Il Volo al Greek Theater a Los Angeles #throwback

Il Volo concert Los Angeles 2014Lo scorso anno proprio in questo giorno, una delle migliori esperienze per me, non solo come fan, non solo come manager di AAIV, ma anche, in molti sensi, una pietra miliare nella vita.

Il concerto de Il Volo a Los Angeles, un momento per celebrare la vita e un momento di grande divertimento con gli amici.

Tengo nel mio cuore i meravigliosi momenti con Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, Hazel, Joanie, Wendy, Ricki, Mariana e tutti gli amici che ho incontrato là.

E spero di poter essere presto di nuovo insieme a voi!

Il concerto al Greek Theater è stato straordinario per molte persone. A tal riguardo, abbiamo letto spesso meravigliose esperienze.

La nostra è stata pubblicata qui:

Il Volo concert Los Angeles 2014:: A Los Angeles – Amore e Vita con Il Volo

:: Il Volo a Los Angeles – galleria fotografica I

:: Il Volo concerto a Los Angeles – galleria fotografica II

Il Volo sta per iniziare un nuovo tour e tutti noi non solo li seguiremo in questa avventura, ma ricorderemo l’ultimo tour e i momenti bellissimi che abbiamo passato con loro e con tutte le meravigliose #ilvolovers che abbiamo incontrato.

* le foto sono state scattate da me.

Traduzione dell’articolo originale in Inglese di Mari Russu: Il Volo at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles #tb

Il Volo at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles #tb

Il Volo concert Los Angeles 2014Last year in this very day, one of the best experiences for me, not only as a fan, not only as AAIV manager, but also a life milestone in many senses.

The Il Volo concert in Los Angeles, a time to celebrate life and a great time with friends.

I keep on my heart the amazing moments with Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, Hazel, Joanie, Wendy, Ricki, Mariana and all the friends I met there.

And I hope we can be together soon!

The concert at the Greek Theater was remarkable for many people. We often read about their wonderful experiences.

Our was published here:

Il Volo concert Los Angeles 2014:: In Los Angeles – Love and Life with Il Volo

:: Il Volo in Los Angeles – gallery I

:: Il Volo concert in Los Angeles – gallery II

Il Volo is about to begin a new tour and all we not only will follow them on this adventure but we will remember the last tour and the great time we had with them and with all wonderful #ilvolovers we met.

* the photos were taken by me.

Marie and Piero running together

Piero BaroneYesterday I was going to bed and something made me stay a little more here. Not a unusual thing 🙂  because all you know how Il Volo does this with us. But this time it worth so much, because I go to sleep glad.

Last night I went to sleep knowing a bit more about Piero Barone through the eyes and the sensibility of Marie. But lets stop this introduction and open the scene for Marie – one of the writers of our brother site Il Volo Flight Crew. She starts like:

“After seeing that hotel room view (Chap. 3) and thinking there was a possibility that The Boys really were just above me, I noticed the gym was merely 10 steps from my door. I took that as an omen. I know the Boys work out mornings. I got up at 6:30 a.m., threw on a t-shirt, sweat shorts and tennis shoes (no makeup – hair, well bad) and headed for the gym.”

😛 follow the link to this awesome story: Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Piero ~ – on Il Volo Flight Crew (in English)

* photo by Marie

Back home! or lets go to the beach, Il Volo?

bye MiamiJuly begins with all the people back home, including me, Mari Russu, who spent all June almost without work on the site 🙂 But you don’t need to cry… because the idea is to recover this lost time, nothing like Proust did, considering the size, but with the same passion, at least.

I just loved my decision of changing my vacations from Italy to USA, blame my favourite Italians and the friends I made on the Ilvolosphere 🙂 I enjoyed every single minute of this last 25 days and I have a lot of things to tell and write on the next times. Yessss, dear friends, the reviews of the concerts which I attended – Los Angeles and San Diego – still are in course. I already didn’t tell about my début on that crazy thing called Meet & Greet and, also, how I, one day after the concert, met Piero on the street e took him to introduce to my 3 petrified friends 🙂

Well, … this is not my diary. So lets go to all that matters. Continue reading

De volta pra casa ! ou vamos a praia, Il Volo?

bye MiamiJulho inicia com todo mundo de volta para casa, inclusive a Mari Russu aqui, que passou todo o Junho quase sem trabalhar aqui no site 🙂 Mas não chorem… pois a ideia é recuperar o tempo perdido, nada muito proustiano no tamanho, mas com a mesma paixão, pelo menos.

Amei ter decidido mudar as minhas férias da Itália pra os USA, culpa de meus italianos favoritos e das amigas que fiz na Ilvolosfera 🙂 Aproveitei muito cada minuto destes últimos 25 dias e vou ter muita coisa para escrever nos próximos tempos. É, queridos, … as revisões dos concertos que assisti – Los Angeles e San Diego – ainda não terminaram. Eu ainda nem contei do meu debut nesta coisa maluca chamada Meet & Greet e nem como, um dia depois do concerto, encontrei o Piero na rua e levei ele para apresentar para as minhas 3 petrificadas amigas 🙂 Continue reading

Review: Il Volo Shines at 2014 Summer Tour

by Noelle on Pop City Life

Il Volo at Westbury Theatre June, 2014“All I needed to hear was the first note to realize that Il Volo probably isn’t human. What they do is deliver powerful, crisp, and pure vocals that normally can only be heard from a studio album after it has been put through all the bells and whistles. Il Volo doesn’t seem possible.

But they are. The combination of flawless vocals and a song genre for literally everyone in the building made for a perfect evening. And there really was a song for everyone. In the audience was everyone from little girls to older women in their 80s and 90s. I spent a lot of time observing these people and it was very obvious how touched each and every one of them were by the show that night.

Even better than that? I got the feeling that if they had the time and energy, Il Volo would have sat and talked to every single person in attendance that night. I mean, they certainly tried. It was not uncommon that night for one of the members (mostly Ignazio) to just drop what he was doing during the song and venture into the audience to meet with, chat, or serenade people.”

:: read the whole amazing article about Il Volo concert in Westbury on Pop City Life: Review: Il Volo Shines at 2014 Summer Tour
:: alternative link: Review: Il Volo Shines at 2014 Summer Tour

Christine and Il Volo in Philadelphia!

Il Volo concert in Philadelphia - by ChristineThe Philadelphia show was outdoors at the Mann Theater and it was so very hot and humid that night too. I have read fan Madeline Vitella’s account on facebook. I met her that night and she is such a fabulous lady! She had a fold up fan with her because of the heat, and at one point, Ignazio came over where she was sitting and she handed him the fan and he fanned himself and she told him to keep it but he insisted that she take it back.

Gianluca was the only one of the three to have a bow tie on and shirt all buttoned up which amazed me because it was so hot. The Philly show was my favorite of the two. The were accompanied by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and the music wafting in the night air was sublime! Piero‘s solos were just beautiful (one in Spanish and one in Italian). Ignazio sang his heart out on Memory and Gianluca did the Elvis and Sinatra solos which were both fabulous.

Il Volo concert in Philadelphia - by ChristineMy favorite song of all was Caruso, with all of them singing it. I find it just unbelievable the sounds that come out of those guys who are so young, yet so very professional. They are now concentrating on touring their beloved Italy and it is so nice to see them being received there with sold out shows!

It’s about time. The only bad thing is they are not here, with us, the USA! They will be back though and we will try to be front row center again to be thrilled to pieces to hear them. I can’t help but notice that more of the younger crowd are coming out to see them in the US. I love IL VOLO’s music so much and I will never forget how special they treat their fans and how very thrilling it is to hear them live! Thank you.

* article by Christine Pegnato. Christine  lives in Pittsburgh and kindly agreed to share her love for Il Volo with us all.

:: em português por Laís Chiaratto Continue reading

Il Volo concert in Philadelphia – gallery


This gallery contains 16 photos.

Another gallery of the Il Volo concert at Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Amazing photos of the photographer Derek Brad. :: more photos on Derek Brad’s archive: Il Volo with The Philadelphia Orchestra

Il Volo concert in Philadelphia 2014

Il Volo concert in Philadelphia June 26, 2014

photo by Derek Brad –

by Madeline Vitela (@maddiev1123)

The Philadelphia concert at The Mann Center was a little different for me. We were sitting in the first row of the orchestra section, behind the pit. However, our seats were to the far right of the stage and there were no seats in front of us. The pit is sort of a semicircle shape, and between the pit and orchestra sections at this venue there was a platform that went completely around the back of the pit section that is the same height as the stage. This platform allowed entertainers to walk between the pit and orchestra sections. As each of the guys walked around on the platform at different times while singing, I was able to touch hands with them as they went around and greeted their excited fans.

I brought a sign that read: “Ignazio, un bacio per te” and when he was on our side of the stage and saw my sign, he blew me a kiss, and of course I blew one back! I was on Cloud 9. Continue reading