. Today more “big” artists were on the Teatro Ariston: Sanremo 2015 archive.

15:30 – Chi Magazine announced a special surprise to Il Volo tomorrow. The journalist Valerio Palmieri tweeted: Domani su @chimagazine bellissima sorpresa per gli amici de @ilvolo, vero @GianGinoble? Ne sai qualcosa? Ah ah. Well … let’s wait 🙂

14:00 – The contestants of Sanremo 2015 and the social networks – Adnkronos brought to us the numers of Facebook, Twitter, …: The most popular on facebook are Nesli (938.000 followers), Anna Tatangelo (872.000) and Il Volo (825.000). On twitter we have Anna Tatangelo (383.000), Irene Grandi (361.000) and Il Volo (245.000). The most popular considering the interactions and the active fans is again Anna Tatangelo, according to the institute Reputation Manager. – Tatangelo con Nesli e Il Volo i big più social a Sanremo – on Adnkronos (Jan 27, 2015 in Italian)

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