Il Volo week – on the way to Sanremo

This Il Volo week was busy for me! My first week of work, packing, traveling to … burn again on my ‘work place’ 🙂 Well… c’est la vie! This one will be really a short ‘week’ report.

Feb 1st – The last day in Beijing and Il Volo please us sending amazing videos. The first one almost fool me on the beginning 🙂 But we make a great summary of their adventures in China here:

video by AAIV

Feb 2nd – Almost all day flying with a bunch of #ilvolovers tracking the plane while others are enchanted with the cover photo of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni. Sanremo! What emotion to see them there! Their appearance on the Armani Fashion Show returns to our attention through a video shared by Mediaset (Modamania). We traslated here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview.

IgnazioI loved to remember the last February 2nd, last year, when Ignazio and Roberto Amadè sang for a sold out Teatro Impero:  Concerto Amadè-Boschetto– a nice throwback!

Il Volo arrived in Rome at night and Gianluca said he was already going home. We thought that Piero and Ignazio stood in Rome to travel next day.

Feb 3rd – Gianluca back home and resting 🙂 Or almost.
Ignazio with an airport face published a quote from the book Non è stagione, published this year by Antonio Manzini. What is the worst? The absence or the loss? There is a lot of possibilities here to think…

Feb 4 – Montepagano is prepared to support Gianluca and Il Volo in Sanremo. And he is there while there. Piero and Ignazio? No traces. I lie… Pier, ops, Il Volo sent a photo and a message: “Battery charging at home, getting ready for Festival di Sanremo – ‪#‎Rest‬ ‪#‎Home‬ ‪#‎Ilvolo‬ ‪#‎GrandeAmore‬ ‪#‎Sanremo2015‬ ”

PieroFeb 5 – The day we saw on practice the things a few of us were seeing in theory: the slow but progressive change on the Il Volo relationship with the communication/information in general, and with media and social networks in particular.

A few hours after my article, the things became clear to all and some points of my analysis were confirmed. And step by step things began to change.

And here, although the busy times and all the work, good things happen and the best of the last times is the presence of Bradamante and Martina, two italian fans helping me not only with translations, but also with the research.  Ignazio said that Music brought people together… Il Volo too! Welcome girls, may we share our love for the music and for Il Volo per sempre 🙂


MarsalaFeb 6 – Now is Marsala supporting Ignazio with a beautiful, beautiful banner. And I am not saying this because they used one of my photos of last June 🙂 I am glad to see that photo there in marsala. It is almost like I was there!

Feb 7 – While resting Il Volo was focused on Sanremo. All the time appear #ilvolograndeamore #sanremograndeamore – Everything a great love. And we dealing with thousands of links and news about Il Volo and Sanremo, helping people to chose the best way to put the hands on their new EP 🙂 And also informing about Il Volo official accounts and no official fan clubs 🙂

Feb 8 – In the morning Piero announced: taking off  and soon Gianluca said he was on the road for Sanremo too. Flying, driving, alone and together our dear guys met in Sanremo in one more busy day around all the news  of the Festival. Thank you, Il Volo! We are living the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana!

Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview

Il Volo interview - ModamaniaIl Volo attended an interview to Modamania during the Emporio Armani Fashion Show last January 19th in Milan. The event, part of the Milan Fashion Week, was held to present the Fall-Winter collection of Emporio Armani.

Il Volo was there wearing Armani with the help of the stylist Federico Zaccone.

In Italiano (da Bradamante):

Il Volo ha concesso un’intervista a Modamania durante il fashion show di Emporio Armani lo scorso 19 gennaio a Milano. L’evento, parte della settimana della Moda di Milano, è stato indetto per presentare la collezione autunno-inverno di Emporio Armani.

Il Volo era lì e indossava Armani con l’aiuto dello stilista Federico Zaccone.

Video by Mediaset (Modamania/Pret-a-Porter) in Italian.

edited by AAIV

Il volo links & news for Feb 2, 2015

links and newsIt is a holiday here – Our Lady of the Navigators, the patron saint of my city, a faith that born here with the Azorean colonization. For those who do not know, Portugal sent 20 Azorean couples to the south and they founded Porto Alegre. Then we received couples from Germany and Italy and Gisele Bundchen was born 🙂 A good mix!

Il Volo is coming home and China did well for them. I never see a bored person so happy as Ignazio on that ‘selfie’ of the airport :)) But let’s go to the news. Tomorrow I begin to work and the news will late 🙂


16:00 – Well remembered by Beverly Olson on facebook: today, one year ago Ignazio Boschetto and Roberto Amadè performed a beautiful concert at the Teatro Impero in Marsala. We followed close all the events around the concert and made great friends as Gino de Vita, Abele Gallo, IsaBand, Isabel Salinas, the Sound & Voices Gospel Choir and many others. All we wrote, translate, photos, videos are here: Concerto Amadè-Boschetto – a nice throwback!

9:50 – Another bad review to Grande Amore, this time by Cosi è – the journalist honor Il Volo for the technical difficulty of the song, although they came from a ‘competition of stereotypes’ and that the song is redundant in the use of the word Love… Sanremo 2015: le canzoni in anteprima – by Wannabefre on Cosi è (Jan 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

8:00 – New video published: Il Volo interview on Mediaset (Modamania/Pret-a-Porter) – during the Emporio Armani Fashion Show last month – L’uomo per l’inverno 2015 Emporio Armani – (in Italian) Our edition soon here: Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show – interview – Thanks to Cristina Gio for the Tip!

7:20 – The Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane is on a new house: IlVolovers Brasiliane – visit the beautiful, clean and interactive site and leave a comment.

7:00 – It was announced the presence of Biagio Antonacci among the guests to Sanremo 2015. Here an interview with the singer on TG1: Biagio Antonacci Super Ospite #Sanremo2015 – video by rossana biagio (Feb 1st, 2015) Continue reading

Il Volo week from Jan 19 to 21, 2015

Il Volo on BillboardsIgnazio, Piero and Gianluca had a really busy week! Let’s say that I am tired of their week 🙂 But I agree, they also had a lot of fun and new experiences. I hope they can assimilate all the novelties and make it a source of personal and professional growth. And above all, I hope they can separate what is true and forever of what is vanity and chasing after the wind.

Jan 19 – The Armani event! We are glad Ignazio was there. – Il Volo on Emporio Armani Fashion Show. After all the activities they announced that are going back home.

Jan 20 – Silence! More photos and reviews (short!) of the event were posted. I really like the Armani collection and the outfit of Il Volo. A little color would be great but I like the ‘ton sur ton’ specially shades of gray (nothing to do with the book 🙂 or all depending on the day). I liked too the more comfortable pants 🙂 I think is more elegant pants not so tied below the knees. After all all #ilvolover has a wonderful imagination.

Piero - Emporio Armani ShowGianluca is signaling with big and exciting news, he can’t wait and so do we. All the ‘bet systems’ (somebody please help me with the correct expression) are pointing Il Volo as one of the favorites to win Sanremo 2015. – Il Volo links & news for Jan 20, 2015 – the news are here.

Piero published the photo that was missed: his photo with the new outfit as Gian and Ignazio have already published. And he said, maybe quoting Giorgio Armani:

L’eleganza non è farsi notare, ma farsi ricordare. – Elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered.

And I stood on the “remembered” because I just love all related to memories, the search of the time. To be remembered is not easy. Continue reading