Il Volo: cantando insieme a L’Arena – Domenica In / singing together at L’Arena – Domenica In

Il Volo L'arena Giletti 26 february 2017In una domenica pomeriggio tiepida, soleggiata e tranquilla, i nostri cellulari trillano improvvisamente. Una notifica dei social network ufficiali de Il Volo ci invita ad accendere la TV e guardare L’Arena – Domenica In. Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca sono in studio con Massimo Giletti! – Recensione in Italiano

On a sunny, warm and quiet Sunday afternoon, suddenly our phones ring. A notification from Il Volo official social networks invite us to switch the TV on and watch L’Arena – Domenica In. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are there in the studio with Massimo Giletti! – Review in English

VIDEO: L’ARENA – 26/02/2017 (from minute / dal minuto 1:59:00)

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Il Volo – L’Arena

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloOn March 29, 2015 was aired the participation of Il Volo on the TV show L’Arena on RAI 1.

The program about one hour long was conducted by Massimo Giletti and blended interviews, special reports and the amazing performances of Il Volo.

In italiano da Martina Maggi:

Il 29 Marzo 2015 è stata trasmessa la partecipazione de Il Volo a L’Arena, su RAI 1.
La trasmissione condotta da Massimo Giletti è durata circa un’ora ed in essa si sono alternate interviste, reportage e meravigliose esibizioni de Il Volo.

:: L’Arena – RAI 1: L’Arena del 29/03/2015 (full episode / puntata completa)

:: photo gallery / galleria fotografica ::


March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloAnd enjoy / godetevi:

:: Introducing Il Volo / Presentazione de Il Volo ::

:: Il Volo sings Canzone per te / Il Volo canta Canzone per te ::

:: Il Volo sings Io che non vivo / Il Volo canta Io che non vivo ::

:: Il Volo sings a little bit of O’ Sole mio / Il Volo improvvisa O’ Sole mio ::

:: The Il Volo Sicilian Fan Clubs I / I Fan Club siciliani de Il Volo – parte 1 – Massimo Messina – Il Volo Fan Club Canicattì ::

:: The Il Volo Sicilian Fan Clubs II / I Fan Club siciliani de Il Volo – parte 2 – Massimiliano Arena – Naro ::

:: The Il Volo Sicilian Fan Clubs III / I Fan Club siciliani de Il Volo – parte 3 – Giovanni Nigro – Il Volo FC Campobello di Licata Città d’Arte ::

:: Il Volo sings Piove (ciao, ciao, bambina) / Il Volo canta Piove (ciao, ciao, bambina) ::

:: The good bye! / I saluti finali! ::

Translated by Bradamante, Martina Maggi and Sara Severi.

1st part – Bradamante

The host Massimo Giletti introduce the guests of the show: three young boys whose ages put together is 60 years old. Three guys who have success in all over the world and have sold about three millions of discs and done many concerts abroad, all sold out.

However, they were unhappy because they were more famous abroad than at home, so they had to go to Sanremo and win to have this success: «IL VOLO!»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero, here they are!»
Il Volo greets him and the audience
Giletti: «They are young lions… I put myself in the middle»
Ignazio: «Mr. Massimo, how are you?»
Giletti: «As an old man, as an old man…»
Piero: «You are one of us… the more the time goes by, the more you look young… Not even a wrinkle…»
Giletti: «Oh, they begin… It is that you are used to Vespa, isn’t it? A bit of respect for the old people… Eh?»
Ignazio (joking): «You are better than Vespa for sure!» they send a greet to Bruno Vespa. “Ciao Bruno!!!”

Giletti: «Be careful. You never know, Bruno may be around, he could even hear us… »
Gianluca: «Yes, exactly»
Ignazio: «But uncle Bruno is a friend»
Giletti: «When I saw you with Sanremo’s trophy that evening, I was wondering what you would have done if you had not became singers. For example, now I’m doing this job, but I had never thought I would do this, I’ve thought I would do something else…»
Giletti: «When you saw yourself there, that evening, what did you think in the moment you triumphed?»
Ignazio: «Eeeeeehm»
Giletti: «The truth!»
Ignazio: «Yes, the truth…ehmmm…you know, that…» Piero starts to talk : «No, do you know what I do remember of that evening?»
Ignazio: «What?»
Piero: «I remember Massimo [Giletti] at the end, after the pictures, with the cellphone… It has been our ruin that mobile… You were one of the first people we hugged, did you remember? And he was filming with his mobile»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Yes, I was filming… that shooting will be worth like gold for your fans»
Gianluca laughs: «Well, for sure» Giletti jokes and says to Gianluca that his fans had called him to have the film.
Gianluca: «I want to say something»
Giletti: «Something serious?»
Gianluca: «One must be happy, but without getting excited too much. Even after the victory I was already thinking of Eurovision, but not because I wasn’t satisfied; only because if you get excited too much then you may lose your head.»
Giletti: «I see that you got into the Juventus (soccer team, note’s editor) spirit» Gianluca winks: «Eh, did you see?»
Giletti: «And you support Roma, so you are already in the spirit of thinking to the future» this is a joke linked with Italian soccer teams that plays in the Serie A.


March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti introduces “Canzone per te”, a song by Sergio Endrigo, who won as well Sanremo Festival in 1968 singing along with Roberto Carlos.
Piero: «Shall we sing?»
Giletti: «Yes, immediately! Canzone per te!» he starts to move away to let Il Volo sing it, but Ignazio stops him: «Do you sing with us?» Giletti smiles and shakes his head: «No, it is too beautiful! Ciao!» He goes away.

Il Volo sings Canzone per te, and while they’re singing the credits are aired.

Giletti returns to the stage exclaiming: «IL VOLO!» they thanks him and the audience.
Giletti: «So… before you talked about the emotions; look what we have here: the images of the victory in Sanremo, of that song that triumphed. Go!»

A clip of the victory is aired.

Giletti: «Is it true that one of you was not so convinced to go to Sanremo?» Ignazio makes funny faces
Piero: «I wanted to go because I liked the song; I was the first and the only who liked Grande Amore immediately»
Giletti: «I was particularly stunned by him [Gianluca]. When you got to the final phase, I remember that hug [he hugged Carlo Conti and then Piero, Ignazio and Nek], also that “Grazie Italia” (thank you Italy) that we haven’t heard in the previous clip… What did you want to express, the certainty that finally you were having success also in Italy?»
Gianluca: «Exactly. That was because I have seen many comments on the social media that criticized even that “Grazie Italia”. However, it was spontaneous, you – I am talking to the people at home – can easily imagine that we have been out of Italy since five, six years, and so coming back to Italy and win Sanremo for us was a great emotion… We must say thank you to Italians! In that moment, we really felt the need to say thanks to the Italians who have voted for us. We are not in France or in Germany, we are in Italy!»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Maybe is also the fact that you are always abroad – and you know how important is for the Italians who are away from our country the concept of “Italy”… Perhaps this affection is perceived more when one comes back.»
Piero: «Travelling we met so many Italians abroad; maybe we go to eat in an Italian restaurant and we meet the owner who is Italian, and every time these people talk about Italy, about their roots, they have tears in their eyes. And we have understood from this how much we Italians are tied to our Italy. We have decided to come back here in Italy in Sanremo, because is the biggest showcase for this reason, because we are tied to our roots»

Giletti: «But when three young men arrive, in a very complicated world, where there is a cutthroat competition, well, yes, all are friends but…»
Gianluca: «There is the point, bravo»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «One wins, or the other wins, the second, yes, but… I remember for example, Nek, who whit his song is having a great success, at a certain point he said “I want to see them without televoting”… Am I wrong?»
Gianluca: «May I say something?» Ignazio: «No, me first»
Gianluca: «Only a thing…»
Ignazio: «I am older, may I?»
Gianluca: «Please, after you…»
Ignazio: «Well, because I on these things I am more…» Gianluca encourages him to talk.

Ignazio: «I am more wise… (laughs) no, I want to say a thing…»

Giletti laughs: «You want to talk before than Gianluca because you’re afraid of what he might say.»
Ignazio: «Yes, because…»
Piero: «I will show you that I will have to remedy at the end!»
Ignazio: «No, no, absolutely. You see, this is the problem we have in the Italian society: We always try to find a disparagement of the people, we try always to find something in the other people and we don’t try
to support our things» Gianluca bites his own hands

Gianluca begins to be restless: «No, let’s say the truth. It’s true that singing this music genre was a choice, but is also a choice of life. You must have passion to sing operatic pop and I have to tell you – and also to all the Italian artists who are listening your TV program – that we must be sincere: the only music genre that can come out of our country is this one. As Bocelli and Pavarotti have teached us»
Giletti: «So then, I am missing something, what is the problem?»
Gianluca: «There are French and Canadian artists like il Divo or Josh Groban who sing in Italian. Do you understand what I want to say?» Giletti nods but answers back that Gianluca didn’t reply to his question.

Giletti: «Yes, but no one of you replied to that. Could you explain me why, for example, Irene Grandi didn’t approve the fact that you will challenge at the Eurovision Contest? Why is this happened?»
Piero becomes worked up and answers with a dig: «My I tell you something? If this comment had been made by Bocelli, Laura Pausini or Zucchero, who abroad are somebody and are part of the history, then
we could worry about it, but…»

Giletti quotes Dante, who in the Divine Comedy wrote “non ti curar di lor/ma guarda e passa”: «…don’t care about them,» Piero finishes the sentence: «and go on»
Giletti: «Yes, and go on. That is what and old wise man [Dante, nd.A] used to say. How many things changed in comparison to some time ago? Because you know that along with the success comes the problem of keeping the private life»
Piero complains about paparazzi and Giletti says that a couple of weeks before he had seen some photos of them with three young girls.
Piero: «Yes, they see you with a girl. We are boys, you know, it’s normal. But even when we go out with a female friend, or with some old friend the paparazzi are ready to write that we are married with kids»
Giletti doesn’t seem convinced: «They seemed quite young those old friends, they didn’t look old from the pictures…»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloPiero exclaims exasperated: «We have female friends from childhood! Massimo, don’t do that too! Massimo!»
Giletti: «Oh well, I stop at the childhood! One loses something with the success… Your childhood, your teen
years were not like everyone else’s…»
Gianluca: «For sure you must learn how to behave, because until five, six years ago we were in the village square; then we met Napolitano (the former President of the Italian Republic they have met at the concert
in Senate, editror’s note). And in that situations you have to keep simplicity, humility and you have to learn how to behave»
Piero: «Sure, you have to behave like Ignazio! When you meet the Pope you should call him “Your Holiness”; despite of that Ignazio arrived in front of the Pope and said “hello!”»
Giletti: «What!? You did it?»
Ignazio: «Piero! Why you do make me do this terrible impression?»
Giletti: «Is it true or not?»
Piero: «It’s true! Ignazio, I did that because Gianluca said that one must behave – »
Ignazio: «Wait. If there’s a person that says that he is like other men, this is the Pope. So I know that I had to call him “Holiness”, but “hello” came out naturally, so I said hello»
Piero: «But it was the Pope!»
Ignazio: «Ehhhh ok ok! I understand»
Gianluca looks at them amused: «They could go to Made in Sud (comedy show, in which Il Volo is imitated by three comedians, editor’s note) without problems, eh» he refers to their Sicilian roots that come out when they argue.

Giletti announces a surprise to the guys. During one of the episodes of Porta a Porta they were able to let Bruno Vespa sing, so he asked Carlo Conti to sing.

A video appears on the screen.

Carlo Conti begins to sing “Grande Amore”
Conti: «Don’t worry I don’t want to become the fourth member of Il Volo. Here you are, my good, cool, nice, troublemakers – because you know, in Sanremo they were up to all sort of things. Guys, remain just as you are, with this spontaneity and will to make your voice heard. Now keep high the Italian voice in the world with Il Volo. I wish you every grande amore (great love) that one can imagine; but please, don’t change, don’t forget!»


March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Everybody begs you to stay grounded – that is the most complicated thing to do»
Gianluca: «Maybe it is because our stage name is “Il Volo” … So, perhaps we could fly high» he says that mimicking a plane taking off.
Giletti: «It is in your DNA»
Ignazio: «At this age it is easy to lose the head» Giletti nods: «There is money, there are girls…»
Piero: «Every three words you named “girls”… Massimo, please, change subject!»

Giletti, to the audience: «I want to do a thing. They talk so much about italianità (in English: the feeling of be Italian), of the success in Italy; they say they wanted to be recognized even here in Italy, because they are always around the world. It is true that sometimes being away from Italy causes the loss of the ties with italianità. So I said to myself: “What about inviting four professors who everyone would like to have, to test the Italian culture of these guys?”»
Ignazio moves on his chair: «Oh my God…»
Giletti: «Please welcome…» Gianluca exclaims thrilled: «The professors with the little glasses!»
Giletti: «They are the “Professors” of the TV program “L’Eredità”! [hosted by Carlo Conti, nd.A] Here there are Ludovica, Eleonora, Francesca and Laura!»

Ignazio pretends to be panicking and cries: «I am going away!»
Giletti stops him.

The guys stand up and greet the girls. Piero points one of them and says: «Ah! I remember her! Massimo, Massimo she was my Math teacher!» Ignazio shake hands with every girls, saying to everyone: «Hello! My name is Ignazio, please to meet you; God, I’m about to become Blessed…»

Giletti: «Calm down, guys, you must know that some of them are engaged; so.»
Ignazio: «Oh, don’t worry, we are not jealous» he coughs to hide his words.
Giletti «At least, try to behave properly. I will give to the girls these folders that are not those of “L’Eredità” and you will have to answer to those»
Piero: «I’m wondering how Carlo Conti can host every day the TV program with them around him…»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «It’s easy, he is married!»
Ignazio: «Now I understand why one wins once in a blue moon at “L’Eredità”!»
Giletti: «Stop, stay still…Stay calm. Don’t you ever see women around?»
Gianluca highlights that he is behaving properly: «Look at me Massimo»
Everybody laugh.
Giletti: «Eh, you’ve got the aplomb» he points Ignazio and Piero «they instead are already desperate. Ignazio, try the red button in front of you»

Ignazio tries the button and exclaims: «Che figata!» (in English: this is a cool thing!)

Giletti: «Now we can see the technology of “L’Eredità” applied to “L’Arena”. Now our girls, beginning with Francesca, will ask questions – you have to get together in three before pushing the button and give the correct answer. It’s all clear?»
Ignazio: «Do we have a limited time?»
Giletti: «Yes, you have to be quickly»

Francesca starts to read the question and Giletti interrupts her to ask if she’s still engaged with Volandri, the tennis champion. She answers positively and Giletti warns the guys: «I’m sorry, she’s out of your reach»
Francesca: «The first question is: who said “don’t make children like rabbits?” option A…» Piero interrupts her «The Pope!»
Francesca: «You didn’t let me say anything…»
Ignazio grumbles that he did know it too. Giletti begs them to let the girls give the three options and Francesca reads the possible answers: «Beppe Grillo, Iva Zanicchi and Pope Francis»
Ignazio: «Oh, I thought that Bugs Bunny said it!»

Giletti thanks Francesca and introduces Laura: «Laura, Laura…do you understand? “Laura”»
Piero: «Yes, but, we are 1-0 for me»
Giletti continues to repeat the name of the “Professor”.
Piero: «Why do you keep saying “Laura”? We understood. “Laura”, yes»
Giletti: «You should not lose focus»
Laura: «Who is the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy.
Ignazio laughs: «I’d better to stay silent!» Piero and Gianluca get him away from the red button.
Laura: «Option A: Marianna Madia»
Ignazio: «No… it’s not her»
Laura: «B: Laura Boldrini»
Ignazio violently pushes the button: «Yes! It’s her!» he makes the “Professors” and the audience jump. Laura complains because the guys are very good at the game; Giletti asks what was the third option and she answers “Maria Elena Boschi”

Ignazio: «Noooo, definitely it isn’t her. She is a bit similar to me – Boschi, Boschetto» he plays with his and Boschi’s surnames.
Piero: «I did a gaffe with Laura Boldrini at the Senate [when Il Volo performed at the Christmas Concert 2014]. I didn’t remember the surname and so I went to her and asked: “you’re Laura, isn’t it?”»
Ignazio: «And he dare complaining about me…»
Giletti: «Well, Piero, you called her by name»

2nd part – Martina Maggi

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti introduces the other “professor” who’s name is Eleonora, like Gianluca’s mother. She asks how many times Domenico Modugno had won Sanremo Festival.
Ignazio screams “two times!” while Piero and Gianluca complain because he never lets people finish talking. Gianluca stands up unnerved and Giletti suggests him jokingly to sit down, unless he doesn’t want to block all the cameras.

Eleonora reads the possible answers: a) two times, b) three times, c) four times.
Ignazio pounds the red button and Piero exclaims “two times!”, while Gianluca answers “three”. They start to scream different numbers; then Ignazio calls Gianluca out: «Come on, Gianluca. You answered ‘three times’, so now I want you to list the songs! Come on: one is “Piove”, the others?»
Gianluca: «“Piove”, “Volare”, “La Lontananza”»
Unfortunately, no one of them has guessed – Modugno had won Sanremo Festival four times: in 1958 with the song “Nel blu dipinto di blu” (also knows as “Volare”), in 1959 with “Piove”, in 1962 con “Addio” and in 1966 with “Dio come ti amo” [in English: “God, how I love you”]
As soon as Eleonora says the title of the last song, Ignazio stands up and hugs the girl, saying: «I love you too, honey!»
Eleonora: «See, Massimo [Giletti]? I’ve made friend with him immediately»
Giletti reminds Il Volo that he had “borrowed” the girls from Carlo Conti’s TV program “L’Eredità” and he had promised him to bring back the “Professors” safes and sounds. Giletti suggests the guys to calm their instincts.

He then introduces the last girl, Ludovica, stating that she has got a husband. The “Professor” asks the nickname of the football player Stephan El Shaarawy. She can’t even finish to read the question because Ignazio stands up quickly and screams: «IL FARAONE!»
Despite of complains Ignazio gets the point and bows to the audience – he then asks what the other possible answers were and comments them, showing all his love for football.
A little curiosity: Stephan El Sharaawy plays as a striker for Serie A club Milan. Piero supports Milan, Ignazio supports Juventus and Gianluca supports Roma.
Giletti points with the head Ludovica and suggests the guys to stop talking about centre forwards – she is married to a football player of A.C. Milan and Italy.
He then says goodbye to the “Professors”, that goes away under Piero and Ignazio’s desperate gaze. They laugh and then apologize for their exuberance.
As soon as the “Professors” has gone away, Ignazio jokingly rests his head on the red button, still agitated by the beautiful girls. Giletti laughs and asks him to be quiet.

Ignazio: «I can’t Massimo, I can’t» he still has to regain lucidity.
Giletti announces another surprise in coming: they are going to get through to “somebody that loves Il Volo in a very special way”
Ignazio pushes the button and exclaims: «I KNOW, IT’S NEK!» – this is a clearly dig to all the criticisms appeared after their victory at Sanremo. The room resounds with laughs and applauses.

On the screens appears a little piece of an informal interview made by Bruno Vespa to Antonella Clerici, shot in the backstage of Il Volo’s first concert in Taormina (and first in Italy, too). The video is taken from the special “Il Volo Unici – tre come noi”.

Antonella affirms that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are every time more handsome and talented; they approve and clap.
She is also convinced that they have many girls around and Vespa asks if she’s jealous of that.
Antonella: «Absolutely not! They are young and if they decide to have many girls around they do good!»
Ignazio: «She isn’t jealous, she is proud!» everybody laugh.

In the studios of the Arena Ignazio and Piero are laughing hard remembering that scene.
Surprise: on a big screen appears Bruno Vespa, who is in the Porta a Porta studios.
The guys moves under the screen, where there is a piano played by Giampiero Grani.

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Here we are with Il Volo and their uncle, Bruno Vespa!»
Gianluca: «We could say that he is a giant Wasp!» he does a pun with Vespa’s surname (whose English translation is ‘wasp’) and his huge image on the screen.
Vespa: «I’m overlooking you. Act properly, guys»
Giletti tells Vespa that he and Il Volo had thought for a long time the song to sing to him; then, according to the fact that he is a very important figure for the guys, they decided to dedicate a specific song.
Ignazio: «You announced it like a love songs, but that’s ok»
Piero: «If Bruno doesn’t mind…»
Vespa says that he steels.
Ignazio: «Uncle Bruno, remembers that every reference is purely fortuitous»

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloThey sing “Io che non vivo”.

Bruno Vespa is enraptured. Piero reminds him that he might dye his hair blonde – Ignazio asks him the reason and the answer is clear: Il Volo has just sang a song whose main verse is “sei MIA” (you are mine). It’s a love song that could be dedicate to a woman; that’s the reason why Vespa has to become a young woman.
Vespa points out that only Giletti sang “sei MIO”, referring to a man. This happened because the guys were absent-minded, as they were thinking of girls.

Giletti (to Bruno): «Someone told me that when they are guests in you program they are too much absent-minded»
Vespa: «Yes! When we are here, we do the recreation time. With them, nothing is expected and nothing is predictable – this is the beauty of the relationship that links us» he reminds again that the guys do their best most of all when they improvise and show to the audience their funny and spontaneous personalities. Then he jokingly ticks Ignazio off because he was about to talk but then he put his hand on his mouth to stop himself.

Vespa: «What are you doing? Why you put your hand on your mouth?»
Ignazio: «Well, we all know that Bruno has especially adult guests. When we are on Porta a Porta we low the average of the age and we have fun.» Giletti and Vespa agree, highlighting even that nobody has dedicated a song like that to Bruno.

Vespa affirms that he has begun to support Il Volo in the very moment he saw them singing together and then growing up together. With the time he was able to have them as guests and he was fascinated by their talent and their personalities: they are funny, spontaneous, humble, they never take themselves seriously. «They have always been great professional singers and at the same time…» he stops because he sees Ignazio’s face.

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloVespa: «Ignazio, don’t do that expression!» Ignazio laughs and apologizes. He affirms that he’s very happy because Il Volo and Vespa are like nephews and uncle.
Ignazio: «You are our uncle…or great-uncle, as you prefer»
Piero: « Ignazio, say ‘uncle’, it’s better, trust me»
Ignazio: «It’s ONE [he wanted to say ‘a’] pleasure for us if you say…» Piero and Gianluca interrupts him and mocks him jokingly.
Gianluca: «One pleasure? Why not two?»
Ignazio affirms that Bruno has got the ability to look beyond their voices, finding out that they are three humble young boys. This moves them, especially when he reaffirms it. «It’s a pleasure for us.»
Gianluca: «Yes, but remember: only one pleasure»

Vespa states that their biggest quality is that nobody is jealous of the others. No one of them tries to show off while they are singing; on the contrary, they know their roles and harmonies and respect each other.

Vespa: «Certainly they have three beautiful voices and a lot of talent; but they have fascinated me and the fans with their spontaneity and simplicity» he hopes to have them soon as guest again.
Piero (laughing): «Bruno! Bruno! Could you please do me a favor? Could you please send to Giletti three couches as yours? His are too uncomfortable»

Giletti says that RAI cuts capitals to some programs, so they have to be satisfied with his couches.
Piero hits his hand on the piano and exclaims: «Il Volo will buy you three couches!»
Giletti asks the guys to improvise again: they sing “’O Sole Mio”.
Vespa says that every time he hears them singing he melts. Ignazio reassures him stating that soon he will pick up him with a teaspoon.
They says good-bye to Vespa and comes back to the “uncomfortably couches”.

Giletti remembers a beautiful moment happened in Taormina: the guys were singing “Mamma” and suddenly they climbed down the stage to hug and kiss their mothers and to dance and sing with them. A video of that moment is aired.

Giletti then affirmed that he was astonished by the amount of foreign fans – he asks news about their summer tour and Piero answers thrilled that they were supposed to do only a few concerts, but the dates were sold out soon and fans clamoured for others.
Giletti: «Your success in Italy is started thanks to Sanremo»
Piero: «We must say that Sanremo helped Il Volo a lot »


Giletti talks again of the concert in Taormina: «While you were singing “Mamma” with your mothers, it can be easily seen all the love that a mum feels for his child that is always abroad.»
Ignazio: «Well, our mum are without doubts the most important women of our lives. There could be girlfriends and wives, but…a mother is always a mother»
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca has started travelling when they were respectively 16, 15 and 14 years old – they have never stopped travelling since then. They were very young and this had influence on their relationship with their mothers.

Gianluca: «You can image the feelings of a mother that sees his son having success. And not only success: she sees him find happiness, that is everybody’s aim. We find happiness when we sing. My parents have always said to me “be happy and we will be happy, too”; that’s the reason why the moment in which we raised up Sanremo’s trophy was the best of our lives»

Giletti highlights how Il Volo was appreciated even by the then-President of the Republic Napolitano when they performed in the Christmas Concert 2014 at the Senate.

Napolitano has praised them saying that they are an example of all the young boys that take the initiative and invent something new – as they did when decided to bring the bel canto out of Italy.

Piero: «We did a bet with our manager Michele Torpedine: he made us sing for the President of the Republic and made us doing many things…»
Gianluca: «You have said only one thing»
Piero: «Eh, I can’t remember the others, right now. But you know that we have a wish, Massimo. Pavarotti used to call Michele “big boss” and so Ignazio started to call him “big boss” too. One day I phoned Michele and said: ‘I will call you big boss the day after a concert for the Pope’» Piero turns to Michele, who is sitting in the audience. «Michele, I hope that one day I will be able to call you ‘big boss’»

3rd part – Sara Severi

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloAnd now another surprise is coming!

Giletti: «This message arrives also in your land, actually the land of two of you, because Gianluca is from Abruzzo. Now we go in a place that only Gianni Ippoliti knows.»
(Gianni Ippoliti is an Italian television host, actor and writer, ndA).
Giletti: «He didn’t tell me anything. I know he’s surrounded by dozens of people that I think you know well. Let’s see where he turns up.»

Gianluca: «Massimo…»
(Gianluca is thinking of Massimo Messina, President of Il Volo Fan Club Canicattì, ndA)
Giletti: «Gianni? You’re in Canicattì.»
Gianluca: «Have you seen? What did I tell you? I knew it! No, I didn’t know it but I supposed this.»
Gianni Ippoliti: «We are all in Canicattì!» (singing) «So Massimo, we are in Canicattì, where Fan Clubs met up, 3 Fan Clubs of Sicily (Il Volo FC Campobello di Licata, Il Volo FC Canicattì and Il Volo Naro FC), but many others are scattered all over the world. And we really want to talk to them because around Il Volo were born legends of all kinds. Everyone says that discovered them, sang with them, done the military service, the university… – Which one of Fan Club are you President?»
Messina: «Canicattì.»
Ippoliti: «His name?»
Messina: «Massimo Messina!»
Gianluca: «President!»
Ippoliti: «What is this?»
Messina: «This is something that I care a lot. After the victory of Sanremo, we went to celebrate at a restaurant and I brought my camera to take a beautiful portrait.»
Ippoliti: «And this is a wonderful souvenir. And this is?»
Messina: «This is the giant poster of Piero and I always carry it in all the concerts.»
Ippoliti: «You always take along with you because it isn’t foldable and so it is very comfortable to carry!»
March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloMessina: «I always carry it.»
Ignazio: «He gives it to the young girls as a tribute.»
Ippoliti: «And when you go around the city?»
Messina: «He carries it, he helps me.»

Giletti: «One moment, one moment…»
Gianluca: «Maybe you can imagine a fan of Il Volo, like a little and sweet girl… Please can you zoom in on the guy with a beard? There’s a guy with a beard. Here the fans of Il Volo. Where is he? There he is, look, see, pretty big.»
Piero: «Massimiliano!»
(Massimiliano Arena, Representative of Il Volo Naro Fan Club, ndA)
Ippoliti: «This kid, is the little?»
Massimiliano Arena: «Massimiliano…»
Gianluca: «A big fan!»
Ippoliti: (voice not audible, ndA)
Arena: «From Naro.»
Giletti: «Bravo Massimiliano, congratulations!»
Arena: «Thank you!»
Piero: «He is from Naro. My land, where I was born.»
Giletti: «So you could tell us something that you shouldn’t say about Piero?»
March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloArena: «I would like to tell something that happened last week, if possible. A few days before the party for Piero in the Naro’s square, I was at his house to talk a little about the celebration, before going home, my eyes fallen on Piero’s trophies. I saw one… and I also took a picture. And there was this juxtaposition. With a trophy won by Piero… – Piero, now I’m telling the story, I can’t go back now.»
Piero: «Go, go on, don’t worry!»
Arena: «There was this juxtaposition. At the top of the showcase there was a singing competitions cup and there was wrote on it “1st prize City of Realmonte”, on the shelf under it, there was the Billboard.»
Ippoliti: «Under? It’s a little thing!»

Giovanni Nigro: «Good evening!»
(Giovanni Nigro, President of Il Volo Fan Club Campobello di Licata, ndA)
Ippoliti: «Good evening! An important episode of his profession that is related to Piero.»
Nigro: «Yes, my work makes me know people with severe motor disabilities. And I met one person in particular that was shy due to its problems and when I started to talk about the guys of Il Volo and about Piero in particular, I saw that she began to smile, there was a form of opening. I thought talking with Piero to make a wonderful surprise. The meeting was wonderful, amazing. We gave her a smile, but she gave us a smile in return. These are very nice things.»
Ippoliti: «And this is a very nice thing. What is this?»
Nigro: «This is a tribute that we prepared for Mr. Giletti.»
Ippoliti: «Look! Also Giletti smiles when he sees Il Volo. You see? He smiled.»
March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «This is a wonderful souvenir, it seems like a kind of shrine, you know, one of those you can see in church and you can open. Take care of it, don’t forget. Then I will come and see it.»
Nigro: «I will send it to you.»
Giletti: «Sure! I will put on my office. With the help of Piero and of other persons, in some way, it will come here.»
Ippoliti: «Thanks Doctor.»

Giletti: «Then, what have you found?»
March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloIppoliti: «There is a super-fan. Good evening!»
Girl: «Good evening!»
Ippoliti: «What’s your name?»
Girl: «Claudia!»
Ippoliti: «Who would you like to meet?»
Claudia: «Gianluca…»
Ippoliti: «Why him?»
Claudia: «Because I’m in love with his voice, a romantic and pleasing voice.»
Ippoliti: «Yes, however also other voices are beautiful. Forgive me if I say so.»
Claudia: «All three of them, are an angels choir, but…»
Ippoliti: «But you are partial to Gianluca.»
(Ignazio caresses Gianluca’s face)
Gianluca: «Be careful, I’ve got some makeup on.» (everybody laughs)
Ippoliti: «Massimo, a little…»
Giletti: «Wait a second! He has to say something!»
Gianluca: «I’m very happy, I will soon come back in Naro, then when I will go to Piero’s, we will see and meet.»
Ignazio: «Claudia be careful! Claudia run away as soon as you can!»
Claudia: «Ok! I hope to see you soon!»
Ippoliti: «It’s done! A big greeting and a big hug from here by all the Fan Clubs in Canicattì! Thank you! Goodbye! (singing) Thank you!»

Massimo Giletti: «Thank you! Greetings to all the fans in Canicattì. Thanks to Gianni Ippoliti. I want to give to people that are following us another emotional moment with your voices. – Modugno, on 1959, the famous song “Ciao, ciao, bambina” that is actually entitled “Piove”.»
Piero: «Wow, you remember also the year! It’s not even written (on the autoclue, ndA)
Giletti: «Guys Modugno is Modugno.»
Ignazio: «Are you hanging out with Bartoletti?» (belly laugh)
(Marino Bartoletti is an Italian journalist and a television host. He’s also famous for is ability to remember perfectly singers’ name, composers’ name and release year of almost of all the Sanremo’s songs and the full charts of the Festival, ndA.)
Giletti: «1-2-3 Il Volo, “Piove”!»

Il Volo sings “Piove”

March 29, 2015 - L'Arena - Il VoloGiletti: «Here they are. He (Gianluca, ndA) entered the fray and immediately was surrounded by women.» (referring to Gianluca while he was sitting in the audience, ndA)

Ignazio: «He’s dangerous!»
Giletti: «Il Volo will be on June, 22-23-24 in Rome at the Auditorium, then they will leave to reach on August, 22-23 – I will be there – the Ancient Theater in Taormina.»
Piero: «And on August, 19 at la Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.»
Giletti: «Oh, you will repeat right in Sicily! On August, 19 in Agrigento and then the Gran Finale on September, 21 at L’Arena di Verona.»
Ignazio: «Yes»
Giletti: «Talking about sports. Who is the best player among you?»
(Ignazio puts his hand up)
Piero: «They (Gianluca and Ignazio, ndA) share the passion for football, I like very much tennis.»
Giletti: «Tonight is one of the great moment of RAI 1 fiction: “Pietro Mennea”. Watch a short preview! This will be a great time because Pietro was one of the biggest Italian athlete in the world.»

Short preview of “Pietro Mennea: Arrow of the South”

Giletti: «Tonight and tomorrow night on Rai 1. Now the conclusive applause for Il Volo, Tg1 (news) and then Domenica In (TV show) with Paola Perego and Pino Insegno. Thanks for being here with us!»

Gianluca: «Bye bye!»
Ignazio: «Bye, thank you very much!»
Piero: «Bye!»
Giletti: «Eurovision!» (pointing at Il Volo)

Il Volo on L’Arena – gallery


This gallery contains 44 photos.

On March 29, 2015 was aired on RAI 1 the participation of Il Volo on the show L’Arena conducted by Massimo Giletti. We made this gallery with screenshots of the video. Enjoy! Il Volo a L’Arena – galleria fotografica Il … Continue reading

The Il Volo Fan Clubs of Sicily recording in Canicattì

Il Volo - recording session CanicattìIt was to be a surprise but yesterday evening the news has reached the networks. Yesterday in Canicattì the Sicilian Fan Clubs of Il Volo – Il Volo FC Campobello di Licata, Il Volo FC Canicattì and Il Volo Naro FC recorded interviews and scenes for the next episode of L’Arena (Domenica In), which will be aired this Sunday at 16:00 on RAI 1.

At the same time, when Il Volo was in Rome recording for the show, many photos and videos appear on the networks. It seems to be a nice show and we can’t wait to see. All About Il Volo accompanied the recording session in Canicattì and tried to keep the surprise. But… 🙂

In italiano da Bradamante:

I Fan Club Siciliani de Il Volo hanno registrato a Canicattì

Avrebbe dovuto essere una sorpresa ma ieri sera la notizia ha raggiunto i networks. Ieri a Canicattì i fan club siciliani de Il Volo – Il Volo FC Campobello di Licata, Il Volo FC Canicattì e Il Volo Naro FC hanno registrato interviste e scene per la prossima puntata de L’Arena (Domenica in), che sarà trasmessa Domenica prossima alle 16:00 su RAI 1.

Nello stesso momento, mentre Il Volo era a Roma per registrare per la trasmissione tv, molte foto e video sono apparsi sui network. Sembrerebbe un bello spettacolo e non vediamo l’ora di vederlo. All About Il Volo ha seguito la sessione di registrazione a Canicattì e ha cercato di mantenere la sorpresa. Ma… 🙂

Let’s see some images of the event shared by Massimiliano Arena:
Vediamo alcune immagini dell’evento condivise da Massimiliano Arena:

In Rome / A Roma:

Thanks Orazio Spisto and Eleonora for sharing the amazing photos!
Grazie a Orazio Spisto e a Eleonora per aver condiviso queste foto straordinarie!

images by / immagini di Monica Troiani

Il Volo on Domenica In Feb 22, 2015

Il Volo - Domenica in Feb 22, 2015

Translation by Martina Maggi

On Feb 22, 2015 on the TV show Domenica In on RAI 1 was aired a special about Sanremo, with images recorded and the participation live of many guests. The special was hosted by Paola Perego and Pino Insegno and was dedicated to Luca Ronconi, who has passed away on 21the February 2015.


Click the link to watch the video: Domenica In – on RAI

The special began with scenes of the Sanremo Festival 2015 showing Il Volo performing on the episodes and backstage images recorded during the competition.
In one of these, Ignazio pointed at Piero and said: «Sanremo was about to start and he asked to me: “have you got a medicine? I’ve stomach-ache”»

Il Volo - Domenica in Feb 22, 2015Then the guests – Paolo Limiti, Barbara De Rossi and Leonardo De Amicis – were introduced and Barbara de Rossi remembered how she met the boys in 2009 on Ti Lascio Una Canzone (she was one of the judges). She affirmed that they were and still are simple boys, and they have great families that made many sacrifices to keep them studying. It is remembered how Piero’s grandfather, who is blind, is the one who has discovered his powerful voice.
The maestro Leonardo, answering a question of the presenter, said that he had not only the intuition but also the hope that the boys would succeed, because they already had talent.
In the TV program “Ti Lascio una Canzone” challenged very talented boys, but the three guys were already different from the others. Leonardo told that Gianluca was passionate by Bocelli and already sang with a warm voice, Ignazio was very ‘pop’ and could reach high notes (Al Bano was afraid of the duet with him) and Piero was studying opera… they were very unique.  Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for Feb 23, 2015

Itunes charts Feb 23, 2015Let’s start the day with this beautiful and historical image! Il Volo on the first place of Songs and Albums on iTunes Italy. This is proof enough that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca conquered Italy with their talent and charisma.

And you that wants to know all about Il Volo, keep this page on your screen, refresh all the time because we are updating all the time 🙂

And read it bottom up!


Il Volo - Milano15:00 Since early afternoon people fill Plazza Duomo in Milan waiting for Il Volo and the signing session was a success! The Italian people are singing Grande Amore on the streets! What will the newspapers and sites (and of course the many “critics”) say about this? – Milano, tutti in coda in piazza Duomo per Il Volo – on Repubblica (Milano) (Feb 23, 2015) – photo by Il Volo

7:15 (10:15 ITA) – Piero announced that he is going to Milan. Today begins the “signing” tour of Sanremo Grande Amore: Il Volo – At Mondadori Megastore Duomo, Piazza Duomo 1, Milano – 17:30. Our collaborator Jeanne Reis will be there!

6:00 – Grande Amore (the song) and Sanremo Grande Amore (the album) are still on the first place on the iTunes Italy charts today.

00:00 – We went to sleep with the link to Domenica In ready for to watch the show today. Soon we will have a reporta about this Il Volo recorded appearance. – Domenica In Feb 22, 2015 – on RAI on demand.

Il Volo Daily – Feb 16, 2014

It was a busy day on the #Ilvolosphere. It has been long since we last had a day like this. The main event was the interview on “L’Arena” and on Twitter accounts of Il Volo, Gianluca and Piero, we could see the same message: “Oggi Alle ore 14:00 Il Volo a “L’Arena” con Giletti su RAI 1″.

But before going there, first let me tell you that today was also aired the interview of the guys on Radio 2 Social Club. You can listen to it here. I would love to say a little more about this but my listening is betraying me and it hasn’t been easy for me to understand much more of what it’s already written, but I’ll keep up training.

We had to wait a little bit before pics or clips of L’Arena started to appear. In the meantime we could entertain ourselves with this:

Let’s start with Gianluca and his friends:

Continue reading

Il Volo on Optimagazine – Feb 16, 2014

:: Feb 16, 2014 – I tenorini de Il Volo intervistati a L’Arena: video in Torna a Surriento (in Italian) – by Claudia Gagliardi on Optimagazine

The young tenors of Il Volo for an interview on L’ Arena: video of “Torna a Surriento”

Il Volo on L'Arena RAI1From ‘Ti lascio una canzone’ to a tour with Barbra Streisand: for Il Volo, the lyric trio launched on the singing programme by RAI1, the step from the small Italian screen to the big stages worldwide was short.

The group of the young performers during the episode of L’ Arena on Sunday, February 16, retraced the stages of their career that started right away with big international opportunities.

Interviewed by the conductor Massimo Giletti, the singers of Il Volo – Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble – talked about the excitement of becoming real stars: from the collaboration with Placido Domingo to the one with Streisand, with whom they gave 12 concerts last year, the trio enjoys a well-deserved success in the U.S. and beyond.

Il Volo, starring in 2013 with 50 live sold out shows within a few months, was born on the stage of ‘Ti lascio una canzone’, when in 2009 the director Roberto Cenci decided to make the three “tenorini” sing together and not separately. “We thought we were about to have an experience of three months and then return home, instead Tony Renis and Michele Torpedine took us to Los Angeles to sign a contract” explained Ignazio.

Among the most beautiful moments of their experience after ‘Ti lascio una canzone’ certainly is the appearance in Sanremo, where they sang in front of the Queen Rania of Jordan, and to have shared the stage with Barbra Streisand. “When I saw her, I cried like a baby, she dried my tears” said Gianluca.

Although they got an amazing response from the public overseas, the boys of Il Volo are aware that the road ahead is still long: “Our career started as a game and for our passion for singing, then it became a job but we continue to study as they have always done the great tenors. Do not ever come to feel you have reached the top”. Gianluca also confirmed that “the emotion on stage is the same as the first time, because the audience is always new and different”. The trio also performed live a classic of the Neapolitan tradition, ”Torna a Surriento”, one of the group’s big success.

Translation: Athena Angelopoulos

Gianluca, Piero e Ignazio perdidos na Itália – Fev 15, 2014

É uma tarefa e tanto seguir o Il Volo. Separados então fica muito pior. Ontem ficamos sabendo que Piero foi para e Milão e ainda está por lá. Ignazio partiu de Roma para lugar incerto e não sabido 🙂 E Gianluca? Estará em Roma ainda?

Esta semana eu passei dos limites pensando onde andariam, quais os compromissos, entrevistas, trabalhos. Sabe quando o pensamento fica grudado na questão? Pois é, … foi aí que, quando um dos meus alunos cometeu um daqueles erros que não deveria cometer mais, eu xinguei: – PIEROOO!!!!! Acontece que o guri se chama Pietro e não estava cantando, estava jogando basquete… Continue reading

Il Volo and Placido Domingo on L’Arena

Part of a nice interview with the Maestro Placido Domingo, where he talked about Il Volo. This interview took place on the Italian TV show L’Arena – Domenica In, conducted by Massimo Giletti on RAI1.

Placido Domingo on L'Arena

Placido Domingo – screen shot

As we have already posted, he commented that his grandson Alvaro is a big fan of our boys and with his big glasses he looks so much like Piero!
Jan 5, 2014.

You can find the complete interview on RAI Replay – L’Arena – from 1:08:00
Credits to RAI1