Il Volo links & news for Jan 16, 2015

Piero and Ignazio wearing QuattrocentoAs yesterday let’s start our ‘links & news’ with something special. This time a detail of the style composition that drew our attention.

Quattrocento – an Italian brand for eye wear -, are the responsible for the amazing look of our favorite guys, considering the eyeglasses, a important part of the outfit. Recently included on the top 15 startups you need to know for 2015 (Forbes), young as Il Volo, the company created by Sharon Ezra and Eugenio Pugliese produce a high quality eyewear collection with reasonable prices, the opposite of mass production, on the spirit of the Italian artisans. (the image is a edition of the photos shared by Piero and Ignazio)

. update: Quattrocento published on facebook the photo of Piero with a special offer: “Hello there you awesome Piero Barone of il Volo Our glasses Quattrocento are just perfect on you. Use coupon code: ILVOLO400 and get optical glasses with € 20 OFF, until this Sunday.
Enter now:
Il Volo #ilvolo #ilvolomusic #ilvolograndeamore” (thank you to Gaby Dion for the link)

:: Sanremo 2015 news:

. LecceSette replay the information that Carolina Bubbico will conduct the Orchestra for the presentations of Serena Brancale and Il Volo on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana. According to the article journalist, critics and musicians believe that Il Volo will win Sanremo 2015, considering the great success that the group achieved abroad many sold out concerts. About Carolina Bubbico are said that despite her young age, she has many important collaborations and musical experiences. her song “La vita è tutta mia” was among the finalists for Sanremo last year, although not on the finals. – La salentina Carolina Bubbico a Sanremo, dirigerà l’orchestra per Il Volo e Serena Brancale – on LecceSette (Jan 16, 2015 in Italian)

. The official page of Sanremo 2015 is hosted on RAI: Sanremo – 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana, but there were several sites covering the news about the festival, like:

. Vanity Fair published an article with the main informations of the press conference of #sanremo2015 highlighting the presence of two singers as hostess along with Carlo ContiArisa and Emma Marrone. The article also include a nice photo gallery of the 20 “big” with the songs that they will perform on Sanremo. (go there and tweet Il Volo!) – Sanremo 2015, le vallette cantanti – by Cecilia Uzzo on Vanity Fair (Jan 15, 2015 in Italian)

Il Volo links & news – Jan 15, 2015

Eleonora Ginoble

Eleonora e Gianluca Ginoble

:: Today is the birthday of Eleonora Ginoble and we wish her a great new year of life, full of dreams that came true and, above all, full of new dreams to cultivate together with her family and friends.

Gianluca and his beautiful mom – the birthday girl! – will be the cover of our news today.

Tanti Auguri, Eleonora!

:: Sanremo News:

. Today, Carlo Conti will be a guest on the radio program “The Flight” on RTL 102.5 at 16:30 (ITA) – with Fabrizio Ferrari and La Zac – source RTL 102.5 Schedule

. Opti Magazine publishes the selfies shared yesterday on the photo shooting to TV Sorrisi e Canzoni – Sanremo 2015 a tutto selfie: le foto dei Big in gara sul set del primo shooting – by Claudia Gagliardi on Opti Magazine. (Il Volo is there!)

. Carlo Conti interviewed by Radio DeeJay – Carlo said that all the artists were there for the official photo yesterday. Talking about the voting system he said that on the 2 last episodes the voting by Experts, Televoting and Opinion Poll will balance the results, differently of the previous editions were the popular vote had more weight. Then he talked about the 3 hostess for Sanremo 2015, highlighting that on the stage of the Aristo there will be 2 former winners of the Festival. He also explained that the organization of the Festival occurred in 3 steps: 1 – the rules, the general format of the Festival; 2 – the audiences for the new proposals; 3 – the selection of the 20 “big”. News: on the last episode, Valentine’s Day, we will see for the first time on the stage one song of the musical “Romeo and Juliet”. – Article and video on Radio DeeJay: CARLO CONTI SU SANREMO: “PORTERÒ ROMEO E GIULIETTA SUL PALCO DELL’ARISTON”

. Area Sanremo, the contest that brings young talents to Sanremo, will be a TV event. The news was announced during the press conference to Sanremo 2015 on Jan 13, 2015. The goal is to give more visibility to the “new proposals”. At the end of 2015 would be aired a first episode with the participants to the next editon of the Sanremo Festival. – video by VideoImperiaTV – AREA SANREMO : FORMAT PER I GIOVANI (in Italian)

. Carlo Ponti, interviewed by several journalists, after the press conference on Jan 13, 2015, talked about the Festival. He said that he is calm, serene and relaxed to lead tha Festival. He explained that for him the most important was the selection of the 20 artists for the competition, but now he is sure that the selected will make a great Sanremo. He also talked about the 3 hostess, Arisa, Emma Marrone and Rocio Morales, and said that they expected to do a funny and relaxed Festival, a Sanremo to be singed. Carlo said he feel home presenting Sanremo, that he dreamt to be there. The Festival that remains in his memory was the edition of 1971 with Lucio Dalla singing. Then he talked about the scenography, presented as a computerized version, and said that it was very close to the reality and that the lights will be the main protagonists. He ends confirming the award for the winner cover song: a brand new flower offered by Sanremo breeders. –  report shared by Redazione Il Nazionale – video (Italian) – Festival 2015 – Intervista a Carlo Conti. (Jan 13, 2015)

Sanremo 2015 press conference

sanremo 2015 press conferenceOn Jan 13 2015 took place the press conference of the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana at Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò in Sanremo, 12:30 (ITA). Whatch the video on RAI 1: Sanremo 2015 – press conference.

The press conference started with Carlo Conti greeting the audience, thanking Sanremo and introducing the personalities: the Mayor of Sanremo Alberto Biancheri, Emma Marrone, Arisa, and the directors and staff of RAI 1. The Mayor Biancheri welcomed all in special about the importance of the festival and also talking about the famous flowers of Sanremo.

Giancarlo Leone, director of RAI 1, greeted the presents and talked about the festival highlighting the : the presenter Carlo Conti is of the staff of RAI 1, the hostess will be singers, winners of previous editions of the Festival, there will be 4 different voting systems – televoting, press room, jury of experts and opinion poll.

Carlo Conti thanked and said he feels home in Sanremo. He also said that on selection of the songs he thought of the world of radio: songs that can be proposed on radio and sung by all. The goal is to bring out a good portion of those songs that can be sung, because everyone sings Sanremo, he added. After the presentation of the ‘promo’ “Tutti cantano Sanremo” Carlo said that Sanremo will be a pop festival, funny. Continue reading

Jan 13, 2015 – Il Volo links & news

links and news:: Sanremo 2015 press conference – watch LIVE here.

:: Sanremo News announces the press conference that will be held today at Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò in Sanremo with the presence of Carlo Conti – presenter and Artistic Director -, and the RAI’s directors. Before the conference will take place a meeting between Alberto Biancheri, the Mayor of Sanremo, Giancarlo Leone, the Director of RAI 1, and Carlo Conti. They will discuss details of the festival as the “red carpet” event that involves all the city on the festival, as well as Palazzo Bellevue from where will be possible to see the stars coming out of the Teatro Ariston.

Meanwhile Arisa and Emma Marrone are confirmed as hostess, helping Carlo Conti on the stage of the Ariston and today they will be there on the press conference. Biancheri proposes to dedicated a new flower hybrid produced by local master breeders to the winner of the Festival. With the change of the set designer of Sanremo, there is an expectation about the return of the flowers to the stage, and this is the hope of the administration of Sanremo city, that also are making efforts to promote the flowers of Sanremo on the side events of the Festival.- @Sanremo 2015: oggi la presentazione ufficiale del Festival, le proposte del Sindaco Biancheri alla Rai (Jan 13, 2015 in Italian)

:: Il Volo is already in Sanremo! The press conference will be broadcated Live by RAI 1 –

:: According to Lei Chic, Irina Shayk may be will join Arisa and Emma Marrone on the Ariston stage. – Festival di Sanremo 2015: Irina Shayk sul palco dell’Ariston con Arisa ed Emma Marrone? – Lei Chic (Jan 13, 2015 in Italian)

Sanremo 2014

Arisa wins Sanremo 2014

credits to Vanity Fair It

The 64th edition of the Italian Song Festival of Sanremo 2014 was held at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo from February 18 to February 22 and was presented by Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto, broadcast by RAI1.
The art direction was organized by Fazio himself, the musical direction by Mauro Pagani, the scenery was designed by Emanuela Trixie Zitkowsky and the general direction by Duccio Forzano.

On the show participated 22 singers in two categories – Campioni and Nuove Proposte – with 36 songs. Apart from the Italian show guests, some international stars also performed Live on the show like Damien Rice, Rufus Wainwright and Yusuf Cat Stevens.

The winner of the show was Arisa with the song Controvento, while in the category Nuove Proposte won Rocco Hunt with the song Nu juorno buono. The Critics Prize was given to Cristiano De André, son of the known Fabrizio De André.

Arisa singing Controvento:


. Sanremo 2014 on RAI
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. photo of Vanity Fair It
. video by Warner Music Italy

Ignazio Boschetto wins the 2nd episode of Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009

Ignazio Boschetto - TLUC II After the great success of the first episode of second edition of Ti Lascio Una Canzone there was a huge expectation for the second episode, which took place today, April 11, once again at Ariston Theater.

Everybody is moved by the recent earthquake that reached the Abruzzo region and the great news is that, this evening, the televote will help the people of the affected areas, our fellow citizens, our brothers and sisters, who are also in our hearts. Although the little less vibrant atmosphere, Antonella Clerici gave her all to conduct the evening with serenity and competence.

The guests of tonight’s episode were Al Bano and Bud Spencer joining Barbara De Rossi and Claudio Cecchetto on the jury, besides Africa Africa and Arisa. Arisa, the ‘new proposals’ category winner of Sanremo 2009. And, for Antonella Clerici’s surprise, the performance of the hilarious Gigi Garetta and Max Vitali.

The male voices were prevalent tonight, voices like Ignazio Boschetto’s, who impressed the jury since the last episode and, tonight, sang “Quando l’amore diventa poesia” and “L’amore è sempre amore” with Al Bano. We also had the amazing Gianluca Ginoble, the winner of the previous episode, and the powerful voice of Piero Barone singing “Mamma” and “Mattino” with Al Bano.

Ignazio Boschetto, awarded by the quality jury on the first episode, won the second episode of Ti Lascio Una Canzone II. Really a magnificent performance.

video by Snider Akira

article by Mari Russu


:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009: Seconda Puntata del 11/04/09. Ospiti Arisa, Albano e Bud Spencer. Vince Ignazio Boschetto – on Scavicchia la Notizia
:: Ignazio Boschetto vince la seconda puntata di Ti lascio una canzone. Sabato 11 Aprile 2009 – on GalIito
:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone – II edizione – on RAI TV (in Italian)
:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone – on Wikipedia (in Italian)

* Photos: screen shots of the videos
** Published on may 23, 2014

Ignazio Boschetto vince la seconda puntata di Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009

Ignazio Boschetto - TLUC II Dopo il grande successo del primo episodio della seconda edizione di Ti Lascio Una Canzone vi era una grande aspettativa per la seconda puntata, che si è svolta oggi, l’11 aprile, ancora una volta al teatro Ariston.
Tutti sono commossi dal recente terremoto che ha sconvolto la regione dell’Abruzzo e la grande novità è che il televoto ha aiutato gli abitanti delle zone colpite, i nostri concittadini, fratelli o sorelle, che sono sempre nei nostri cuori.
Anche se l’atmosfera è stata meno vibrante, Antonella Clerici ha condotto la puntata con serenità e competenza.
Gli ospiti della serata sono stati Al Bano e Bud Spencer, che si sono affiancati a Barbara De Rossi e Claudio Cecchetto nella giuria, a fianco di Africa Africa e Arisa – vincitrice di Sanremo 2009 nella categoria “Nuove Proposte”. Sono apparsi anche, con grande sorpresa di Antonella Clerici, Gigi Garetta e Max Vitali.

Hanno prevalso le voci maschili, voci come quella di Ignazio Boschetto, che ha impressionato la giuria fin dalla scorsa puntata e anche stasera cantando “Quando l’amore diventa poesia” e “L’amore è sempre amore” in duetto con Al Bano. Si sono distinti anche il meraviglioso Gianluca Ginoble, vincitore della puntata precedente, e la voce potente di Piero Barone, che ha cantato “Mamma” e “Mattino” con Al Bano.

Ignazio Boschetto, vincitore del premio della giuria nella prima puntata, ha vinto questa seconda puntata di Ti Lascio Una Canzone II. Un’esibizione davvero magnifica.

video di Snider Akira

articolo originale di Mari Russu


:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009: Seconda Puntata del 11/04/09. Ospiti Arisa, Albano e Bud Spencer. Vince Ignazio Boschetto – su Scavicchia la Notizia
:: Ignazio Boschetto vince la seconda puntata di Ti lascio una canzone. Sabato 11 Aprile 2009 – su GalIito
:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone – II edizione – su RAI TV (in Italiano)
:: Ti Lascio Una Canzone – su Wikipedia (in Italiano)

* Le foto sono screenshots del video

Tradotto dall’inglese – articolo originale qui. Autore: Mari Russu.