Il Volo – To Juarez, Mexico – July 30, 2014

Mari Russu's morningWe are very glad in receiving a lot of comments and feedback in all networks about our articles and reports here. It is nice to hear the opinion of all ilvolovers and to have the certainty of doing something that is appreciated and more, that is a daily satisfaction for many people.

It is not easy to find the time and to be updated 🙂 As you know, Il Volo do not anticipate very much their moves 🙂 But the detective part of the job is very exciting too 🙂 And we only did not go more deep because we both work and have families to care. And work and family can full a day sometimes!

In my south it was a beautiful morning till 8am 😯 Then the rain comes and a wet and frozen Mari Russu almost died in action. Winter is a hard season in the south even in Brazil. Continue reading