Il Volo links and news for February 7, 2015

Il Volo Grande AmoreTime to break camp I think, Sanremo is calling! And we have to prepare for a huge amount of information crossing the networks. Time to select what matter, what is good, the better about Il Volo !

And we will publish all good articles written by the press or even fans and fan clubs. The criteria are the quality, originality, veracity, authorship… All in support of Il Volo. All About Il Volo is different of those Fan Clubs who do not publish/share a good article only because they do not like personally the author or agree with the content. It is time to let go all silly competition and methods to “impress” Il Volo.

* photo by Il Volo

I recommend our 2 articles released early today: How to pre-order Sanremo Grande Amore – by Gaby Dion – and Il Volo official accounts and website – by Mari Russu.

23:00 – If there is not another group “Il Volo“, according to Olbia and also to Sassari Notizie, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be in Olbia, Sardegna on February 17, 2015 on the “Su Carrasegare Olbiesu” 18:30. The Olbia Carnival is a traditional event of Sardegna. – Carrasegare Olbiesu, svelato il programma: tante novità, tanto divertimento – on Olbia (Jan 7, 2015 in Italian) – Carrasegare Olbiesu 2015: il calendario degli eventi – on Sassari Notizie (Jan 8, 2015) – (to  research for more information)

15:00 – One more contest for Il Volo – RAI Gulp launch a contest Il Volo x Dear Jack. Click “LIKE” to vote Il Volo and “SHARE”the post to vote Dear Jack. Enter here to vote #ilvolovers – Il Volo vs Dear Jack.

14:30 – Il Volo on TG1 16:20 – A nice report about their performance on China and the participation on Sanremo 2015 – TG 16:20 – on 8:00 – (Feb 7, 2015 in Italian)

12:00 – TG1 about Sanremo 2015: the hostess, the history, the press room,… a look inside the Festival that is about to begin – TG 13:30 – 24:30 (Feb 7, 2015 in Italian)

9:10 – According to Discogs the tracklist of the Il Volo Platinum Collection are:

Lable: EMI – 0602547228581

The Platinum Collection – on Discogs (Feb 7, 2015)

8:00 On Panorama a slide show with all the last Albums of the 20 “big”. Il Volo “Sanremo grande amore“is there! – Sanremo 2015: tutti gli album dei Big e le copertine

Francesca Martinelli and Il Volo7:00 – Francesca Martinelli published on her facebook profile (and on our timeline) a beautiful message to Il Volo: “Tra i big a Sanremo….che onore ragazzi, aver cantato con voi, avervi presentato e semplicemente avervi conosciuti, Gian era davvero piccolo al primo duetto insieme, ora siete Big all’estero e finalmente in Italia, volate sempre più in alto, con umiltà e sacrificio si ottiene ogni cosa. Un grande in bocca al lupo per tutto.” – In English: “Among the “big” in Sanremo… What a honor guys, having sung with you, having presented and simply having known you. Gian was really young at the first duet together, now you are Big abroad and finally in Italy, fly higher and higher, with humility and sacrifice you get everything. A big good luck to all.” (* photo of Francesca Martinelli)

6:50 – A nice video and a great idea for Il Volo – Video d’avanguardia per “Io sono una finestra” (Sanremo 2015) – with a photo shot of Grazia di Michele and Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette).

6:00 – A little gossip sometimes is good, if it is a nice gossip 🙂 – Maria Grazia Sanna writes about some of the 20 “big”: who is single, who is in love, … Il Volo this time escaped. Sanremo 2015: i gossip sui big in gara – on Blog di LifeStyle (Feb 7, 2015)

Il Volo in China – gallery


This gallery contains 15 photos.

Since Jan 29, 2015 Il Volo is in Beijing recording, performing and giving interviews on the events of the Spring Festival Global Gala. Many photos were shared by them and by other artists and fans. Here is a gallery, credits … Continue reading

Il Volo links & news for Jan 30, 2015

Good morning, Beijing!:: leggere in italiano

早安 ! Il Volo is in Beijing and it is almost night there now 🙂 Considering my time zone, I am late for the Italian news and almost a fossil for Chinese news.

I hope Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are having a great time with amazing people of a ancient culture.

Let’s go to the news. Remember to come back here many times. we are always updating but we do not always disclose on the social networks.


Il Volo contest18:00 – Il Volo published: “Everything you wanted to know about us! Send us a personal question within 24 hours to the email
The 30 most curious questions will be published and the first 3 will receive our dedicated video. At the end of #contestgrandeamore each participant will receive an email with all the answers and a special thought from all of us.” – Wow! For sure no one #ilvolover will miss this!

16:00 – L’Orafo di Crotone Michele Affidato presenta i suoi premi per Sanremo 2015Michelle Affidato presented the awards for the several events of Sanremo 2015 prepared for his goldsmithery. – video (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian) More: Opere di Affidato ad Al Bano e Lara Fabian (Affidato web site) and L’arte orafa di Michele Affidato a Sanremo 2015 ( Crotone24news, Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

14:00 – A Sanremo favorito il trio “Il Volo” – Gazzetta del Sud published about the preferences on the bets for the winner of Sanremo 2015. The numbers of SNAI indicates Il Volo with 2,5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 4,5 and Dear Jack and Malika with 11. – on Gazzetta del Sud (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

11:00 – Blog Sicilia highlights the presence of Sicilian artists in Sanremo 2015, mentioning Lorenzo Fragola from Catania, Ignazio Boschetto from Trapani and Piero Barone from Agrigento. – La Sicilia a Sanremo: Fragola e Il volo
Tra gli ospiti Vincenzo Nibali
– Blog Sicilia (Jan 30, 2015)

Amazon it Sanremo Grande Amore9:05 – Yesterday, Giovanni Nigro, the president of the FC Campobello di Licata, has already guarantee his copy of Sanremo Grande Amore, the EP of Il Volo that will be released on Feb 24. As we already announced the EP can be pre ordered on

The FC Campobello di Licata is a partner of All About Il Volo publishing together about Il Volo and helping us to keep a organized, complete and accurate archive about our favorite singers.

8:32 – Reality Show (Blogo) published an article about the guests for Sanremo 2015 confirming the same informations of the article of ANSA – Sanremo 2015: ospiti Conchita Wurst, Charlize Theron, The Avener, Antonio Conte, Vincenzo Nibali, riepilogo – by Fabio Traversa on Reality Show (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

8:30 – The guests and the new proposals are the theme of an article on ANSA – According to the article, Charlize Theron (with Sean Penn) and Conchita Wurst will be at the Teatro Ariston as special guests along with Will Smith and Margot Robbie, among others. The New Proposals for Sanremo 2015 are listed, including Serena Brancale with Galleggiare.- Charlize Theron e Conchita Wurst al festival di Sanremo – on ANSA (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

7:10 – We shared yesterday on our twitter, but it is nice to have here the link for this article about the 20 “big”artists of Sanremo 2015 and their relationship with the ‘social networks’ (this theme deserve an article not only in numbers). The article is in Italian but brings a ‘table’ that speaks by itself, look: The 20 big on facebook and twitter – and the complete article: Sanremo 2015: quali sono i cantanti più social? – on Musickr (Jan 30, 2015 in Italian)

7:00 – Nice article in English sent to us by our collaborator Bradamante. An analysis about the Il Volo possibilities on Sanremo and Eurovision 2015 – Are they flying to Vienna? – SANREMO: ITALIAN GREAT LOVE TAKES FLIGHT FOR VIENNA? – by Ilkar on Blogilkar (Jan 27, 2015)

6:30 – (16:30 Beijing) – Il Volo probably are getting ready to perform. Although we have no information about their schedule there, it is a good guess 🙂 Mabe a performance Live and also some record session for the ‘main’ celebration that will take place on February.

In italiano

(tradotto da Bradamante)

Il Volo si trova a Pechino ed è quasi notte là, ora. Considerando il mio fuso orario, sono in ritardo per le notizie italiane e quasi un fossile per quelle cinesi. Spero che Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca stiano divertendosi con persone straordinarie eredi di un’antica cultura. Passiamo alle notizie. Ricordate di tornare qui spesso, facciamo sempre l’aggiornamento ma non lo sveliamo sempre sui social network.

18:00 – Il Volo: “Tutto quello che vorresti sapere su di noi! Inviaci una domanda personale entro 24 ore alla mail
Le 30 domande più curiose saranno pubblicate e le prime 3 riceveranno una nostra video dedica. Al termine del #contestgrandeamore ogni partecipante riceverà un’email con tutte le risposte e un pensiero speciale da tutti noi.”

7:10 – Ieri l’abbiamo condiviso sul nostro twitter, ma è bello averlo anche qui il link a questo articolo riguardo i 20 “big” di Sanremo 2015 e le loro relazioni con i “social network” (questo tema merita un articolo, non solo cenni). L’articolo è in italiano ma contiene una tavola che parla da sola, guardate: i 20 big su Facebook e Twitter – è l’articolo completo: Sanremo 2015: quali sono i cantanti più social? – su Musickr ( 30 gennaio 2015)

7:00 – Bell’articolo in inglese mandato dalla nostra collaboratrice Maria. Un’analisi riguardo alle possibilità del Volo a Sanremo e all’Eurovision 2015 – Are they flying to Vienna? – SANREMO: ITALIAN GREAT LOVE TAKES FLIGHT FOR VIENNA? – Ilkar su Blogilkar (27 gennaio 2015)

6:30 – Probabilmente Il Volo sta preparandosi per l’esibizione. Sebbene non abbiamo informazioni riguardo i loro programmi là, è una buona intuizione. Forse ci saranno una performance dal vivo e anche una sessione di registrazione per la celebrazione principale che avrà luogo in febbraio.

Il Volo links & news for January 22, 2015

Links and NewsBuongiorno! After I went to sleep yesterday or, better, today early, Gianluca Ginoble confirmed on twitter that Il Volo is really going to China next week.

13:05 – The Agenzia Giornalistica sul Mercato del Gioco (AGIMEG) confirms the information of Il Velino: Il Volo is now on the first place among the favorites to win Sanremo 2015. The rank: Il Volo 5, Lorenzo Fragola 6, Dear Jack 8. – Scommesse: Sanremo 2015 è delle giovani leve. I pronostici mettono sul podio Il Volo, Lorenzo Fragola e Dear Jack – AGIMEC (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

11:30 According to Il Velino there is a change on the bookmakers data about the favorites to win Sanremo 2015. Now Il Volo is on the first place with 5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 6 and Dear Jack with 8. Not mentioned the sources of the information. – Sanremo: trio Il Volo favorito insieme a Lorenzo Fragola – on Il Velino (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

07:30 Article on Vanity Fair that list the ‘romances’ surrounding Sanremo 2015. About Il Volo they only said that they have a “Grande Amore” – Sanremo 2015, l’inventario sentimentale – on Vanity Fair (Jan 22, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo will be in China before Sanremo!

Jan 11, 2015 - Canicatti web Naro, finite le vacanze per Piero Barone: si ritorna con il Volo per preparare Sanremo 2015 – by Carmelo Vella on Canicatti Web

Il Volo in China before Sanremo? It is what Canicatti Web afirms. While we wait for confirmation, we translated the article.

Piero Barone‘s vacations are over! The time for meet family and friends, for relax and enjoy his born region is over and Piero returns to workwith Gianluca Ginoble and Igazio Boschetto.

They will have photographies to take, clothes do try and above all a hard work to improve the song “Grande Amore” to perform on the Festival di Sanremo in February and, of couse the new album that will be released just after a musical review that will take place in Liguria.

And big news!

According to Carmelo Vella on Cannicatti Web, Il Volo will be guests in a national festival in China, that will be broadcated Live by the Chinese TV on January 26, 2015.

Gaetano Barone, Piero’s father, told in interview that all the familly were very glad to have him home during the Christmas and this first days of the year. He adds that the sacrifice of having Piero far away for 2, 3 months is compensated by the success he is achieving together with Gianluca and Ignazio, remaining the simple but full of values guy he always was.

Piero did not miss somet evenings with old friends at the pizzeria, or a few nights on the disco to enjoy the music and dance music, considering  the peace and tranquility that offers the city of Naro. To the city, the long stay of Piero do not passed unnoticed. Many people comes to greet  and  to congratulate him and the group for the successes obtained so far.