Il Volo: links & news on March 15th, 2016 / link e notizie del 15 marzo 2016

Il Volo and TorpedineIn between the concerts of Il Volo in New Orleans, LA and Austin, TX let’s see together some news about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! – Read in English.

Tra i concerti de Il Volo di New Orleans, Louisiana, ed Austin, Texas, vediamo insieme alcune notizie riguardanti Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca! – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo great News! Italian tour and more!

Il Volo - Sanremo 2015

© ANSA – Daniele Barraco

Today, Il Volo attended a press conference in Milan and soon after the reports begin to appear on the sites. The first published was TV Zap, a report by Zelia Pastore and we received great news and published here almost Live! And after this, other sites began to publish, and we updated this article.

According with the articles:

Tomorrow we will fly to Beijing to open the Chinese New Year” – they said. But this “tomorrow”can mean today or really tomorrow depending on when the interview was taken. (TV Zap)

Gialuca said that abroad they are Il Volo, but in Italy they are still the three “tenorini”. Ignazio states that they are not guys coming from America to win Sanremo, but if this occur will be nice and if they do not win will be also a great experience. Piero said that it is difficult to succeed in Italy, “no one is prophet in his own land”. (TV Zap, La Repubblica)

And the big news: On the EP that will will include 7 songs and will be released o February 24, beyond Grande amore and “Ancora” – that will be performed in Sanremo on February 13, accompanied by the sax of Stefano di Battista -, it will be also the songs L’immensità (Don Backy), Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno), Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar), Romantica (Tony Dallara) e Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo). (TV Zap, Il Secolo XIX)

We must wait, however, for the international album of unreleased songs, which will be launched later this year with different bonus tracks depending on the country of publication. Michele Torpedine told that they also will make a real Italian tour in ten cities during the summer, including Taormina, Verona and Pompeii, in many prestigious venues. The dates may be published this week! (TV Zap, Il Secolo XIX)

“We do not feel the competition like other artists, we start with the idea to do our best and to have fun … then how it will go, will go!”. “Normally they begin in Italy to arrive abroad … we go against the trend and do the opposite path” (Adnkronos)

“We are all friends, but we are more close to Lorenzo Fragola and to Dear Jack. We’ll have fun together.” About the reviews: “When we saw the votes (flocked even some 2) we thought: ‘Hopefully they will not make us do extra-credit assignments of Sanremo’. We will give our best to change their minds, to impress. And then the critics are a few number, but viewers of Sanremo are millions.” (Il Secolo XIX) (Thanks @bradamante !)

Again about the bad reviews: “we said to the journalists: you did the same with Bocelli”. And more: “In the end even Pavarotti, Bocelli and Gigli have established themselves first abroad and only after in Italy” (La Repubblica)

Although all these news need confirmation, we are very happy and excited! We do not resist and did this:

playlist by AAIV

What more we may say… #ilvolograndeamore #ilvolosanremograndeamore #ilvolopersempre

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