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Piero Barone BioPiero Barone is what you might call a phenomenon. Whoever watches one of his performances, his solos in particular, will have no doubts about his future in music, even if he chooses going for lyrical music or stays in pop-lyric featuring the group to which he belongs. This is our Piero, a member of Il Volo along with Ignazio Boschetto – both tenors – and Gianluca Ginoble – baritone.

Piero was born in the town of Naro, Sicily, southern Italy, an Agrigento province, on June 24, 1993. His Father, Gaetano Barone, is a mechanic and his mother, Eleonora Ognibene, housewife. He has an older brother named Francesco (or Francis) who is studying Philosophy at the University of Bologna, and a younger sister, Mariagrazia. Piero grew up in a musical environment until at age of 5, his maternal grandfather, Pietro Ognibene, discovered his talent. Piero, on an interview in 2010, said that his grandfather, a blind musician, had written a song in Sicilian, and when asked him to sing it, was amazed with his voice. That same day, helped by a friend, Mr Ognibene recorded Piero singing Un Amore Così Grande. In a recent interview, Mr. Ognibene revealed that all the people became marveled with Piero’s voice and used to put him on the table and ask him to sing. Then the family helped him to cultivate his gift and his grandfather Pietro collaborated by paying piano lessons for six years.


Piero Barone TLUC 2009

Piero Barone. – 2009

Piero began performing at school and in the local church choir, plus he used to make some money as wedding singer. In 2009, during the talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone the host asked him details about these performances at weddings, as what songs he used to sing, or the length of this performances; Piero answered fully and well and, when Antonella Clerici asked him whether he attended the best part – the party after the ceremony – he replied: – The best part was when they paid me 🙂 That money, result of this early work, was used to continue paying for his musical formation.

Just as Gianluca and Ignazio, Piero had early participations on several competitions and music festivals with great performances. He is considered a Spinto Tenor – a tenor that easily reaches high notes, whose voice has the shades of a baritone but with a tenor range. His vocal power is a highlight on the Il Volo’s performances, his ability to achieve and sustain the notes and follow variations in the melody without the need to resume breathing.

Piero Barone 2010In 2005, with only 12 years old, Piero participated and won the Festival Canoro Città di Vallelunga, singing Un Amore Così Grande, a song that will always be associated to great moments of his career. To develop his natural talent, Piero studied singing with maestro Marisa Bonfiglio – founder and director of the Coro di voci bianche Piccoli Cantori di Santa Cecilia and Maestro of the Associazione filarmonica Santa Cecilia. Moreover, until 2009, Piero attended classes at the Scuola di Canto Arcadia of Angela Maniglia, however, he remained in contact and had participated in many events of the school, which until today continues forming talents in Sicily.

In August 2008, Piero won the Festival Bruna Bennardo in Favara, Sicily.

In 2009, during the Ti Lascio Una Canzone, he shared the popular preference with two other candidates – Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble – with whom he would form the group Il Volo soon after. In an interview in 2010, he said that participating in the talent show on RAI 1 was a remarkable experience in his life, considering the daily learning and the opportunity to develop and showcase their talent. He had great performances on every episode and actually won the 4th episode of the show, one more time with Un Amore Così Grande. On that same episode, he sang along with Gianluca and Ignazio for the first time O’ Sole Mio, that became the milestone on Il Volo’s career.

Since 2009 his career has been altogether with Il Volo, although he has been able to record some solo performances. In Sicily, around Christmas of 2012, he recorded a special video of the song “Where do I begin”, on which, in addition to singing, he plays four different musical instruments. Piero has expressed several times his desire to sing opera in the future. He always says that he must study hard for this and he’s truth to his word by studying with Maestro Sergio Bertocchi in Bologna.

Read more about Piero here: Piero Barone

Some personal facts about Piero can be read on Piero Barone – Trivia

Piero is a beautiful, healthy, cheerful, sensitive and charismatic young man. Owner of a rare talent: a clean and powerful voice and an exciting and breathtaking interpretation. We could add several other adjectives, as we observe his attitudes, his values, his gentleness and humility. Piero is admirable on all aspects.

:: Author: Suzana Gutierrez (marirussu) , from the original in Portuguese.
:: Research: All About Il Volo Team
:: Published on June 24, 2014. Updated (fotos) on November 16, 2015.
:: Credits on the pictures
:: This is a dynamic text that will be updated whenever Piero allow us and as we can organise events prior to 2009 🙂
:: References: linked to the text, where it is possible.
:: For an amazing Il Volo experience read their book: Il Volo – un’avventura straordinaria. (Ed Rizzoli)

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  1. piero sempre vai ser um exemplo na busca de um sonho ele e maravilhoso encanta seu pubico eu o amo de todo meu coraçao que o senhor o abençoe sempre ele merece todo esse carinho o BRASILama il volo

    • I am old enough to be your great grand mother. I just want to say you are one beautiful man and a tremendous singer. I just wish your group could make it to Florida in the near future. You have the most infectious face and you always look happy. God Bless you and your buddies. You have the most powerful voice that I have heard in a long time.

  2. Chris!

    Um ser humano com um especial talento e uma imensa responsabilidade. Que ele possa ter a força necessária para viver tudo isso.


    • Thank you for this wonderful article about Piero! His voice is unbelievably powerful! I am always amazed at the length of time he can hold a musical note without having to stop for breath!
      He is an amazing young man!

  3. I love watching and listening to Piero.

    The video of him playing on piano on YouTube is so special. He not only excels in his singing but piano as well.

    What a wonderful young man he is. I am old enough to be his grandmother, yet I have a teenage crush on Piero.

    • I agree with your comment(grandma and teenage crush). I,too, am a grandma, and love listening to Piero sing. I speak for myself, but perhaps for other women as well, that when I hear Piero’s voice singing I feel like the most beautiful and most loved woman in the world. I listen often. I wish that every woman in the world could feel this way about herself.

    • Yes, Piero has an amazing voice. So rich, powerful and mature. I hope he will sing in opera one day. I have had the privilege of seeing the group in Los Angeles twice and being photographed with them after the concert at the Gibson Amphitheater in August, 2013. Had a chance to speak to the charming and very polite Gianluca too. Piero is a fine musician. This is a wonderful group. Hope to see them in 2016 in San Diego. I love them so much.

  4. Beautifully written and so fun to read. I learned a few things I didn’t know. Thanks so much for sharing about our beloved Piero. I adore him!

  5. Por favor….necesitamos traducciones al español de tus articulos….tu pagina es de las mejores sobre los chicos de Il volo…por favor no nos dejen a las hispanas fuera de la magia de los chicos

    • Hola Patrícia!

      En este momento estamos teniendo dificultades para encontrar a alguien para traducir. Pronto tal vez podamos retomar las traducciones al español. Yo mismo entiendo español, pero no puedo escribir y hablar. (Sólo con google :))

  6. please come to South Carolina or North Carolina
    we would love to come and see you. You have
    an incredible voice.

  7. I am another grandmother totally devoted fan, new to The Flight Crew, and thankful that I found you. I also feel “out-of-place” (as you put it on your introduction page) with family and friends because they do not understand this Il Volo addiction. And addiction it is! I must have my “fix” every day, at home, in my car, at my gym, or almost any where that I am alone with my own thoughts. I can’t say anything about these young men that has not been said before, (especially Piero), only that they make me laugh, they make me cry, make me smile, make my heart beat faster, take my breath away with their amazing talents. I go to any concert I can. I hope the best for all of them always and will be back to your site frequently. Can’t wait for next tour.

    • Hi Donna

      Sorry I am answering so late. Busy times for me this year.
      I agree with all you say and I hope they have the best as well. They are young, talented and beautiful inside and outside. A pleasure to write about them here.

    • Your words have described many of my thoughts and actions surrounding my love for Il Volo, especially Piero. Listening to them takes me to “that other place”, as stated in the song, “Beautiful Day”. Words cannot describe those feelings we have when listening to the songs, but you have done well. From grandma Julie.

      • Thank you Julie! Piero is amazing and it is a pleasure to write about him, although sometimes I do not find words enough 🙂

        • I am in love with piero, please come to Marco Island ,Florida to perform, Katherine Marie Stubettci.

  8. Like all previous comments, I love IL VOLO! Piero’s talent is easily distinguished and though I knew most of your information, I found more reasons to love him after reading your comments. Thank you for the narrative – I love the music and when they were in Nashville,TN this past June, I attended their concert. I could be the grandmother, but I truly love all you guys!!!!! I am hoping they will return soon – I was too ‘cheap’ to pay for the meet & greet, but trust me….I will do it next time.

  9. A truly remarkable young man. The narrative was informative and leaves admiring him more. I took a picture of him Marostica with is permission and put it on twitter and facebook and the hits he gets are very often and numerous. I have never done a meet and greet but I will next time. My 83 year old Aunt is the person that introduced me to Il Volo a year and a half ago. She has followed them since their first PBS concert. I do hope they make that mini Christmas tour in the U.S.

    • Hi, Paula!

      Thank you for your visit and comment! Biographies are dynamic and they are growing up so fast!
      One of the remarkable things about Il Volo is this power to bring together all generations.

  10. Yes, Power is an attitude that fits very well and in many directions with Il Volo! Power of voices, power of bringing people together – worldwide – power as best ambassadors to their home country Italy. This power in showing us that love is possible also today.

    It was Piero, mentioning in Oslo during the concert in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize December 11th, 2012, between the songs IL MONDO and WE ARE LOVE ‘This is our way to express the amazing message of Piece: We sing WE ARE LOVE.’

    In my opinion this sentence can serve very well as a beautiful motto for Il Volo. It is of course a huge obligation. With the power of Il Volo and the power of their fans it is worth while to keep it in mind! WE ARE LOVE.

  11. Yes, Gerti

    They are always near to love and power and to bring love and joy to many people. Sometime I think about this and wonder how much them know about this…

  12. What an inspiration these three young men are for all ages. I, too, recognized the special range and force of Piero’s voice, I do hope he continues to persue opera (and in Bologna, Pavarotti’s home city).

  13. I am a 77-year-old lady and madly in love with these boys, especially Gianluca! I’m addicted to their music and listen to no other. They have brought such joy into the fading days of my life, I have no way to express my thanks for what they have restored to me: my religious faith, my spirituality, and yes, even my libido! Can you imagine a woman my age having such desire for a not-yet-twenty-year-old? Shows you how even old age cannot quell the fires of desire that burn within us. And I am ever grateful, my most precious GG, for creating this. I will love you until I die, and then from beyond the grave.

  14. Piero,l don’t forget the concert in 2011 in Holland!! I love him with whole my heart!this sweet person with his golden sound ls a real Maestro! I hope that he come back to Amsterdam.Thank you dear Piero

    • I hope you finde the real woman who love YOU for who you are! not a woman who love only the fame behinde you.Thanks for your music!! Maestro

    • Hi Ilza
      Nice to have you here! Piero is really a maestro.
      I think many countries of Europe will be on the next tour.

  15. It was in the summer of 2011 when I was first introduced to Il Volo via an email from a cousin. Impressed, i searched them on youtube.com and found they sang at American Idol in May 2011 O Sole Mio. Piero’s solo knocked me out and I’ve been hooked ever since. Went to their very first USA concert in Atlantic City, NJ Sept. 2011 and spontaneously met Ignazio and Piero 3 hours before the concert after listening to their sound check in the small theater they performed in. It amazes me how much stronger Piero has gotten…every year is incredible…i mean he was amazing at 14, 15! Your review of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are the best that I’ve ever read of them plus I’ve learned something new about each of them on this site. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Becky!
      Nice story! This kind of memories we love to have here. Consider to write this 🙂
      Thank you! Our bios are slowly been updated. Ignazio’s was the last I re wrote. Soon we will have news in all bios 🙂

  16. Glad to have found more information about Piero that you have shared. There is a quality about his voice which drew my interest at first hearing. So gifted and very special. I wish him continued success. When I see his photos I am reminded of my brother when he was young. Aside from the likeness, he began to sing when he was a little boy and has entertained many people since then with his natural voice. The love of the color red was a strong trait associated with my mother. I have had several pairs of red glasses also. Surely we have mutual preferences. Roots go deep in Sicily. We are of Sicilian heritage. Peace to Piero and his family.

  17. Piero is certainly the leading strength in Il Volo, he has a maturity that is accepted by Ignazio and Gianluca. In most interviews it seems he is given the lead with the answers. When he sings it is not obvious where he gets the long breaths from it looks so easy to him and I love to hear him sing songs with a greater operatic approach. Each of these young men have a voice that is unique to themselves but when put together the resulting harmony is divine. I look forward to them coming to England, sooon, I hope. I have waited for this from the moment I first saw and heard them performing in 2011 on the Alan Titchmarsh programme on British television and from there I researched information from any sourse I could. Songratulations to them on their very recent success at Sanremo and I will be supporting them in the Eurovision (even though I am English). I hope to meet them and also their Manager Barbara who seems to me to be a lovely person too. Thank you to ‘All about Il Volo’ for these articles. I do hope the lads will let you update them soon for us. x x x

  18. ciao! grazie x il vostro sito: molto ben fatto!!! ma di Piero Barone non ci sono informazioni sulla sua operazione alle orecchie(ears)…..sono curiosa di sapere quando e dove ha fatto l’intervento. Kisses!!!!!! I’m great fan of these 3 magic boys!!!!!

  19. Hello. It’s interesting how much information Piero is willing to give to the public. I wonder if there is anything he wishes he didn’t say. I also find it very fascinating how Piero and I have so much in common. I do not mean to be self-centered, but I have never thought of this until now. I will not say everything, but we both have red glasses, cross necklaces, we both love the same musicians, and our personalities are very similar. This was not on purpose, except for the glasses part. One question for you: do you get paid for writing bios like this? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Rose! I am not paid by this work. I like to write and I love these guys 🙂 All we know about Piero is relative and not closed. Only his family and close friends can know him really. I write using what he said and what his friends and family said and a little about I could feel when I met him. Now he does not use more the cross necklace . He is young and many changes will come 🙂

  20. I love Il Volo, I love Il Volo, I love Il Volo! Talented, humble, HANDSOME, real artists… Just Italians!

  21. Piero cuando cantas haces vibrar nuestros corazones y es cuando comprondendo porque DIOS creo la musica.

  22. This article is put together very good. I’ve learned a lot about Piero after reading this article. Piero’s voice is really powerful. It’s so beautiful. I really hope that one day Il volo will come to my city so that I could see them in concert at least one time. For sure I really want to know how tall all 3 of them are.

  23. Can anyone settle a big argument on a Facebook page about Piero? Several of us contend that he has braces — the bracket type in white. Others cannot see them and claim he doesn’t have them. Can anyone confirm or deny the brace issue — PLEASE!

    • Yes he does wear braces, but not all the time and yes they are white! I can confirm this cause he wore them when I met him at the Hilton 🙂
      Also here are some pics where you can see his braces (they’re so white against his teeth that you almost can’t see them) – He also has perfect teeth so I don’t understand why he wears the braces but oh well 🙂

    • Hi Diane and Shirley

      He is wearing braces. I met him several times last June/July and he show me and we talked about it. He will have them for some time. They are white and almost invisible.

    • Hi Diane
      Just an idea: it is not the best choice to open trends on Facebook. It is a private space only for Facebook users. Here is a public space We can talk about all themes here and our talk will be public and with dedicated links. If you want, mark the box to receive updates via email too.

  24. PIero has an amazing voice . He knocks the ball out of the park with the song, No puede ser. He also has leadership ability, a strong personality that attracts many admiring fans.

  25. Hey 🙂
    Is there a way to contact Piero? I would like to write him 🙁
    Maybe you can ask him? :/

    Greets from Vienna,

  26. My parents came from Marsala but unfortunately I never visited, It was always one thing or another. Our whole family celebrated all the holidays together and we would sing all the Italian songs that Il Volo shares with the world today. My husband and I met Piero Barone in Miami at the Jackie Gleason theater. We sneaked into the theater early and sat like two church mice while Il Volvo rehearsed., and the theater was empty and Piero was checking all the mikes and he walked over to us and introduced himself. and I must say you could have blew me over with a feather. I fell that night on the way up to our seats. The fire department was available and wanted to take me to the Emergency Room. I refused hospital care because I would have missed Il Volo.perform. We also went to Tampa, FL to see Il Volo there too. A few months ago I viewed Il Volo on PBS TV where they performed in Pompeii they were great. Their voices and talent have matured and their voices have improved tremendously. . Piero is an opera star!!!!!!!!!! When he opened his mouth a star was born. I have to say they all were great, but God gave Piero an extra special gift. I tried to get the CD of their Performance in Pompeii with no success. I walk to their music and exercise to their music and cook to their music. I sent payment to Shop PBS for a CD and they sent me a CD with other musical artists singing in Spanish. My husband said “that is Il Volo” I said “no that is not Il Volo.”. If anyone can give me a contact person that I can give my grievance to, I would appreciate it. Thanks for listening.


  27. Great article as usual. We in the U.S., would love to read their book. Have been trying to get confirmation that it will be published in English. Gianluca did say in an interview, that yes it will be, couldn’t say when. There will be a lot of Ilvolers here, that will be very disappointed. Just have to wait, I guess. Thx, again.

  28. I wish I could meet your group including you!I wish you could come to Green Bay,Wisconsin and we could meet you in person!I play the piano and I play,”This time,”on the piano.P.S.I am a little shy though around famous people even though I never met one!I wish I could come to your concert.Well maybe not meet you because I’m really really shy.Plus meet my crush Gianluca would be a little akward.:)God Bless and may God watch over you!I’m Catholic by the way.PLEASE READ THIS

  29. He is an amazing person, i saw them in Argentina about one month ago and when Piero finished to sign my cd copy, he took my hand and sung to me oe part of Aspetteró…. I’ll never forget that moment, THABK YOU PIERO! I can remember his eyes so sweet and humble.

  30. To:The Ill Volo Group(Piero,Gianluca,and Ignazio) I saw your concert from Pompeii on PBS and it was awesome!What a neat place you guys chose to sing at!Too bad I couldn’t be there but since I live in the cold,state of Wisconsin that would be hard to travel to Italy.If I could travel anywhere it would be beautiful Italy.The first time my family listened to your first CD we loved it and couldn’t wait for more CD’s to come out.Gianluca do you have any brothers or sisters?Your music will continue to inspire me and my parents.Thank you guys for your slendid music!:)I hope you get a chance to read this.Ignazio I loved your song that was dedicated to your Mother,Unchained Melody. From:Your 13 year old girl fan who lives in Northern Wisconsin,G.M. P.S. Piero,I loved how you danced with that little girl during the concert!I’m glad you are Catholic!I am too. God Bless you Ill Volo.

  31. I would like to know if Piero is related to the Barones of Linguaglossa, Sicily. My grandmother was Concetta Barone Liggera of that village.

  32. Piero, you have an amazing voice, a natural spinto tenor, a rare breed! I hope very much you will continue studying la voce, take good care of it, and sing more and more OPERA!

  33. I was an artistic roller skater and horseback rider. I grew up to all kinds of music doo op, italian, spanish. I love opera as well. I MUST SAY IN 66 YEARS I HAVE NEVER HEARD VOICES LIKE EL VOLVO I COME TO TEARS EVERY TIME THEY SING. Hopefully I can see them perform one day. MAD ABOUT EL MUNDO GIRA.
    Placido one of my favorites, as well as Andre Bocelli.
    Jay Black and the Americans, and Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. Through it all no one sings like il volo.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Carole and I’ll go one further to say that Bochelli doesn’t have a thing on these guys, all three are prodigy’s in one group which is a beautiful gift to the world. I’ve never heard a tenor sing as strong as Piero, not Pavarotti, not Lanza, not Caruso or even Placido sing with such strength as that fabulous Barone! Going to see my first Il Volo concert in Las Vegas March 25th, I can’t wait.


  35. Keep up the wonderful work! That you are all doing. But I think it is time for you guys to make movies. And I know a good producer/ director that could do it. His name is Mr. Alfonso Gomez Rejon. From Juarez Mexico. You got to listen to your hearts! Do it. God Bless! Carmen

    • This is me again! Hey you know; that your performed in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hoel and Casino were the best yet. Piero Barone you are a truly Opera Singer. I also sing pop, regeton, opera and most any tune and I play Puano, guitar. I am in love with the world and Music and of course GOD. If you ever need help or friend in deed I will always be here for you guys. My Husband past three years ago! He work for the White House, let me know when you are ready to perform there, maybe friends can succeed to get you there. Here is my email/tel# I am Puerto Rican. carmenandrews@me.com/702-374-5566 all my blessing Carmen

      • I don’t think they’d want to perform at the White House right now. They didn’t want to perform at Trump’s innauguration.

        • Hi! Again Il Volo. Lisa Conklin said! You guys do not wank to perfume at The White House. How do you fell about that! Piero Barone: it since you are the promoter! I think you guys are celebrities and good one! So far the greatest in intertament. All kinds of people countries will love to be in your concerts and hire you. So take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Now next year how about the NFL Super Ball for 2018. Lady GaGa did it! So you can too. I will wait for your call or answer. carmenandrew@me.com. God Bless! Carmen

    • This is me again! Hey you know; that your performed in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hoel and Casino were the best yet. Piero Barone you are a truly Opera Singer. I also sing pop, regeton, opera and most any tune and I play Puano, guitar. I am in love with the world and Music and of course GOD. If you ever need help or friend in deed I will always be here for you guys. My Husband past three years ago! He work for the White House, let me know when you are ready to perform there, maybe friends can succeed to get you there. Here is my email/tel# I am Puerto Rican. carmenandrews@me.com/702-374-5566 all my blessing Carmen hope you call or text soon! This is God’s Devine intervention for you. Take advantage of what He gives you. Amen!

  36. Wrote at length to GianLuca, (per piacere , che tu leggi)
    After seeing you at Foxwood, Ct., carried your fotos w/me, from room to room, for a weeks, and “BENT” ANYONES EAR that would listen to me about the fabulous and endearing time spent at the concert and in the VIP room w/the three of you…………….
    Che Dio vi bennedica………….che state sani and salvi………….Ciaio ooo&xxx

    Anita Maria Santina Louisa LENZI BANDIERI (nme del battizzimo)

  37. I have met and seen “IL Volo many times through P.B.S. in Detroit Michigan, where I am a member. I think they are truly a gift from God. Their voices are just amazing and the professionalism is truly amazing too. I have a sister in England and she has c.d.s’ of them but I would love her to see them. Unfortunately the system we have here in America does not work in England. Can you help me to tell me how I can buy a couple of Dvds’ that will play in England.
    Laini Kowalske edkowalske@gmail.com

  38. I am an 82 year old great grandmother and have a teenage crush on all of the Il Volo group. I play their DVDs and/or DVDs almost every day. I would love to see them in person. Do they have plans to appear in either the Tacoma, WA or Seattle area? My family teases me about my “crush.” but my real desire is to see them perform live.


      • Canada is a great place for a concert and in Ontario would be just wonderful.
        We are very friendly and have lots of fans of the great I’ll Volo!
        Please think about us, we are the true North America strong and free, and all of the fans here love you!!
        So please please please consider us.
        Thank you, hugs and kisses to each of you and to everyone behind the scenes that make sure the concerts run as smoothly as possible. Luv ya xoxoxo

        • Ok I will not get my hopes up just yet but I have all my fingers and toes crossed, and if did come to Ontario Canada I would definitely be jumping up and down all around everywhere and would be shouting from the rooftops. Ok I am taking deep breaths again as I said not going to get my hopes up yet, but please come. Thanks for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv Ya. Me. Xoxoxo

  39. I was so happy to be able to meet them last March in Las Vegas. They are such down-to-earth and unspoiled young men, and so pleasant to talk with. It was every bit worth the $400 + ticket, and I will do it again as soon as they return to the U.S. I wish you good luck in getting a great ticket! I’ve always loved Piero especially because even as a young singer, I could tell that his voice quality and power were destined for serious classical music! And I truly believe that Gianluca’s voice is far better than Frank Sinatra! It reminds me of the Dove Chocolate ad of the chocolate flowing. Ignacio shows his love of music when he sings, and I love his high tenor. They’ve ALL grown so much, that I see a long life of great music for the world!

  40. Hi Mari, Thanks for the update on the movie. Do we know the name of their new album yet? And, when will it probably be available to buy? So exciting!!
    Thanks for all the good work you do for us! Super Big Hugs, Love, Toni

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