Il Volo interview/intervista – La Sicilia

On August 15, 2015 the newspaper La Sicilia published an article and an interview with Il Volo taken by Giuseppe Attardi. They talked about the concerts in Sicily, the new album that will be presented during the event at the Arena of Verona on September 21st and about the tour in Europe and in North and South America.
Click on the image to read the original article in Italian, here the English translation.

Il 15 Agosto 2015, il quotidiano La Sicilia ha pubblicato un articolo e un’intervista con Il Volo realizzata da Giuseppe Attardi. Hanno parlato dei concerti in Sicilia, del nuovo album che sarà presentato durante l’evento all’Arena di Verona, il 21 Settembre e del tour in Europa e nel Nord e Sud America.
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Il Volo – New Single and videoclip, a book and an international tour / Nuovo singolo e videoclip, un libro e un tour internazionale

Qui la versione in Italiano

Il Volo - new videoclip

On August 13, 2015 was released an audio interview with Il Volo by La Repubblica TV – Palermo Edition. The interview is in Italian (you can listen here) and below you can find the English (not literal) translation by Mari Russu:

They talk about the concerts in Sicily where they will perform in Taormina, Agrigento and Palermo. Piero says that the concert at the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento is an event that he personally wanted so much and they are very happy with the reaction of the Sicilian people. The concert was soon sold out and a second date was needed.

About the Sicilian fans, Piero says that they aren’t more affectionate than the fans of the Nord, but more warm.

Talking about their goals, once again Piero affirms that after Sanremo the situation has changed in a positive way and in this tour they expected to hug the old audience and also the new. Gianluca adds that their next goal is to reaffirm their success with the new Album that will be released in September and that will be presented on September 21th at the Arena di Verona. That concert will be the last date of the Grande Amore Tour and will be aired on September 23th on RAI 1.

However, it won’t be only the date that will close the tour but also the date that will open the International Tour that will begin in January 2016. Piero declares that the tour will start with concerts in the Italian Stadiums and will continue with an international tour in the following months, from January to July. Gianluca adds that the style will be the same that they used in Sanremo with Grande Amore. Continue reading