Il Volo @ Wind Music Award !

Il Volo @ WMA 2018

Martedì 5 giugno 2018, Il Volo si è esibito nel corso della 2a serata dei Wind Music Awards 2018 presso l’Arena di Verona! E noi di All About Il Volo eravamo presenti, grazie ad un regalo speciale! – Leggi in Italiano.

On Tuesday 5 June 2018, Il Volo performed during the 2nd evening of the Wind Music Awards 2018 at the Verona Arena! And we at All About Il Volo were present, thanks to a special gift! – Read in English.

Na terça-feira, 5 de junho de 2018, o Il Volo se apresentou na Arena de Verona, durante a segunda noite do Wind Music Awards 2018! E nós do All About Il Volo estivemos presentes, graças à um presente muito especial! – Leia em Português.

photos/foto/fotos – Il Volo
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Last Il Volo news before the holidays begin / Ultime notizie su Il Volo prima dell’inizio delle vacanze

Il Volo links and news

August is here and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are already enjoying their well deserved holidays, as we learn every day from their posts on Instagram. So, the time has come also for us to rest a little bit and maybe finish some leftovers! But not before we recap some news that has recently appeared. And then… happy holidays!!! – Read in English

Agosto è arrivato e Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca si stanno già godendo le loro meritate vacanze, come apprendiamo ogni giorno dai loro post su Instagram. E quindi è giunto anche per noi il momento di riposare un po’ e magari di completare qualche lavoro arretrato! Ma non prima di aver ricapitolato le ultime notizie apparse di recente. E poi… buone vacanze!!! – Leggi in Italiano

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Editorial – with Il Volo and the amazing guys of their New Fan Club / Editoriale – con Il Volo ed i fantastici ragazzi del loro Nuovo Fan Club / Editorial – com o Il Volo e o incrível time de seu Novo Fan Club

Arena di Verona May, 2017After a short but intense “Il Volo – AAIV tour”, and a time to settle the ideas, it is the right moment to talk about many things we saw and learnt. All About Il Volo is not a static project, it is an ideal in movement, always unfinished, always nourished by the project of Il Volo himself and the people linked to it in some ways. So, it is time for an editorial, maybe a not very formal one. – Read in English.

Dopo un breve ma intenso “Il Volo – AAIV tour”, ed un po’ di tempo per fissare le idee, è il momento giusto per parlare di molte cose che abbiamo visto ed appreso. All About Il Volo non è un progetto statico, ma un ideale in movimento, mai completo, sempre nutrito dal progetto stesso de Il Volo e dalle persone collegate in qualche modo ad esso. E quindi è ora di scrivere un editoriale, forse non molto formale. – Leggi in Italiano.

Depois de uma breve mas intensa “Turnê Il Volo – AAIV”, e de um tempo para organizar as ideias, é hora de falar sobre o muito que vimos e aprendemos. O All About Il Volo não é um projeto estático, é um ideal em movimento, sempre inacabado, sempre alimentado pelo próprio projeto do Il Volo e pelas pessoas ligadas a eles de alguma forma. – Leia em Português.

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GET READY: huge Il Volo NEWS!!! / PREPARATEVI: mega NOTIZIE su Il Volo!!! / SE PREPAREM: mega NOTÍCIAS do Il Volo!!!


Credits: Ansa/ Matteo Bazzi

Surprisingly, this afternoon Il Volo held a press conference in Milan.
The Notte Magica Tour in Europe, a new album, the Pope, the cinemas, … OMG!!!!
Let’s try to put some order among all this wonderful news! 😀
Today it’s a happy day, a wonderful one! – Read in English

Oggi pomeriggio, Il Volo ha tenuto una conferenza stampa a sorpresa a Milano.
Il Tour Notte Magica in Europa, un nuovo album, il Papa, i cinema, … ODDIO!!!! Cerchiamo di riordinare tutte queste meravigliose notizie! 😀
Oggi è un giorno felice, felicissimo! – Leggi in Italiano

Hoje à tarde e de surpresa, o Il Volo esteve em conferência de imprensa em Milão!
A turnê européia Notte Magica, um novo álbum, o Papa!, os cinemas, … BAH!!!! (Caramba!, para o povo mais ao norte)
Vamos tentar por alguma ordem nestas notícias maravilhosas! 😀
Hoje é um dia feliz, um dia felicíssimo! – Leia em Português

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Il Volo Official Forum – Forum Ufficiale de Il Volo

Official Forum

From the Official Website of Il Volo: We received so many registrations to the official ILVOLOVERS Fan Club and now we are resizing our servers to accommodate everyone!
Give us few days time to better set up … see you on Wednesday, March 30th at 15:00 GMT+1 on the new official Forum!

Dal Sito Ufficiale de Il Volo: Abbiamo ricevuto tantissime iscrizioni al Fan Club ufficiale ILVOLOVERS e stiamo ridimensionando i server per potervi ospitare tutti!
Lasciateci qualche giorno di tempo per preparare tutto… appuntamento mercoledì 30 marzo alle ore 15.00 GMT+1 sul nuovo Forum Ufficiale!

Il Volo daily – from September 14th

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

Piero and Ignazio with Roberta Vinci

September 14th – They arrived on Italy coming back from a successful week in US.

Gianluca was received by the family in Rome.

Piero and Ignazio continued travel to Palermo. They published a photo with Roberta Vinci, that was returning from the US Open.

“Proud to be Italian”, they said. The airport of Palermo also received well the celebrities.

Look this small gallery:

September 15th – Ignazio made two beyond beautiful periscopes: don’t miss!

We have subtitles in English in one of them by now.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were home and appear on some fans photos shared on the networks. The also published some:

September 16th – Il Volo announced a surprise: in less than 24 hours the new site will be online and in less than a month the Official Fan Club will be launched. Great news! The Il Volo website was needing for so many time this reconstruction: clear, complete information. We hope a clean and accessible layout. A website is the public profile, the image of a band! Important!

Il Volo New SiteSeptember 17th – The new website is on! In a first look: WordPress platform (as AAIV, nice choice!), clean, beautiful and with good information about the tour dates, but not an agenda.

I liked the media section with galleries of photos and videos (need to revise, because many photos are in the wrong gallery). Welcome also the “news section”: if this section received on time updates it will be awesome!

Piero on the RoadSeptember 18th – Piero is on the road and published a photo near  Isole del Cantone (Genova). Soon after he published another photo and said:

“It seems yesterday when we were three kids, maybe a bit ‘out of place, that slowly began to get used to the stage, to the public in the front, to the flash of photographers, to moving away from home and the days full of commitments … But time passes and you do not even feel it, and now I’m here, waiting for a special week, full of important dates… From the concert on Monday at the Arena di Verona… Until the release of a new album on which we worked so hard and with heart! And even if the years have passed and our appearance is no more that of children of that time … In the eyes is always the same emotion.”

Il Volo in Treviso

ph Teatro Delle Voci

September 19th – While RAI Gulp was transmitting an recorded appearance of Il Volo, they were already together at the Teatro Delle Voci in Treviso rehearsing for the concert on September 21st.

It will be a special concert where they will present the New Album and RAI will record for a special that will be aired on September 23rd.

September 20th – Verona is taking flight!  Early morning or late yesterday night in Testimoni e Protagonisti on RAI 1 a special about Il Volo with many guests. (soon on AAIV)

The TV show L’Arena di Giletti on La Vita in Diretta (RAI 1) presented an interview with Il Volo. A link and the studios and the Arena di Verona conducted by Massimo Giletti. (soon on the site) All ready for the big event tomorrow. A milestone on the Il Volo career and All About Il Volo will be there.

* photos without reference were published by Il Volo