Ignazio Boschetto on Il Vomere – Feb 21, 2015

Il Vomere - Feb 21, 2015

Il Vomere published a great report about Ignazio Boschetto on the occasion of his recognition as “Ambassador of Marsala in the World”. Il Vomere – edition of February 21, 2015. Articles by Abele Gallo (in Italian).

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Il Volo links and news for Sanremo 2015 – day 1

Sanremo 2015 - red carpetOfficially the first day of Sanremo 2015, although all the emotions over the red carpet yesterday.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca continue experiencing the magic of Sanremo. They will not perform tonight but, for sure, it will be a busy and exciting day.

Our news today will be more on twitter and facebook for technical conditions.

* photo of Punto Sanremo


16:00 – Ignazio Boschetto won the poll of Telesud Trapani – BEST 2014! – with more then 2000 votes. Telesud Trapani wishes all the success to him and Il Volo on Sanremo 2015. – The winner is: Ignazio Boschetto.

!5:50 – Porta a Porta special Sanremo 2015Tv: Sanremo 2015 – Porta a Porta del 09/02/2015 – with Carlo Conti, Arisa and Emma. The advances, contestants, The race of 2015. The Sanremo of yesterday and today in Porta a Porta with many guests and lots of music.

7:00 – Il Vomere (118 n.2, Feb 7, 2015) on newsstands with an article by Abele Gallo about Ignazio Boschetto and Il Volo. Here the cover: Il Vomere.

6:30 – RAI published the video of the press conference of Sanremo 2015 that happened yesterday – Video: Conferenza stampa Sanremo 2015 del 09/02/2015 – on RAI

6:26 – On Euromusica an article about Sanremo highlighting special characteristics of the artists: from what region they are, who came from talent show, who sells more albums, … About Il Volo they said that they sold more than 5 million of copies, winning 5 times platinum disc and 16 gold discs in the world. – Festival di Sanremo 2015, l’avreste mai detto che…. – on Euro Musica (Feb 9, 2015)

6:15 – Corriere della Sera published an amazing interview. The video is here: Il Volo: «Non siamo tre tenori, facciamo pop» – on Corriere TV (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian) – we published the video here: Il Volo interview to Corriere TV

Il Volo on Il Vomere May 17ed

Il Vomere May 17Article “Il Volo sul tetto del mondo” by Abele Gallo on Il Vomere, edition of May 17, released online today.

Il Volo on the top of the world

by Abele Gallo

Another global recognition for Ignazio Boschetto and partners

On April 24, last year, in Miami,Florida, was held the very important ceremony of the “Billboard Latin Music Award 2014”, which are considered the “Oscars” of Latin music.

The most coveted title in the category “Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group” was won by young boys of our knowledge, Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and our Ignazio Boschetto, simply Il Volo.

The award, a recognition of global significance, is the icing on the pie of a season of grace for the Italian trio, who now has overwhelmed the competition of historical names of Latin music, such as Mana, Jesse & Joy and Los Bukis .

Now our friend Ignazio, along with his fellows on the adventure, is firmly consolidated in the elite of world music, although Italy still seems to snub the boys, who started from Ti Lascio Una Canzone and arrived in the “who’s who” of the global recording scenario.

Considering Clerici’s programme, the boys, returning from the United States, have made a surprise to the hostess and to the audience of Rai 1, appearing on the stage of the talent show with a prize in hand to the dutiful Live performance on the 26th episode.

The next day, when return to Marsala, Ignazio was triumphantly welcomed by a hundred of people, who have wanted to celebrate at his home, a surprise party organized by Mrs. Caterina with the complicity of family and friends.

By the way, on the party, the award was also present, arrived from America with Ignazio and now is on display in the extraordinary artist trophy of Marsala.

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Ignazio Boschetto charmed New York

Il Vomere n.4 March 16, 2014Ignazio Boschetto in … canta New York by Abele Gallo to Il Vomere on March 16, 2014 – page 11. published online on April 3, 2014 In English:

Ignazio Boschetto charmed New York

He charmed the audience at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York on the occasion of the celebration of Laura Pausini’s 20 years of career.

A “Marsalese” in New York : Ignazio Boschetto singer of the trio “Il Volo” , a friend of “Il Vomere” and famous all over the world, thanks to his voice, charmed the lucky audience at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York on the occasion of the celebration of Laura Pausini’s 20 years of career, who wanted to celebrate the event with a mega concert in one of the temples of the music as is the stage of the Big Apple famous theater, with both Italian and international artists of the highest level. In the duet with the three Italian tenors, Laura Pausini performed a wonderful version of “In assenza di te”, with the audience in ecstasy also for a wonderful unplanned version “acappella” of Jimmy Fontana’s Il Mondo, performed by the four voices that fitted in an unique magic. Ignazio, in great shape, gave that “extra touch” which is not only on the imagination of his fellows, but with a voice and human quality that we can define, without fear of being denied, absolutely objective.

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Il Volo Daily – Mar 4, 2014

Hello, how was your day?

There are some days like today, when the guys don’t give us much to do and we need to entertain ourselves. And let me tell you, sounds good but it never is.

First of all, pictures! I don’t really understand what’s the big deal with the pictures. To be honest with you, I don’t get why people get so obssesed about sharing every single picture where the boys appear. The example I’m giving you is about these pictures:

It is great to see our boys having fun, I think their friends are entitled to share their moments together, some of them publicly, some of them in a private or semi-private way. When pics are public, go ahead and spread them all over! But when they’re not, why the need to “steal” them even with credits? I mean, at the end who cares if Igny was in a party and we don’t have pictures of him with a bunch of people we don’t know? But still, that’s just me talking… Continue reading

Ignazio Boschetto on Il Vomere

Il Vomere February 24, 2014Il tenore marselese Ignazio Boschetto in visita da Papa Francesco


by Abele Gallo (Il Vomere, n. 3, pag 13)


The tenor Ignazio Boschetto from Marsala visiting Pope Francisco

by Abele Gallo on Il Vomere – on February 24, 2014 (pag 13)

Translation by Athena

After the huge success of the concert where he was the protagonist on stage at the Teatro Impero of Marsala on Sunday, February 2, along with his friend Roberto Amadè, Ignazio Boschetto, our countryman, makes us speak about him again, although this time is not about his amazing vocal performance, but the meeting he had last week.

Along with the other components of Il Volo, a group with which the tenor is touring around the world, Ignazio was received in a private audience by Pope Francisco in the Vatican City.

The meeting of the three young tenors was scheduled a long time ago, since the Pontiff had confessed to love the voices of the natural heirs of Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti; Ignazio along with Gianluca Ginoble and the other Sicilian Piero Barone were thrilled for the opportunity and they found almost hard to believe that the head of state was so attentive and sensitive to the talent of the singing trio.

The stay in Rome for the three boys continued with interviews and performances on the radio and finished with the participation in the programme L’ Arena on RAI1, aired on Sunday, February 16, during which the conductor Massimo Giletti also wanted to show the audience a part of the private life of the artists; Ignazio’s eyes lit up with amazement and excitement with a video testimony of some dearest friends who live in Marsala and spoke about past moments with their famous friend.

After having described their experience on the American stages and the collaboration with the legendary Barbra Streisand, Il Volo sang a splendid version of “Torna a Surriento”, expressly requested by Giletti.

A sincere thanks on behalf of the Il Vomere editors to Ignazio and his colleagues; if the art of Marsala is known worldwide, we also owe it to Boschetto & Co and the superb talent they are able to express.

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Il Volo links and news – Feb 19, 2014

:: Feb 3, 2014 – La Coppia Boschetto – Amadè infiamma il Teatro Impero – “Da collaboratore de “Il Vomere” e nel ruolo di musicista sono lieto di scrivere della meravigliosa esperienza che ho avuto l’onore di fare in occasione di uno tra gli eventi più importanti che Marsala ha ospitato negli ultimi tempi. Ignazio Boschetto, giovane tenore marsalese famoso in tutto il mondo come componente del trio “Il Volo”, è stato l’artefice di un concerto – evento che ha deciso di organizzare nella sua città perl’amico Roberto Amadè, cantante piemontese arri-vato terzo nella categoria “Nuove Proposte” a Sanremo 2011 …. (In Italian) – by Abele Gallo on Il Vomere (page 17) – A nice review of the Concert Amadè – Boschetto. Thank you, Roberto Amadè, for sharing!