Shining under the rain: Il Volo at the Wind Music Awards / Splendenti sotto la pioggia: Il Volo ai Wind Music Awards

Il Volo - Wind Music Awards 2017Non c’è cambiamento climatico che possa separare Il Volo da ciò che i ragazzi amano di più: cantare! Ed è stato così anche all’Arena di Verona, dove si sono tenute le premiazioni dei Wind Music Awards. – Leggi in Italiano.

There is no climate change that can separate Il Volo from what the guys love the most: singing! And it was not different at the Arena di Verona, where the Wind Music Awards ceremony was held. – Read in English.

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Michele Torpedine – intervista/interview – Estate in Diretta

Michele Torpedine - Estate in DirettaAn interview to Il Volo’s manager, Michele Torpedine, aired on Friday, August 7th, during the program “Estate in Diretta” on RAI1. The interviewer, Barbara Di Palma, asked Torpedine about his opinion on the negative remarks of Vittorio Sgarbi and Katia Ricciarelli towards Il Volo from a previous interview on the same program. Although his answers were sometimes ambiguous, Torpedine replied to the criticisms very calmly and diplomatically, and said that the future of the band is brighter than ever.

Un’intervista al manager de Il Volo, Michele Torpedine, è andata in onda venerdì 7 agosto durante il programma “Estate in Diretta” su RAI1. La giornalista Barbara Di Palma ha chiesto a Torpedine che cosa ne pensa sulle affermazioni piuttosto negative di Vittorio Sgarbi e Katia Ricciarelli su Il Volo durante un’intervista precedente sullo stesso programma. Anche se a volte le sue risposte erano ambigue, Torpedine ha risposto alle critiche in una maniera serena e diplomatica, dicendo che il futuro della band è più luminoso che mai.

IL VOLO-A ESTATE IN DIRETTA INTERVISTA A MICHELE TORPEDINE 07/08/2015 by / di Giulia Sammarco on / su Vimeo.

English translation by Martina Camenzuli

Presenter of “Estate in Diretta”: «Another excellent “Made in Italy” musical talent is the trio Il Volo. On the 23rd of August on our program, during a segment we did about the band, Vittorio Sgarbi shared his personal opinions on the story of these guys. We talked to Michele Torpedine, Il Volo’s manager during an interview carried out by our Barbara Di Palma, in which he replies to Sgarbi’s attacks. Listen to what he had to say.»

Barbara Di Palma: «When someone reaches a certain level of success, criticism and chatter tend to multiply. The same thing happened with the trio Il Volo. Today we have with us Michele Torpedine who is the manager of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, and who’s here to clarify some things. Recently we talked about the guys on Estate in Diretta and there have been certain comments from our guest to which you’d like to respond.»
Torpedine: «Vittorio, my ex-friend Vittorio, because I remember we were quite good friends especially when he used to ask me for Andrea Bocelli to sing at the Castello di Ferrara on his birthday.»

Vittorio Sgarbi (from a previous interview): «They first thank Tony Renis for their success, but then they take it back and say it was all thanks to Torpedine. Very cunningly, they realised that thanking Torpedine instead of Renis, would be more beneficial for them because Torpedine means BocelliContinue reading

Il Volo links and news for Jan 7, 2015

links and newsOk … we are a little late on the news, thanks to the Brazilian mobile internet… that of course works if you do not move from your house…

:: Today, on Telesud, Grand Hotel conducted by Antonella Lusseri will have a special guest: Ignazio Boschetto. The program will be broadcasted at (9pm and 11pm, Italy time). – Gli appuntamenti su Telesud – Link to Live transmission: Diretta TV

:: Telesud also published an article about Il Volo and Sanremo that begins recognizing the talent of each one and say that it multiplied by 3 is really a talent explosion. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca add up to 60 years and it is less than the age of each component of the band Pooh, to whom Il Volo opened a concert in 2013. With a great career abroad, now Il Volo is preparing for Sanremo 2015. – “In Volo”…. verso Sanremo – on Telesud

:: The Fan Club Timxbr launched their website: The Ilvolovers Brasil with content about Il Volo in Portuguese. A beautiful layout and great info: Images, videos, news, biographies,… A great way to share the love for Il Volo to Portuguese speaking people. Welcome and success!

:: Sanremo 2015 – According to Chi Magazine and published by several news sites, Carlo Ponti shared the names of the special guests for the 65º Festival di Sanremo. Tiziano Ferro, Giorgia, Gianna Nannini and Andrea Bocelli, all them returning to the Teatro Ariston. Blogo (Reality Show) published a review about their previous participation on the Festival: Sanremo 2015: ospiti italiani Tiziano Ferro, Gianna Nannini, Giorgia and Andrea Bocelli? Per tutti e 4 ritorno all’Ariston