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  3. This is well done and very informative. Thank You so much for posting this. I have been following IL Volo from the first time I heard them as guests on American Idol. They make me feel the music in my heart and soul. <3

    • Thank YOU Flori, so glad that you liked the text! The boys are so great and talented, that’s why we all love them! Thank you for visiting our site…

      Kisses, Athena

  4. Piero is a special, loving, and talented singer, with a voice so beautiful it gives me chills. He also is so loving to his fans, I post comments to him all the time and he will always give me a like on my posts. Piero is also so close with his family, show photos with his family so much that I can see the love he has for all of his family. He is so genuine, and sincere, in all that he does. His love of God is so evident because he wears a cross always. I chatted with him once and told him how much I loved him wearing a cross and he replied ” The cross is my strength. So beautiful is that for me, I admire him so much, he truly a special human being, with a generous love for all people, love him so much!!!

    • I totally agree with your description, Nellucha! Piero is an exceptional young man with a bright future!

  5. Can someone tell me,when comes lL Volo back for a concert in Holland? The Dutch fans don’t like it that IL Volo not come back to Holland,in 2011 (28-11) they were in Amsterdam!! There be Dutch fans, who ask the guys on they site, please come back for a concert.but NEVER a answer.why is only the States they choice?! and the big money county’s?? E.Ramazotti,come in 2015 to Holland for a concert.ln the begin lL Volo loved the Europe fans!!! But now?? They don’t needed us longer!! Thank you il Volo.look to your collega’s Domingo WAS in Amsterdam,and in november 2015 E.Ramazotti too!!!! You be nothing more than this great Singers.money don’t smell.Rieu? For this Meastro be all his fans right! Thank you il Volo.,for this all.without your fans you be nothing.bah!! In Europe your fans can walking to the moon.Thank You Guys!!!!!

    • Hi Kelly! The schedule for the 2015 world tour was not published yet. On the Porta a Porta interview Michele Torpedine mentioned 53 countries. Maybe Holland among them. Here in Brazil we are waiting for Il Volo too.
      kisses, I am glad to read you here!

    • ik weet het. en nog steeds komen ze niet. het schijnt dat er wordt gezegd dat il volo ‘het hoofd ophaalt voor Nederlands’. En dat is zo jammer! Want ook in Nederlands zijn fans. Ik persoonlijk vindt het niet erg om er een stuk voor te reizen alleen mocht ik deze keer niet naar België omdat ik dan examens heb. Graag had ik daar naartoe willen gaan, het is tenslotte om m’n verjaardag!
      maar back to business, ik ben het met je eens!

  6. IL Volo is a Amazing boys group,only they do never more a tour to whole Europe.And this is not cute for the fans here.stay with your feeds on the grond guys, we are furious on you!! Why you don’t needed your europe fans any more?

    • Hi Karina 🙂 Look what I said to Kelly! I think the 2015 tour will include many countries of Europe.
      And I hope South America too 🙂

  7. Bravo e super x la tua età…. Sei il nuovo Bocelli….meritate tutto e di più…. Ci amo molto…tutti e 3…nonna Mary.

  8. Just love these three young men with their beautiful voices and the love they have for each other also the love of their fans, would love to see them here in Perth Western Australia. or even down here in Albany where Ilive., Love them all.

  9. Piero’s Barone’s voice is sheer perfection. The first time I saw him on PBS at the Detroit Opera House, I couldn’t wait to see him again, and again. What a voice!!!! and what a wonderful personality. Love him, J.

  10. i somehow came to discover this amazing group il volo .my favorites song are il mundo and mi vida .i also have a dream to become a singer ,and when ill reach my destination i will surely sing with them,
    i love the way piero hits the high notes especially A 4’s and A#4 .really very inspirational singer.God bless.you.

  11. si son en realidad maravillosos ..especialmente Piero me encanta su voz y su personalidad ademas de ser muy guapo ..espero que regresen pronto a latinoamerica

  12. Piero cuando cantas haces vibrar nuestros corazones y es cuando comprendo porque DIOS creo la musica.

  13. Il Volo has changed. I don’t think they’re so “humble” anymore & don’t appreciate their fans anymore. They don’t come to the states, and the few venues they are performing at have extremely high ticket prices. They stay in Italy & want to cater to the richer people. I’m disappointed that they performed in the San Remo song contest, they are too good for song contests at this point. When they played at Radio City 2 years ago, they should have greeted their few fans waiting at the back door instead of taking off in their tour bus. Tom cruise is a mega, mega star and he practically dives into his crowds of fans. They should be bigger than 1 direction at this point. Very disappointed in them and their management. They are young men, they need younger management to get them to the top. Maybe they need Simon Cowell as a manager, he knows how to get the job done.

    • They became famous at 16, 17 and 18 respectively – and they are
      still humble..but they are Italian as I am and i understand how happy
      when they are singling “at home” near their families especially their
      mothers. They love being home …it is still difficult to travel all over the
      world, running into different food, different reaction of the public,
      no, they are still nice young men…not aloof, no arrogance, and
      that is how I see them.

  14. I agree with Christine to some extent.I did expect them to change, they grew up. The attention, the adoration ,the travel, the places they have stayed and the celebrities they have met would change most of us.I don’t think much of show business in general.. We think we like reality but what they are experiencing is not “reality.”They have given us so much pleasure with their remarkable voices I wish we could leave them alone to just sing.and remember who they really are Like everyone it seems I will not say I love them but I do like them very much and say only ” via con Dios

  15. Christine, Jeanne. The guys entered Sanremo to build their profile in their home country. Surely you can understand why they would want to have a career in Italy as well as USA. This led to Eurovision to help build their profile in the rest of Europe. American fans do not have the monopoly on Il Volo concerts. Maybe they would like to spend some time at home occassionally hence the tours in Italy infront of their home fans. There are fans all over the world that haven’t had the chance to see them live yet (like myself in the UK). It’s our turn now. The guys are every bit as humble as they used to be. You can see it in their eyes with every hug from a fan and every standing ovation. Il Volo do not set ticket prices either, that is between the venues & the record company. Let them enjoy their success without needless criticism. They have worked hard for this since they were children. Sit back and enjoy the ride with them.

  16. Des de a primeira vez q vi o ilvolo .. foi impressionante..amor a primeira vista.. desde entao sigo os em todas redes sociais.. meu preferido e piero q se tornou meu idolo..sou encantada por ele

  17. I agree with Emma Walker, we do miss them in the US and would love to have them here every year but they now belong to the world. And yes it was expected they would change with success, but they still are sweet, delightful young men finding their way in not such beautiful world. They are always themselves which is much more than other singers are, and they do love their fans, always.

  18. I agree with Maria. They are so young and still learning. They have their management that sets their travel,etc. I’m happy that they are getting to be very well known in their country. It’s about time. I don’t think they have forgotten about North and South America. They do belong to the world. We can share them. I wish them the very best in their future. They deserve it. Compare to artists their age there isn’t any comparison. They are truly one of a kind.

  19. I am travelling from England too verona next year to see them.has cost a good few £££££.but I no it will be worth it..could listen to them all day every day..love them.xx

  20. Sono felice con te, ma devo dire che il mio preferito che si è!
    Complimenti, grande talento !!
    Molto successo al trio, presto sarà in Italia per visitare la mia famiglia, spero di vedere una presentazione di voi!

    Nota: ti ho visto per la prima volta nella Altas Horas!

  21. Wij luisteren elke dag naat il volo.Wat een genot om te luisteren.Zijn heel lieve jongens en ik geloof zeker dat ze bij ieder land stad of plaats willen zingen voor iedereen maar metZe moeten ook uitrusten anders hou je het niet vol.Het enige piepkleine t strakke tijdschema is dat niet mogelijk lijkt mij.Het enige minpuntje is dat ze naar mijn gevoel wat verlegen of wat afstandelijk zijn naar hun publiek.Maar dat kan ook in hun karakter zitten.Wij vinden ze in iedergeval helemaal toppie.

  22. To us, they are the Best!! ….. hopefully they will come to England!! I always get tears in my eyes when they sing!! Norma from England.

  23. I just hope fame doesn’t change them.and.they stay close to God and their families. Fame and fortunate don’t change people. Hope they stay away from.Hollywood and that crowd.of booze and drugs and more. What Hollywood has become is a disgrace to America. There are still.a few decent actors around . Everything is exposed.there no morals. It’s all.about money and fame. So many young actors have died trying to climb the ladder.of nowhere. I have seen what happened to one direction. It didn’t take them long to get into that trap. With tattoos all of the over their bodies. Hope these guys don’t conform to that blind leading in he blind.

  24. Hi to Piero & co.
    When are you coming to England???
    We all love you guys!!!! You will have a lovely welcome here!
    Love from Norma.

  25. I am an 81 year old lady and I just wanted to let you know that I have been a fan of ll volo since I first saw you fellows singing on an outdoor stage when you were about 17 years old were about. I have been very interested in following you careers and am thrilled to see you still getting better every time I hear you as you continue to sing for our enjoyment. I live in Canada on the Westcoast and feel thrilled each time I hear you sing. I am thrilled each time I hear Piero Barone sing and listen to his wonderful voice almost every evening. I have never bought a recording but watch on U tube. Thank you for your wonderful music.

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