Il Volo Summer Tour 2018 – Italia

Il Volo in São Paulo - Septermber 24, 2017
ph Suzana Gutierrez – Notte Magica, São Paulo 2017.

It was just announced the first dates of the Il Volo tour in Italy! Amazing news! – Read in English.

Sono appena state annunciate le prime date del tour de Il Volo in Italia! Ottime notizie! – Leggi in Italiano.

Recém anunciada a turnê do Il Volo na Itália! Que notícia! – Leia em Português.

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2015 – The Italian tour of Il Volo

Il Volo in TriesteThe Il Volo tour is already in the second half and we almost can’t believe it. One after other amazing and crowded concert and they are walking the path of the success in Italy and not only.

All About Il Volo is with them all the time with our staff of collaborators, making this tour an important part of the Il Volo’s history with reports and reviews of all concerts.

We invite all the fans to read about them, to go beyond photos and videos, to deep the knowledge about Il Volo and also to share the good content created about them. We invite the fans to support Il Volo sharing what is important for their career.

Sole sono le parole
Ma se vanno scritte tutto può cambiare…

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* all the reviews are original articles of All About Il Volo
** photo of Suzana Gutierrez for AAIV – Trieste
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Il Volo Tour 2016 – Live nei Palasport d’Italia a gennaio / Il Volo Tour 2016 – Live in the Palasports of Italy in January

b11by Francesca Marini

I fan italiani de Il Volo che non hanno potuto avere la possibilità di vedere i loro idoli durante il tour estivo, potranno rimediare: il gruppo ha infatti annunciato nuove date che vedranno i tre cantanti esibirsi nei palasport più importanti d’Italia.

Dopo la pubblicazione del loro nuovo disco prevista in autunno, i fan non dovranno attendere molto per rivedere sul palco i ragazzi de Il Volo. Il Tour “Live nei Palasport” 2016 partirà dal Pala Remo Maggetti di Roseto degli Abruzzi e si concluderà al Mediolanum Forum di Milano.

Il Volo - Auditorium Parco della MusicaItalian fans of Il Volo who couldn’t have the possibility to see their idols during the Summer tour, will can make up for it: in fact the band announced new dates that will see the three singers perform in the most important stadiums of Italy.

After the release of their new album expected in Autumn, fans will not have to wait long to see again the guys of Il Volo on stage. The Tour “Live nei Palasport” 2016 will start at the Pala Remo Maggetti of Roseto degli Abruzzi and it will end at the Mediolanum Forum of Milan.

Queste sono le date de Il Volo Tour “Live nei Palasport” 2016 – Italia a gennaio / These are the Il Volo Tour “Live nei Palasport” 2016 dates – Italy in January:

  • Jan 6, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Roseto degli Abruzzi (Teramo), Pala Remo Maggetti – 21:00.
  • Jan 8, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Ancona, Palarossini – 21:00.
  • Jan 9, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Padova, Arena Spettacoli Padova Fiere (padiglione 7) – 21:00.
  • Jan 12, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Livorno, Modigliani Forum – 21:00.
  • Jan 15, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Firenze, Nelson Mandela Forum – 21:00.
  • Jan 16, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Roma, Palalottomatica – 21:00.
  • Jan 20, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Castel Morrone (Caserta), Palamaggiò – 21:00
  • Jan 21, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Bari, Palaflorio – 21:00
  • Jan 23, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Acireale (CT), Palasport – 21:00
  • Jan 26, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna), Unipol – 21:00 Arena
  • Jan 27, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Torino, Pala Alpitour – 21:00
  • Jan 29, 2016 – Il Volo concert/concerto in Milano, Mediolanum Forum – 21:00

* Informazioni / Information: TicketOne – Il Volo Live nei Palasport 2016

* Photo / Foto – All About Il Volo – Summer tour / Tour estivo

Il Volo News – in Napoli!

Il Volo in NapoliWe think it is a good idea to open this post for publishing here all the news that of course will appear on all networks. The Il Volo concert in Napoli will be tomorrow and they already are there.

This afternoon they were on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and also appear on the TGR Campania 2pm edition. The City Hall of Napoli published a press release with a announcement that Il Volo had confirmed Live on TGR:

“Tomorrow, Friday, September 12, at 12pm, on the Ludoteca at Piazza dei Miracoli, the Department for Children, Creativity and Innovation promotes an encounter between the guys of the Ludoteca, the students of the Youth Choir directed by Carlo Morelli and the guys from the group “Il Volo”, in concert in Napoli for their first Italian tour.” – Comunicato Stampa della Giunta del 11/09/2014 – Comune di Napoli – Alessandra Clemente, Councillor for Youth.

Then, according with the producer Massimo Fregnani, they are rehearsing:

.. the photos of the rehearsals by Massimo Fregnani
.. the photo on the top is a screen shot of TGR video

Also a new little video shared on a report about the concert on Il Mattino – Arriva «Il Volo» all’Arena Flegrea: tappa napoletana per i tre tenori – Il Volo at Arena Flegrea: Neapolitan stage for the three tenors.

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Il Volo links & news for September 7, 2014

links and news:: September 7, 2014 – SANREMO 2015: e se fosse il ritorno in coppia di ALBANO e ROMINA? – on All Music Italia – according with the article and its sources, Albano will be on Sanremo 2015 and he intends to duet with Il Volo on the Ariston Theater stage. On the other hand, there may be pressure from RAI to Romina Power to be the duo of Albano, on a revival of earlier times. Lets see.

:: September 7, 2014 – Il Volo fa impazzire il teatro D’Annunzio – on La Città – review of the Il Volo concert in Pescara (in Italian)

Il Volo on Rete 8 – the concert in Pescara

Pescara – Il Teatro D’Annunzio spicca… “Il Volo” – this is the title of the special report about the Il Volo concert in Pescara. Published today on Rete 8:

video by Rete8

:: Read also in Italian: Pescara: il d’Annunzio spicca il … “Volo” – by Antonella Micolitti on Rete 8
:: video on Rete 8 – Il Teatro D’Annunzio spicca…”il Volo’.

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Il Volo concert in Pescara – a very special evening

Il Volo concert in Pescara If the stars shone over Taormina, now the rain waited, watching enchanted the great concert of Il Volo to finally cry thrilled over Pescara.

On September 5, 2014 Il Volo attend a magnificent concert in Pescara, the third concert in Italy, the first in the region of Abruzzo, from where Gianluca Ginoble came to be part of the group. This concert has been nurtured by the producer Massimo Fregnani, the manager Michele Torpedine and for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca as well.

Il Volo concert in Pescara The beautiful Teatro D’Annunzio was busy in the last days with the preparation and rehearsals for the concert. The Orchestra Regional Filarmonia Veneta published photos and news on facebook about the rehearsals and the press emphasized the presence of Maestro Diego Basso conducting the 39 musicians in the concert. Also the singers of Il Volo were busy and joyfully anticipating this evening, as Gianluca Ginoble, who was going to sing at home told us.

Il Volo concert in Pescara Several fans early published photos of the venue and of the sound check on all networks. A wonderful concert was being expected and it came true at night. The concert was opened by Daniele Falasca, a beautiful performance of “Scaccia crisi” from his new album “Insieme”, and then Il Volo was ready to entered the stage.  The Teatro D’Annunzio was completely sold out when Il Volo took the stage and the first chords of Un Amore Cosi Grande sounded. And the evening was pure joy and emotion.

Il Volo performed songs of the Italian classic repertoire, international songs and amazing solos that enchanted the audience. The set list included Un amore cosi grande, Granada, Tous les visages des l’amour, We are love, Caruso, Io che non vivo (the audience sang along!), E più ti penso, È la mia vita, Mattinata, Il Canto, Smile, Mamma, Maria, Beautiful Day, Torna a surriento and culminating with O Sole Mio. Il Mondo was out of the performance this time, thanks to the sky that moved began to cry  and because of Ignazio’s strong performance, in which his pants “surrendered”. Moments that will last forever on the hearts of everyone present!

Il Volo concert in Pescara Among the songs presented by the group, the solos, magnificent performances: No puede ser, the famous aria of La tabernera del puerto, by Piero Barone (amazing!), Quando l’amore diventa poesia, Massimo Rainieri on Sanremo 1969 , by Ignazio Boschetto, Can’t help falling in love (with you), Elvis Presley’s hit, a very matured interpretation by Gianluca Ginoble, Memory, outstanding performance of Ignazio Boschetto. Daniele Falasca, accordionist of Abruzzo, gave again a special bright to the performance of Gianluca on Anema e Core, and touched his girlfriend heart as well. Daniele proposed and she said YES!

All the performances solo were received with huge, breathtaking standing ovations. A great success!

Il Volo concert in Pescara Two hours of music and magic as only Il Volo can accomplish.Thank you Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for your talent, for your warm and kind heart, for the blessing of the music.

A wonderful night acclaimed by the press and for all the fans that keep posting photos and videos all over the night. Il Volo is making their dreams come true day by day and we are lucky and privileged witnesses.

* article by Mari Russu with the help of the friends: Margherita, Daniel Woolley.
** the beautiful and exclusive photos are an amazing work of the photographer Daniel Wooley – we strongly recommend a visit on his facebook page – Daniel Woolley Photography for more photos of the concert and to know his amazing work. Thank you Daniel! – share with credits to the photographer
*** References Rete8, Il Tempo, AbruzzoWeb, Paolo Di Vincenzo and Massimo Fregnani

Il Volo links and news for July 25, 2014

links and news:: July 25, 2014 – Dopo il sold out di luglio a Taormina “Il Volo” incanta di nuovo il pubblico italiano a Pescara – on L’Opinionista (in Italian) – interview and announcement of the concert in Abruzzo.

:: July 25, 2014 – Musica, Il Volo in concerto a Pescara il 5 settembre – on La Città (in Italian) – announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara.

– by Alessandra Renzetti on Abruzzo Web (in Italian) – about the Italian Tour of Il Volo.

:: July 25, 2014 – DANIELE FALASCA: IL ROSETANO CON LA FISARMONICA – on (in Italian) – Interview with Daniele Falasca. Il Volo concert in Taormina mentioned.

:: July 25, 2014 – Concerto del trio “Il Volo” il 5 settembre a Pescara – on Abruzzo 24ore (in Italian) – Announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara.

:: July 25, 2014 – “Il volo”, concerto in Abruzzo – on Inabruzzo (in Italian) – about the concert of Il Volo in Pescara next September.

:: July 23, 2014 – Il tour italiano del Volo decolla da Taormina – by Valerio Barghini on L’Arena (in Italian) – review of the Il Volo concert in Taormina

Il Volo links and news for July 22, 2014

links and news:: Taormina. “Il volo”: cena a base di pesce per festeggiare due giorni di “sold out” al Teatro Antico. Al brindisi presenti anche Salvo La Rosa, Antonella Clerici e Massimo Giletti – Il Volo at La Baronessa – dinner with Salvo La Rosa, Antonella Clerici, Bruno Vespa e Massimo Giletti – on Vai Taormina (in Italian) nice photo gallery

:: July 22, 2014 – Anche la Clerici a Taormina per Il Volo – La Sicilia July 22, 2014 (in Italian) – about the concert in Taormina (July 20)

:: July 22, 2014 – Il cielo di Taormina brilla di note – on Sicilia Journal – (in Italian) – about the Il Volo concert in Taormina.

:: July 22, 2014 – Arena flegrea: il programma dei concerti dell’Estate 2014 – on Napole Vivere (in Italian) – calendar Arena Flegrea

:: July 22, 2014 – IL VOLO | TEATRO D’ANNUNZIO – PESCARA – on Ciao Tickets – announcing the Il Volo concert in Pescara on September 5, 2014.

:: July 21, 2014 – Taormina. “TaoModa” al Teatro Antico: una scommessa vinta – on Vai Taormina (in Italian) – about the ceremony of Tao Awards

:: July 20, 2014 – Taormina e la Moda, un connubio vincente – on Mi Lorenteggio (in Italias) – about the ceremony of Tao Awards at Teatro Antico on July 19.

Il Volo links and news for mar 4, 2014

Il Volo - The Mann:: Mar 5, 2014 – Il Volo with the Philadelphia Orchestra – “Selling out arenas around the world, singing sensation Il Volo, one of PBS’ hottest artists, makes its debut at the Mann with The Philadelphia Orchestra.” – read more on The Mann – (Tickets go on sale Friday, March 7th at 10:00AM via

:: News from Il Volo by Janis Blank on facebook, via Ercole Ginoble (7:17 Rome time): Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are going to New York this morning! – Thanks Janis for sharing!