Il Volo – reviews and articles – Eurovision, May 21, 2015

While Il Volo is living an incredible experience in Vienna many reviews and articles about them and their song are popping on the net almost continuously. Here’s the last articles.

The author of the article lists wirh humor nine reasons why Il Volo should win: guilty pleasure, bookmakers, demography, originality, Italy factor, hate/love factor, luck factor, Vienna factor, neighbours factor. – Questi sono i nove (buoni) motivi per cui “Il Volo” dovrebbe vincere Eurovision 2015 – on Eurofestival Italia (May 21, 2015 in Italian)

According to Austrian Tv ORF site dedicated to the Eurovision, Il Volo is one of the favourites for the Final. In the interview the guys talk about the rehearsals, of their performance without frills, of their research for a sushi in Vienna! And the guys reveal that their parents are joining them in Vienna for the Final. Among their favourites for the victory the colleagues of Australia, Spain and Sweden. – Il Volo gerüstet für das große Finale – on Songcontest.orf (May 20, 2015 in English) Continue reading