Il Volo @ Festival Show – singing in the rain / cantando sotto la pioggia / cantando na chuva

Il Volo - Festival Show

L’amore si muove e, di sicuro, è un Grande Amore, anche sotto la pioggia. Scopriamo l’esibizione de Il Volo al Festival Show! – Leggi in Italiano.

L’amore si muove and, for sure, it is a Grande Amore even in the rain. Let’s see Il Volo performing at Festival Show! – Read in English.

L’amore si muove e, é claro, é um Grande Amore mesmo sob a chuva. Vamos dar uma ohada no Il Volo se apresentando no Festival Show! – Leia em Português.

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Il Volo @ Festival Show – Gallery


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On September 1st, 2018, Il Volo performed at Piazza Unità d’Italia during the Festival Show in Trieste. Photos by Festival Show. Il 1 setembre 2018, durante il Festival Show, Il Volo si è esibito alla Piazza Unità d’Italia in Trieste. … Continue reading

2015 – The Italian tour of Il Volo

Il Volo in TriesteThe Il Volo tour is already in the second half and we almost can’t believe it. One after other amazing and crowded concert and they are walking the path of the success in Italy and not only.

All About Il Volo is with them all the time with our staff of collaborators, making this tour an important part of the Il Volo’s history with reports and reviews of all concerts.

We invite all the fans to read about them, to go beyond photos and videos, to deep the knowledge about Il Volo and also to share the good content created about them. We invite the fans to support Il Volo sharing what is important for their career.

Sole sono le parole
Ma se vanno scritte tutto può cambiare…

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Grande Amore Tour Agenda. ENGLISH

by Martina Maggi


ph. All About Il Volo

This summer is about to be very important for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, because they will do an entirely Italian tour, after all the success they had abroad. Originally, they had to do 6 dates, that increased and became more than 24 – and maybe they will continue to grow!
With all the dates and the activities of Il Volo, is easy to lost their tracks: in this post we collected all their steps to help you to remember this amazing tour and amazing Summer, in which everybody will scream “GRANDE AMORE!!!!”

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The Tour started with a particular date, in Pompeii, on June 10th. Il Volo went there to record live from the ancient ruins a special concert for Detroit Public Television, like the ones they did before (Il Volo… takes flight, Il Volo We Are Love and Il Volo Buon Natale). The playlist was different from the one sang in the following concerts and the expectation was high, although extremely pleased. They directed the songs to the American audience and started the evening exclaiming: “Welcome to Italy!” The PBS was broadcasted in Detroit on July 6th and will be aired all over America in August. Soon even the rest of the world could buy the DVD and let Il Volo enchanted the families.

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On June 11th was broadcasted on RAI1 the pre-recorded concert “Esserci Sempre, concerto della Polizia di Stato”, in which Il Volo sang along with Lorenzo Fragola and other artists. The evening was hosted by Alessandro Greco.

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Il Volo then performed in Locarno, live from the Piazza Grande, on June 12th. Even if Locarno is in Switzerland, with this date the Italian tour of Il Volo began. Not even the rain stopped the audience from attending the concert and joking around with Il Volo, that performed on the stage in a very emotional state: in Locarno they first met their Italian audience and all the feelings could be seen in the few videos that popped on Internet after that night. That was the concert in which Ignazio performed Unchained Melody alone.

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