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  1. Siete diventati grandi dalle prime apparizioni in pubblico, eleganti, fisicamente in gran forma, e sempre più padroni del palcoscenico. Vi ammiro quali artisti che siete, e vi seguo su Facebook per quanto mi è possibile. Siciliana come due terzi di voi, vi abbraccio e vi saluto con affetto.

  2. I love Il Volo, all my grandparents come Sicily. Palermo, sciccia and catania I grew up listening to beautiful italian music, there is nothing like it,
    one of my favorites is O Solo Mio, when Pavoriti sang it I had chills, but, when Pierrio sings it I get chills Too, I went to Sicily a few years ago and
    located some relatives, I know Pierro comes from Sicily, can you tell me what village he comes from?, I know it’s a long shot, but we could be related, I am so looking forward to there new show in February,
    One more thing, I watched the PBS special tonight, so happy I got to see it, I noticed Ignacio is wearing a wedding ring, did he get married?, if so, I wish him the very best of luck, they have grown into such nice young men,
    I just love them
    Thank you
    Jenifer LoFrisco
    FYI, my last name in Sciccia Frisco, the Lo was added in the USA in Ellis island, NYC

    • Hi Jennifer
      It is good to read you here. I will try to answer some of your questions. Piero was born and still lives in Naro. You can know more reading the Bio we wrote for Piero (look above in the headers of the site “Piero Barone”)
      Ignazio wears three rings and one of them is a Claddagh ring that has many meanings. He is not married but of course the ring means something to him. And yes, they all are amazing men now 🙂
      I hope you can see them in the next US tour!

  3. Beautiful voices and can not leave out the orchestra. They all come together…music not only for the ears but also for the heart and soul. Bravo to all!

  4. Ragazzi siete straordinari !!! Che vi dire andati avanti , nel vostro sogno , e sempre con i piedi per terra, siete dei grandi vi auguro buona fortuna in bocca a lupo!!!.

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