Il Volo links & news for Jan 10, 2015

Links and News

:: Jan 10, 2014 – 13:15 (ITA) – Piero Barone just published on his facebook saying that Sanremo will be in a month. He posted from near Bologna. They are moving! And he also share a photo of a little interview published by the newspaper of the train.

:: Published yesterday a video of one more interview of Il Volo during the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua. The interview conducted by Farid el Si Si was shared on youtube – IL VOLO ENTREVISTA CON FARID EL SI SI FICH 2014 JUAREZ MEXICO by Si! Si? (Farid el Si Si) (from our collaborator Gaby Dion)

:: Festival di Castrocaro 2015 – Dates and places of the Verification of Eligibility – Today, Jan 10, 2015 – Music and Fine Arts Musicart – Via de Gasperi 26 – Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE) – other dates.

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Il Volo links & news for December 30, 2014

links and news unici:: dec 30, 2014 – UNICI: on Musical News – announcing the special about Il Volo on RAI 2. Il Volo, giovedì 1 gennaio 2015 uno speciale sul celebre trio nella prima serata di Rai 2 – by Manuela Ippolito

:: Dec 29, 2014 – Beautiful tribute to Naro by the amazing artist Salvatore Nocera on the occasion of the event “Naro in Volo”. Il Volo – Il ritorno di Icaro on Giovanni Nigro’s youtube channel. “Omaggio a Naro di Totò Nocera…in occasione della Cerimonia nella quale Piero Barone, del gruppo musicale Il Volo, è stato nominato “Ambasciatore di Naro nel mondo”. Domenica 28 dicembre 2014″

:: Today (Dec 30, 2014) Il Volo Takes Flight Live From The Detroit Opera House will be aired on the Brazilian TV Rede Vida – 11pm (Brazil) –  Rede Vida – schedule (in Portuguese) – Reply on Jan 6, 2014 – 23:00

:: Dec 29, 2014 – Video edition with images of the events in Naro of the ceremony in which Piero Barone, of the musical group Il Volo, was named “Ambassador of Naro in the world” – Il Volo – Naro in estasi per Piero Barone – video by Riccardo Porrello on youtube

:: UNICI – Come and join our Facebook event: Il Volo – Tre come noi: a capodanno speciale “UNICI” Rai 2 – 21:10 – share your love for Il Volo. Watch the Promo video – Il Volo Tre come Noi 1° gennaio 2015 (video by Elettra Dafne)

:: The 2014 retrospective of Televisa Ciudad Juarez mentioned the concert of Il Volo on the 10º Festival Chihuahua (video – in Spanish) – with images of the interviews Espectáculos: (29 Dic 2014)


Il Volo links & news for Nov 3, 2014

Not many news but some amazing things appeared on the networks 🙂

Links and News:: Nov 3, 2014 – New video of Il Volo in Moscow on Oct 4th, 2014 – Beautiful Day – shared by Tatyana Mescheryakova – Look for more nice videos on her channel on youtube.

:: Nov 3, 2014 – New video of Il Volo in Chihuahua (Festival Internacional on August 2, 2014) – shared by Presencia Mexico TVTous les visages de l’amour – more videos on their channel.

:: Nov 1st, 2014 – Happy Birthday Ernesto Ginoble! May all your dreams be hurrying on their way! 8)

:: Oct 31, 2014 – Italian Tourism: is it a Mistake? – a must read article by Marie on Il Volo Flight Crew – or how the tourist guides do not fit #ilvolovers 🙂

Il Volo – interview in Juarez – TV FICH

On July 31, 2014 Il Volo attended an interview do FICH TV Juarez, a special program reporting all activities on the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua in Ciudad Juarez. The interview was conducted by Daniela Baeza and Agústin Barrero. (This video was released on August 6, 2014)

video by TV FICH Juarez

Agustin Barrera begins presenting the program and soon introduce Il Volo and the reporter Daniela Baeza. Daniela said she was enchanted to be with this beautiful boys that came from Italy.

GB: Boys, tell us how you are, first time in Ciudad Juarez, how people are treating you?
PB: First time here in Juarez, because in Mexico we did a lot of concerts. And, by this reason, for the concerts here in Juarez and the Chihuahua Festival we know how important is and we are happy to sing to the Mexican people.

AB: Very well,… Did you hear something about Juarez or Chihuahua and did you imagine to come here sometime?
IB: No, we only had listened: Pá..,Pá, Páaaa Chihuahua! Continue reading

Il Volo in Juarez – reviews

On August 4, 2014 , Televisa Ciudad Juarez and Canal Cuarenta Cuatro shared reports about the opening of the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua with a concert of Il Volo.

:: Canal Cuarenta Cuatro – The report was conducted by Hugo Argumedo. Watch the video:

video by Canal Cuarenta Cuatro

:: Televisa Ciudad Juarez Oficial

video by Televisa Ciudad Juarez Oficial

Por si te lo perdiste: Il Volo en Cd. Juárez

Il Volo daily – arriba Mexico!

Il Volo in MexicoSo much movement on the last days, that we are always behind something somewhere 🙂 Il Volo left to Mexico and performed two magnificent concerts when we were expecting a presentation of 2 or 3 songs on the opening of an event.

Wonderful, amazing, awesome are some of all adjectives we can find to talk about their concerts in Juarez and Chihuahua and to celebrate the 20.000 people on the audience. A record!

Il Volo in MexicoOur last daily was written when they arrived to Juarez and all that happened in July 31 and August 1 and 2 are well described here on the site. You can read about the press conference in Juarez, the articles published on Mexican press, the concert, the press conference in Chihuahua, the second concert and all that made this mini tour on Mexico a great success and a milestone to Mexican Ilvolovers.

You can also go to our galleries and see all photos of those events, because Mexico provided a wonderful amount of images. And a great press presence as well. Congrats to the people behind the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua, the event will be a great success and you did a wonderful job with Il Volo in there. Continue reading

Il Volo links and news for Aug 1 and 2

links and news:: August 2, 2014 – Enloquecen miles de jovencitas con opera pop de Il Volo en Festival Internacional – by Carlos Hernández on La Opción (in Spanish)

:: August 2, 2014 – Vibra el Fich con “Il Volo” en la ciudad de Chihuahua – by Omar Rubio on Net Noticias

:: August 2, 2014 – IL Volo, la opera pop que enloqueció a Chihuahua – by Nancy De León on Entrelíneas (in Spanish)

:: August 2, 2014 – IL VOLO causa sensación en Chihuahua – on Al Contacto (in Spanish) Continue reading