Il Volo links and news for February 19, 2015

Il Volo links & newsThe news do not stop to come. For those who asked: Yes we are not aware of the ‘affair’ Renis- Censi and of the reaction of Il Volo published today on several media. We will write a special article about this.

Meanwhile, let’s go to the news!


:: For those that already did not see, please do not miss this amazing video: Ignazio Boschetto charms Marsala – images by Fabio Ingrassia. If Il Volo will conquer the Italian music scenery, someone else will strike the ‘cuores’.

:: ITALY ARE EARLY EUROVISION FAVOURITES WITH IL VOLO AND GRANDE AMOURE – on Benny Royston website – The bookmakers are pointing Il Volo as a favourite to win Eurovision 2015 since Italia announced that they will sing the “smash hit” Grande amore on May 23rd in Vienna. Comment: I just love to read that ‘smash hit’ !

:: RAI Eurovision Song Contest Italia announced: È ufficiale: sarà «Grande amore» la canzone che @IlVolo porterà in gara il 23 maggio all’ ‪#‎Eurovision‬ Song Contest di Vienna! ‪#‎escita‬ – It’s official: @IlVolo will sing «Grande Amore» in Vienna! @Eurovision ‪#‎Eurovision‬ ‪#‎escita‬

:: Il Volo will make an appearance on the reality show Forte, forte, forte on RAI 1. Friday, Feb 20, 2015. 21:10(ITA).

:: Il Messaggero published a great new: Il Volo will be guests on their TV studio tomorrow from 13 to 14:00 (Ita) – Send your questions and criticisms to which the winners of Sanremo will answer. Just send email to or a tweet with the hashtag ‪#‎chiedialvolo‬. Now! – Sanremo, Il Volo venerdì al Messaggero Tv – Il Messaggero (Feb 18, 2015) (update: on the original article published yesterday said “domani” (tomorrow) and no ‘day’ on the tittle, we thought it was today, but now they changed)

Still talking about Sanremo

Il Volo won Sanremo 2015Step by step we are trying to updated all the news and all the relevant content abut Il Volo on the 65º Festival della Canzona Italiana and in this I have to deeply thanks Bradamante, Martina, Giovanni and Gaby for the support. Sanremo 2015 was a joy and also a hard test to Il Volo, they put themselves on the test in every way, with courage and determination are facing the good and the bad times that only those who really do something face.

Many of this articles and critics we are publishing here deserved a deep reflection and maybe on a more peaceful time we can do it.

* photo by Agrigento Notizie


:: According to Eurovision News “Grande Amore” the unreleased song presented by Il Volo on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana was composed on 2003. On the occasion Francesco Boccia did not pass the selection to the Festival and the song remain carefully stored for another opportunity. On this edition the song was initially proposed to Enrico Giovagnoli and Francesca Carli, a pop lyric duo, to be presented on the New Proposals, but Enrico is 36 years old and can not compete on the Giovani category. So the song went to Il Volo that had presented another song, this one disliked by Carlo Conti. (curious story related by Pasquale Mammaro, manager of Boccia and Esposito to Eurovision News!) – Sanremo 2015, “Grande amore” è nata 12 anni fa. E Carlo Conti… – Eurovision News (Feb 16, 2015 in Italian)

:: This article on the site Rosalio is against Il Volo, but brings un interesting behind the scene: Italy according to Alvise Salerno desperately needs Eurovision in Italy for economical reasons. So even if he dislikes them, he hopes they win. – Si spicca Il Volo, da Sanremo all’Eurovision Contest – on Rosalio (Feb 16, 2015 in Italian)

:: The Italian Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club rejoices at the news of Il Volo winning the festival of Sanremo. “Inutile nascondere che con Il Volo l’Italia si candida a un ruolo da protagonista al prossimo Eurovision Song Contest, per cercare quella vittoria che manca da 25 anni.” (“Needless to hide that with Il Volo Italy is a candidate for a starring role in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, to look for the victory that is missing for 25 years.”) – Sì Il Volo su Vienna! – on OGAE Italy (Feb 15, 2015 in Italian)

:: According to TV Blog (Blogo) Il Volo will be on the episode of the talent show Forte, forte, forte on Friday, February 20, 2015. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will interact with the protagonists of the show by Raffaella Carrà and Sergio Japino. – Il Volo alla prima in diretta di Forte Forte Forte venerdì su Rai1 (Anteprima Blogo) – nn TV Blog (Feb 15, 2015 in Italian)