Tales of 3 guys and a World Tour / Storie di 3 ragazzi e di un Tour Mondiale

Il Volo - Detroit - World Tour 2016Recently we asked to all of you to send us your stories of the World Tour #ilvololive2016. In this article, you find the tales we received. Million thanks! – Read in English.

Vi abbiamo chiesto di raccontarci la vostra esperienza de #ilvololive2016: abbiamo ricevuto tante bellissime testimonianze, che ritrovate qui. Grazie mille a tutti voi! – Leggi in ItalianoContinue reading

La Repubblica, Palermo: The pop takes flight, prende Il Volo: “what an emotion is our Sicily”

Translation of the article Il pop in Volo: “che emozione la nostra Sicilia” wrote by Giusy La Piana on La Repubblica Palermo, August 26th, 2015.

Two nights with the boom-trio at the Teatro di Verdura: “even grandmas want their autograph”

Il pop in Volo: "Che emozione la nostra Sicilia"After the sold out dates in Agrigento and Taormina, Il Volo conquers even the Teatro di Verdura with a double appointment. Tonight at 9.30 p.m. and tomorrow at the same hour the trio formed by Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto – the first is from Naro, the second from Marsala – and the Abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble will bring his operatic pop repertoire. Also tonight’s concert has gone sold-out, while there still are some available tickets for tomorrow’s date. And on January 23rd they will perform at Acireale’s indoor sports arena.
The real “Grande Amore” is the one the audience feel for you: while many other artists reduce budgets and concerts, you double the dates…
“Every day – says Piero Barone – we are amazed by this sparks that fired suddenly but that grows day after day, showing a true and spontaneous affection between us and the audience. We hope this affection will never switch off. We travelled around but sing in Sicily is something really special. It was a beautiful feeling even went sold-out at the Valle dei Templi: it’s wonderful to share this artistic moment with the Sicilian people”.

Will some homages to the local music be on the schedule?
This is not expected but it’s also true that during live concerts improvisation often carry us away – explains Ignazio Boschetto – especially when we are in front of a so warm audience like the Sicilian one”.

What is the most weird thing that happened to you while touring?
Gianluca Ginoble answers: “It was seeing adult ladies act like teenager fans. We have literal groupie grandmas who wait for us at the end of the show to take a selfie or get an autograph, and they confuse in the crowd of girls and little girls that follow us in every town by now”.

How is your typical day before a concert?
“Those are massive days – affirms Boschetto – made of continuous debates with our management, updates of concerts’ requests, rehearsals, adjustements of the schedule and then study, study, once again study and voice-warming”.

You are already recording your next work: with whom you would love to collaborate?
“Sometimes we are suggested to duet with famous artists. But it’s not easy to divide a song in three parts, imagine divide it in four or more parts! But for sure after the duets with Barbra Streisand, Placido Domingo and the virtual one with Elvis we will see…”

In our concerts you perform classic songs and hits loved by many generations, but which of your songs you feel belonging to you?
“Grande Amore”. And not because we were the first to bring success to the song, but because it followed a line that prove that we have no boundaries”.

Il Volo – concert / concerto – Agrigento – gallery II


This gallery contains 12 photos.

On August 19, 2015 Il Volo performed a magnificent concert at Valle dei Templi in Agrigento. Photos of Salvatore Pisciotto e Massimiliano Arena. Il 19 Agosto 2015, Il Volo si è esibito in un magnifico concerto allo Valle dei Templi di … Continue reading

Il Volo sings at home in Agrigento – beautiful day!

Templi di GiugnoneWhen you enter in Agrigento you see soon a magnificent Greek Temple over the hill – the Temple of Juno (or Temple of Hera Lakinia). It was build in the 5th century BC, but is still there.

During Centuries it was burned and almost destroyed, but part of the temple resisted to remind us of the permanence, but also of the transience of things. Legend says that it was the temple in which weddings were celebrated. It’s remains carry the emotions of the people it hold inside, including the ones that today lives around. The Valle dei Templi that instead a valley is a hill, also told us to not trust so deeply in our eyes or senses. Sometimes what seems to be on top is just an illusion, a run after the wind. Sometimes what we can not see is the most important thing.

Teatro del valle dei TempliAnd was at this magnificent and challenging scenery that Il Volo came to sing on August 19 and 20, 2015. Piero Barone tweeted “finally singing at home” and all the people of the Agrigento region and also from all the Sicily, Italy and even from abroad turned their eyes to the Valle. More than 6.000 of them flocked to the open theater in each concert, for many fans it was the first time they see Il Volo live.

Agrigento was full of excitement all day. Many fans tried to meet their idols to greet them or even to take a photo. And the guys were tireless, kindly tried to meet all.

Il Volo in AgrigentoAlso tireless was the group  that was working to make the concert to be a wonderful experience for the fans and also for Il Volo. This group was not under the lights, they had been worked anonymously since many days before the concert to have more than 3.000 handmade posters to make a surprise to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

The Il Volo Naro Fan Club, leaded by Alessia and Wendalina, composed by fellow citizens of Piero Barone made the posters where was written “It’s a beautiful day” and spend the afternoon organizing the theater for this fan action, a great idea of Maria Scibetta and Rosalia Torregrossa. A great part of the audience found the banner over the seat and was prepared to enter the action. Continue reading

#AgrigentoGrandeAmore – reports about the concerts / servizi sui concerti

Il Volo - AgrigentoTVwebAugust 21, 2015 – The concerts of Il Volo in Agrigento, were a complete success and will remain in the heart of Agrigento people forever. In HercoleTV service, are reported Piero Barone’s words, he spoke about his land and he has shown once again his strong connection to those places. Here is the playlist with the reports by AgrigentoTVweb and HercoleTV.

21 Agosto 2015 – I concerti de Il Volo ad Agrigento, hanno riscosso un immenso successo e rimarranno nel cuore degli agrigentini per sempre. Nel servizio di HercoleTV, sono riportate le parole Piero Barone, ha parlato della sua terra e ha dimostrato ancora una volta di essere molto legato a quei luoghi. Ecco la playlist con i servizi di AgrigentoTVweb e HercoleTV.

playlist by / di AAIV Continue reading

Il Volo in concert in Macerata – playlist

On August 16, 2015 Il Volo performed a great concert at the Sferisterio of Macerata. Videos by Katia Magrini.

Il 16 Agosto 2015, Il Volo si è esibito in un grande concerto allo Sferisterio di Macerata. Videos di Katia Magrini.

Il Volo in Macerata – A night of Solos

Il Volo in Macerata - August 16, 2015By Carina Lennø

August 16th, 2015, Macerata, Italy. It is 8.55 pm and in the Arena Sferiterio, and just minutes before show time. In the arena 3000 people are finding their seats, drying each of them off with the towels they got handed at the entry.

Thankfully, the rain that fell for a full hour stopped just in time for the audience to be let in to the impressive arena. Looking around, the building and stage is impressive and breathtaking. One cannot help but think that it is very fitting for what is about to take place there.

As the time passes 9pm, the anticipation from the audience is palpable. One can practically feel how everyone’s heart is racing, knowing what is to come. Starting off with the beautiful music of the song that won the hearts of Europe, perfectly sets the mood for a musical experience beyond anything they have ever done.

Hearing an old song like ‘Il Mondo’ makes people who have known Il Volo for a long time smile.It’s a personal favorite and singing it shows off the places in which their voices have developed since the “Il Volo… Takes Flight”-days and it also pays a kind of homage to where they have come from.

Il Volo in Macerata - August 16, 2015It came as a surprise when ‘Io Che Non Vivo’ began and Ignazio was the one who sang the first part.

Being used to Piero starting the song, it was a nice little spin to have Piero and Ignazio switch parts in the first verse. They sang with equal amounts of conviction, just as Gianluca did.

Coming to a song that was not a personal favorite to begin with, but by the end was one of the best songs of the night: ‘Canzone Per Te’. It was delivered with conviction by Ignazio especially, who sold it entirely. Even without knowing the words or even understanding them, it doesn’t really matter. The words were flowing and it was felt by the audience.

When it came time for the first solo of the night, it was very clear that the main focus of the concert was going to be on the solos. Piero began with ‘E Lucevan Le Stelle’ which beautifully showed off his more operatic side. It always suited him going ‘back to his roots’ so to speak, showing of what he (arguably) does best. It was a pleasure to watch.

During Granada, the guys played out the fun little gag of Piero and Gianluca teasing poor Ignazio who is just trying to get a few notes in. As always, it sparked laughs, especially when Ignazio decided to prevent Piero from stealing ‘his part’ by simply stealing Piero’s microphone for a while.

Il Volo in Macerata - August 16, 2015Ignazio looked extremely pleased with himself right there. And of course, no performance of ‘Granada’ is complete without Ignazio pretending to ‘wind up’ Piero during his high note (which was extremely impressive, btw). ​

In getting ready for one of the songs, Ignazio took the time to kindly help Gianluca down a rain-wet ramp leading in to the audience.

Then came the second solo of the night. This time, Gianluca gave a heartfelt and stunning rendition of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. But not before dedicating it to a special person in the audience. It was a true highlight of the night. Gianluca showed off his flawless voice with so much passion that many in the audience felt it.

Between the songs, the Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca joked and made the audience laugh, showing of their amazing personalities. The jokes add the element of the guys’ young age which works brilliantly alongside their professional performances.

Ignazio especially showed off his amazing sense of humour, making everyone laugh at his little ‘mock-compliments’, given to Piero and Gianluca after each of their solos.

Il Volo concert in Macerata August 16 2015The third solo was actually the solo that stole the show, in my opinion. Ignazio took the stage and performed a medley of two songs, delivering a passion and love for music that shined through clearly. It left the audience breathless and in awe.

After the first round of solos came the duets. The duets add an element of a new sound to the songs, which works very well. It’s like one of those things one needs, without being aware of this need until one gets it.

“Unchained Melody”, “My Way” and “Core N’Grato” were all stunning performances, with Piero and Gianluca stepping in to the audience to witness another duet. Continue reading

Il Volo – concert / concerto – Macerata 16/08 – gallery II


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On August 16, 2015 Il Volo performed a great concert at the Sferisterio of Macerata. Photos by Kitt Mortensen Il 16 Agosto 2015, Il Volo si è esibito in un grande concerto allo Sferisterio di Macerata. Foto di Kitt Mortensen.

Il Volo – concert / concerto – Macerata 16/08 – gallery I


This gallery contains 35 photos.

On August 16, 2015 Il Volo performed a great concert at the Sferisterio of Macerata. Photos by Michele Telari and Martina Sacrati. Il 16 Agosto 2015, Il Volo si è esibito in un grande concerto allo Sferisterio di Macerata. Foto di Michele … Continue reading

Il Volo – concert / concerto – Torre del Lago – videos August/Agosto 13

On August 13, 2015 Il Volo performed an amazing concert at the Gran Teatro all’aperto G. Puccini in Torre del Lago. Don’t miss our playlist! Thanks to Lucia Cappelletti for the videos!

Il 13 Agosto 2015, Il Volo si è esibito in un meraviglioso concerto al Gran Teatro all’aperto G. Puccini a Torre del Lago. Non perdere la nostra playlist! Grazie a Lucia Cappelletti per i video!

playlist AAIV – videos by / di Lucia Cappelletti