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Il Volo - Sanremo 2015

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Today, Il Volo attended a press conference in Milan and soon after the reports begin to appear on the sites. The first published was TV Zap, a report by Zelia Pastore and we received great news and published here almost Live! And after this, other sites began to publish, and we updated this article.

According with the articles:

Tomorrow we will fly to Beijing to open the Chinese New Year” – they said. But this “tomorrow”can mean today or really tomorrow depending on when the interview was taken. (TV Zap)

Gialuca said that abroad they are Il Volo, but in Italy they are still the three “tenorini”. Ignazio states that they are not guys coming from America to win Sanremo, but if this occur will be nice and if they do not win will be also a great experience. Piero said that it is difficult to succeed in Italy, “no one is prophet in his own land”. (TV Zap, La Repubblica)

And the big news: On the EP that will will include 7 songs and will be released o February 24, beyond Grande amore and “Ancora” – that will be performed in Sanremo on February 13, accompanied by the sax of Stefano di Battista -, it will be also the songs L’immensità (Don Backy), Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina) (Domenico Modugno), Vacanze romane (Matia Bazar), Romantica (Tony Dallara) e Canzone per te (Sergio Endrigo). (TV Zap, Il Secolo XIX)

We must wait, however, for the international album of unreleased songs, which will be launched later this year with different bonus tracks depending on the country of publication. Michele Torpedine told that they also will make a real Italian tour in ten cities during the summer, including Taormina, Verona and Pompeii, in many prestigious venues. The dates may be published this week! (TV Zap, Il Secolo XIX)

“We do not feel the competition like other artists, we start with the idea to do our best and to have fun … then how it will go, will go!”. “Normally they begin in Italy to arrive abroad … we go against the trend and do the opposite path” (Adnkronos)

“We are all friends, but we are more close to Lorenzo Fragola and to Dear Jack. We’ll have fun together.” About the reviews: “When we saw the votes (flocked even some 2) we thought: ‘Hopefully they will not make us do extra-credit assignments of Sanremo’. We will give our best to change their minds, to impress. And then the critics are a few number, but viewers of Sanremo are millions.” (Il Secolo XIX) (Thanks @bradamante !)

Again about the bad reviews: “we said to the journalists: you did the same with Bocelli”. And more: “In the end even Pavarotti, Bocelli and Gigli have established themselves first abroad and only after in Italy” (La Repubblica)

Although all these news need confirmation, we are very happy and excited! We do not resist and did this:

playlist by AAIV

What more we may say… #ilvolograndeamore #ilvolosanremograndeamore #ilvolopersempre

. Sanremo 2015, Il Volo sul palco ‘per riaffermare la nostra italianità’ – by Zelia Pastore on TV Zap.
. Sanremo, Il Volo: «Portiamo nel mondo il bel canto» – on Il Secolo XIX
. Sanremo, gli ex tre tenorini al Festival per spiccare Il Volo in Italia – on Adnkronos (jan 26, 2015 in Italian)
. Il Volo, ‘a Sanremo per riaffermare la nostra italianità’ – on Italia Chiama Italia (jan 26, 2015 in Italian)
. Il Volo atterra a Sanremo. “Ma non chiamateci tenorini” – by Luigi Bolognini on La Repubblica (Jan 26, 2015 in Italian)
. Il Volo, al Festival per divertirci – by Claudia Fascia on ANSA (jan 26, 2015 in Italian)
. photo by Daniele Barraco on Adnkronos

Preview of the 20 unreleased songs for Sanremo 2015

or what the press said about…

Sanremo songs previewYesterday took place a preview for the 20 unreleased songs that will be presented on the 65º Festival della Canzone Italiana by the 20 big artists, among them Il Volo. The event was held with the presence of Carlo Conti, the artistic director of Sanremo 2015, critics, journalists and people related to the musical scene.

Several media published their ‘first’ impressions in general and in particular about the songs presented. All About Il Volo was publishing the sources and summaries on our Links and News but we decided to do a special article about the theme, waiting for more reviews and testimonials.

Almost all are very pessimist about the possibilities of the new songs. Some pointed that they are more of the same, Sanremo default products. Boring love songs said some media. They stated a lack of originality and real novelty on almost all the songs presented. But some welcomed the song of Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette) and Grazia Di Michelle as a good surprise, something out of sameness including the theme.

About Il Volo the reviews are almost the opposite, with some sources praising the great, magnificent song and another mocking the super mellow bordering on kitsch song.  The reviews are not good or bad at all (more bad than good, let’s say), a little blasé, we can point, although some media published that Il Volo are the probable winner (sometimes in an ironic mod).

As we already said here: all criticism are welcomed, because they will be the scenario where Il Volo will shine more than ever. An opinion is not an offense, instead it was a opportunity to dialogue, to discuss ideas, to know more and to learn more.

The reviews:

. Sanremo 2015: pagelle e voti alle canzoni dei Big Annalisa, Chiara, Dear Jack, Fragola, Moreno, Il Volo, pre-ascolto – by Fabio Traversa on Reality Show (Blogo) – The article brought a summary of several reviews.
About Il Volo:
– Paolo Biamonte-Ansa: In Italy Il Volo has not found the same success that their tour in the world achieved. Grande amore is a pop ‘romance song’ with pressing strings and piping hot uvula not afraid to cross over into kitsch. Rated 5 – A Sanremo vincono amore e tradizione, il giudizio al primo ascolto.
– Andrea Laffranchi-Corriere della Sera: The three guys of Il Volo exaggerate with epic melodrama. – Gino Castaldo-Repubblica: The performance of Il Volo, Grande amore, Rate 2, seems a caricature of a South American soap. – Sanremo, al festival dei tormenti d’amore il podio lo meritano tre donne.
– Marinella Venegoni-La Stampa: Il Volo, the triumph of the long loaf of Bocelli. Melodrama for yankees, a crossing of voices, boldness and kitsch.
– Marco Molendini-Il Messaggero: Il Volo starts with a flavor ‘battistiano’ “I close my eyes and think of her” (but not enough). (reference to Lucio Battisti)
– Paolo Giordano-Il Giornale: A rejoice (triumphant elation?) almost baroque of the Il Volo voices.
– Leonardo Iannacci-Libero: Il Volo, they return to make the “tre tenorini”.
– Stefano Mannucci- Il Tempo: Terrible pastiche ‘brother-tenors’ of Il Volo.
– Marco Mangiarotti-Qn: Il Volo, lyrical explosion but it is Naples in romance shape. The three boys try the long shot. Favorites? vote 6+ – Cantaci d’amore Sanremo. Ecco i brani dei big in gara.
– Federico Vacalebre-Il Mattino: Il Volo: the three tenorini mix neobelcanto and parodies of opera-rock of Queen.
– Renato Tortarolo-Il Secolo XIX: Il Volo: on romances the middle ground are dangerous. The ‘tenorini’ will also be famous but had to be less pop and more classic. A little courage. Insufficient.
– Silvia Truzzi-Il Fatto Quotidiano: Dear Jack, everything is very appealing and nothing out of place, will be liked. As well as Chiara and Il Volo (although the song is of a astonishing banality).  Continue reading

Il Volo – special guests on the Gala Dinner dedicated to Telethon

Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma:: October 20, 2014 – FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE DEL FILM DI ROMA: GALÀ, SELFIE E GENEROSITÀ (in Italian) – on Fondazione Telethon – The article about the Festival internazionale del film di Roma, October 16 to 25 in Roma, talks about the Gala Dinner dedicated to Telethon will have as special guests Paul Sorvino and Il Volo. On October 23 at Open Colonna – Palazzo Esposizioni. 8:30pm * waiting for more details and confirmation

Summary translation: “The main event dedicated to Telethon is scheduled for October 23, at the Open Colonna (Exhibition Palace Via Milano 9A), with the Telethon Gala Dinner organized in collaboration with Tiziana Rocca Communication. […]

An exclusive event, which is repeated for six years now, and you can count on the energy overflowing with Francesco Facchinetti (Dj Francis) in the role of conductor, enhanced by the elegance and excellence of the courses offered by Antonello Colonna, chef and friend of the Fondazione Telethon. Many national and international guests who will attend during the evening preview of the short film made by Telethon in collaboration with Rai Cinema, and will participate in the raffle and charity auction to support Telethon and the research for the care of those who fight against a genetic disease.

Confirmed the participation of Paul Sorvino, American actor and director, who will receive the Telethon Award. Also highly anticipated the presence of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, the three tenors Il Volo from Ti Lascio Una Canzone, that conquered the world playing songs from the classic Italian tradition (mainly Neapolitan) with international style and modern arrangements, and pop songs in a classic way.”

Other sources:

:: Festival Roma:Montezemolo e Paul Sorvino,serata per Telethon – on – announcing that Il Volo will receive the “Cuore Telethon 2014”
:: Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma – site of the Festival
:: Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma: le Feste della nona edizione – on Everyeye
:: Cinematografo Speciale Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma – on RAI 1 aired on October 20, 2014
:: Spot on RAI – Spot RAI | Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma – youtube video
:: Roma Film Festival 2014 – news on Cine Blog by Blogo
:: Continuano le Feste della nona edizione del Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma – on Voce Spettacolo

Il Volo links and news for July 2, 2014

links and news:: July 2, 2014 – Il Volo, al via tour in Italia – Il Volo in tour in Italy! New dates released: Pescara, September 5 (Teatro D’Annunzio), Napoli on Setmber 12 (Arena Flegrea) and Marostica (Vicenza) September 16 (Piazza Castello) – on (in Italian) Great News!

:: Show Verstehen Sie Spaß? – Show “Understand fun?” – RTV, a German channel, will reprise this show aired back in 2011. A good opportunity to record this old Il Volo appearance. On July 20, 2014. 3:30 and 6:00.

:: June 17, 2014 – Became known the program of New Wave 2014 – From July 22 to 27, 2014 in Jurmala, the Dzintari concert hall will host the International contest of young singers “New Wave 2014”. On July 23, international stars will perform on the event: Ricky Martin, the trio “Il Volo” from Italy, the singer Lara Fabian, the Italian singer Alessandro Safina, the Swedish pop singer Ola and others. (translated from the original in Russian – Google) – on Lady Post (in Russian) – no confirmation from Il Volo until now

Il Volo – Arena di Verona – June 1st, 2014

Confirmed! Il Volo will perform in Verona on June 1st, 2014!

:: photo 1 – Antonella Clerici had confirmed the presence of Il Volo as guests in Verona. – on TV Sorrisi this week (Thanks to Morena Pompignoli!)

:: photo 2 – The Comune di Verona announces the event – Arena di Verona 2014. Lo spettacolo sta per iniziare .

Arena di Verona announces the Festival Lirico 2014. Il Volo will be guest on the opening gala event.

video by Arena Verona

About the Event:

:: Antonella Clerici: “La prova del cuoco anche alle 14.10, emotainment a inizio 2015, Ti lascio una canzone riposerà” – by Fabio Traversa on Reality Show
:: Grande musica in Arena l’1 giugno – ANSA.It (May 6, 2014)
:: Anastacia e Ted Neeley L’1 giugno star in Arena – TG Verona (May 6, 2014 – via Morena Pompignoli)
:: Anastacia e Ted Neeley al galà «Arena di Verona» – L’Arena.It
:: Dall’Arena di Verona: LO SPETTACOLO STA PER INIZIARE – by Francesco Cecoro to ViviCentro

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at Eataly in Milan

Il Volo on EatitalyIl Volo in Milan, performing today (March 18, 2014) at the opening event of Eataly Smeraldo, the new store of Italian quality gastronomy by Oscar Farinetti at the Piazza XXV Aprile.

More information on Eataly opening:
:: Eataly inaugura allo Smeraldo di Milano. Il patron Oscar Farinetti: “Siamo l’Italia che risorge” – In Italian on Huffingtonpost
:: Inaugurato a Milano Eataly Smeraldo, lo store di Farinetti – in Italian on

Watch the short video shared by manueldallori on Instagram. Il Volo sings “Il Mondo”.

Thanks to Il Volo Community for sharing the news 🙂

A small gallery: thanks to Il Volo Dallas, @dauferia, Il Volo Community, Marco Caprai and @giorgina89!

Il Volo News by @morena_faenza

Morena PompignoliFrom Mary J. Blige to Il Volo to ‘Duck Dynasty’ – holiday musical offerings that span the globe

The cutie-pies in this Italian pop-opera trio continue to prove their undeniable talent.

Their solid grasp of English infuses “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with a woozy ache, and their sprightly medley of “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is wisely backed by a traditional big band arrangement to enforce familiarity. (read more) (

Buon Natale: The Christmas Album nuovo disco de Il Volo: le tracce

Il 26 novembre 2013, è uscito l’album natalizio de Il Volo che si intitola Buon Natale: The Christmas Album. Il trio composto da tre tenori, ovvero Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto e Gianluca Ginoble, per l’occasione ha interpretato a modo loro, i grandi classici della tradizione natalizia americana. (per saperne di più) (Nuove Canzoni)

Buon Natale del Volo cd al top in Usa

I tre giovani tenori in vetta alla classifica settimanale

Il Volo con “Buon Natale – The Christmas Album” volano in vetta agli album più venduti negli Stati Uniti, nella classifica settimanale Classic Cross Over… (per saperne di più) (ANSA.IT)

Il Volo, anche l’Ave Maria di Schubert nel nuovo album nella classifica Usa

Il Volo: il giovane gruppo musicale nato a “Ti lascio una canzone” prosegue nel successo statunitense. Con il nuovo album “Buon Natale: The Christmas Album” si sono posizionati tra i primi cento posti della clssifica Billboard. Tra le loro esibizioni passate ci sono quelle con Barbra Streisand e alla cerimonia dei Nobel (per saperne di più) (MAUXA)
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