Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, Gianluca Ginoble @ Michele Torpedine in Ricomincio dai tre

Michele Torpedine and Piero Barone in Agrigento - Ricomincio dai tre
ph Alberto Ferraro

I ragazzi de Il Volo hanno omaggiato il loro manager Michele Torpedine alle presentazioni del suo nuovo libro Ricomincio dai tre. Seguiamoli in questo tour. – Leggi in Italiano.

The guys of Il Volo have been honoring their manager Michele Torpedine on the presentations of his new book Ricomincio dai tre. Let’s follow them during this tour. – Read in English.

Os integrantes do Il Volo vêm prestigiando o seu em presário Michele Torpedine nas apresentações de seu livro Ricomincio dai tre. Vamos acompanhar esta verdadeira turnê. – Leia em Português.

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Marsala took flight last night! – Marsala ha preso Il Volo ieri sera!

Qui la versione in Italiano

ph Shadow Service

ph Shadow Service

Marsala, August 25, 2015 – The beautiful scenery of Piazza della Vittoria and Porta Nuova was crowded when the evening came.

Ten thousand people were waiting in front of the Teatro Impero where a big stage was built for the Il Volo Band’s concert. The great event was supported by the Comune di Marsala.

Marsala - Il Volo Band concert

ph Città di Marsala

Giampiero Grani, Salvatore Corazza, Giovanni Di Caprio, Marco Guidolotti and Patrizio Sacco were the stars of the event and had the special contribution of many other artists.

Michele Torpedine, manager of Il Volo performed on the drums, Gino de Vita on the guitars, Pietro Adragna on the accordion, while Serena Brancale and Monica Harem were the voices along with three very special guests.

Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto – the last one is a citizen of Marsala – not only came to support their Band but also performed many songs enchanting everybody. Piero Barone sang Questo Piccolo Grande Amore with Serena Brancale and My Way with Gianluca Ginoble. A soft version of the “second” version of Tirichitolla was gladly accompanied by the audience and the show presented by Dario Piccolo was took over by the talent and irreverence of Ignazio Boschetto and his companions of Il Volo.

Marsala - Il Volo Band concert

ph Città di Marsala

The Band showed a huge talent while dealing with all that wide repertoire and improvisation! An evening that will not be forgotten. Beside the artists, Fabio Ingrassia painted an upside down canvas that at the end of some songs revealed the image of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. A wonderful work. Marsala literally took flight.

During the evening, the mayor Alberto Di Girolamo with the president of the City Council, Enzo Sturiano, and the Assessor Lucia Cerniglia delivered awards to the members of Il Volo and to Michele Torpedine. The concert ended with Il Volo and the Band performing Grande Amore, the song that won Sanremo 2015, the flagship of the Grande Amore Tour 2015. Continue reading

Il Volo link e notizie del 20 Agosto 2015

Il Volo Band - Live:: Grandi notizie in arrivo 🙂 Itaca notizie ha pubblicato un altro articolo riguardo il concerto de La band de Il Volo che si terrà il 25 Agosto a Marsala. Salvatore Corazza, Patrizio Sacco, Giovanni Di Caprio, Marco Guidolotti e Giampiero Grani si esibiranno con la partecipazione speciale di Gino de Vita (chitarre), Michele Torpedine (batteria), Pietro Adragna (fisarmonica) e Serena Brancale (voce). Il sindaco di Marsala, Alberto Di Girolamo, rinnoverà la nomina di Ignazio Boschetto quale Ambasciatore di Marsala e premierà anche Michele TorpedinePiero Barone e Gianluca Ginoble. Sì, Il Volo ci sarà! L’evento è organizzato dall’Associazione “Scintille” e dal giornalista Dario Piccolo. – La band de “Il Volo” a Marsala in una grande serata a Porta Nuova il 25 agosto – su Itaca Notizie

:: Grande Amore – il videoclip ha quasi raggiunto i 40 milioni di visualizzazioni su YouTube. VEVO Italia ha orgogliosamente annunciato che si tratta del video italiano con il maggior numero di visualizzazioni su VEVO. – VEVO Italy su Twitter.

:: e? E la seconda serata de Il Volo ad Agrigento sta per incominciare!

Il Volo links & news for August 20, 2015

Il Volo Band - Live:: Great news on their way 🙂 Itaca notizie published again about the concert of the Il Volo Band on August 25th in Marsala. Salvatore Corazza, Patrizio Sacco, Giovanni Di Caprio, Marco Guidolotti and Giampiero Grani will perform with the special participation of Gino de Vita (guitars), Michele Torpedine (drums), Pietro Adragna (accordion) and Serena Brancale (voice). The Mayor of Marsala, Alberto Di Girolamo, will renew the designation of Ignazio Boschetto as Ambassador of Marsala and will award also Michele Torpedine, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble. Yes, Il Volo will be there! The event is organised by Associazione “Scintille” and the journalist Dario Piccolo. – La band de “Il Volo” a Marsala in una grande serata a Porta Nuova il 25 agosto – on Itaca Notizie

:: Grande Amore – the videoclip almost reached 40 million views on YouTube. VEVO Italia proudly announced that it is the Italian video with more views on VEVO. – VEVO Italy on Twitter.

:: and? And the second evening of Il Volo in Agrigento is about to begin!

Il Volo links and news for Feb 12, 2015

Il Volo - Sanremo 2015Il Volo amazed the audience in Sanremo! No discussion about this! We all expected that but it was impossible to not feel the pressure, the thrill…
When Piero started to sing almost in falsetto I almost screamed. Not really a falsetto because it was a note he sings normally, but a kind of soft almost Ignazio tone. Yes they did something else… but I will comment this specially.

But the press is already publishing about this second episode of Sanremo 2015.

* photo by ANSA.it


Don’t miss: Il Volo canta Grande amore – Sanremo 2015. – RAI


There are an storm of links and news about Il Volo. We will list and comment some selected sources already shared on our networks.

. You can buy “Grande amore” and “Ancora” digital versions, from the EP Sanremo Grande Amore on Itunes.it – Sanremo grande amore – Il Volo

. Launched on Il Volo VEVO the video of Grande Amore: Il Volo – Grande amore – Unfortunately not to all countries. Alternative link: Il Volo – Grande Amore – shared by Benjamin Maier. Updated (afternoon): The video of Il Volo VEVO was released! Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for Feb 9, 2014

Radio BocconiSanremo is buzzing! All the eyes are turning to there since yesterday and number of sources of information increase by hundreds. It is time to select and be moderated on publish and share.

Too much information is synonymous of misinformation. In this sense we all have to choose what to publish. Often the urge to publish, the will to be the first to post a picture, a link makes us forget to do a simple check: this information is new or we are repeating the same information from another source? this source is reliable and better than the last? this text, photo, video has good quality? this information will add something relevant to the event that we’re covering?

So I recommend: let’s chose carefully what publish, mainly on sites, instagram or facebook. Twitter can accept more ‘spam’ because it is easy to filter. We here will be very selective, not all the links, the focus is the information, the link is the way to know more, to check.

But… let’s go!

* photo of Radio Bocconi direct from the Sanremo press  room

18:00 – Il Volo answered the questions of the “contest” Grande Amore: #grandeamore contest.

15:35 – Oggi published an article about Federico Zaccone, the stylist of Il Volo, Chiara Galiazzo and Moreno. He is in Sanremo with the artists and talked about his work. – Sanremo, lo stylist Federico Zaccone: “I miei look per Chiara Galiazzo, Il Volo e Moreno”. – on Oggi (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian)

15:00 – l Volo a Sanremo 2015: Marsala tifa e vota per il nostro Ignazio Boschetto! Ecco il testo del brano “Grande amore” – on Marsala Viva a great article talking about Il Volo, about their career, the new album and their participation in Sanremo 2015. (Feb 9, 2015 in Italian)

14:00 – Tv Sorrisi is publishing daily videos with the artists of Sanremo 2015. Il Volo today: Il Volo, il video diario di Sanremo 2015: 9 febbraio.

12:00 – Riccardo Bocchini, the architect responsible for the transformation of the Teatro Ariston presents his work: Teatro Ariston – SANREMO 2015: via Riccardo Bocchini #sanremo2015 #ilvolograndeamore amazing animation!

11:15 – Sanremo Today will be our daily playlist of videos published about the most prestigious Italian Festival. Don’t miss the first: 2015 feb 8 – Sanremo Today (on youtube) and our second still under construction here: 2015 feb 9 – Sanremo Today

11:00 – Our report about the press conference –

9:40 – Sanremo press conference streaming: Sanremo 2015 Diretta Conferenza stampa. (only during the conference)

9:00 – A message from Il Volo: “Share our facebook page“. Of course and as always 🙂 We will be close to you guys! Un grandissimo in bocca al lupo oggi e sempre.

Giovanni Nigro8:00 – Guess who is in Sanremo? Our friend and partner Giovanni Nigro from the FC Campobello di Licata. We are on the red carpet!

7:15 – Today at 12:30 (ITA) will take place the press conference to Sanremo 2015 as it was announced on the first press conference last month: Sanremo 2015 press conference. The press conference will be transmited in streaming on the site of Sanremo 2015.

7:00 – Soon we will have Dario Piccolo Live from Sanremo through Radio Itaca: Radio Itaca.

Il Volo links & news for Feb 3rd, 2015

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni - Sanremo 2015In time of bets, and Il Volo is on the first place…, I bet that you were missing this post. Our links and news always come early in my morning, like 7:00 here or 10:00 Italy… But now things changed here, end of vacations, new schedule for 2015, my new year is beginning and it seems will not be an easy one. So, I had to take some decisions about the site and my commitment here.

All About Il Volo will be even more selective and a little more slow, not worrying with time, focusing on what is more important. Not all the links here and quick, only the best or those who brings really news. The others I will tweet when I can, as I did today on my intervals.


Itaca Notizie of Marsala published an article about Sanremo 2015, highlighting the presence of Ignazio Boschetto and Il Volo among the contestants and as a favourite on the bets to win the Festival. The article talks about Grande Amore and the new EP Sanremo Grande Amore. About the festival, Radio Itaca will be there: Dario Piccolo will broadcast from the City of the Flowers from February 10 to 14. – “Il Volo” di Boschetto al Festival di Sanremo con “Grande amore”. Radio Itaca seguirà la diretta dal Teatro Ariston. Ecco il testo della canzone – Itaca Notizie (Feb 3rd, 2015 in Italian)

TV Sorrisi e Canzoni (look the massive duck face photo above) published today a special about Sanremo, almost the same published on the special edition that is on the newsstands: Le ultime notizie e anticipazioni sul festival di Sanremo – and we published a report about Il Volo with photos, video and translations, including the lyrics of Grande amore: Il Volo on TV Sorrisi e Canzoni – Sanremo 2015 – Grande amore.

Yesterday was published on more Promo for Sanremo 2015: Promo Festival di Sanremo – Mercato dei fiori – RAI

A beautiful gallery with all singers, presenters, guests for Sanremo 2015, published by CNLiveSanremo 2015: presentatori, campioni, nuove proposte e ospiti.

Radio RTL 102.5 published a special section about Sanremo 2015 and will lauch a contest on February 10: a rank of the songs to each episode of Sanremo. The award is a trip to Zanzibar. From 21:00 of Feb 10 to 18:30 Feb 11, vote for a song of the “big”presented on the first evening. And the same for the next episodes voting on the “big” and new proposals. Read more on – VOTA LA TUA CANZONE PREFERITA DI SANREMO E VINCI UN VIAGGIO A ZANZIBAR ALL’IGV CLUB DONGWE! – RTL 102.5 (Feb 3rd, 2015 in Italian)

Gianluca Ginoble the most loved and also the most contested? Funweek published an article were it is said that Gianluca is idolized by the young girls but also a target to criticism. The article brought an old (2013) reference of Mara Venier that said that Gianluca is presumptuous, “always posing, half naked selfies tweeting ‘Good Night Girls'”. The article of Marco Del Bene on Funweek ends saying that Gianluca is loved by the fans that can’t wait to see him with Il Volo at the Ariston, a Sanremo Festival that will be a great birthday gift to him. – Sanremo, Gianluca, Il Volo: il più amato e il più odiato – Marco Del Bene on Funweek (Feb 2nd, 2015 in Italian)

According to several sources, Il Volo continues on the first place as a favourite to win Sanremo on the bets. The rate is 2,5, followed by Lorenzo Fragola with 4,5. – Sources: Snai – Quote Sanremo: Il Volo e Lorenzo sempre favoriti, si avvicina Lara Fabian (Comunicati Stampa); Sanremo, per i bookmakers vinceranno Il Volo o Lorenzo Fragola: sale la febbre per il Festival (Oggi); Scommesse, Sanremo: il Volo e Lorenzo Fragola sempre favoriti su Snai, si avvicina Lara Fabian (AGIMEG).

Il Volo links and news for November 17, 2014

links and news:: November 17, 2014 – 8pm – RAI Porta a Porta cancelled the appearance of Il Volo on the show tonight due the necessity to develop the theme of the bad weather and its consequences that are affecting Italy right now. They apologized and informed that a new date will be released soon.

:: November 17, 2014 – ATTUALITÀ: MALTEMPO E EMERGENZA IMMIGRATI, CAOS NELLE CITTÀ MUSICA: IL RITORNO DE “IL VOLO” – On RAI Porta a Porta – about the performance of Il Volo tonight.

:: Nov 16, 2014 – Piero Barone attended an event at the Teatro Comunale Re Grillo in Licata – The Opera “L’elisir D’amore”, a comic opera by Gaetano Donizetti -, at 7:30pm. The beautiful Teatro Re Grillo is hosting the Stagione Lirica 2014 of the Academia d’Arte Lirica Vittorio Terranova. [Banner – image by
Gaspare Frumento]

:: Nov 17, 2014 – Antonella Clerici: “Ti lascio una canzone criticata? Le chiacchiere stanno a zero grazie a Vincenzo, Andrea e Il Volo!” – on Blogo Entertainment – After the victory of Vincenzo Cantiello on the JESC2014, Antonella Clerici mentioned Il Volo when talked about the critics to the show Ti Lascio Una Canzone.

:: Nov 17, 2014 – ANTONELLA CLERICI A DM: DOPO LA VITTORIA DI VINCENZO AL JESC NON PERMETTERO’ PIU’ A NESSUNO DI CRITICARE TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE – on Davide Maggio – After the victory of Vincenzo Cantiello on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (JESC2014) the critics about Ti Lascio Una Canzone may be revised. Antonella Clerici said that she will nor allow more critics after this one more success of an artist released for the show. Il Volo is mentioned on the article as an example of success.

:: Nov 17, 2014 – Grande successo per il 1° Memorial “Scirea – Facchetti” – by Dario Piccolo on Marsala Sport about the 1º Memorial Scirea-Facchetti with audio interviews and photo gallery.

:: Nov 15, 2014 – JUNIOR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2014: IL VINCITORE E’ VINCENZO CANTIELLO – on Davide Maggio – Vincenzo Cantiello won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 (JESC2014) few months after his fantastic participation on Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2014.

Il Volo links and news for May 6, 2014

Il Volo Links and News:: May 6, 2014 – Il presidente del Real Futsal ha omaggiato Ignazio Boschetto con una maglietta della propria squadra! – by Dario Piccolo on Marsala Sport – A tribute to Ignazio Boschetto by the Real Futsal team.

:: May 5, 2014 – Il Volo: intervista a Gianluca, Ignazio e Piero a L’Arena – by Fabiane on Mondo Reality (In Italian) – A nice report about the appearance of Il Volo on L’Arena, with videos.

:: May 4, 2014 – L’Arena sugli ultras e gli scontri di Fiorentina-Napoli – by Irene Natali on Marida Caterini – about the tv show L’Arena, mentioning Il Volo.