Il Volo rocks in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital! / Successo de Il Volo a Las Vegas, la Capitale del divertimento!

Il Volo in Las Vegas March 25th 2017

Credits: Joanie Greenspan

A great night in Las Vegas at Il Volo concert, on Saturday, March 25th, 2017. Go ahead and read our review in English, thanks to Ana Maria’s contribution!

Una grande serata a Las Vegas al concerto de Il Volo di sabato 25 marzo 2017. Andate avanti per leggere la nostra recensione in italiano, grazie al contributo di Ana Maria! Continue reading

It’s almost Christmas time with Il Volo on ZDF / É quasi Natale con Il Volo sulla ZDF

il-volo-zdf-garmish-4-12-16On Sunday, December 4th, 2016 the German TV ZDF aired the show “Fernsehgarten on Tour” that had been recorded in Garmish Partenkirchen (Bayern Land) last November 24th. The introducer Andrea Kiewel entertained the audience in an open air square and ice rink.
Il volo sang their amazing version of Adeste Fideles that we can also listen to in their new album “Notte Magica – A Tribute to The Three Tenors”. And all of a sudden Christmas is here!!!
Enjoy their singing and lovely performance at the end of the show at minute 1.47.55.

Domenica 4 dicembre 2016 la TV tedesca ZDF ha trasmesso lo show “Fernsehgarten on Tour” che era stato registrato lo scorso 24 novembre a Garmish Partenkirchen (nello stato della Baviera). La presentatrice Andrea Kiewel ha intrattenuto gli ospiti in una piazza all’aperto con la pista di pattinaggio.
Il volo ha cantato la loro magnifica versione di Adeste Fideles che possiamo trovare anche nel loro nuovo album “Notte Magica – A Tribute to The Three Tenors”. E all’improvviso è arrivato il Natale!!!
Godetevi le loro voci e la deliziosa esibizione alla fine dello show al minuto 1.47.55.

ZDF-Fernsehgarten on tour vom 4. Dezember 2016

Il Volo links & news for October 16, 2016 / Il Volo link e notizie del 16 ottobre 2016

Il Volo links and newsToday, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca took flight to Mexico. It was more or less 10:30 in Italy, 6:30 in Brazil, 3:30 in Mexico. Summer time, winter time are making us closer! While waiting for the Mexican adventures, let’s dive in the #ilvolonews – Read in English.

Oggi Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca hanno preso il volo per il Messico. Erano più p meno le 10.30 in Italia, le 6.30 in Brasile, le 3.30 in Messico. L’ingresso dell’orario estivo e dell’orario invernale ci stanno avvicinando! In attesa della avventure messicane, tuffiamoci nelle #ilvolonews – Leggi in Italiano.

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Il Volo: after the signing session tour, filming in Trentino / Il Volo: dopo il tour di firmacopie, registrazioni in Trentino

Il Volo - TrentinoThe small signing session tour of Il Volo in Italy ended yesterday with the event in Roma. And now they are in the region of Trentino shooting the next videoclip. Today, beyond our birthday, is the birthday of Pietro Ognibene, Piero Barone’s grandpa and first mentor. You will read about all this on our news – Read in English.

Il breve firma copie tour de Il Volo in Italia si è concluso ieri con l’evento di Roma. E ora si trovano in Trentino per registrare il prossimo videoclip. Oggi, oltre al nostro compleanno, è il compleanno di Pietro Ognibene, il nonno di Piero Barone e il suo primo mentore. Leggerete riguardo a tutto questo nelle nostre news. – Leggi in Italiano.

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The Billboard Chart takes flight

Il Volo - NIAFIl Volo landed in Latin America only a day ago, but their promotional tour shooked everyone’s spirits. Read in English.

Il Volo è atterrato in Sud America solamente un giorno fa, ma il loro tour promozionale ha scosso gli animi di tutti.  In italiano.
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All about Il Volo

Near the concertI had some friends that attended the Marostica concert, not ilvolovers (as we know), but people that like good music and also like the art of Il Volo. They shared with me their impressions and it was one of the reasons why my review was so … Live 🙂 Thank you to all friends that like what I wrote and say this to me. This feed back keep me writing, you can bet on it.

One of this friends was not there on Piazza degli Scacchi, but was near enough to hear all the concert, and he told me about the emotion that cross the air. Not only the sound of Il Volo, but the sound of the audience as well. He said that almost you can feel the people stoping to breath together for then a long sigh precedes the thunderous applause. Sometime, when you cannot see, you can feel better.

The opposite is also true: sometime when you see all in front of you, you cannot feel or understand what you are seeing. I am telling this to warn ourselves that our senses are not independent of our feelings, of our concepts and prejudices. Most of the time we feel or see what we want or what we are prepared to feel or see.

And among what we see and what we know we are not seeing (or feeling) the great question is separate what is important from  what is dust in the wind. If it is true to life, it is also true when you have to decide what matters to publish about Il Volo here. ‘All’, said the huge fans that love our ‘dailies’. But to build a site is not as easy as to share short texts and photos on facebook (as we also did on our facebook page) and we have to do choices. Although, what is today on facebook, tomorrow goes to a ‘limbo’ along with other things that facebook determine that are not important (for its business, of course).

As I had said some posts ago, things will change here and we are still thinking about it. Maybe we will not have here exactly ‘all about Il Volo’ all the time, when needed we will chose ‘the better about Il Volo’ and, mainly, ‘what matter about Il Volo’. We are not a short term publication that seeks attention at all costs, we think about the future. Where ten years from now will Il Volo find information about his career, in detail, with correct sources, with editorial care? If facebook (this is probable, remember Orkut, Ning, …) or even the internet does not exist anymore, this site still can be a book.

Then we can put in real dimensions a lot of things. 🙂

:: the photo is from my friend, near the concert people listening to Il Volo.

Piero Barone – Il Volo interview to Il Mattino

Il Volo concert sold outOn Sep 11, 2014 Il Mattino Padova publishes this interview with Piero Barone, conducted by Matteo Marcon.

:: original interview (in Italian): Così il nostro Volo pop conquista il mondo – by Matteo Marcon on Il Mattino Padova.

:: photo of Massimo Fregnani

“The new icons of bel canto land in Marostica, in the beautiful Piazza Castello. The Italian tour of “Il Volo” ends in Veneto, on Tuesday, with a concert already sold out. Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble are still very young, are between nineteen and twenty, but they are international stars. Thanks to historical songs as “Un amore così grande”, “O sole mio” e “Il Mondo”, wisely arranged and impeccably played, they have stood out both in the United States and South America. They were the first Italian artists to sign with a major label overseas. Now they are ready to fly in Italy, picking up the baton of such myths as the absolute Pavarotti, on one hand, and Modugno on the other. On the Italian tour they were accompanied by the Maestro Diego Basso of Treviso.”

Involved in the recording of the new album, including a take, and the other, Piero Barone (one of the two tenors. Ginoble is baritone), tells the great adventure of the group.

IM: How is the world from up there?
PB: It’s very small, we understand this travelling. Doing this allows us to learn about new cultures and discover that Italy is estimated anywhere.

IM: What are the roles established on the group?
PB: Nobody has a role, we are three guys with three very different personalities but Il Volo is one only thing. Each of us represents 33% and 1%, which remains, we leave it on the air.

IM: What effect does it to live this dream?
PB: We grew up in a hurry. Not all children 18 years old find themselves having to deal with lawyers and accountants. Now the dream is reality, we are aware of what we are doing and give the best.

IM: How began the Il Volo career?
PB: With a phone call from our current manager, Michele Torpedine, after that with the producer Tony Renis they had noticed us on Ti Lascio Una Canzone on Rai Uno in 2009. Every day we must thank these people. Continue reading

Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – review

Il Volo in Chihuahua 10º FICHSince 6pm thousands of young (and not so young) ladies were waiting at the Plaza Angel for a concert that will take place at 8pm. A raining day and all that people decided to not give up to enjoy three of the most beautiful voices of our time. Voices that together are enchanting the audiences all over the world. Lucky people that live in a country that promote an event like the 10º Festival Internacional Chihuahua where art, music and culture fill the daily life.

And Il Volo didn’t disappoint! Beginning with Nuestro amor ès más que grande and  switching songs from their Italian and international repertoire with versions in Spanish or traditional Mexican and Spanish songs, Il Volo made everybody literally forget the weather.

Il Volo in Chihuahua 10º FICHThere was a big event like the concert in Juarez on August 1, and the performance of Il Volo and the reactions of the audience are amazing. We could see this clearly on the photos that fill the networks, on the smiles of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and on the happiness of their fans as well.

The Mexican press were present and covered the event highlighting the career of the group and publishing reviews as soon as possible. It is awesome the number of articles on all kind of press, since sites on facebook to the main Mexican press. Il Volo deserve this attention and amply repays with the quality of their performance and in the amount of attention they give to all.

:: Photo Galleries
. Proto gallery I
. Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – gallery II
. Il Volo concert in Chihuahua – gallery III

:: Videos
. Il Volo by egochihuahuaPart 1Part 2Part 3
. Il Volo – El Triste in Juarez – video by Pamela Dour
. Il Volo presente en Chihuahua – by Alberto hernandez

:: References/press:

. August 2, 2014 – Enloquecen miles de jovencitas con opera pop de Il Volo en Festival Internacional – by Carlos Hernández on La Opción (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – Vibra el Fich con “Il Volo” en la ciudad de Chihuahua – by Omar Rubio on Net Noticias
. August 2, 2014 – IL Volo, la opera pop que enloqueció a Chihuahua – by Nancy De León on Entrelíneas (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – IL VOLO causa sensación en Chihuahua – on Al Contacto (in Spanish)
. August 2, 2014 – Prende trío Il Volo a más de 2 mil personas en el Ángel – on Tiempo (in Spanish)

:: photos by Alberto Torres