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Ignazio Boschetto bioIgnazio Boschetto is one of those talents that arise from time to time to remind us that human beings don’t just born with gifts and abilities, those qualities can be seeked and developed without limits.

Ignazio was born in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna – region of northern Italy -, but grew up in Sicily, more precisely in Marsala, Trapani. He is the son of Vito Boschetto and Caterina Licari and has an older sister named Antonina (Nina). The Boschetto – Licari families are from Sicilian origin and live near Marsala and Petrosino.

Since very young age, because he was born on October 4th, 1994, Ignazio has accumulated an enviable artistic background. He is one of the tenors of Il Volo and his artistic life started early, long before the talent show that approached him to Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble. He has said in several interviews that with 3 years old, he used to sing alone in his room arias as “La Dona è mobile” (Rigoletto – Giuseppe Verdi) surprising their parents. As Piero and Gianluca, Ignazio attended art activities at school and at festivals in his region.

Considering the timbre, the range and the quality of his voice – smooth, clean and clear, with acute extension – Ignazio could be classified as a lyric tenor. This means that he features warm and soft voice, but strong enough to sing over an orchestra. If we listen carefully to the harmonies that accompany the songs of Il Volo, we will recognize the voice of Ignazio in all its versatility and range, softening the strength of Piero’s voice and valuing the smooth baritone of Gianluca. He also gives to Il Volo an edgy sound, according to his manager Michele Torpedine.

Ignazio is a complete artist – he sings, composes, arranges and plays several instruments: piano, guitar and drums. In Bologna, Piero and him study with the Maestro Sergio Bertocchi.


Ignazio Boschetto TLUC 2009Since a very young age, Ignazio Boschetto excelled in numerous festivals and competitions. On May 2007, he participated at the stage version of the musical “Streetlight” at the Teatro Impero in Marsala and, on August of the same year, Ignazio – only 12 years old – was a highlight in the first edition of the Festival Satiro d’Oro. On December, he reached the finals of the Premio Nave Punica – Città di Marsala, winning the third place among competitors of all ages.

In 2008, Ignazio excelled again on the Festival Satiro D’Oro and on this same month, August, he won the 11º Festival della Canzone di  Custonaci, with 13 years old and singing “Il mare calmo della sera” as an experienced singer. In December of the same year he won the third edition of the Premio Nave Punica – Città di Marsala, thrilling every single person at the Teatro Impero.

Ignazio Boschetto 2010The year of 2009 was a watershed on Ignazio’s career with his participation on the talent show Ti lascio una Canzone of the Italian television network RAI1. Ignazio, as well as Gianluca and Piero, was selected from hundreds of applicants to compete in the second edition of this competition.

He performed very well in every episode, receiving the award from the jury in the first episode and winning the second, when he sang “Quando l’amore diventa poesia.” In the fourth episode of the show, for the first time he sang along with Gianluca and Piero: the song was “O’ Sole Mio“, which became the first milestone on the Il Volo’s career. Ignazio reached the finals of Ti lascio una Canzone as one of the three best singers of the edition.

From 2009 his career is intertwined with that of Il Volo, although we may find some individual activities. Ignazio returned to some of the regional festivals as a guest, like the Festival di Vallelunga, along with Piero in 2009 and in the same year, at the 12º Festival della Canzone di Custonaci.

Ignazio Boschetto bioRecently, some of his work as a composer and arranger has been shown and is very promising. On February 2, 2014, he collaborated with the fellow singer-songwriter Roberto Amadè on a project that resulted in a wonderful concert – the concert Amadè-Boschetto – held through the Centro culturale e artistico “Ignazio Boschetto”, with the support of the City Hall of Marsala. The packed Teatro Impero gave a virtual standing ovation to this initiative which brought together several artists of Marsala.

Also in February 2014, Katya Pantaleo – a young singer of Marsala – won the Premio della Critica at Sanremo D.O.C. with the song “Come in paradiso” – music, lyrics and arrangement by Ignazio Boschetto.

On August 30, 2014, Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo – the Duo Sisters – reached the final of the Festival di Castrocaro, interpreting an unreleased song of Ignazio: “Paura d’Amare”. Maybe soon we will have a song by Ignazio on Il Volo’s repertoire.

Ignazio has told on several interviews that the best moment on his career with Il Volo was winning the Latin Billboard, but his dream is to win a Grammy.

Ignazio Boschetto bioTrivia

Ignazio is considered by Il Volo fellows as the “funny guy”, the one who finds fun in making others to have fun. We would say he is also a self-funny guy, like he is the kind of person who can have fun with himself. And a remarkable thing on all this ‘fun’ that surrounds Ignazio is that there is always a lot of affection, attention and consideration of the feelings of everyone involved.

Next to Il Volo, Ignazio has become a real showman, the growth of this funny and charming side of him is visible on stage; a growth that has occurred as the response from the confidence that the audience  has given him to express himself with freedom and authenticity. To play and make jokes are usually ways to manage feelings and Ignazio proves to be a person with intense feelings under the skin. This is clearly visible on the way he sings and on the lyrics of the songs he writes.

Owner of a charming smile, Ignazio is the tallest of the trio, is 1.82 m (5,97 feet) tall. Between 2012 and 2013 Ignazio decided to change his life style, exercising more and eating healthier. The result was the loss of about 35 kg (77 pounds) and a better health. And thank goodness that those two beautiful dimples on the cheeks did not disappeared!

Ignazio Boschetto bioOne thing that often appears over Ignazio’s skin are tattoos. He has eight or nine, all done by Fabio Ingrassia, a tattoo artist of Marsala.

His favorite food is pizza, but he also loves pasta and sushi. He says that if he were not a singer, he would be a pilot because is passionate about airplanes. However, according to him, the reality is that, if he were not with Il Volo, he probably would be working with his sister at the pizzeria.

Talking about personal features, Ignazio is the sleepyhead of the group and he says that one of the things that he feels bad about during the tours is the few time he has to sleep. He also believes that he is the best storyteller of the group, especially the jokes.

Ignazio likes to be at home in Marsala and, when he is not writing, he enjoys cooking. He has a dog named Buddy, a companion and main artist of some of his videos shared on social networks. He has always stated on interviews that his idol is Steve Wonder and his song “You and I”. The favorite sport is soccer and he is a fan of the Juventus.

Ignazio Boschetto bioAnswering questions from fans on social networks, he has stated that is very jealous and that one of his fears is to make suffer the people he loves.

He believes in love at first sight and that love has no age. His concern with the feelings is evident also when he says that what most appeals to him at the concerts is to see the joy of the people. Ignazio says that life is beautiful, and he is happy to see how life gives us every day new feelings.

(More about Ignazio on Ignazio Boschetto – Trivia)

Ignazio, for what he shows and also for everything he sometimes hides, is a brave, courageous and authentic young man. Sensitive and passionate to the point that his performances create a hurricane of feelings on whoever is watching. For him, the expression ‘to sing with the heart’ is not a metaphor, it is the reality  expressed in every gesture and makes us wonder what those closed eyes are watching.

:: Author: Suzana Gutierrez (marirussu)
:: Research: All About Il Volo Team
:: Published on October 4, 2014. Updated (fotos) in November 16, 2015
:: Credits: on the pictures
:: This is a dynamic text that will be updated whenever Ignazio allow us and as we are organizing the events prior to 2009 🙂
:: References where it is possible are linked to the text.
:: For an amazing Il Volo experience read their book: Il Volo – un’avventura straordinaria. (Ed Rizzoli)

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  1. Exquisite writing as always, Mari! Thanks for the beautiful Ignazio update! To me, he is the best of the three… I certainly fell in love with him at first sight! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jana!

      Hazel helped me to put the English text more… English 🙂
      Ignazio is one of a kind, for sure!

      • The English translation is good. Some translations from others are not done so well. Keep up the good work. I was watching a video clip from South America or Mexico or someplace. The host showed the boys a video from a few years ago before Ignazio lost all the weight. The look on Ignazio’s face was somewhere between pain and Oh My God, is that me. I thought it was rude of that program to do that to him. Granted it is hard work and determination to lose all that weight, but..to unexpectedly throw that picture at him was wrong. Guess I’m a protective grandmother.

        • I am glad to know this 🙂 I am not fluent in English but I do my best always.
          I am very happy that you like 🙂

          • Thank you MR. You are doing quite well in translating to English.
            Love to read about Ignazio , Piero and Gianluca.
            Best wishes to you.

          • I taught English in American schools for a long time. (I’m 71) I don’t want you to try too hard to be an English. I love the feel of your writing.
            My husband passed away earlier this year. His mother was full Italian from Colliano in the inland of Amalfi, We would watch Il Volo from their beginnings, holding hands, as he loved their opera voices. Whenever I hear or watch a video, I feel as though Tony is with me. I love the Latin rhythm.
            My sister and I are hoping to get to Atlanta on their 2020 tour!

    • Thank you Sooo much for this wonderful article on Ignazio! My husband and I love all three of Il Volo, but immediately fell in love with Ignazio the first time we watched the Detroit PBS special! Such a cutie then and Sooo handsome now! He’s such a joy to behold because he loves life and loves to entertain people!
      He is multi talented and absolutely amazes me!!

      • I posted a reply about Ignazio and Piero, but the comment on Gianluca says closed! Anyway— Gianluca is also an amazing young men! I am a great grandmother but absolutely LOVE all three of IL VOLO!!

        • I have followed ilvolo from the start of their career. Love them all. I have many Videos and play them every day. Ignacio keeps us laughing, what a doll he is. So handsome. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes thank you for the wonderful thoughts about Ignazio..I too feel he has such a beautiful voice..keep up with the good work on IL Volvo reporting.

    • I love listening to you sing!! I cannot wait until this Tuesday March 7th to see you again in Philadelphia!!!.l

    • Love you the most out of Il Volo. You have a fabulous personality and are gorgeous to boot. Love the intensity and feeling in your voice. Be still my heart!I wish I could introduce you to my granddaughter NATALIA she is blonde , beautiful ,green eyes and studying to be a nurse. She is presently attending Widener University. Maybe someday?

    • Yes…. we here in Canada love Iloilo too. I too fell in love with the voice and character of Ignazio…. he’s very special!

    • The first time I saw and heard them was on P.B.S.here in the states.have loved listening to them ever since. Listen to their cd’s constantly loved watching them grow and developed. I thank God for allowing me to listen to these great artist. Never stop what you do.

  2. Thank you for the great article. Ignazio is special because he makes all of us feel and experience joy.
    “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” (E. Powell)
    A very Happy Birthday Ignazio.

    • SEEN LL VOLO AT BORGATA IN ATLANTA CITY BEEN FOLLOWING Since2009 we loved the group but especially Ignazio he is great

      • I have been a fan of Il Volo for quite awhile now and lucky enough to have a wonderful husband take me to see them perform at the Borgata in Atlantic City in February, 2016. All three members are awesome, but Ignazio has become my favorite and has grown up before all of our eyes! They all are amazing and quite magical in their performances. I’m a grandmother of two and still I love this young, and uber talented trio. I’ll probably never get to see them in person again, but am so thankful the the powers that be brought these three majorly talented Italian young men together with such success. I may try to learn Italian, just to be able to understand each song they in their native tongue. That would be fabulous. Sincerely, Jean Moody from Maine!

  3. Marirussi, once again this is a tremendous article. I commented on the Trivia article before I saw this more extensive one, but I can add that I have recognized something very special about Ignazio, and I know that like me, a lot of people are watching him. He expressed his dreams. I was thinking about what my dream would be, and it would be to have different pictures of him in every corner of my house that I go to! well somebody would put me in the asylum, so I cannot do it, but that would be my dream.

  4. Well done. I agree that he shows so much emotion when he sings. Would like to hear some of his orginal works and see him play musical instruments. Such a talent. If only I could sing happy birthday in tune.

    • Hi Janet
      On the site we have some of this works, they are linked to the Bio too.
      We hope Ignazio talks about them some day 🙂

  5. Beautiful article Mari! I like what you said about Ignazio being sensitive. I think all three members of Il Volo have exceptional intelligence, but watching Ignazio explore so many avenues of music and develop some canny producing skills (The Robert Amade concert), have been exciting. It takes excellent timing and skill to do comedy, and that is a talent unto itself – which he has in abundance. It requires that one has an acute sense of the ridiculous and just the right combination of comments and action to go with it. I know I cannot do it, but we all wait and watch to see what fun thing Ignazio will do next! I usually say that Gianluca is my favorite, but Ignazio is pulling ahead, because of the diversity of his talents. What a true treasure of the world! Happy Birthday to a gifted and gorgeous person, inside and out!

    • Hi, Linda!
      Ignazio is an artist on all meanings we can think! This week and all the research I did has proven me this again.
      Thank you for you comment, it is so good to receive comments here 🙂

  6. Just beautiful, Mari! Your heart comes forth in every word, capturing the true essence of our Ignazio. Thank you!

    • Hi Beverly!
      Thank you so much 🙂 And you are right, this boy moved me and it was an emotion to write about him.

  7. Ignazio Boschetto is a true talent with an incredibly gifted voice and
    a pleasure to listen to. His passion and depth are beyond his years.
    And a very happy birthday to a lovely young man………………………….
    I wish he would sing Ti Voglio Tanto Bene again, he sings it so

  8. Wonderful! Beautifully written again. M.R., love to read everything you write. Thanks for keeping us Ilvolovers up to date. I sent Ignazio a birthday wish, wonder if he read it!?!

  9. Thanks Mari for all of the info and keeping us up on IL VOLO!!! LOVE those guys; I am not a young girl either!! Keep up your great job!

  10. Hi Jana I certainly agree with you he IS the best of the 3. I fell totally in love with him the first time I saw him & when he lifted the mike to sing with that beautiful smile all through the song & his beautiful face I was hooked & I have been hooked ever since. His sense of humour sparkes the presence of the whole Il Volo group.
    Thanks Marissa for this article I love reading it

  11. It would be wonderful to be able to submit questions and have him respond with answers for the trivia page. I have always wondered about his height and now I know! I would also like to know if he has a middle name and/or a confirmation name. Here in America, most children are given two names at birth (John Edward; Elizabeth Ann, etc.,) and Catholic children choose a third name when they are confirmed. Does anyone know if Ignazio has other names? Perhaps that is not a custom in Italy.

  12. Mari,
    Thank you for all the updates on Ignazio. When I first saw ILVolo I fell in love with his dimples, big brown eyes, a wonderful laugh and a heavenly, passionate voice. My wish is to meet him in person. I was almost able to meet all 3 young men at the NJPAC concert in 2014 and hopefully to meet them in 2015.

  13. In answer to Diane (11-14-2014) yes, IGNAZIO has a middle name ; it is Tobias. I don’t know his confirmation name.

  14. You all have said what I feel for Ignazio. he is truly special, soooo talented, that voice so tender so loving, the passion in his face when he sings just melts my heart, touches my soul, makes me cry, such emotion I feel when I listen and look at this gorgeous human being. His smile is so gorgeous, it makes me melt, and I am not a teenager, but when he sings, and then smiles, OMG, I am a teenager at heart… Can’t say enough about Ignazio, to me he is perfection, he has it all, the voice, the looks, a body to die for…. Perfection, will love and admire him forever!!!

    • OmG you have said exactly what is in my heart. What a truly special gift he is and how lucky are we to live in a world with him in it. Xx


  15. This was such a wonderful bio to read. All the attributes I suspected about Ignazio seem to be correct. There is a saying something like, “he who laughs loudest cries hardest”. That is what I see about the feeling deep within this young man. There is so much soul there beneath the surface…..and he is only at the beginning of his career. God Bless him always. He has a gift and he shares that gift with us.

  16. I have a question that may not be able to be answered but……I have watched the concert Il Volo did in New Jersey, I think last year. Mid way through the concert, Ignazio began rubbing his elbow and his left arm. You can tell he hurt it in some way. Does anybody know what actually happened to him. It makes me hurt to watch him finish the show…he is definitely hurting but the show must go on.

    • Marlene, I never heard this before. Maybe one of the ilvolovers of N. Jersey can answer.
      I wil try to discover.

  17. Hi! I love this article, it is very well done and lets us learn more about the amazing man that is Ignazio. I have to admit he stole my heart since the first time I saw him on Il Volo Takes Flight. I’m only three months younger than him, so that made me fall even more in love with him, lol. I just have one edit to add to this article, it is about his height. I had the pleasure of meeting Il Volo in Detroit this past summer, and I can tell you Ignazio is definitely taller than 5’9″. I am 5’9″ and he was several inches taller than me when I stood next to him. He is at least 6′ possibly 6’1″. Just thought I’d add that piece of info because I know it is something everyone always wants to know.

    • Hi Daniele! The height of Ignazio was provided by him 🙂 He said on the #askignazio session on twitter
      Maybe the conversion from meters…

  18. I have to admit to a very special kind of appreciation I have for Ignazio. It is obvious that he has an edge on his friends with compassion and caring. He has also matured in a different way to Piero and Gianluca, he has become exceedingly handsome and yes it is pleasing that he still has his beautiful dimples. But the best thing about Il Volo is the way they care for each other. This is genuine and not put on for the cameras. you can almost feel their closeness and their families have touched us all in the way that they have allowed us to share their sons progression with them and yet they all remain people with their feet on the ground. So special.

  19. I love Ignazio. He has the most beautiful voice, the most infectious smile. Thank you for bringing Ignazio to light,

  20. As being a music lover, a relative sent me the video of O’ Sole Mio , TULC 2009 to watch and listen. I kept it to watch from time to time as I knew right away , Ignazio Boschetto not only sings the music , he feels the music. I was so happy to see IL Volo on PBS and all the videos and interviews online. Hoping they do get the Grammy they work so hard for. Glad their respective home towns are showing them some “love” with their awards.
    Thanks to Flight Crew for this site to get more information and up dates for IL Volo and the guys individually.

  21. I have a question I want to ask but I am afraid of hurting Ignazio’s feelings. I assure you that is the last thing I want to do. He is wonderful in every way….but…what are the bumps under his skin especially on his beautiful face? I know you all want to know. will they go away in time? Sometimes they are very noticeable and then there are times you don’t see them. Such a georgous face I want them to go away! Please forgive me if you feel I shouldn’t have brought this up.

    • Hi Amma! Nice to have you here!
      It seems to be acne, a common problem in adolescence that sometimes extends. But tends to get better with time 🙂

      • I don’t think the bumps on ignazio’s face are acne. It looks like a staff infection which can be treated with medication. He should see a dermatologist. Many people have it and don’t know what it is.

  22. I’ve heard that Ignacio always smells very good, what is his favorite cologne? Can you find out? Thanks for telling us about Ignacio, ver good report!

  23. Maybe the conversion from meters to feet/ inches is confusing. I stood next to Ignazio and he appeared to be four or five inches taller than me. I am 5 ft 8 inches tall.

  24. Thanks so VERY MUCH for this translation of Ignazio’s Bio, MR. This is the 1st time I have read it and it is great! Your English translation is super, thanks for the hard work you have done.

    Yes, I too would be in the asylum because of the pictures all over the place! I think my Hard Drive is filling up with all of the pictures you share with us.

    I fell in love with IL VOLO–Ignazio especially–when I saw him sing on “America Has Talent”. I did not see the whole show nor did I hear who they were or where they went. THEN, in 2014, I saw one of their CD’s, recognized them, bought the CD and the rest is history!! HAHA. I have been working overtime trying to catch up on the lost days and hours I missed hearing and seeing Ignazio and these wonderfully talented boys from IL VOLO! It is like I am starving for anything about them! LOL.

    I am a grandma and have been driving my poor husband crazy with their music, pictures and talking about IL VOLO! I have also made my friends wonder if I am not crazy? LOL. Here I am 73 years old and have fallen in love with Ignazio and Il Volo; I think my husband and friends wonder if I am in my 2nd childhood. I was never quite this crazy about a group when I was young except for Bobby Vinton and Frank Sinatra!! I liked Elvis but was not crazy over him like my friends.

    Now my dream is to go to one of Il VOLO’s concerts, “meet and greet” them afterwards, and hug them to pieces. I will thank them for making my life so wonderful listening to their music, sharing their humble, funny and cute personalities with us through their interviews. They are truly sent to ALL OF US “IL VOLO LOVERS” from God! Bless them and keep them safe!

    Hugs to you MR for sharing this site with us and keeping it up; I am sure it is a struggle from time to time what with your illness and full time work! Thanks from the bottom of my heart! You keep my voracious appetite for IL VOLO satisfied! 🙂

    • Hi Sue! Thank you! I have to clarify that this bio is not a translation. It was written along with the Portuguese Version by me. I hope all your Il Volo dreams come true quickly 🙂 Hugs

      • WOW, that is great and I give you ALL of the credit you deserve! You are a very talented writer and thanks for sharing ALL OF your info and all of your write-ups of our guys!! I also hope my dreams of these guys come true soon!! 🙂 Hugs back to you MR!

        • Thank you, Sue! All the content of All About Il Volo is original. My articles and also the articles of our team and collaborators. Hugs,

  25. What’s not to love about “our” Ignazio the “funny one ” so called….
    When I was a young girl I had a dear friend just like Ignazio,—
    she felt she had to be the funny one among her piers,
    because so much was expected her by them,
    and she acted so to cover up her feelings of inferiority and insecurity ,lack of self confidence from being thrown into a grown up world at a very young age too!
    Sometimes jealousy is a mask for low self esteem, self confidence too
    ?? Could this be in the heart of our dear Ignazio??
    (sometimes some of his posted comments whisper of these feeling)
    This is just some opinions meant kindly from a “generic couch psychologist”
    out in the western sticks that did raise 2 sons ( 1 of each — 1 with lots of self confidence and 1 with little
    Nuf’said on May 7,2015!

  26. I don’ t believe Ignazio really knows how tall he is. Why? Because his passport/visa probably shows him at his 16-year old height & he has grown since then. Plus he’s given conflicting measurements to various fan clubs. When I first saw him 4 years ago he was 2 or 3 inches shorter than he is now. What I don’t understand is why he wears tennis shoes or custom shoes with heels about 5/8 of an inch. It’s as though either he or his handlers want him to appear shorter. Also, he tries to stand behind his two partners as much as he can. I believe he’ s around 6 ft.

  27. Very interesting. I noted the first time he appeared on Jay Leno’s show he was shorter than Jay; the last time he appeared he was taller. Also, when he stands next to Paul Sorvino they are about the same height,. I just looked up Sorvino’s height & it’s six feet two. Regardless of his height, I absolutely adore him. To me he is the perfect man — handsome in appearance with a beautiful smile & sexy body & amazing talent.

  28. Hopefully Concert with Ignazio and Il Volo in Gothenburg,Sweden… !!! Cross fingers for winning the ESC next saturday…

    • Τυχερή!! Lucky Lia! I am from Cyprus and I could have gone too to Rome to enjoy an Il Volo concert but having spent all my vacation money to Vienna (ESC 2015) where I went JUST for Il Volo, I cannot make another trip this year. I hope they will come to Greece soon.

      • Hi Lilla! I hope too! They are awesome and I think Eurovision and Vienna will be a milestone for them.
        Do you think I am right?

        • Of course ESC will be a milestone for them but they should have won. Eurofans are very angry about that. I was there and I can not describe to you the reaction of people everytime Il Volo were on stage. People were screaming before the guys open their mouth to sing. I was present three times at the arena: Jury Show, Family Show and Grand Final Live. Also at the appearance of the Big Five at the Rathausplatz (20/05/2015) and at the
          sign session at Emi Store Vienna (21/05/2015). I saw it with my own eyes: PEOPLE ADORE IL VOLO and wanted them to win and are so angry about juries who, for some reason, didn’t want a southern country to win!

          • Hi Lilla
            Glad to know you was there! A pity we do not know it before. We had many doubts about the jury rehearsal, many talk about it on the networks, but not coherent info. We will love to talk to you about this 🙂


          • Dear MR,
            You can ask me anything you want about Il Volo’s appearances in ESC2015. Even through my email.

          • Hello, Lilia, I am a member of the AAIV staff and I was the one who wrote the Eurovision links and news daily for the site. As you were attending the rehearsals I’d love to ask you some questions if you don’t mind! Ciao!

          • Dear Bradamante68,
            Of course, you can ask me anything you want. Sience you are AAIV staff, I think you can see my email. Write to me there or here if you prefer.
            I will be glad to give any info.

          • Hi,
            I was in Vienna too and met guys three times during the ten days visit.

            I adore them and especially Ignazio. He’s so fabulous.

            The reason they didn’t won is still a mystery for me but I still do suspect Swedish TV has paid to juries to get their sixth victory. Hoe else is it possible that for example in Finland it was televoted to top three but jury seemed to think that 18th or 19th place is the right position to these gorgeous guys.

  29. Very nice bio info. Thanks! Please come to Greece for a concert! Mediterranean loves Il Volo! That’s why we all gave you 12 points in ESC 2015: Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Spain and Portugal: the whole Southern Europe…

    • Hi Lilla! Thanks!
      This bio was published last year on the birthday of Ignazio. It was written in Portuguese and then translated to English and Italian. Weeks working on it! I think it is almost complete. And people liked. The bio was almost entirely republished on the book of Sally Blank (Il Volo, il trio che ha conquistato il mondo) although they forgot to mention the site on the book. They recognise it here, forgetting again to mention the site 🙂 http://imprimatureditore.tumblr.com/post/118188938866/a-proposito-di-il-volo-il-trio-che-ha

      • Hi MR,

        Thanks fo the answer. I entered the link. Indeed, the source is still not mentioned. As I work in an academic library, I can tell that someone is OBLIGED to mention his sources! It is obvious that you all in AAIV spend hours and hours for this site. We, Ilvolovers are so thankful to you for giving us info and keeping us updated. Keep doing this amazing work!

  30. What a fantastic article, learned so much more about the one and only Ignazio. At first exposure to Il Volo you can’t help but notice Gianluca’s incredible handsomeness. I love all three and never had a “favorite”. But I have to tell you I seem to save more pics of IB. He always has this huge smile, and his humor makes him endearing. Of course his voice and the emotion he puts into performing can’t be duplicated. He’s devilish and angelic at the same time! I’m not a young fan, but I’m not blind. He’s downright HOT! Sometimes I feel foolish drooling over all three of them. I’ve met them twice and was completely star struck and tongue tied. It was the Beatles who I last adored as much. I listen to their music on repeat all the time. You really do go through withdrawal when you haven’t seen them in awhile. He loves what he does, loves life and someday will find the right girl. And she better adore and treasure him. He’s got a lot of “additional Mom’s” (fans) who would do anything to protect him. Il Volo has given me such joy, they are like “air”-can’t live without it. Please have a new US tour soon and put Miami on the list. Thanks for the article.

  31. Hello 🙂 A lovely article. I think that Ignazio might smoke, but the only evidence I have is the pic of him holding a pack of Merit Bays (the pic where he presents his ‘born to rock’ tattoo). Thank you for your amazing perseverance and commitment you put into this site. Keep up the good work!

  32. I absolutely love the wonderful young men who graced by God and choose to share their talant. Like the other grandmother and great gma I too would like photos all over my house. Their parents are to be praised for their sacrifice to provide the support given to their sons. So grateful for them. Jeanne

    • I would love to have one of those automobile dash cover for my car to advertise IL VOLO when I am parked. The sun is very HOT here in Florida.

  33. It is very nice that you have this sight for the Il Volo fans. In their new
    tour they are having duets which is lovely. All are very talented. But
    after hearing Ignazio sing Core ‘ngrato. His tonal quality is incredible.
    He is in the league of Mario Lanza and Pavarotti. When I make this
    statement I have listened to the most famous opera singers of our time
    and I have to say Ignazio has mastered it, this beautiful piece. I come
    from a trained background and my father was an operatic tenor. The
    duet was so beautiful. All I can say is their rendition is pure beauty.

  34. Hello dear all 🙂
    I absolutely adore Il Volo and dreaming about visiting their concert one day 🙂 I love each of these three guys, but Ignazio… he is so amaizing and special 🙂 !!!
    I am also wondering if he smokes in his daily life, dont you know ?? Because i also saw twice that he was holding a pack of cigarettes on photoes. If yes, it can hurt his beautiful voice 🙁 And also i would like to know how he relates to alcohol ?? If he drinks it a lot ?? And if he has any bad habits?
    Thank you for the answer 🙂 Best regards 🙂

    • Hi Andriana I follow very close Il Volo since 2013 and since this time I never see no one of them smoking. They are very responsible with all concerning to their career, including the health.


      • Thank you a lot, dear Mari, for such a fast answer 🙂 It is very pleasant to hear that the guys have no harmful habits and take care about their health so good 🙂
        Dear Mari, and also could you please let me use a chance that you communicate with the guys closely for a long time (if i understood you correctly? 🙂 ), and ask you, please, to characterize each of them as personalities? 🙂 Maybe you could describe theirs characters, behaviour, their pros and cons? 🙂 How do you think, why they are so special ? 🙂
        Sorry, dear Mari, for so many questions, but i would like to know everything about Il Volo as I have never seen them in a real life 🙁

        • Hi Andriana
          All we are able to share about them is in the Bios, like this one about Ignazio. More than this will not be fair to share because we will enter on personal opinions.

          • Dear Mari, yes, i understand, you are right 🙂 thank you for the information you have shared with us 😉

  35. Thank you so much for the article and this site! Il Volo is really unique, the guys are so talented, they are genuine and give so much heart to what they do. The three of them are amazing, but Ignazio touches my heart most deeply – with his voice, emotion, beautiful smile and kindness in his eyes. I hope life will
    reward him (and all of them) with what he really deserves, because he deserves the best.

  36. P.S. They travel a lot, I imagine how hard it can get sometimes being so far away from home for so long, even though they are young and strong… Do Ignazio and Piero have an apartment in Bologna, or Ignazio stays in Marsala with his family when he has a break from concerts and tours?

  37. Your well written bio on Ignazio has been soo enjoyable. His transformation from teenage to adult has been spell binding and such a treat. His talent will put the trio on top for a very long time!

  38. I love to hear IL VOLO. I grew up hearing Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, Beatles, Beach Boys. Nothing compares to IL VOLO. Very, very entertaining!!!! I am old, but not so old that I don’t see that those three honeys are HOT! I’ll be praying for them every day-health, happiness and safety. Very addicted to IL
    VOLO!!!! Billlie

  39. Dearest Mari, you are great with stories about Il Volo, especially Ignazio. I am 81 year old great-grandmother in love with all IlVolo boys but mostly Ignazio. I had heart surgery last year and I wanted music in OR. Doctor asked what kind and I explained–
    Operatic pop. She hadn’t heard of that genre but said ok. After surgery (successful, by the way) doctor and nurses all wanted to know names and where did I buy album. They all listened to album even after surgery was over. I am coming to see them in February in Chicago for the first time. I am as excited as a teenager. Music makes the heart happy. Kiss them for me.

  40. i have followed these young men since I first saw them on PBS. It was their first concert on that station. I fell in love with their voices and especially Ignazio. He is very charismatic and has a great smile. Especially when he show those dimples. They are all great singers but he is truly one of a kind. May God bless them alll

    • Hi Genevieve! The new bio of Ignazio was published last year in his birthday, the new bio of Gianluca was published only few days ago, it is why have less comments. With time they will come 🙂

  41. Sou apaixonada pelas musicas destes meninos e gostaria de saber quando eles vão vir ao Brasil em 2016. Gostaria muito de assistir uma apresentação deles. Pode me informar com antecedência?

    • Oi Rosangela. Quando as notícias vêm de fonte confiável publicamos aqui. Eles virão em Maio de 2016. Dá uma olhada na nossa Agenda/Tour. abraço!

  42. Ignazio is my favorite. I think he’s sooo handsome & his vocal range is out of this world. However, I don’t know why he does ‘t have his teeth straighten. They have Invisalign in Italy. They also have Lumineers. Also , a couple of online sites list Gianluca’s height as 5 ft 8.5 (174 cm) & Piero’s as 5 ft 9 ((175 cm). If this is true, how can Ignazio be 5 ft 9 3/4 (177cm) when he is at least 2 to 3 inches taller than both of them.

    • Laura, last year Ignazio said he is 1,83m (he published on twitter). These number published by magazines and sites are not reliable. But I think Piero and Gian are about 1,73-1,75. About Ignazio teeth: maybe is his choice stay as he is now. I think he has a wonderful smile as it is.

  43. Dear All About Il Volo, I like very much the guys of Il Volo Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
    But my favorite is Ignazio. Honestly I never looked at and thought about their height, but because I am interested in this things. But I find distinctive and beautiful the teeth of Ignazio so let your teeth like now, you’re fine. You have a smile so sweet and tender. For me you are wonderful and unique. Please Ignazio never change, you have a beautiful voice, you can dance, sounds divinely instruments especially the piano and then you also do irony and jokes on stage with Piero and Gianluca. if I were younger I engaged to you because you are really a special person. Best regards

  44. I promise this is the last time we will bring this up. Today as I was looking through the photos on All About Il Volo, facebook, I noticed several pictures taken with Il Volo & the great Placido Domingo. In a couple of them Ignazio is facing Placido. They are eye to eye, virtually the same height. When I googled Placido’s height it was listed as six feet two or 187.96 cm. (Sorry, but as a very tall woman, almost 6 ft tall, I am a bit height conscious).

  45. How do “the boys” study Spanish, English, German, etc? Formally or just on an informal basis? They are SO versatile and SO wonderful!

  46. Dear Ignazioia Mia moma. 87 anni. Please I wrote to your management to Make a Wish come true for her so she can Sorissio
    We both Love and Adore IL Volo ! I know how your love your mom too ! Grazie Bello !!

  47. Thank you Marirussu, for this outstanding article on Ignazio’s life and accomplishments! You truly have given us something to treasure in this article! Ignazio is an exceptionally, gifted young man that continues to grow with his studies. We are so blessed to have him sharing his many talents with us! Love this young man! Thanks again!

  48. Thank you for the bio on Ignazio He has such a great gift. Hls people should take him to see a dermatologist for his acne. It’s only for his health reasons. I adore his looks and his personality. To me his the special on of all three.

    • Hi Sylvia! Thank you for your words. We also think that Ignazio is a great talent 🙂
      Related to his skin problems, he is already an adult and maybe he is taking care of it. This things need time to resolve.

  49. As much as he is labeled the Funny guy, there is nothing funny about his voice or talent….superb..and wonderful in all ways.
    Duet or Solo or as a TRIO…IL VOLO touches our hearts..
    Truly a wonderful group to have in our lives. Success and Safe Flight…
    Thank you.

  50. Ciao io sono Giorgia Cappelletto da parte nostra da te sei speciale come te le tue parole hai cantato benissimo :
    Grazie da parte mia .
    T V B
    Giorgia Cappelletto

  51. I would like to add my thanks for this wonderful site since I, like so many others, enjoy every morsel of information about all three “boys” of Il Volo. We saw them in Chicago and were mesmerized by their performance. We also were listening to the weather reports nightly since the months of their tour coincided with several snowstorms. In fact, the day before they were to arrive in Chicago, we just missed a storm that dropped 28 inches of snow in nearby Indiana. We were worried that they either wouldn’t reach a certain city in time or the audience wouldn’t be able to get to the theater to hear them. As it was, everything went well.
    If you ever need any help with English translation, I would be happy to help out. (I am a native speaker of English.)

  52. I first heard of Il Volo the first time they came to America, and it was love at first sight. I must say, all three young men are talented and handsome, but I immediately fell in love with Ignazio, his beautiful voice, his gorgeous eyes, his dimples, and his beautiful chubby face. A couple of years later, I could not believe the change! He had grown into a gorgeous, very slender, young man! His charm, dimples, and his voice was all still there, but in a more mature face! I constantly go on YouTube to watch their videos, but I especially love to see Ignazio singing his solos. I recently told my husband that if at any time they were to come to Florida, regardless of which city it was, he would have to take me to see them….to my surprise, they were scheduled to be in the city where I live. We purchased the tickets, and was counting the days until the concert, and I must say, during the entire concert, I was like a teenager all over again!!! I just could not believe how amazing they are, and I just could not take my eyes off Ignazio (I think he has an angelic face). I can feel that he sings with his heart, and I get goose bumps and get teary-eyed whenever I hear him sing. God bless this terribly handsome, talented young man! Love, love him so much!!

      • Hello, Francesca….
        I received your email, and answered…thank you so much! The concert I saw was in Jacksonville, Florida on March 3, 2016. I don’t have the right vocabulary to express all the emotions that I felt during that concert…it was just AMAZING!! I purchased their DVD of their concert in Pompeii and cannot stop watching it. I just love those three young men and their voices…especially Ignazio!!
        Thank you again, for your response.

  53. I am curious to know why Ignazio is lately appearing with eyeglasses often even in some concerts. Did he always need them? In the pictures and videos when he was younger he did not wear eyeglasses or maybe he was wearing contact lenses. Anyway, he looks handsome even making silly faces.

  54. He is so handsome, I hope his manager is taking care of his skin- would be a shame to have scarring. I worry about this because a video I saw of Sept 2015 he looked very different. Just hope those guys are not getting things like that neglected because of their tough touring schedule.

  55. Thank you very much for all the information, I have wondered for a long time when he would let us hear some of the songs he has written I loved this song hope he will show us more of his great talent. Love to all 3 of Il Volo but Ignazio is my heart. Thank you again.

  56. I thought Ignacio was adorable when he was “chubby” and even more adorable now! His voice is like honey and I’m in love with him even though I’m way too old for him! My daughter and I saw them in San Diego this year. I wish I could have met him in person. I hope when he gets ready to settle down that he picks a wife that is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, just like him! I want to hug him so bad. LOL Tell him to move around more on the stage because he has natural rhythm. I saw him dance with someone from the audience in one of his videos and I was soooooo impressed. He is so talented and such a beautiful person. Are they planning to come back to the USA soon? I would love to have him correspond with me but he’s probably too busy. I can;t say enough good things about him. I have their Italian CD, Grande Amore, playing in my car continuously. I never take it out. I have nicknames for all three of them, they are Lucca, Ero and Cio. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter any more so if he would like to contact me he would have to use my email address. I hope he at least gets to read this. I would be forever grateful if you would forward this to him…../D

  57. I would love to see him dance .
    But it is the combination of the three that is so awe inspiring.
    Each one lifts the other higher in his performance . I love them all. Each different and so very talent and beautiful we are bleased God has given them and us this experiance. Thank you God bless

  58. This i just remarkable!!! I am 85 and I enjoy them so much. I have every DVD they have made. Can’t go to Boston 2 see them, because of health reasons. Please let us know if he is married now. I really doubt that he is, but he does have a ring on that finger. Keep up the good writing!!!!

  59. Keep that twinkle in your eye, dimples in your cheeks and the love you have for all who are dear to you………..I was touched by your caring way, when you said to me, as I sat in my transport chair, “Vieni, vieni” to take a foto in the VIP room at Foxwood in Ct. Ti voglio tanto bene ……………………Sono una vechietta di novanta-sette anni, ma sempre molto contenta ascoltare o vedervi………………..Ciao, con afft.
    P>S>Wrote at length to GianLuca, before I discovered your bio and Piero’s……
    Per piacere, che tu leggi ooo&xxx

  60. Ignazio (Enyato to me so I know how to pronounce your name) you truly must be the son all mothers wish for, so proud your mother must be. I so loved the chubby little (well not so but the image) Italian boy next door that sings like an angel but I know its healthier for you slimmed down. You are most especially but Il Volo as a whole too, a high when I so often am down. How I heard Il Volo the first time I don’t know but remembered for about 2 yrs before I looked for your music and purchased all I could. Hope that very soon the group will do another video. I dream of attending an Il Volo concert someday.I send with this all the grandmotherly love I can, please stay safe.

  61. Good morning from Wisconsin. Sitting with my morning coffee and playing the Il VOLO CD. Great way to start the day. Like I had said before, you look like my husband ( in his youth) , and I miss him so much, so when you sing , you warm my heart, Ignazio, thank you. So from a mother of 2 sons, stay happy and healthy. Best wishes, love and peace.

  62. Love you, Love your voice and the powerful light that you are. I am such a fan.
    ” May a multitude of blessings seek and find you across infinite dimensions “.
    FYI: My DOB is 10.4.1941.

  63. I have written before but did not see it on here. I love all three boys like my own grandsons. Their beautiful voices and faces bring me joy beyond belief. A gift from God. My mother is from Sicilian family and my dad is from Abruzzi. So I have a special interest in Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. Never stop singing and continue to bring joy to all who love you!

  64. I have written before but did not see it on here. I love all three boys like my own grandsons. Their beautiful voices and faces bring me joy beyond belief. A gift from God. My mother is from Sicilian family and my dad is from Abruzzi. So I have a special interest in Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. Never stop singing and continue to bring joy to all who love you!

  65. HI IGNAZIO & HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I did send Birthday greetings to you on the Flight Crew blog. But Kelly has so many to do so I want to make sure you receive Birthday greetings from Loretta from Toronto. You are in my heart & am constantly thinking of you & wishing you joy, success & loads of happiness. Would love to hear some of your songs you have been writing so is there a possibility they could be inserted in your list that you guys are singing in concert? I know you have other concerts your booked to do so am patiently waiting for some concerts in USA & hopefully wishing that you would come to Canada. I sincerey love you with all my heart & want you to take good care of your health. Il Volo is only compleat with your wonderful singing voice & comedic funny antics. GOD bless you Ignazio & stay safe & am asking GOD to enclose you in his arms. Also sending you loads of hugs & kisses.
    Loretta Foley

  66. Hi Jana, I don’t know if you can ever have a chance to talk to Ignazio. If you do, would ask if he would look at a old song, titled ” Speak Low when you speak love”
    It’s beautiful. It’s love song and very romantic. He could sing this song with his romantic voice. Answer me if you can. Thank you. Love and peace
    From. Wisconsin USA. Donna

  67. The Lord has blessed me and my Mother in 2013 when we first saw Il Volo on PBS. YOU ARE BLESSED ALSO TO HAVE SUCH WONDRFUL VOICES, have all cd’s and dvd’s and watch all shows on PBS.I have seen all three of you in Orlando,Fl.at the meet and greet and was speachless and all I could say was I was from America when I held Gianluca’ hand. My Mother watches Notte Magica and cries when o’Solo Mio is sung. We Love You and you warm our hearts and want to see you on PBS as much as possible. Please do not stop singing no matter what you sing. Your songs are in my mind always, with love,Ricordmi!

    • Hi Joan!
      There are no news about no tour for now. The only thing they said is that it will be a tour in 2018, but no details.

      • What I heard Gianluca say in an interview – no USA tour in 2018. He doesn’t think This album will be appropriate for American audiences. For us- they feel it is the ‘bel canto’ not this new Latin ‘pop’ album

  68. I am in love again at age 82. These young boys with the magnificent voices just thrill me beyond words What talent! I do so hope to see them live and receive, just for me, a smile . A HUG WOULD BE HEART STOPPING BUT IT WOULD BE WORTH ITThey are so handsome and just all around marvelous. Love them all but Ignazio is my true heart throb. I adore the pictures of him on the chubby side with a million dollar grin and oh those dimples! Thank you gentlemen for brightening my day.


  70. Hi my name is Nelia i’m 66 years old and i’m in love with the Il Volo but my true love is Ignazio i love him so much handsome ,funny,marvelous romantic voice hope to see them here in Berlin esp my liebling Ignazio thanks

  71. thanks you so much for all the wonderful information on these wonderful young men…I am 85 years old and do enjoy their beautiful voices so very much…again thank you…

  72. This 76 year old great grandmother is in love with Il Volo. I have been to two of their concerts and, God willing, hope to see them again. Of course, Ignazio is my favorite. I love his smile, sense of humor and fantastic voice. I listen to them every night when I retire to bed. Please, Il Volo, schedule another tour in the United States.

  73. I LOVE Il Volo!!! but my favorite is Ignazio Boschetto and I wonder if he is turning out to be one of the Renaissance men of the 21st century.
    The modern Renaissance man
    – amazes
    – is multitalented
    – speaks multiple languages
    – is interested in arts
    – possesses social graces
    – is charming
    – is witty
    – dances well
    – sings
    – plays music
    – write poetry
    – is curious
    – is creative
    – is a risk taker
    – perseveres
    He certainly possess all of these characteristics. Is he thinking in taking some classes in the University of Bologna?

  74. I saw a partial article from a book about Il Volo and they were talking about Ignazio and what happened to him. They then said that the didnot think the book would be published in English. Could you tell me what happened to Ignazio? I have been listening to them and I love them. I am a great grandmother and would love to see them In Colorado.

  75. My ancestors were hard scrabble farmers in Ireland with their own music and zero appreciation of opera or Italian classics. I caught il Volvo accidentally on PBS in Boston when they were boys with smooth faces and no English. It was obvious that they were destined for success and they got me with that performance. I have every CD,some DVDs and I hear O Sole Mio and Nessun Dorma in my sleep! Most professional performers are fake but these superior talents have held onto reality and captured our hearts. Ignazio’s goofiness has made them irrresistible. But wouldn’t all you 1st and 2nd gen morbid Irishmen love to hear Willie McBride and Danny Boy? Ignazio could bring a shovel and dig a grave on the stage!!

    • Where is my wonderful young men during this awful Covid crisis? Hope they are safe. The world can’t afford to lose one of these talented and charismatic young men. Stay safe il volo.

  76. Where is my wonderful young men during this awful Covid crisis? Hope they are safe. The world can’t afford to lose one of these talented and charismatic young men. Stay safe il volo.

    • A lovely article. I think, of the three in Il Volo, Ignacio has the most charisma! He could actually be a very successful movie star, because he can enchant his audience – not just with his golden voice – but with his amazing charisma!

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