Verona Grande Amore newspapers reviews.

Il Volo for Vanity Fair

On September 21st Il Volo performed a memorable concert at the Arena of Verona, gathering an huge audience that was delighted to hear old and new songs, all performed by the trio, with some appearance of special guests who dueted with them.

Il Volo performed with Francesco Renga, Lorenzo Fragola, Francesco De Gregori. A special speaker in the person of the famous actor Giancarlo Giannini introduced the concert. Carlo Conti hosted and talked with the trio, as well as the comedians I MalinComici who imitated Il Volo. The success of the evening was huge and many journalists, bloggers and music critics were watching tej show. Let’s see what they wrote about it.

:: First of all came the newspaper L’Arena, from Verona, of course with a title that says that Il Volo charmed 13 thousand people in the Arena of  Verona. – Sinfonia di voci, il Volo incanta i 13mila in Arena – on L’Arena website (September 22, 2015, in Italian)

:: The news agency Adnkronos published an article about the concert and the press conference: the guys of Il Volo proved to be right when they said the people was on their side. Now are ready for new challenges and dreams like the Grammy awards. – Dal trionfo all’Arena prende Il Volo il nuovo album – on Adnkronos website (September 22, 2015 in Italian)

:: Reality Show web magazine talks about the success at the Arena, the standing ovations, and show some of the statements by Il Volo part of the press conference after the concert. They said that the success of the tour is the answer to those who, after Sanremo, were saying Il Volo was going nowhere: the music of the Italian tradition will never die. – Il Volo – Un’avventura straordinaria, su Rai1 concerto dall’Arena di Verona con Carlo Conti: Lorenzo Fragola tra gli ospiti – su Reality Show web site (September 22, 2015 in Italian)

:: Primapress news magazine gives an account of the success of Il Volo at the Arena and reminds of the next tour in the Italian indoor sport arenas. – Straordinario successo ieri sera all’Arena di Verona per Il Volo – on Primapress website (September 22, 2015 in Italian)

:: La Stampa newspaper online writes that the concert was a “surprising event” and confirms that “reality can surpass fantasy” and reminds that Il Volo will “duet” with Elvis Presley in the new album that will be released in October. Everything is possible for Il Volo! – Tutto è possibile per Il Volo, anche un duetto con Elvis – on La Stampa
newspaper web site (September 23, 2015)

:: Il Giornale newspaper begins with the acknowledgement of having been wrong about Il Volo as critics: at the Arena Il Volo conquered all! Their secret: three excellent voices that blend in very well. And also they have a special talent: they are music popularisers, and are able to get the young fans to appreciate old standards.- L’Arena prende Il Volo Osannati all’estero adesso sbancano l’Italia – on Il Giornale newspaper website (September 23, 2015 in italian)