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December 28, 2014 – photo gallery of the event Naro in Volo – the recognition of Il Volo and the conferment of the title “Ambassador of Naro in the World” to Piero Barone. Photos of Giovanni Nigro – Il Volo … Continue reading

Naro in Volo – on the press

Il Volo in Naro - Dec 28, 2014On December 28, 2014 Naro lived a great day! Il Volo was received in the city and recognized by the Comune di Naro on a magnificent ceremony at the baroque church of San Francesco in Piazza Garibaldi.

The event was broadcasted Live by Teletua Web TV, whom we thank immensely. Gabriele Terranova and he’s staff were gently available to answer questions and provide information.

Piero Barone –  born and citizen of Naro – was nominated Ambassador of Naro in the World.  Today, the press is publishing about the event:

:: Naro in estasi per Piero Barone e il Volo: il video integrale dell’evento – on Canicatti Web – Highlighting the packed Church of San Francesco with the people of Naro, with the presence of the mayor Lillo Cremona and conducted by Totò Nocera, the recognition of Il Volo was a great event. Piero Barone accompanied by Totò Nocera sanf “Naro Fulgentissima”.

:: Naro, per Barone di “Il Volo” bagno de folla – on Agrigento Flash – A huge crowd attended the event in Naro, the conferment of the title of Ambassador of Naro in the World to Piero Barone. Many people stood at Piazza Garibaldi, out of the church and under the rain waiting the end of the ceremony to greet Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble. Also published on Sicilia 24 ore – Naro accoglie e saluta “Il Volo”.

:: Piero Barone del trio “Il Volo”, ambasciatore di Naro nel Mondo – on Grandangolo Agrigento – Short article reporting the events in Naro.

:: Naro accoglie e saluta “Il Volo” – on Per la Città – Short article reporting the events in Naro.

:: NARO – L’amministrazione comunale ha insignito Piero Barone Ambasciatore – on Tele Radio Studio 98 – Short article reporting the events in Naro.

Il Volo and Sanremo news – Dec 26, 2014

links and news

Il Volo and Sanremo on the press.

:: Petruzzelli, staffetta Bollani-Rossi
Non solo presepi viventi dopo Natale
– This article by Ludovico Fontana on Corriere del Mezzogiorno (Corriere della Sera) talks about several concerts and presentations that will take place on the next weeks. Among them are mentioned Locus – a Festival in Locorotondo (Bari). On December 29 will perform Carolina Bubbico with her strings project and according to the article Carolina will conduct the Orchestra on Sanremo 2015 on the performances of Il Volo and Serena Brancale. That news we have to confirm.

:: Dec 26, 2014 – An article written by Mauro Bertocchini on his blog Bertok: E ora vi dico chi vincerà Sanremo 2015! – The author makes a prognosis that Il Volo must win Sanremo, he finds all the ingredients that according to his experience indicate that the Italian musical world has already declared the winner. The success abroad, the Latin Billbooard this year, the return to Italy and the tour, the Christmas concert of the Senate and the special Unici are a chain of events that suggest that this is the year of Il Volo and to win Sanremo is the logical destination. Our comment: we can not deny that the musical world works like that all the time, but we can’t also deny that Il Volo made a long and successful journey since 2009 and their return to Italy is not an accident: it is a planned career as it has to be. And we know without a single doubt about the great talent of this three young men. In this case the ‘Italian musical world’ could surrender to the to what can not be denied, to what can not but be unseen. Continue reading

Il Volo news for Dec 19, 2014

Sanremo 2015 links & newsHere is still Dec 18, but the news on Italy are already online. News for Dec 19! Antonio Minutiello on Retro Magazine – Festival di Sanremo 2015: i cantanti in gara – makes critics to the Sanremo Festival, considering its evolution in the last few years. From a “theatrical” festival to a TV festival that highlights the singers fresh out of the talent shows. More emphasis on the competition: televoting, great movement among fans, than on the songs. One option for hip artists at the expense of the big names that made the history of Sanremo. We think that this criticism is right about the competitive and media aspects but, on the other hand, to keep the format without considering the social and cultural changes would make the festival stop on the time.

News about the tour 2015! According with sites of the Dominican Republic, Il Volo will be in concert at the amphitheater Nuryn Sanlley on August 29, 2015. As Il Volo does not released the dates of the 2015 tour, we will keep this great new in standby, waiting for official confirmation. Well…, we cannot put in standby the joy of the Dominican fans. The articles: El anfiteatro Nuryn Sanlley acogerá a estrellas en 2015 – by Severo Rivera on Diario Libre -, and Joaquín Sabina will perform his concert in the Nuryn Sanlley amphitheater in 2015 – on the Dominican Republic Official website (both on Dec 12, 2015).

Natale Naro 2014Coming back to Italy, Gabriele Terranova on Canicatti Web announces the news in Naro – Christmas is in the air and the city is celebrating. Today, at the Council room Naro will recognize Ignazio Fonzo, Luigi Patronaggio and the priest Don Giorgio Simion as honorary citizens of Naro. The ceremony will take place at 10am.

On December 28 Il Volo will be in Naro when they will be guests of Salvatore Nocera Bracco and Mayor Lillo Cremona who will welcome them in the magnificent setting of the Church of San Francesco. The event is part of the ceremony when Piero Barone will be recognized as “Ambassador of Naro in the world”. (the article: Naro, si respira aria Natalizia: il Programma, il 28 Piero Barone e il Volo)


Il Volo on La Vita in Diretta Dec 19, 2014La via Indiretta, the TV show of RAI 1,  announces the presence of Il Volo on their studios (right now), rehearsing for an appearance latter in the show. All About Il Volo will report this event latter. For now you can enjoy the greetings of Il Volo.

Il Volo Honduras talks about Il Volo on a special interview on the TV show Line UP (in Spanish). – They talked about the Fan Club and also about Il Volo: how the group was created, their career and their relationship with the fans.