Il Volo declares: we read the fan fictions about us / Il Volo dichiara: leggiamo le fan fiction su di noi

il volo barclaysOn February 22, 2016 Il Volo was interviewed by Marysabel Huston for CNN en Español.

Read in English.

Il 22 febbraio 2016 Il Volo è stato intervistato da Marysabel Huston per la CNN en Español.

Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo – interview on Cala

Il Volo on CalaCNN

photo by Victor Rodriguez

On April 23, 2014,  Il Volo attended an interview conducted by Ismael Cala on CalaCNN. The interview took place in Miami during the Billboard’s week.

They talked about their career from the beginning on Ti Lascio Una Canzone to their nomination to the Billboard Award. The hostess did several questions about their daily life, their preferences and personal plans to the future. Beyond what we already know well, we can highlight:

They mention the work in  the new album, which will be a surprise. They are deciding the songs, the arrangement and other details along with the manager and producers.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca confirm the tour on Latino America this year.

Piero said that is studying opera seriously.

Gianluca confirms that they are working on a project for 2015: a series that will narrate the international success of Il Volo [1]. On the series they will act playing themselves!

Enjoy the video!

video by CNN – Il Volo en Cala

[1] All About Il Volo already announced this here: Il Volo on a Mediaset fiction.

:: Full translation to English by Gaby Dion:

ISMAEL: He says many fans have asked him why if Il Volo has been so many times in Miami, they haven’t been there with him? He says finally the day has come. Now, talking about the reflection of the day, of the US author Isaac Asimov, a phrase in which I believe “luck is just on a prepared mind side”

We have heard and said many times “this person has good luck”, but we do not really know all the hours of work, dedication and effort this person has been through to get his achievement.. to get to his goal, and that is what people calls “luck”. And I ask, do you believe luck gets from nowhere? We create our luck with work and effort? Are you waiting for luck to get to you or you go and look for it?

Now, I want to welcome Piero Barone ( PB: Ciao!! ) Ciao!! I’ve been working on my Italian, but here comes the complicated one, in Spanish it is Ignazio, but in Italian it is Ignazio..
(IB: Something like that)
Something like that says Ignazio (IB: Something like that)
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Il Volo Daily – Abr 23, 2014 – Un Nuevo Día with Il Volo

Hi there!!! These have been exciting days hum? Having all these pics, tweets, appeareances of the guys and everything… I bet it has been even better for ilvolovers in Miami, with the opportunity of “casually” bumping into them at sushi place or so… LOL (Note: I’m so envious of all of you Miami ilvolovers :mrgreen: )

Il Volo on Un Nuevo Día - Telemundo


Two important things were scheduled for today, one of them was the appeareance of the guys in the morning show Un Nuevo Día, so everybody at 7 am Miami time was with the TV on, waiting for them. For those who haven’t seen footage of the show, they blended perfectly. The mood of the show is very light and playful, two things that fit perfectly with the guys personality and the result is delightful. Here we have the highlights of the show.

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